We are joined by a Washington Heights and a Bronx cop tonight (John A and John B) but the Matty spot has been taken by genius producer Rick Rubin.

The cops and the robber go through various pursuit videos and lament the lack of talented criminals these days. The gang also tries to figure out what percentage of cops are just assholes who were bullied in high school.

Bon Jovi's cowboy song is GAY / We investigate a suspiciously written ad read / The cops interrogate Matty / Black girls vs Police / "Yawner" teen criminals / Cool Trump / Project Veritas' biggest scoop yet / "James O'keefe" joins the show / Were we wrong about Nicole Arbour? / An ex-trans baby monster calls in / We meet "Jane" O'keefe

It appears to be Sylvia's last show as a slew of cops show up and turn the whole thing into pigs VS. perps.

Sylvia's got no love for the fuzz because they won't let her get back with the guy who beat the shit out of her.

Callers tell us cops what we got wrong about burglaries. It's gay.

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What's worse: John Leguizamo in The Pest or Croc Martens?

Ryan makes his suit worth it by become a gay Joker the whole show.

After analyzing Ye's philosophy, we take 100 calls and advise a newlywed to give up on the evil bitch who just canceled their marriage after 15 months.

Trooper Dickman pops by so we talk about the 25 LAPD recruits who were run over by a stoned Mexican. This leads to a whole series of videos showing what it's like to be a cop these days.

What other show has 79-year-old abortionists screaming at Catholics, prison stories, calls from prison, fist fights, virgins, Weird Al, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and two different Jesse Lee Petersons arguing with each other?

Terrence Howard has some new "owdest symbos" and everyone pretends he's not insane. Then, we take a hundred calls and learn listening to music is gay.

The night before Gavin's talk at Penn State he breaks down all the media attention and ridiculous lectures that pretends he's something he's not.

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State Trooper Dickman pops by and we do a deep dive on the dangers of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Paying Sandy Hook parents $965 million is the tip of the iceberg. Here are ten other things he got wrong. (From GOML S4 Ep176, full episode on Censored.tv)

Our host realizes his head of sales is not his head of sales but a prankster who got inside the company and totally Andy Kaufman-ed them! Also, shit went down at Compound and we have the footage!

From now on, if you don't have the Sprinkles, you have the shartles. Also, Linewives VS. Bucket Bunnies, bar culture, weak men, Butt Boys, Ignoble Beard, and cops being punished just for trying to do their job.

Typos aside, Matty and the boys look at pictures of pretty girls and RATE them. Then, it's a lot of military callers complaining about the woke destruction of their world.

Sylvia's back and she inspires us to go back in time and examine comedy greats like Lenny Bruce.

Live show is early this month so Ryan can take his baby to Disney. Matty describes what it’s like to get out of prison. Spoiler alert - it’s complicated.

Ryan, Matty, and Gav go through a song with 50 rappers on it and take apart every single line they say.


Matty leaves for vacation so our intrepid host scrambles to fill the hole with Slyvia and Linda. They both say no so Ryan makes do with some funny imitations that go nowhere.

Swamped by new mail and calls, we plow through and try to cover important news like fake Proud Boy implications on this FBI attack and the ridiculous assumption that Britney Spears is a bad mom.

Savanah Lopez gives us the scoop on what really goes down behind the scenes of the right.

After trying to figure out why some dude in a giant costume would avoid black kids, we take a bunch of calls including some dude who accidentally got a chick pregnant but proudly declares he doesn't eat hipster food.


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