Shocking and Scary Way the Media Controls Your Mind: Share this with people who don't believe they are being sinisterly influenced on a massive scale for bad.

If you want to know the sick agenda of today, look in the past.

Have you ever thought about how demons can affect your life and choices and thoughts?

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(clip) How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking - Derek Prince

The world seems to finally be going "back to normal" Right? Or is this just a cover up for the next phase?

Dr. Rima's 2009 Warning

Why I Won't Take The Jab: Use critical Thinking before injecting yourself with a strange substance.

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History repeats Itself - As you watch this video, think back to what's happening in today's world and can you see the relation?
G. Edward Griffin - More Deadly Than War The Communist Revolution in America April 3.1969

Sinister Gates and His REAL Agenda
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Ever question why Big Pharma never recommend natural immunity building?
Big Pharma Doesn't Want You To Pay Attention To This

Recenter Your Focus On God

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Truthunedited Youtube Channel

Listen To The REAL Science with Dr. Ryan Cole
Really ask yourself why is this propaganda happening in the world? Has this been preplanned for some time and we, the citizens, just didn't realize it until now?

Video found here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5dUeO6ZeIU6T/

No Need For Lockdown Or Masks from Real Doctors.
A Panel of Doctors have courage to explain the truth about the scamdemic

Dr Carrie Madej Explains The Experiment On Humanity

Are you taking this so called vaccine? Inform yourself and use critical thinking

Funny how doctors that aren't paid by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tell a entirely different story. Wake up people and realize what's happening

Climate Change or Climate Hoax:
What are we not being told about Fossil Fuels Vs Renewable Energy?

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Th affects of what Hollywood does trickles down to their kids.

Out of Shadows Offspring

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Children Of The Illuminati


Sinister Scam Of The Maskdemic. Why do you think there is a huge push to wear masks?

Cancel Culture - Who's Next? Ask yourself how do you take full control over the world? All at once? Or piece by piece?

Communism Tactics: Challenge yourself to view and observe the strategies used in this video and ask yourself: Are these the same tactics being use in today's world?

Are We All Being Played For The NWO? With all of the PsyOps out their. Everyone needs to do their own extensive research and take in everything with a grain of salt.

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Children's Health Defense

What hidden messages have you heard celebrities say?

Brining It All Together - The Reason Why Everything Is Happening In 2020
The virus + riots + vaccines + digital currency +shutdowns +destroy small business/entrepreneurship = full control over all humans. If we don't stand up we are all slaves
Catherine Austin Fitts gives you the breakdown of the sinister agenda brewing in the world today
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Truth Matters Youtube Channel

Listen to what the inventor of the PCR Test said and really think about what the agenda is in the world today by the sinister establishment.

The Plan Of The Communist Takeover - Are you ready to forfeit your freedoms so easily?

Original Video Found on Youtube Channel The ICONIC Podcast


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