Sergeant Robert Horton, former US Special Ops (Psy-Ops specialist) will show you how the deep state has infiltrated the USA, why they are technically defeated, and what is needed to retain control. Topics in this video include: Rothschilds, Common & Maritime law, the quantum financial system (Nesara/Gesara), Federal Reserve, Bush, Obama, income taxes, the Constitution, and the reason for wars. This video is a MUST-SEE!

We have won and must resist the masks, social distancing, and all restrictions because that sends a message to the NWO, and to their political puppet agents, that We The People decide who we elect - not them - and we have control over our lives: not them.

In this video you will see a series of news clips describing the 'Swine Flu' in 2009, and an interview with Fauci, in which he - and the media - are following the same script as they are now with the alleged SARS-COV-2 virus. They were/are pushing vaccines, mask, scare tactics, and announcing big profits for Big Pharma.

Inaccurate death counts were predicted for the Swine Flu back in 2009 by the CDC (150k >400k people), yet rather embarrasingly, the death count was just over 12,000 people (source: https://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/estimates_2009_h1n1.htm). The same stunt was pulled here in 2020 with the inaccurate death limits proposed by Gates' funded Imperial College in London, and the finding yet again that the CDC is lying regarding the number of deaths by SARA-COV-2 / Covid-19 (https://jdfor2020.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/adf864_165a103206974fdbb14ada6bf8af1541.pdf)


PS Note that in Event 201 in October 2020, the 'corona virus' came from pigs.....where have we heard that before (Swine Flu, 2009-2010). See for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfRWJN1aSpY What a coincidence...

Hidden Truth is the first series (season) with 14 short films put together into one film. It is set about 3 years after the emergence of the 'virus' and follows a small number of characters who don't get vacinated, and narrate the changes in society that they have seen, and the spiritual lessons to be learned.

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=ZHCHgfJtukk

This brilliant video shows how the think tank of globalist billionaires, The World Economic Forum, has been deceptively reframing the Covid-narrative to slowly-but-surely swindle people out of their freedoms, jobs, and in the next 8 years their right to own property. This is a must watch and a great way to gently introduce people to how globalists are quietly influencing their everyday life.

This is definitely one to share widely to help wake people up to what is going on.
Show people how the globalists think in under 3 minutes: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4ojm0kmay5Yn/

Our everyday lives can still return to normal and the answer to making this happen is simple, and you and I - we - are a part of making it happen, day after day.

The Globalist's (World Economic Forum) published a video on Twitter, claiming that lockdowns are quietly improving cities. They got such strong pushback on it that they announced that they were removing the video, but... not everything disappears from social media. See what they no longer want you to see.

Remember, the World Economic Forum has joined with the United Nations, and the United Nations is joined with the World Health Organization.They are all operating under the same script: same global agenda, under a different organizational name. In this video you will see how psychopaths reframe things: they ignore the human suffering that they create, and then spin the consequences of their actions as an environmental benefit.

To end this we must take action, part of which involves putting constant pressure on local government to close Agenda 21 offices, and secondly, to tell people how all of these organizations are connected: U.N., the W.H.O., the World Bank, the i.M.F., and how these tie into the heads of state and global businesses through the World Economic Forum.

You can read more examples of people's responses to the video at: https://planetfreewill.news/world-economic-forum-shouted-down-on-twitter-for-suggesting-covid-19-lockdowns-improved-cities-all-over-the-world/

Do you remember the 'outbreak' of a novel virus in Italy in the Spring of 2020? It turns out that it was inaccurately reported and that statistics and media coverage were manipulated to make you believe that the situation was dire.

This last chapter in the four-part series from April 2020 finds lots more holes in the governments' and media reporting of facts and statistics. Janet has answers that propose why this distortion of facts was done, and which connect with the Cabal's plan for humanity. Check everything that Janet presents as fact.

Was the Wuhan-Flu an attempt to influence the 2020 presidential election? Are government restrictions, such as 'social' distancing, a step in the direction of a totalitarian police state? How is the pedophile Hollywood and politics connected with adrenochrome, and did you know that adrenochrome is made in a small number of places, one of which is Wuhan? Janet ties these things together in this this penultimate episode. Check any facts that Janet shares.

If it breathes, Bill Gates wants to modify and vaccinate it, whether it is humans, chickens, or mosquitos. Is this man trying to play God? Janet Ossebaard brings you her latest discoveries of the operations of the Gates' Foundation, and how they are connected with military operations and a history of biowarfare operations that have had citizens as the operational targets. Check everything that Janet says.


Doctors, such as Carrie Madej, have been warning that nanobots could be put into vaccines. They are right. Hear and see it for yourself in this video published in 2020 by the journal Nature, in which they show you how nanobots can be activated by light. They could be activated if they were put into the arteries in your skin, however there are also nanobots that have a tiny WiFi antennae too. This technology exists. You can bet your bottom dollar that a scientist is working on adding these to a vaccine to make Klaus Schwab's prediction come true: Nanobots will be used in medicine.

Want to see another example? https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/johns-hopkins-researchers-engineer-tiny-shape-changing-machines-that-deliver-medicine-efficiently-to-the-gi-tract

[1] March of the microscopic robots, published Aug 26, 2020 frrom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TjdGuBK9mI [Nature Journal]

Did you know that having the Covid MRNA 'vaccine' can lead to severely damaged lung tissue? Blood disorders (avoid it if you take blood thinners)? And multiple anti-inflammatory disorders? Do you know what having the vaccine can do to the macrophages (little pac men) in your immune system? Learn about these and many other things in this interview with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. After listening to this interview, you will understand how the Covid injectible could lead to many more deaths in the coming months of 2021 and beyond. You can learn even more about the vaccine's effects in this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/93WXzP2se61A/

Additional information is available from:
[1] https://vaxxter.com/
[2] https://vaxxter.com/category/drt_blog/

In this second part of the Fall Cabal view of Covid-19, the bat to human origin of the 'virus' is shown to be impossible, and another explanation is proposed. You will also see a patent for a corona virus linked with Bill Gates, and lots more, including the use of Problem, Reaction, and Solution (profit and death).

These videos were originally published in late April, and early May 2020, and while some things have changed, they will help you to see Gates' connections with pharmaceutical companies and Agenda 2130. Check everything in the video.

Watch how Bill Gates climate predictions - and the sacrifices that he recommends that we make - do not match his lifestyle. You will see that he breaks so many of his recommendations that there is only one word to describe him: hypocrite.

Source: Paul Watson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARDXlyq3EgI

This is the first of a four-part series about Covid-19 from the maker of Fall Cabal. Janet Ossebaard has divided the covid-narrative in to ten storylines. These videos were originally published in late April, and early May 2020, and they still provide some interesting perspectives on the 'illness', its outbreak, Wuhan and 5G, the brutal Chinese Government's treatment of its citizens, and why a Harvard professor was being paid big money to conduct experiments in Wuhan. This video contains information that the MSM won't have featured. Check everything that Janet says.

When you watch this video, and put dots together, you may recognize a far bigger picture for why the corona virus situation was created. A lot of what you have seen and heard about current events will take on a different meaning after seeing this. This interview was broadcast in 2017, and is between Len Kasten and Sean Stone. Len has fused information about UFOs, with David Icke's work, and Native American stories about the world and its origins into a plausible account for why the world is how it is.

In this video, you will hear a prophetic dream - one of many in the past 15 months - by Pastor Dana Coverstone. The first 7.5 minutes of the video is just the dream. The remainder is an interpretation, part of which is from a Christian perspective. There are many ways to interpret dreams - religious, psychological, and philosophical - and make of it what you choose. Dana Coverstone's first prophetic dream, back in 2019, was of the coming of the corona virus restrictions. He has had many other dreams since, which you can see uninterpreted at: https://www.youtube.com/c/DanaCoverstonetv/videos


This video seems to infer that the deep state FBI have planned an event or two, most likely because the 'erection at the capitol' failed, as did the impeachment, and who do you think they are going to blame for the event? The supporters / voters for Donald Trump, and the media will link 70 million people with the armed or weaponized accomplice(s) who engage in the event the Deep State has planned. They will then say that ALL Trump supporters are terrorists, and that all citizens must be disarmed.

The FBI has a history of setting people up for its 'events', such as Timothy McVeigh (according to David Icke in The Trigger), and in this example (https://abc7chicago.com/news/dad-accuses-fbi-of-setting-up-son-in-bomb-plot/475963/) and in this one (https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/parents-catch-fbi-plot-force-mentally-ill-son-right-wing-terrorist/). It is likely that the FBI has groomed or set-up someone for whatever events they may have planned.

It is possible that the Cabal wants to cleanse U.S. politics of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement so they can have their 'business as usual' illusion of a two-party political system, which is bribed and blackmailed politicians who continue the same agenda - the cabal's agenda - and not the Constitution.

If what Dana Coverstone says is true, MAGA / Trump supporters may be villified, denounced in the media, and in D. C., after this False Flag event, and may face civil liberties restrictions as a result. That is one possible outcome.

The other is that a next event (or events) escalate anger in order to trigger a civil war, which could result in U. N. Troops being deployed on U.S. soil. We don't want that, and U.N. Troops have a history of raping women and children (search online for this). In other words, the Cabal creates situations in which it tries to facilitate outcomes in which only it can win. But, they are getting really desperate, and whatever they have planned, if they do it, will - just like the 'erection at the capitol' - be so transparent that it will be a shoddy case, just like the Democratic Party's House Managers impeachment case was, and evidence will come to light showing that it was a set-up.

This is a time to be even more patient, to not do what the cabal wants us to do - which is to attack each other verbally and on the streets - and to instead wait, and to show great strength, because the cabal is falling like a dynamited building that is tumbling to its destruction.

The Cabal has made themselves visible now, especially in Politics, and that is the last thing that they wanted to do. The cabal is so desperate that to try to save itself, it is throwing all of its efforts into splitting the people of America, and just like a tired boxer, they have been caught off-balance, and are slowly on their way down. They might try and throw a few more hard punches, yet our resolute will stands imminently stronger than they are. Be patient.

If you are a business owner in any U.S. State that is supposed to be open to the public, please watch this, and share it with likeminded people. We can no longer rely on politicians to collectively agree to do what is best for us as busines owners. They are following the agenda of the World Economic Forum, not the Constitution of the United States.

It is nor right, nor is it fair, for your business to go under, and for you to lose the years of hard work that you have put into building your business. If you let your business go under and don't act, then big companies and financial subsidiaries of the Rockefellers and Rothchilds will buy-up your remaining assets at pennies on the dollar. Step-up on March 1st and get the legal help this man is offering.

Source: https://banned.video/watch?id=60285dcfc30f83054f099395

This is a fascinating and informative interview with Constitutional Lawyer Rick Martin, who fights back against corporations, and even Bill Gates! Rick discusses how to respond to mask mandates if you are an employee, a customer, and what the options are now for the nation following fraudulent activity in the U.S. election in November 2020.

 This interview was published in early February 2021 on the Frequency Wars show with Tim Ray: https://uimedianetwork.org/en/playing/breaking-justice


Other Sources:

Visit Rick’s Martin’s website for more information: https://www.constitutionallawgroup.us/

You will see data, free of partisan bias, clearly indicating the irregularities in the swing states in the U.S. 2020 Election. This video packs a lot of information in just 16 minutes, and is helpful to share with people who think that the result declared by the media, and later the electoral college, was accurate. This video was deleted (banned) from Vimeo less than 30 hours after it was originally posted. Why, when it just features data?

Are you prepared to live in a world where you are publicly shamed for jaywalking? Are you willing to have the time you enter and leave your home, neighborhood, or apartment complex constantly monitored? How about having to use your face to get toilet paper or order a meal at a restaurant? This video will show you these, and many more ways that AI is used to track people in China.

Why do you think that a 5G network is being rolled out in the USA at a cost of billions of dollars when relatively few 'phone users are paying a premium for it? The biggest market for 5G service providers isn't cell 'phone users - it is local, state ,and the Federal governments who will record where you walk and drive, and send the data via 5G networks to A.I. computers who will log your every move.

This technology is real, and there are U.S. patents in place to use is, according to Millie Weaver in ShadowGate (https://www.bitchute.com/video/cJMot08FGK6o/). Former military officers aligned with the Democratic party are ready to deploy this technology in the USA. Are they waiting for another false flag event, which conservatives will be 'blamed' for, in order to justify deploying it? We will have to wait and see.

Here is one thing that we can all do to stop this. Stop using any technology which relies on facial recognition. Turn off of the features of delete the app or sell / trash the product. Do not use these technologies, even if they seem to be 'convenient'. Convenience is used to get us to accept new technologies, and then they are deployed into mainstream use. When there isn't the demand for apps and devices that use facial recognition then they are less likely to be sold.


In part 7, you saw how wealthy billionnaires move their money through their foundations under the guise of philanthropy. In part 8, join Janet Ossebaard as she delves into the rabbit hole of Bill Gates and the history of the vaccine-related activities of his foundation. Check everything that Janet says.

You will see one example, researched by Janet Ossebaard, of how Buffet, Gates, the Clintons, and others use philanthropy and Non-Government Organizations to move and hide money, and direct it to support their hidden agendas. As always, check everything that Janet says.

In the original 10-part Fall Cabal, Janet Ossebaard described how world events are being steered by a small group of influential pedophiles who occupy positions of financial wealth and power. We were left knowing that there is a great awakening going on, across the world, where people are gradually learning about the pedophiles and their puppets who pull the strings in society. 

You are now going to see parts 1-6 of the sequel: how the Cabal have been intricately involved in human history, especially during the past 300 years. This video will show you new facts about historic events, facts that the cabal don’t include in mainstream education. Once you see these facts, you will know how they have operated in the past, and you will see the same patterns repeating in how they operate now. Armed with this knowledge we can act as digital soldiers, sharing this information to reawaken others when they can no longer make sense of current events. Doing this will help humanity to become united by knowledge, and united we are stronger and will fight back. As always, check everything that Janet says with multiple sources.

You will see how riot police in London, known as the Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group, were surrounded and forced to retreat from a London park. This video features swearing, but you can see that when there are more people than police, the police can be influenced to leave without violence when they are outnumbered. This is, to some degree, a numbers game because when there are enough people unwilling to comply with unreasonable regulations, then there is nothing that the police can do to enforce them.

These officers got to know what fear is. They got to know what it feels like to be isolated and without power. They got to experience having their liberty restricted. These are the very things that they do to people every day when they arrest people for breaches of the corona virus related statutory regulations in the UK. The footage in this video demonstrates that unarmed people can influence the police non-violently.

These officers do not have firearms, they do have 20+ inch plastic batons (that hurt when they are used to hit someone), and CS Spray (somewhat similar to Mace) which causes stinging and burning eyes, nose, and throat. It doesn't appear in this video that either were used.

We the people have power, and can use it peacefully and responsibly.

The creator of this video, Janet Ossebaard, has done a phenomenal job of knitting together pieces of information with her observations, to question the official narrative of world events according to the mainstream media. I recommend checking everything that she says, and to enjoy the show!

What she reveals in the later episodes has correlating evidence, if you're willing to look at it. I recommend looking at these places: https://twitter.com/cathycathyfox and her other channel: https://t.me/s/wolfchannel2. Also read about Svali at: https://web.archive.org/web/20170519102029/http://svalispeaks.com/ and https://twitter.com/CzebotarJessie Look back through their posts for many months, and you will see things that you cannot forget.

Also, read about the Satanic references in the 2021 Superbowl half time show: https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/the-occult-meaning-of-the-weeknds-super-bowl-performance/.

Last one...who sang the national anthem at Biden's 2021 inauguration? Laldy Gaga. Search on Google images for: 'lady gaga blood'. Do normal, psychologically health people have so many pictures of themselves covered in blood? Search for 'Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic' and 'Marina Abramovic spirit cooking'. Gaga is connected with Satanism, so is Abramovic. A satanist sang the U.S. national anthem!


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