This is a very Special Fabulous Help Desk to celebrate the the Grand Opening of thewaacstore.com.au from the WA AIDS Council pronounced WAAC - A gorgeous and full of love commentary about the HIV and Ageing Forum - Youth Mental Health in Kalgoorlie - waac.com.au

The ABC still can't say the word Pedofile as a Joondalup Sex Pest is brought before the Beak - case adjourned to May 6, 2022!

We Support Gays For Trump Founder Peter Boykin, who is standing for House District 63 in North Carolina, USA.

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This is a Fagmedia | Leaving Sugar Mountain infomercial (Without the Ads!) to Support Gays for Trump Founder, Peter Boykin, who is standing for NC House District 63. for Congress. For more information go to Boykin4NC.com

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This video highlights the fact that using tax payer funding from State and National Health Department HIV Strategies, Australia's AIDS Industry has trained "an army" of NAPWHA Peer Support Leaders in each state, yet in Western Australia there are no Peer Support Programs for HIV+ People.

This article highlights the training programs "Australia sets standards for HIV peer support in clinical practice" from: https://napwha.org.au/hiv-peer-support-standards/ and we ask the Question what is the point of having tax payer funded NAPWHA Peer Support standards if there is no peer support being delivered?

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The Help Desk is pleased to be able to announce that the WAAC HIV Aged Care Forum will be on 12 April 2022 - The venue is a top secret inner city location which is available upon RSVP. We are led to believe, but we may be wrong, that it's a day time event to allow certain Sydney VIPS to attend via Zoom without needing to do do overtime.

Sadly the Help Desk have yet to have a hard copy of the flyer sent to us which reflects rather badly on the Manager of the department that is organising the event!

We also include a number of humorous, entertaining and enlightening videos and the Sister's have our naughty novices down on their knees praying for the miracle of the flyer's arrival and for the event to be a fabulous success that ends the maltreatment of HIV+ People in Aged Care.

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This is a video to promote the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day 2022 and to provide information about the Statistics and Epidemiology of LGBTQ Domestic Violence. We focus on Domestic Violence and HIV.

We encourage everyone to get involved, get educated and go to https://www.dvafoundation.org/ for more information and resources to promote the Awareness Day on the 28 May 2022.

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This video is a reading of a letter from the Sister's archives by Steve Peters from Perth about the National Association for People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) Declaration of Rights that is alleged to mention everyone except the rights of LGBTQ HIV+ People.

This raises serious questions about the quality of representation and the Help Desk highlights the fact that PLHIV from Western Australia have for many years being calling for NAPWHA to be restructured so that the needs of grassroots PLHIV individuals, who are not adequately being represented by the NAPWHA State Groups that are tightly controlled by toxic political factions that serve the needs of leaders rather than Positive People. #CloseNAPHWADown

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The Relationship between the Police & the Community has come under scrutiny again after the NSW Police ejected Barbara Karpinski from the Mardi Gras Parade allegedly because her Peace Protest Sign was considered offensive.

While an apology has been provided it would appear that it is unclear if any measures of accountability have been put in place and this whole matter only increases the scepticism surrounding the Police in Australia and raises the question why should Police be marching in LGBTIQ+ Parades in uniforms given their history & continued problematic engagements with the Community?

The article is "NSW POLICE APOLOGISE TO 78ER BARBARA KARPINSKI FOR EJECTING HER FROM SCG" from: https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/national-news/new-south-wales-news/nsw-police-apologise-to-78er-barbara-karpinski-for-ejecting-her-from-scg/210943

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This is a reading of the article, with special commentary, "Homage, Pilgrimage and Protest: Why Sydney Mardi Gras Should go Back to the Streets"! from https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/homage-pilgrimage-and-protest-why-sydneys-mardi-gras-parade-should-go-back-to-the-streets/211030

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In this semi hard episode of the Help Desk we examine the root causes of a Great Big Health Crisis in Western Australia, via a reading of the 2020 article "Coronavirus crisis: Australian sex workers struggle amid COVID-19 spread" from https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/coronavirus/coronavirus-crisis-australian-sex-workers-struggle-amid-covid-19-spread-ng-b881492908z and we provide an updated analysis of the current "market" situation!

As usual we try to have a bit of a laugh with some lovely #Memes and we include commentary from the world of Tik Tok that includes expert commentary from Dr Fauci himself and the Dear Leader of WA and discuss how the failure of the government to decriminalise recreational drug use is sewing chaos in the sex industry and we come to the conclusion that the left really do not care about freedom, workers or community safety.

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This is a video to promote the WAAC PLHIV Community Consultation March 2022. For More information go to waac.com.au or telephone (08) 9482 0000

The video also contains a recording of the Late Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner for the discovery of HIV.

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Hello, We are not Mason Bishop! We Are Fagmedia! We sometimes cover really important news from the gay establishment controlled press. This is a perfect example of Mr Global's Mind Control - Neuro Linguistic Programming Department in Action!

Original Source: https://odysee.com/@Fagmedia:2/Fagmedia-Queerty-Hot-Men-2022:f

As you can see in the Stats on the Thumbnail our Odysee Channel is doing well but is lacking in real signed on subscribers!

We also have extra footage from around the web to add sauce.

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This is the Very Official, Most Official (and Late) Christmas 2021 Message from Fagmedia.

We cover the Leftist Segregationist Health Policies that are making being openly "ageist, racist, HIV phobic" the new normal. Virtue Signals instead of substantive Relationships, sans unresolved conflicts of interest, that empowers Souls towards goodness.

Fagmedia's Christmas Messages are always a Rights Watch. We acknowledge our debt to the Anons and Folks we know the names of, the Meme Makers who have enriched our content. Thanks.

To be a part of the WAAC 2022 HIV and Ageing Forum contact the WA AIDS Council via waac.con.au We understand WAAC needs HIV+ to help Mother Gretta's Sub Committee, to help Lisa, organise the event. We know CEO Lisa Dobrin wants everyone to be welcome, included and for panelists prepared to answer serious questions from The Queen's Subjects and ready to come up with an Action Plan that is realistic and fixes things. Call Lisa if you are ready to help. (08) 9482 0000

Make sure you paws and stop to read the Memes. They are funny and Informative. Egregious is Back! But more subtle, passive aggressive and we are not afraid of mocking power for your cheap and cheerful amusement.

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This is another preparation video for the HIV and Ageing Forum and this time it is a reading of an article: "Are Older LGBT Australians being Forgotten"? from: https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/are-older-lgbt-australians-being-forgotten/209715

We would submit that judging by the anecdotal evidence from our readers that the answer is Yes. It would appear that anyone who has seen the inside of an older age facility in Australia knows they are a dog's breakfast of harm and mistreatment and all the Royal Commissions seem to do is provide grand money making schemes for the controllers with no end to the nightmare for ordinary people.

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This is a reading of "LGBT ACTIVISTS: VICTORIAN POLICE SHOULD NOT ATTEND PRIDE MARCH" from https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/lgbt-activists-victorian-police-should-not-attend-pride-march/209440

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This is a reading of a December 2021 mailout by Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.com - The Power of the Powerless. This is a very powerful document that will bring encouragement in trying times.

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Sex After 50 and the Ugly Face of LGBT Ageism is part of Fagmedia's collection of evidence of Ageism to prod the LGB, HIV & Trans Community Leadership in Western Australia to stop the talk fests (and finally) do something practical to improve the appalling conditions in Aged Care Facilities.

This is a reading of: "GAY SEX AFTER 50: IT’S HARDER NOW! from: https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/gay-sex-after-50-its-harder-now/208164

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This is our first promotional video to support the WAAC HIV and Ageing Forum which is currently being planned. We encourage all HIV+ People in Western Australia to attend to have their voices heard to help end the systemic discrimination of the Aged Care Sector.

For more information then please contact the WA AIDS Council (WAAC) at waac.com.au or Telephone (08) 9482 0000.

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The Sister's Xmas Message and 2021 in Review is exactly what is says it is. Mother Gretta Amyletta of the Holy Vapours gave Sister Mary-Jane a carefully constructed not to upset anyone set of Notes for which we are very grateful! Sister Mary-Jane has confessed I did go "off script and off the reservation this year and I tried to give a James O'Keeffe Project Veritas Muckraking Super Novel effect.

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This is a reading of an article on Ageism and Sexuality from: https://ageing-equal.org/ageism-and-sexuality/

The article highlights the lack of support for Ageing HIV+ people which is of concern in Western Australia and the fact that “doctors often overlook older people’s sexuality and do not think to test older people for sexually transmitted diseases. This results in older adults being diagnosed at a more advanced stage of HIV infection at diagnosis than younger people, and have a higher HIV morbidity and mortality and a faster disease progression”.

“Older people are often stereotyped as non-sexual beings who should not, cannot, and do not want to have sexual relationships. Ageism prevents us to respect all forms of intimacy and sexual orientation in later life.

The sexuality of care home residents is particularly challenging and often seen as a problem, instead of as a right. The need of care residents for sexuality and intimacy are often absent from policy and practice.

The situation might be further complicated for residents identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ), who can feel obliged to go “back into the closet” when they enter care. Older LGBTIQ people can also be affected by ageism and face multiple discrimination in other areas of their lives, including housing (homophobic attitudes of staff and residents in care homes); social protection (eligibility for survivors’ benefits in both state and private pension schemes); family-derived rights (property inheritance rules, insurance, child-care responsibility or next of kin); social exclusion (higher risk of loneliness, isolation and depression).

The Perth Sisters advocacy has resulted in the WA AIDS Council agreeing to fund a Community Forum in early 2022 & the Help Desk will ensure that we spread the good news about this event.

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This is a reading, with Commentary of the article "Ageism makes older adults with HIV more vulnerable to Stigma" The article highlights research that demonstrates that "Discrimination negatively impacts the mental health of older HIV patients... & Older adults with HIV are being overlooked when it comes to prevention and treatment, scientists have said. Confronted to the dual stigma of their HIV status and their age, these patients may feel the negative effects of discrimination more acutely".

The link to the original article is here: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ageism-makes-older-adults-hiv-more-vulnerable-stigma-1633571

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This video discusses The AIDS Crisis in Western Australia using slides from World AIDS Day produced by WAAC.

It is clear that HIV Positive People in Western Australia are forced to live with extremely high levels of Ageism, Racism, HIV Stigma and Intra Community Bullying from the LGBT Community and a Toxic HIV Leadership Group.

This video is a call to action for the ALL the Leaders of the AIDS Industry to end the talkfests and start producing meaningful & measurable health promotion to eliminate HIV Stigma & Discrimination where ever it exists! These initiatives should also aim to end the shameful epidemic of HIV Discrimination, Ageism and Racism that permeates the online Sex Culture of the LGBT Community in WA!

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The Sisters are Back with a Help Desk Christmas Special 2021 and this is a quick promo so that our Members of the Gathered Faithful can get their party hats & whistles ready in time.

It's blunt, irreverent & we'll give a peak under the rug to see some of the scandals that were swept under to be out of sight and out of mind!

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The Fog of War seems to bring with it a lot of misinformation and Propaganda, and sadly some American LGBT Organisations are not letting truth get in the way of a good war and are repackaging images from Iran and selling to the Sheep as Palestinian to sell the idea that bombs are good because GloboHomo hasn't reached Palestine, but it clearly has and no one deserves to be attacked with bombs, "Made in America"!

To this end this is an information video on AL Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity, from Jerusalem! it includes the reading of the Article "Beyond Propaganda Pinkwashing as Colonial Violence" and a tour of their social media links!

"alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, a civil society organization founded in grassroots activism, is at the forefront of vibrant Palestinian cultural and social change, building LGBTQ communities and promoting new ideas about the role of gender and sexual diversity in political activism, civil society institutions, media, and everyday life".

"Pinkwashing is the symptom, settler-colonialism is the root sickness. Recognizing pinkwashing as colonial violence can help us understand how Israel divides, oppresses, and erases Palestinians on the basis of gender and sexuality"

"Over a decade ago, Palestinian activists adopted the term “pinkwashing” to describe how the Israeli state and its supporters use the language of gay and trans rights to direct international attention away from the oppression of Palestinians. Israeli travel guides and promotional videos advertise Tel Aviv beaches as a gay-friendly getaway destination—and hide the reality that tourist partygoers are dancing atop the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages. The open inclusion of gay officers in the Israeli occupation army is used as proof of liberal forward-mindedness, but for Palestinians the sexuality of the soldier at a checkpoint makes little difference. They all wield the same guns, wear the same boots, and maintain the same colonial regime".

From: http://www.alqaws.org/articles/Beyond-Propaganda-Pinkwashing-as-Colonial-Violence

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This is a video that provides free information about Gaslighting and it's relationship to Intimate Partner Abuse & Domestic Violence. Fagmedia also launches the very official flyer for The Perth International AIDS Candlelight Memorial which is on the 16 May 2021. Friends of the WA AIDS Memorial Say "We are delighted that in 2021 the New Management has decided to send out the invitations & flyer before the Day of the Event"!

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Gays Against Biden make a triumphant return to The Qiew Tonight to celebrate the fact that we have all survived the first The First 100 Days of his Fraudulency's Reign!

Sr Mary-Jane Singleton from the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, has curated a fabulous selection of up to the minute, stylish memes and videos and we don't care if we mock your socks right off!

We have a reading with some very un PC Commentary by Sr Mary-Jane of an article by Peter Boykin from Go Right News entitled "The First 100 Days How did we Survive" from https://gorightnews.com/bidens-first-one-hundred-days-how-did-we-survive/ #GoRight

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