We decided enjoy winter and ordered studs from Ali Express.
In this video will be clips how we installed studs and some riding on lake.
At the end rear tire was left with some studs and it compromised traction on ice but overall it was great experiment.

00:00 - stud installation
01:33 - riding
05:22 - tires after ride

Music: TwinsBeats - Fly

We had issues with KTM radiators. They were leaking somewhere at the top and doctored. There were some shoddy repair done on radiators. So we decided to order new radiators to avoid headache.

Music: TwinsBeats - Fly

We had dirt tires that's the reason why we were slipping so much.

We also had some issues with KTM, leaking fuel hose and worn out gear lever.
We managed to fix fuel leak in the field but gear lever was left for later because we don't have part.

We had small issue with steering bearing. They where completely perished full of dirt and rust.
Repair was done for Honda CRF 450R 2007

00:00 - Remove number plate

00:23 - Removing front axle
01:01 - Supporting break pads
01:05 - Removing front fender
01:26 - Removing handlebar
01:56 - Steering stem nut
02:06 - Marking forks location in triple clamp
02:20 - Taking fork tubes out of triple clamps
03:19 - Taking out steering stem
03:37 - Inspecting steering stem
03:59 - Removing old bottom bearing
04:28 - Removing old top bearing seat
04:38 - Removing old bottom bearing seat
04:48 - Cleaning parts and surfaces
05:12 - Inserting new top bearing seat
05:44 - Inserting new bottom bearing seat
06:07 - Pushing on bottom bearing on steering stem
06:41 - Greasing stem and bearing
07:03 - Putting in refreshed steering stem
07:45 - Putting on top triple clamp
08:00 - Reassembling forks

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This is first outing with KTM SX 150 2012.
We recently purchased this specimen and wanted to check if it can hold candle to Gas Gas or Honda.
Nice to know that is was capable as enduro motorcycle.

Red motorcycle - Gas Gas EC 300

Our pitbike is older bucci moto and we had issues to find plastic kit so we decided
that we could try recreate plastic in carbon.

00:00 - Part cleaning
00:47 - Part edge creation
02:38 - Mold release wax applying
03:07 - Measuring gelcoat
03:28 - Measuring hardener
04:09 - Applying gelcoat to part
05:21 - Checking gelcoat and applying next layer
05:40 - Checking gelcoat and applying last layer
06:02 - Polyester resin mixing
06:42 - Laying glass mat
07:51 - Taking part out of mold
10:22 - Mold end result

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Track: Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
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We had some valve issues and we decided to update head to HC.
New engine snapped the valve and that lead to smashed piston and head so we decided to order new piston and cylinder with head (high compression).
Parts were ordered for YX 160 engine.

Part list:
Head -
Piston -

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Gas Gas EC 300
Honda CRF 450R

This race is dedicated to 49cc mopeds made in Soviet Union .
Most of mopeds were highly modified for this race.

Unfortunately when we went for ride weather turned bad so but still it was fun ride with some fails and near crashes.

Honda CRF 450R (07 and 08)
Gas Gas EC 300

Race was for 85cc junior class.

Race was in Ape (Latvia)

Honda CRF 450 R x 2
Bucci Moto 160cc pitbike

We tried to go to the sand quarry using destroyed road. That was a interesting experience but at the end we needed to bail on this idea. Further rode was much more worse.

Gas Gas EC 300 (2011 y.)
Honda CRF 450R (2008 y.)

This was tough ride for pit bike. We took it to sand quarry and muddy roads and it took like a champ.

Pit bike is Bucci Moto frame with Chinese YX160 engine.

Honda CRF450R 2007 and 2008
Bucci with YX 160 engine

This time we went to quarry and after that practiced some wheelies with big and pit bike.

This time we went out to try improve wheelie skills, but ground was soft and muddy.
Almost crushed Honda's more than once.

Honda CRF450R 07 and 08
Bucci with Chinese 160 YX engine

This is Gas Gas EC 300 2010 endure bike.
As quick preview for new toy later will be more about this bike.

We decided to change front, rear sprocket and chain, because old items were heavily used.
For sprockets we used "JT sprockets" and for chain "Twenty delta seal 520 X-RING" chain.

Front sprocket was missing 3 teeth and peaks were thin.
Rear sprocket was in better condition but signs of wear could be seen and sprocket was cut from steal.
Chain had excessive side to side movement and was loud.

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Project -,22/Project-bike-1986-Honda-CR125R,1299309
Owner -

new clutch cover
new fuel tank
restored plastic by sanding, heat gun treatment and Plastic Renew stuff
HRC cylinder
rebuilt crankshaft (new used) with a 50mm stroke
new fork seals, clutch/throttle cable, chain and rear sprocket
new seat cover
piston with one ring
Keihin 36mm
Yamaha footpegs
IMS shift lever
custom pipe hanger
Motion Pro throttle assembly
front brake system from last generation CR125/250
Shock mud guard is brand new part for 1990 CR125

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