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Like many others, Jessica Sutta (@JSutta) trusted that the government + medical system had her best interests in mind — until she experienced a serious COVID vaccine injury.

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As a seasoned paramedic, Harry Fisher began raising the alarm early in the pandemic about the surge in strokes + heart attacks he was witnessing in young people.

What happened next? He was HEAVILY CENSORED for warning the public.

“That’s a spooky place to be as a medical professional … they don’t want me to give you consent.”

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“If you are vaccinated, you are not going to be hospitalized. You are not going to be in the intensive care unit. You are not going to die,” read @RepBradWenstrup, citing a direct quote from Joe Biden on June 21, 2021.

“That was misinformation. That was divisive. That was dangerous,” he expressed.

“We have to let science be the science. And in my opinion, we should have been hearing from the doctors who treated COVID patients, not politicians, not someone in the lab.”

Watch CDC Director Rochelle Walensky testify before Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on #CHDTV:

“In one email, a CDC official tells a Twitter employee that, quote, ‘CDC is working on a project with Census to leverage their infrastructure to identify and monitor social media for vaccine misinformation,’ unquote. And that they would, quote, ‘like the opportunity to work with Twitter’s trust team on a regular basis to discuss what they are seeing,’ end quote,” revealed @RepJamesComer.

“But with respect to censorship,” he continued, “censoring dissenting opinions is unacceptable. And that’s something else that this Select Committee needs to investigate. We don’t need to see that ever happen again.”

Watch CDC Director Rochelle Walensky testify before Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on #CHDTV:

“Most medical authorities believe that this [cancer] is a genetic disease, and that’s probably not likely true,” attested critical care specialist Dr. Paul Marik. “It’s probably caused by metabolic dysfunction in the cell.”

“And if you consider it a metabolic disease, then it becomes easier to understand how you can treat it,” he continued.

“Otto Warburg, in 1928, discovered that all cancer cells ... are metabolically dysfunctional and require glucose as their prime source of fuel,” Dr. Marik detailed.

“They [cancer cells] cannot use their mitochondria to generate energy. So, the consequence of that is if you deprive the cancer cell of glucose, it actually promotes cell death,” he explained. “So, if you can starve the cancer cell by limiting glucose, you’re going a long way in controlling cancer.”

To hear more insights from Dr. Paul Marik, watch the full interview on #CHDTV:

Four of the twelve infants’ deaths in the AstraZeneca trial were from cardiac arrest, and two died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The FDA claimed the deaths were “unrelated” to AstraZeneca’s monoclonal antibody injection, but how often do you hear about four babies naturally dying of cardiac arrest in a clinical trial setting?

“This is hugely important,” stressed #CHDTV Polly Tommey. “The pediatricians are going to push this. The doctors, as soon as the babies are born, they’re going to give these babies this RSV jab.”

Read more about this troubling clinical trial:

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Cell towers are popping up everywhere. How safe are we from this invisible force?

Learn about the symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and what you can do to protect yourself:

“They’re in the process of trying to do to the banking system what they did to small businesses during the pandemic,” warned financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts.

“We’re staring down the barrel of a coup d'état, and we’re staring down the barrel of a mass atrocity,” she attested. “And the enemy’s first and foremost strategy is to control your mind.”

“Every day, there are millions of ways the digital systems in your lives are screening your content (think of the search results you got during COVID). They’re screening what information comes to you, and they’re delivering entrainment subliminal programming that’s influencing what you think. We are in a war.”

Hear more from Catherine Austin Fitts on #CHDTV:

“I saw it clear as day that if children receive the MMR vaccine, specifically African American boys, [that] if they receive the MMR vaccine on time, then they are 386% more likely to get an autism diagnosis than if they simply delayed the MMR vaccine until after 36 months of age — or three years of age,” denoted Dr. Brian Hooker.

This information was disclosed to him by former CDC senior researcher Dr. William Thompson, who was “guilt-stricken” after the CDC tried to bury the MMR vaccine-autism connection.

“There were five scientists in total in this particular research team to roll in all the records regarding African American males and the MMR vaccine,” Dr. Hooker continued. “And they summarily put them in blue dumpsters and shred all the evidence. Thank God, one Dr. William Thompson saved all that information, and he shared it with me in 2013 and 2014.”

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“I’ve seen the entire array of vaccine injuries,” lamented Dr. @P_McCulloughMD. “They’re all in the peer-reviewed literature. This is not controversial.”

“Myocarditis, heart damage requiring heart transplantation, ICDs, heart failure treatment, young people who can’t exercise anymore.”

“It’s clear,” he remarked. “They [COVID shots] are unsafe products. There’s only one solution — is to pull them off the market. I don’t care how good someone thinks they are, theoretically. We can treat COVID. We can get people through medicines. We don’t need a vaccine. They need to be removed from the market.”

Watch Dr. McCullough’s full testimony on #CHDTV:

“When other interviewers have said to me, why are you willing to sacrifice your career on the hill of vaccine harms? Well, quite honestly, that’s the hill that they’re killing my people on,” answered @ABridgen.

“This isn’t about right and left anymore. It’s about right and wrong,” he continued.

“If I have to not be in the Conservative Party to be able to raise issues around vaccine harms [and] vaccine deaths [that] are affecting my constituents, then so be it.”

Watch the full interview with MP Andrew Bridgen on #CHDTV:

Testifying in front of the Arizona State Legislature, Dr. @P_McCulloughMD presented three separate sources that concluded the same thing: hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives to the COVID vaccines.

• Pantazatos and Seligmann, based on US census and vaccine administration data, estimated 178,000 lives lost from the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 alone.

• Skidmore and colleagues from Michigan State University concluded 278,000 Americans died in 2021 from the COVID shots.

• And Josh Stirling, a top insurance analyst, has estimated the COVID-19 jabs are responsible for about 600,000 excess deaths per year.

“This is more than the Civil War,” stressed Dr. @P_McCulloughMD.

“This is a modern-day American tragedy that’s happening. People are being pitted with losing their job and losing their livelihood or losing their life with a vaccine — and no one’s apologizing for it.”

Watch Dr. McCullough’s full testimony on #CHDTV:

“Doctors have been financially incentivized to vaccinate children for a very long time,” wrote osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola.

“In 2016, Blue Cross Blue Shield paid pediatricians a $400 bonus for each patient that completed ten vaccinations before their second birthday, provided 63% of their patients were fully vaccinated.”

A family physician with a thousand-patient practice could earn well over a $100,000 year-end bonus just from pushing vaccines on children. “So this is not pocket change.”

Watch the full episode on #CHDTV:

“If you have to show unique digital ID before you can do anything ... then that means that the person controlling that database, if they want to set a condition like you have to be up to date with your vaccines, then they effectively forced you to roll your sleeve up,” warned Dr. Mike Yeadon.

“Imagine if they manage to persuade most people that this is essential for their safety. There’s no way you could ever remove that system,” he continued.

“They need you to have it, but you don’t need it,” Dr. Yeadon concluded. “You clearly don’t need a digital ID to lead a peaceful, successful, healthy life. And the evidence for that is all of your life to date.”

Watch the full episode with doctors Mike Yeadon and Jessica Rose on #CHDTV:

“Some 50% of all internet traffic is sex-related,” reported #CHDTV host @IlanaRachel1.

The impact is alarming.

A 2014 study published in the JAMA Journal of Psychiatry concluded that the more porn men watched, the less brain activity they had, particularly in the striatum, which is connected to reward processing and motivation.

Pornography also weakens the connection to the prefrontal cortex, which is linked to decision-making, planning, and behavior regulation.

Watch the full episode of “Mind Manipulation — Who is in Control?” on #CHDTV:

“Crimes were committed,” attested mRNA pioneer Dr. @RWMaloneMD. “Psychological technology was weaponized against the public, and this must never happen again.”

“This is one of the things that I feel most strongly about,” he continued, “is [that] somehow we need legislation that makes it clear that deploying fifth-generation-warfare technology, PSYOPs ... on civilian populations is absolutely not acceptable.

“The idea of personal autonomy, of the ability of an individual to have personal sovereignty, is completely negated in a world in which governments feel that it’s acceptable to deploy modern PSYOPs technology on their own populations.”

Hear from doctors Robert Malone, Meryl Nass, Ryan Cole, and more at the International COVID Summit:

The stated goal of pandemic preparedness is to identify and guard against “threats” to public health. One of the biggest threats of this week’s #WHA76, it seems, is the ability of dissenting voices to speak.

• “Dissenting voices can clutter the airwaves.”

• “We must invest with the same energy as those who are spreading the fake news.”

• “Declining trust in science ... [and] public health is extremely worrisome.”

• “More is needed to nullify the conspiracies and calm the disquiet.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest from the @WHO:

“The WHO ... are seeking to get lots of countries to sign up to an amended International Health Regulations and a new Treaty,” informed former Pfizer executive Dr. Mike Yeadon.

“I have a few problems with this,” he expressed. “If you centralize in a novel situation, you won’t get an optimum outcome. Worse, you won’t even know what optimum is.”

If the WHO gets its way, “that’s the end of democracy in relation to health,” Dr. Yeadon attested. “So, if they decide you’ve to be locked down or you’ve to be injected — remember, in the slave system of digital ID and cash for CBDC, if the WHO decides it, it will just happen.”


Watch the full episode with doctors Mike Yeadon and Jessica Rose on #CHDTV:

The Lancet alleged Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 paper concluded MMR vaccines cause autism.

“So not only did I not say that, but we said actually quite the opposite,” responded Wakefield. The paper stated, “This does not prove an association.”

“Things have changed,” he stated, “because I now do believe sincerely that [the] MMR vaccine causes autism. Why? Because ... the CDC, to their credit, tested that hypothesis [autism-vaccine link], and then, having found that it was exactly right in their study, they covered it up, destroyed the documents,” Wakefield detailed.

“And 14 years later, William Thompson [senior CDC scientist] came forward, confessed that he could no longer live with this knowledge, and admitted to the fraud.”

Hear more from Andrew Wakefield on the episode that garnered a lot of attention on #CHDTV:

“We ... suggest that member states, together with other key stakeholders, carry out a simulation exercise based on the draft Accord and the draft IHR (International Health Regulations) amendments later this year before they are finalized and adopted,” urged GPMD Co-Chair Joy Phumaphi.

“A simulation exercise beforehand and robust monitoring and accountability following their adoption are two ways you can ensure these important instruments fulfill their potential and that we are ready for the next pandemic.”

Watch more from the 76th World Health Assembly on #CHDTV:

“We didn’t have independent science; we had hijacked science,” expressed @DrDMartinWorld. “And ultimately, humanity was lost because we decided to allow it to happen.”

“Our job today is to say no more gain-of-function research — period. No more weaponization of nature — period,” he stressed.

“And most importantly, no more corporate patronage of science for their own self-interests unless they assume 100% product liability for every injury and every death that they maintain.”

Hear from MEP Christine Anderson, David Martin, Dr. Meryl Nass, and more at the International COVID Summit:

ROCHESTER, NY --- This morning, in the case Medical Professionals for Informed Consent v. Mary T. Bassett, in NY State Fourth Department Appellate Division, the State of New York announced they intend to drop the vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers across the state.

This is a clear sign of the strength of the lower court victory where the mandate was rescinded and ruled unconstitutional in this Children’s Health Defense-backed case.

The lower court decision ruled that the state-wide vaccine mandate for healthcare workers was illegal and unconstitutional. This was a victory for attorney Sujata Gibson backed by Children’s Health Defense.

Gibson stated she is opposed to this offer from the state because it leaves open the very real possibility that this constitutional violation could happen again and ruin many more lives. In talking to CHD TV immediately after the court hearing, Gibson stated, “The law does not allow an agency to voluntarily stop an illegal activity and then claim they shouldn’t be held legally accountable.”

She also expressed that NY State misrepresented itself in court today by not making clear the lengthy process that is required to rescind the mandate.

A public comment period and hearings need to take place for the mandate to be rescinded. Moreover, there has been no official announcement. What the attorney for the state has asked the court to do is to take their word for it that they will eventually rescind the mandate.

“The Big Catch-Up,” also known as “The largest childhood immunization effort ever,” comes from Chelsea Clinton, WHO, Gates Foundation, and UNICEF.

But “Who is Chelsea Clinton?” asked Andrew Wakefield. “I wrote 150 scientific papers on this and related issues, and I don’t remember citing any publication by a Chelsea Clinton at any time. I’m not sure what her qualifications in opining on vaccines and vaccine safety might be.”

Chelsea has said, “I think we are less prepared today than we were, arguably, in January 2020—partially because of the lack of trust and confidence in not only our scientists, but in science itself, and certainly in public health professionals.”

“Now, that is largely correct,” replied Andrew Wakefield. “It’s not that people have lost faith in science. It’s that science has been misapplied by conflicted scientists who are driven very much by their own vanity and by the need to sustain their funding base.”

Hear more from Andrew Wakefield on #CHDTV:

“I don’t think that emphasis on the anthropogenic [human-caused] principle when it comes to global warming or when it comes to health is by accident,” expressed investigative journalist James Corbett.

“And we do not have to take your word for it or my word for it,” he stressed. “We can read the writings of people like [Club of Rome Co-Founder] Alexander King ... who co-wrote ‘The First Global Revolution’ back in 1991.”

King wrote, “All these dangers [global warming, pollution, water shortages, famine] are caused by human intervention.” Thus, he concluded, “The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

Watch the full episode with special guests James Corbett and Dr. David Bell on #CHDTV:

“Voluntary contributions, specified and thematic, make up about 80% of the budget,” denoted former WHO medical officer and scientist Dr. @bell00david.

“And this is important because specified contributions are contributions that are provided for a specific project in a specific place. They are very directive,” he explained.

“So the WHO, for 80% of its budget, now is doing what its funders tell it to do and fund it to do — not what it necessarily considers to be the appropriate way to impact public health.”

Watch the full panel of experts testify why we should #ExitTheWHO on #CHDTV:


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