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Wake Up From COVID

Dr. Wake Up


Excellent broadcast with 3 experts in the funeral industry about what they are seeing and what they are sure many more are seeing in their industry, but are afraid to report.

Source: Counterspin New Zealand

11 Australian Nurses Blow The Whistle On COVID Vaccine Side Effects

By Oracle Films, the excellent documentary compiling the latest about the movement ACROSS THE WORLD to regain our freedoms.

Dr. Roger "Mic Drop" Hodkinson summarizes the case against the CoViD nonsense.

Most relevant segments of the interview with Reiner Fuellmich by Jerm Warfare. Full podcast here:

Jane Bürgermeister had to endure big pressure after exposing Big Pharma and governments when they tried to pull off THE SAME SCAM in 2009. Maybe she helped to stop it then, or maybe it was just a rehearsal for this time around.

Jane’s research had to do with the fabricated nature of the pandemic. And she was right, as you can read later on. Still, she was fired from her job and had to defend herself from criminal charges, all of which she was obviously acquitted.

Her warnings might have seemed exaggerated at the time, but the jab programs came to a halt (and with them, the debate around forced V’s) after many developed chronic narcolepsy. Vaccines were thrown out; Big Pharma kept the money. Her words make as much sense now as then.

Read about 2009 here:

“No one at the WHO, RKI or PEI should feel proud of themselves. These organizations have gambled away precious confidence. When the next pandemic arrives, who will believe their assessments?”

Or see the German documentary Profiteers of Fear - The Business of Swine Flu:

Jane's blog:

And her twitter account:

Magnificent documentary, trimmed down to focus on the political aspect of this call for awareness.

Everybody's talking 'bout it. What do they even mean? These expert forecasters have been guessing too much, as if it was a script and they have read it. Beware.

Everything you need to know to decipher everything else.

Supervillain looking economist describes the process of angering the whole world until they are ready to apply on their own will his "set of instructions for a better world", called the Great Reset. Afterwards, his sidekicks show him complacency. Rated PG.


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