GrifFunder Mega-Mensa-Masterclass has arrived!!!!!!!
Learn the secrets of the English language with GriftFunder!!!

There should have been two lines if organ in this one...there's not...IMAGINE there is one (art is the power of imagination coupled with artisanry
is it not...)
This is funny, so it must be preserved and published!!!(I'm not a Boomer...at all...)
Enjoy (or Cringe)!

Another 'Carefully Crafted' little piece of music...
Enjoy (or cringe)!

The BrainTrust strikes again!
Learn the Secrets of Number Theory with GriftFunder!

Sam MO as in #:s 1&2.
Enjoy (or cringe)!

Part two of of the GriftFunder think-tank, deep-think masterpieces!

Same MO as with #1. Recorded through my Focusrite 2i2. No mixing.
Enjoy(or cringe)!

Some deep thinking from us at GriftFunder.
Say No to Corporate Speak with GriftFunder!
(You can thank us later for making you life more meaningful...)

The promovideo for my new satirical,video and blogseries(on Minds.com).
Audiophiles; survive this...(and don't you dare use the Mute button), for Griftfunder stand for quality!

One take for each instrument, Recorded in Audacity. It has some flaws, but it's boring to second guess oneself.
Enjoy (or cringe)!

Trying out recording two tracks on top of each other in Audacity...

Short announcement about my first series.

My First Video!
Short information about me, and my creative and social-media history.


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I'm DIY musician and composer. Also interested in narration. poetics and
the history of ideas, Table top RPG enthusiast. Satirical at times.

I also Have a Minds Channel (where I'll ad blogging material):