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The Jewish controlled Media and the Jewish controlled minds of those gullible souls who are caught in its deceptive grip are busy MELTING DOWN over the outrage that someone dared to actually tell the truth. So the Jews are busy churning out multiple narratives to keep their slimy Jewish narrative and their profitable Jewish wars alive in the simple minds of those dupes who have been tricked now into believing that liberalism now means doing exactly what the government tells to do, believing the lies of the Jewish media, and taking the Jewish poison from the Jewish owned and controlled big pharma.
1) Don't watch it, says the Jews and their tools, its all lies.
2) Tucker is a traitor.
3) Tucker is a mouthpiece of Putin.
4) Putin paid Tucker to help him lie.
Of course Tucker will never even say the word Jew so there is a limit to what even he will say, but just substitute the word Jew each time Ticker says the word
"Globalist" and you will arrive at the truth.

The plan of the Jewish saboteurs of our society is to use the pieces of their system of control to steal the last remaining assets (homes, land, businesses, money, etc) to use their new AI algorithms to mine all of the data that the deep state already has stored of your texts and emails for anything that even slightly is a finable offense and then expos facto impose massive fines and penalties that surpass the value of your personal holdings and thus enter you into their system of dependency and ultimately extermination. This is the plan, 100%.

This is what your Jewish Banking Cartels want to turn us all into.
This "reality" will be sold to us as a way of making things more convenient. Convenience and Novelty are the two main ways that these Jewish scumbags are destroying our families and societies. They used to do it by paying off and blackmailing our "leaders" to kill off the enemies of the Jews so that the Jews didn't have to get themselves bloody attacking the many enemies throughout the world who hate them. They still do get us to fight their enemies but for the vast bulk of the human population these technological novelties are a much more efficient way to destroy the human soul.

The Jew is the eternal enemy of all humankind. There is no other purpose or reason why anyone would call themselves a Jew other than because they desire to be a part of a group of people whose mission is to fuck over kill and steal everything they can, because they claim they are gods chosen people. They are our eternal enemy. Never Forget.

Join Harry and Klaus for an illuminating look at what's really behind the Great Reset. schwab, harryvox, (rebroadcast from Dec 31st 2020)

Drunk with power two Jewish supported Senate staffers stripped off their clothes and filmed themselves having anal sex in the Senate hearing room. Only censored copies can be found. That's because there is a big effort by the Jewish controlled Democratic Party to limit the damage and keep the truth from the public. If the two men were Republicans or Christian or Conservative that uncensored video would be everywhere.
The double standard is breathtaking.

I am now Abu Killa Jihad Terrar
(the most fiercest terrorist to date)

Join Helen and myself tonight at 10:30PM EST for our annual New Years show. Exclusively on our new Rumble channel. Join the Channel to get tonights show and long awaited extras that have not and will not appear anywhere else. Join here: https://rumble.com/c/c-5542488
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Israel and the Jewish Finance mafia who runs it, is seeking to have US forces decimated and they think they can blame it on Iran/Russia.
The Israeli controlled Senators and Congressman and the Jewish controlled media are poised to amplify the Jewish narrative that "Iran did it"(with Evil Russia's help)

If there is an attack on a US aircraft carrier that attack will absolutely positively be covertly orchestrated by Israeli Military Intelligence just like they did to those poor soldiers on the USS Liberty that the Jewish rats knowingly attacked, to draw us in to do the fighting for them like they always trick us to do.

But the stakes are much much higher now. This time an Israeli covertly orchestrated attack on US forces is a PLAN that Israelis have to shift the center of gravity of global power from the West to the East with Israel and Israel's new nation formally known as the Ukraine as central to the new East-West corridors of trade, but without the USA as the major part of the meaning of the term West.

Jewish planners now consider themselves as the CENTRAL BROKERS between the coming Chinese Belt & Road juggernaut and the consumers in this network, the, "Near West (Western Europe), and the Far West, (that increasingly isolated and rejected United States).

All goods will have to go through Israel to get to this crumbling outpost - Crumbling because all the blood has been sucked out of it by our special friends who in their holy book believe that it is their religious duty to kill us and steal our assets. That is the Jewish "faith" in a nutshell. Kill the Goyim and steal his property - that is basically Judaism. How the hell we have an FBI and NSA and CIA and DOD that allows these Jewish rats do this to us is a shame on all of these organizations. Learn how to read guys and have a look at some of their Talmud's "Greatest Hits" but keep your three year old locked safely away because what the Jews say in their holy book about how its OK to fuck three year olds - and if you don't believe me just have a look at "Sanhedrin 53b & 54b"

Go ahead - go to google and type in Sanhedrin 53b & 54b and read, it's not that long, Its a quick read. You will change your views.

It is the duty of every uniformed man and woman to take this Jewish threat seriously, learn everything you can about it as fast as you can. Reject every single bullshit Jewish controlled story that assures you that they are not trying to kill us and take over and that such nonsense is merely a right wing or left wing anti-semitic trope.

You took an oath to defend this country from all threats foreign and domestic, The Jewish threat is both foreign and domestic. They control this country, they run this country, they are stealing everything we built.

The Jews with the help of scum like Chuck Shumer have looted the military secrets and sold them to China and other challenger nations. This is a fact. This fact is easy to research. This fact can no longer be ignored. They looted our military secrets - and our challengers will be using OUR technology to bury us. And all of this will play right into the plans that Israel its Jewish Banking cartel mafia have to be the central broker and banker of the Chinese Belt and Road.

Let's sabotage their sabotage of us. Let's kill their plan. Let us shift our focus to where it belongs - the Indo Pacific/CHINA. And let's let Israel get what they deserve.

Our contest and the contest for the control of civilization is between the United States and China. Israel is a turd over in the corner with a bunch of cheap criminals weakening us, bragging that they control the presidency, bragging that they control the Congress. Lets teach these fucking rats a lesson. Let us let Israel go down. Let them go down. The only reason why anyone in Washington cares about these rats is because they are taking massive bribes (campaign donations) and if they don't, they get threatened into compliance. Fuck these rats.

And if ANY Jewish apologist wants to debate me on exactly how these Jews are systematically obliterating the USA while transferring the money and property into Jewish hands - have at me - I'll debate ANY Jewish expert ANY time. I don't have to prepare for any debate on this matter, I'll win the debate with the best of them and the listener will be educated and change their view of our relationship with the Jewish rats who wish only harm to Americans and our families.

They mean harm to us. And they intend to cause this harm. They are our enemy.

Never forget - our enemy is NOT Russian, NOT Chinese (although they did a deal with the Israelis which may be unravelling and the Chinese need to be punished for taking the deal the Jews offered them to destroy the US grip on global hegemony) Europe is NOT our enemy, Africa is NOT our enemy - THE INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKING CARTELS AND THE STATE OF ISRAEL WHO THEY CONTROL ARE THE ENEMY OF EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD ON THIS PLANET EARTH.

The Left Wing Jew money is vomiting their Jew fiction again that somehow Trump will get "revenge" on all his detractors should he beat Gavin Newsom in the next election (they don't mention that part about Newsom out loud yet but Newsom or the fake black cunt Kamala Harris will be who he will be up against).

But anyone tethered to reality knows that Trump if anything only gets revenge on petty opponents never on the big boys. Trump will only name call but never investigate. Trump will always fill his cabinet (swamp) with the same type of Jewish NeoCon backstabbers as he did last time. And like the last time every single Jew will very definitely promptly stab Trump right in the back...

... It'll be like deja vu all over again.

One less genocidal piece of shit in the world !!!!

The mindless brainwashed shrill frauds passing themselves off as "liberals" will never ever comprehend that blacks know that Biden is a racist fraud and are voting for Trump. SO the Jew media will pluck out a few diehard moronic blacks to "represent" blacks on the Jew controlled TV networks to brainwash the Jew controlled Baby boomers who still watch that Jewish garbage called TV news. Boomers and Gen X are lost in a haze of Jew TV while Gen Z's would probably prefer the real NAZI Adolph Hitler because at least you knew where you stood back them, there was an honesty. Anyone who is still watching the TV is only getting footage of a strong vibrant vigorous energetic Jew Biden. (lots of editing to make that happen) the rest of us on Telegram and X still can see clearly the footage of the senile Biden stumbling through every sentence and the millions of people in the streets supporting the Palestinians. All they get on the Jew TV is fake "Rallys" of a rally in support of Israel that we discover was organized by offering Jews hundreds of dollars to show up. What a Joke a "liberal" is.

This is a call to help preserve this important information. Often times massive human efforts are simply deleted by the Jewish money power that controls everything and so unless we preserve this information we risk losing it. Please help by mirroring this site and making offline copies. Please keep this comment section to only efforts that you have done to preserve this information.

Watch these white imbeciles outdo each other to exude "virtue" the best way they have been trained to - by hating on white people.

Its all over for Kennedy because he failed to deal with the Jewish Question in a way that would appeal to what could have been a massive base of support for now and in the future - young people. Now young people definitely do not trust him and the old ones sitting there glued to their TV's are of course going to "believe" whatever the Jew controlled TV tells them to believe and the Jews are not happy he questioned their Jewish Jab so the old ones GLUED TO THEIR FUCKING TVs will reject hi,. His only hope was young people, but he foolishly cast his "future" with the slimiest scummiest slimebalms on this earth - Jewish money power.

Too bad, contrary to RFK Jr's claim that his family supported Jews they did not, JFK and RFK famously did not like Jews, Neither did the patriarch Joseph Kennedy. They couldn't stand Jews. But Kennedy slapped on the Star of David clad knee pads and has been sucking away on Jewish dick for the past 10 months - its disgusting and it torpedoed his chanced to gain the support of young people.

Too bad, I liked him.

Welcome to the age of the death of memory.

Here's a message to all these voices who have been warning us about the mass murder crime against humanity called the Covid19 vaccines yet at the other end of their double sided sphincter they assure us that they fully support not only the concept of vaccination but also support all of the other vaccines from the very same Pharma corporations who they claim just committed a stealthy mass murder crime against humanity - thanks but no thanks for your stupidity or cowardice to confront what any normally thinking person must conclude upon accepting the reality that indeed these "vaccines" are a genocide operation, why in the world would any normally thinking person conclude that if a giant Jewish controlled corporation who is very definitely engaged in a stealthy mass murder operation with one of their products limit that genocide operation to just that one vaccine?

It's called LOGIC guys. Its called a BASIC NORMAL THINKING PROCESS here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure this one out.

We keep hearing from these corrupt scumbags in Washington how wonderful life would be if only the two most lawless, most violent, most hated nations on earth (the Israelis and the Saudis) would agree to join forces and exploit the innocent populations of the world with that special lawlessness and violence of the Jews combined with the oil money of the greasy medieval Saudis.

As usual the only truth you will hear on this subject is right here on the Harry Vox channel.

As the entire world watches in anger as the Israeli Jews perpetrate the the most blatant genocide in human history against the poor imprisoned Palestinians the so called "leaders" in the West push lie after lie after lie to support these Israeli parasites in their genocidal operation.

Only by dumbing down the elderly TV watchers who all believe what the Jewish owned and controlled TV networks tell them to believe can such a genocide continue.

But young people don't watch the Jewish TV and so they know the truth. So the race is on - can the Jews dumb down young people like they have so obviously dumbed down the elderly Americans who are too lazy to seek credible information about the world around them and sit passively as the Jews destroy their world.

A great conversation with Jason Liosatos in Great Britain on the main problem facing the world today.

The Jewish sabotage of the innocent people of the world is crumbling. This is not to say that the Jews are not cashing in while we all suffer, they certainly are. But at what cost to their bullshit narrative that they are the chosen people, innocent and persecuted. They are scum of the earth, corrupt, criminal, violent xenophobic racist scum. And their reputation is only surviving in the dumbest of the dumb TV watchers and brainwashed evangelicals. The rest of the world has had enough of these parasites - that much is clear. So how do we convince those good people in the intelligence and military organizations to assist us in this cleansing of these parasites out of the State Department, the Think Tanks and preferably out of Washington DC altogether and return this country to the great nation it once was. Because at this point the survival of the human race may depend on secretive groups forming within the military and intelligence for this purpose. There is no question about it, the Jewish financial cartels through their Neocons have infiltrated the mechanisms of state like termites infest the foundation of a home - and they are eating away and the house is about to collapse.
Let us spread this message and assist any and all persons in this effort to expose and neutralize this Jewish threat that had borrowed deep into the bowels of that cesspool called Washington and root them out and save our families.

God Speed
Harry Vox

I love the energy and spirit of this artist.
The dark force is trying to suppress her because she is christian, let's not let the dark force win.
Join her channel and follow and support this work.
Thank You Deuteranarchy!!!
Here is the link to this artist's work: https://www.youtube.com/@carolinefreedoom
Telegram: t.me/awakechristianpunk23

Organ Harvesting for thee and not for me says the Jews.

Doctors need to be arrested for their crimes.
This video describes this criminal game of theirs.

Here's how it could unfold.
And how to save yourself.

The Jewish controlled media is pretending that the Jews in the Jewish controlled Jew York court system are going to put the Jew Sam Bankman Fried in jail for the rest of his life.

Lets see the Judge is a Jew. The defense lawyer is a Jew. The so called prosecutor is a Jew with an extremely well known Jewish lineage. The chances that all these Jews will actually give Mr. Fiend anything other than a slap on the wrist or at worst a symbolic sentence which will be drastically shortened as soon as the next Jewish controlled administration comes in and releases him to show their Jewish patrons that they are good bootlickers of their Jewish masters. If this Jewish thief does go to jail it will be an extremely luxurious jail and he will have all of the luxuries not allowed for us non Jews and he will be out of jail very soon.

Welcome to your Jewish controlled Jewnited States of America. The most Jewish controlled and corrupt and violent nation on this planet.

I wonder if we all get those Jewish skull caps and claim that we have converted to Judaism do we get to rip off people and get away with it like they do?


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