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Wow, this should be rated mature..

Wow. There’s allot more to this if you dig.

The Point of this video is to get people out there looking for stuff. Its simple... Research and search.... If we were all this inquisitive we wouldn't have to rely on the corrupt police and media

Do you have any weird things going on locally for you? Thing to look out for.

This version of what is a woman is shorter and more intense. Share with friends and family. Support us and films like this here:

I consider this proof that All sickness is not what we've been taught. Detailed and clear proof.


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love and light

the banned video link:

May be another Hard RED Pill to Swallow

Chester Bennington is a hero

They deleted this off my rumble… share!

Down with Disney… brain washing BS. Trying to act like they are doing it for equality…. Let’s be honest…

You know it looked strange as hell


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Among a world full of fake, we are a fresh view. Be open to everything and believe nothing.

ALL of these videos ARE important and WILL open you more then you were before watching each one.

The only thing for a fact is You never know whats fake and whats true so the best choice would be to believe in nothing and be open to everything.

Fuck Cable and those movies. Educate yourself, Knowledge is power. Connect the dots and increase your prospective.

Stay safe, download any videos you want to keep. You never know what will be censored.

Maintain true and manifest with love.