The Fog of War seems to bring with it a lot of misinformation and Propaganda, and sadly some American LGBT Organisations are not letting truth get in the way of a good war and are repackaging images from Iran and selling to the Sheep as Palestinian to sell the idea that bombs are good because GloboHomo hasn't reached Palestine, but it clearly has and no one deserves to be attacked with bombs, "Made in America"!

To this end this is an information video on AL Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity, from Jerusalem! it includes the reading of the Article "Beyond Propaganda Pinkwashing as Colonial Violence" and a tour of their social media links!

"alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, a civil society organization founded in grassroots activism, is at the forefront of vibrant Palestinian cultural and social change, building LGBTQ communities and promoting new ideas about the role of gender and sexual diversity in political activism, civil society institutions, media, and everyday life".

"Pinkwashing is the symptom, settler-colonialism is the root sickness. Recognizing pinkwashing as colonial violence can help us understand how Israel divides, oppresses, and erases Palestinians on the basis of gender and sexuality"

"Over a decade ago, Palestinian activists adopted the term “pinkwashing” to describe how the Israeli state and its supporters use the language of gay and trans rights to direct international attention away from the oppression of Palestinians. Israeli travel guides and promotional videos advertise Tel Aviv beaches as a gay-friendly getaway destination—and hide the reality that tourist partygoers are dancing atop the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages. The open inclusion of gay officers in the Israeli occupation army is used as proof of liberal forward-mindedness, but for Palestinians the sexuality of the soldier at a checkpoint makes little difference. They all wield the same guns, wear the same boots, and maintain the same colonial regime".

From: http://www.alqaws.org/articles/Beyond-Propaganda-Pinkwashing-as-Colonial-Violence

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This is a video that provides free information about Gaslighting and it's relationship to Intimate Partner Abuse & Domestic Violence. Fagmedia also launches the very official flyer for The Perth International AIDS Candlelight Memorial which is on the 16 May 2021. Friends of the WA AIDS Memorial Say "We are delighted that in 2021 the New Management has decided to send out the invitations & flyer before the Day of the Event"!

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Gays Against Biden make a triumphant return to The Qiew Tonight to celebrate the fact that we have all survived the first The First 100 Days of his Fraudulency's Reign!

Sr Mary-Jane Singleton from the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, has curated a fabulous selection of up to the minute, stylish memes and videos and we don't care if we mock your socks right off!

We have a reading with some very un PC Commentary by Sr Mary-Jane of an article by Peter Boykin from Go Right News entitled "The First 100 Days How did we Survive" from https://gorightnews.com/bidens-first-one-hundred-days-how-did-we-survive/ #GoRight

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This is the first of our videos to provide information about the LGBT Domestic Violence Awareness Day 2021. It is important that all LGB, HIV & Trans Community Organisations & Groups make a meaningful effort to prevent Domestic Violence. Our aim with these videos is to end the cover up by Marxist Operatives which is enabling, supporting and Encouraging Violence and Suicide of Men.

It is time to address the inequality of support services in which Gay, Bi & Trans Men have no help to escape Violent Situations & when Police are involved the victim is arrested rather than the perpetrator.

The practice of protecting High Profile Perpetrators and inviting Police Organisations to March in Pride Parades needs to end until such time as they stop arresting and harassing who are Gay, BI & Trans Men fall victim to violent abusers and/or stalkers.


This is an "Emergency" Broadcast Edition of the Help Desk to provide a quick workshop on Good Manners for Adults from: https://www.theclassroom.com/how-to-teach-good-manners-to-adults-12078266.html & some Special Not Very PC Education for Men on Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

We also provide information to Promote the Perth International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on 16 May 2021 Will the AIDS Council Make the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in Perth Fabulous Again?

After they totally erased the Top 3 Health Conditions from the WA LGBTI Health Strategy We Call upon the LGB, HIV & Trans Community Organisations and Leaders to do more than send a couple of meaningless tweets with dodgy statistics, to prevent LGBT Domestic Violence. LGB, HIV & Trans People effected by & trapped in situations of Violence need meaningful strategies to help them escape & for Organisations to stop Protecting Perpetrators of Domestic Violence by refusing to discuss the issue.

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We Make Videos! We have Channels on Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble. Our focus includes Education, Homeschooling, Free Speech, The Corrupt Political Establishment, Human Rights and Critiques of Entertainment/Propaganda. We examine Sexology, Health Promotion, Religion and Politics! We also read articles, with commentary, that we select because we hope/believe they will be of interest to our subscribers on a range of topics which even extends to Petcare! "They are not Afraid of Speech, They are afraid of you, Free"! - We said this!

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The International AIDS CandleLight Memorial 2021 is on the 16th of May 2021. In Perth the Event is being held at the WA AIDS Memorial in the City of Vincent.

We Remember those who have passed, Give thanks to ALL who have helped in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS & Celebrate the Survivors who remain with Us, Living with HIV/AIDS.

Please Share this Video to ensure that as many people as possible can participate in this worthwhile event. #ItsTimeforAHIVCure

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#HIV #AIDS #CandlelightMemorial

Australia Freedom Rally Information

Information about coming events to support the defence of freedom. DUMAS HOUSE PROTEST THURSDAY 8TH APRIL 4:30PM 2 HAVELOCK ST, WEST PERTH PerthFreedomRally.com https://t.me/PerthFreedomRallyChannel Other sites on Telegram are Australian Freedom Rally: https://t.me/australiafreedomrally & Perth Health Freedom Information: https://t.me/PerthHealthFreedomInfo

World Wide Demonstration 2.0! Save the Date! We will stand together for the second time! On May, 15 the the world is rising up again! Side by side for freedom, peace and human rights! Details to follow! T.me/worldwidedemonstration

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Even the Stairs Are Against Joe Biden is the latest Extravaganza from The Qiew & Gays Against Biden. In this video we have curated some of the Most Fabulous attacks on Biden from the Stair Community who are sick of being walked all over by His Fraudulency.

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WA State Election 2021 Put the Greens Last!

What have they done for HIV+ People? What have they done to raise awareness about LGBT Domestic Violence and bring support for LGB, HIV & Trans People who need help? What have they done to help reduce suicide in high risk populations? What have they done to reduce the Meth Crisis?

Have they really even managed to do anything to help with the so called climate change aka the climate scam or has their main achievement been to provide cocktail parties for privileged snowflakes & cancel anyone who does not follow radical Marxist ideology?

The Help Desk Episode 2 2021 Managing Far Left Extremism

This is Episode Two of the Help Desk 2021. We start with The Headlines from #GoRightNews with @PeterBoykin and then it's time for some House Keeping aka a discussion on Managing Far Left Extremism in the LGB, HIV & Trans Communities.

The Western Australian State election is coming up so the Sisters are getting together a shopping list of demands. In this Episode we are calling for whoever wins to provide a Comprehensive Stigma & Discrimination Education Campaign and we tell you why this saves money for the taxpayer & As usual we provide Space for Men's Health Issues. We include another great selection of wise, revolutionary, thoughtful and sometimes funny #Memes and we provide a free plug for the Perth Queer Film Festival which starts on the 3rd of March 2021.

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We Are the Resistance Now #Resist

"Gays Against Biden Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?" is a satirical & Light Hearted examination & debunking of the "Fact Checkers" of the oddities surrounding the alleged dangerous corrupt usurper who is attempting to rule by Dictatorial Executive Fiat while his health system is alleged to be forcing the price of a box of insulin up to $500 per month!

The Gays want to know who is pulling the strings? Is Biden just a glove puppet wearing a mask like in the Tik Tok Videos? Is there really more than one Air Force One & where is Hunter and what about the Laptop?

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Nancy Pelosi Gets a Dressing Down on The Help Desk Variety Show Episode One 2021

This is The Help Desk Variety Show Episode One 2021- We have something for everyone, some Tik Tok Videos to tickle your fancy & music from Peter Boykin, A Presidential Resignation Letter Plus Nancy Gets a Dressing Down & Child Protection for Parents. The OPI's Strong Safe Sex tradition continues with a new #ItsTimeForAHIVCure approach & some Gossip thrown in for good measure!

WHO Urges World Leaders To Stop Using Lockdown To Fight COVID.

San Francisco Archbishop Responds to Pelosi: ‘No Catholic in Good Conscience Can Favor Abortion’ https://thedcpatriot.com/san-francisco-archbishop-responds-to-pelosi-no-catholic-in-good-conscience-can-favor-abortion/

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This is a performance from the archives of the Brow Horn Orchestra at the Western Australian Music Industry Spectacular. Brow as they are called now are a funk/hip hop band. This video contains video footage of the performance, Still Photographs of the Event and a New Short Introduction to the archive footage!

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This is a Reading with special Commentary of a Fact Check article by Outspoken on His Fraudulency's horrific record discriminating against LGBT People in the USA & supporting regimes that murder Gay People!

"The complete truth about Joe Biden’s LGBT record is that for over four decades in Washington, Joe Biden has attacked LGBT people". From: https://getoutspoken.com/fact-check/the-complete-truth-about-joe-bidens-lgbt-record

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Life Is Better without HIV! is a Fagmedia Community Service Health Promotion Announcement. We are one of the few organisations that make Safer Sex reminders designed to include messages for Heterosexuals from a Conservative Point of View so please share this with folks you think need a little reminder!

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This video contains a Very Special FlashBack to The First Ever Season of the Help Desk in 2011 and our Visit to Swan Con, WA's Annual Speculative Fiction Convention.

There are interviews with Special Guests such as Editor Ellen Datlow from the USA along with Award Winning Authors such as NYT BestSelling Lister, Sean Williams, Sue Isle, Stephen Dedman, Space Jock, Simon Haynes, Richard Harland, Kath Sparks Fiction Editor, Along with Conference Participants.

Swancon is WA's annual speculative fiction convention celebrating Science Fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction genres. We like to talk about books, TV and pop-culture. It is the longest continuously running science fiction convention in Australia.

Swancon 2021 is on the 24 April 2021, 10:00 AM - 26 April 2021, 5:00 PM
at Perth, WA, Australia For more information Visit SwanCon on Facebook page or follow on Twitter or Tumblr. SwanCon also have a mailing list with monthly emailed newsletter, sign up today! You can email SwanCon at [email protected]

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This is another serving from Gays Against Biden, aka GAB, this time a Mixed Meme Salad featuring MediaBear's We Will Mock You! From: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8KtQC0VyDxez/

Please don't watch this video if you are offended by mockery of His Fraudulency, PEDOTUS! Join the Resistance at Gays Against Biden on Gab here: https://gab.com/groups/14313 or Gays Against Joe Biden on Fakebook!

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This video contains on interview with Henning Wehn by Presenter Peter de Groot followed by #HenningWehn's Melbourne International #Comedy Festival show "My Struggle", filmed at Kaye Sera's Bizarre Fundraiser at Chapel of Chapel Melbourne Australia.

This original footage was filmed by #Fagmedia & provided to Alphabet Soup on Bent TV.

For More information about Henning go to: https://henningwehn.de

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This video is an Introduction to Fagmedia on our New Bitchute Channel!

Check it out, You might be surprised! At the very least, You should get a laugh at the Selection of Memes & their Positioning!

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