Waffen Haus and Surviving Weimerica

Documentary by an Israeli Jew about the ADL & Jewish control of censorship within the United States

Film revolving around German folklore directed by Leni Riefanstaal

Film made by a former Mason under Vichy France

Documented expulsion of Jewish people

Tom Metzger sits down with controversial author of obscure book entitled Horus Saves which critiques the origins of Christianity.

A minister who during the eighties called out the creeping Zionist influence within Evangelical Christianity & the Evangelical lobby.

Ben Klassen has been censored from youtube. Uploaded here is a rare speech from the late Ben Klassen. One of the champions of the European people.

I sit down to discuss various different issues concerning the plight of Western Man. The discussion got heated when we brought up the option of political engagement vs accerlationism

White House discusses what is missing from white activism

archived video from youtube about the Mogantheau Plan.

Me on On the Wake Up Radio discussing the JQ with Black nationalists.

The panel & I sit down to discuss Cicada 3301 and its potential to liberate us from Weimerican misery!

James Mason discusses equality, Nat Soc, Universal Order, and separatism at University of Phoenix.

The infamous James Mason being interviewed at Holiday Inn.

Louis Beam discussing America

Louis Beam historic speech

Original WN Louis Beam speaking at Aryan Nation event

Dylan Storm Roof's manifesto about race in America and in particular his observations in the South.

The panel & I sit down with Billy Roper to discuss Balkanization & Civil War 2 Electric Boogaloos. Also about the importance of prepping and strategy for the way forward for White America

The panel and I sit down with Matt Parrot to discuss the way forward for working class White America. How we can successfully navigate the hostile anti-white waters to our path to victory. We address white guilds, white power male nurses and white advocacy.

Me & the panel sit down with Carlisle to discuss the revolving doors of the American borders & the infinite diversity imposed upon us under the guise of anti-racism policies.
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