Have you asked yourself at times: "How can I get to heaven?" This video here will give you solid answers.

In fact baptism and the Holy Spirit are related. Jesus made it very clear what kind of baptism we should be looking for! Learn more here in this interesting video:

Chances are that life will be a lot harder and more difficult when we won't enjoy the daily conveniences from having the mark of the beast, whenever it comes in. Beyond that, is it that we will even be killed for not wanting the microchip implant?

It's getting clearer that the times ahead aren't getting easier. So what can we do now to be in the best place when it gets really difficult? How can we respond best to pressing issues? Find answers here!

Progress in advanced computer technology with all its miniaturisation also means the antichrist has access to better means for controlling the masses. How does the new concept of quantum computing relate to the mark of the beast?

One person with a strong vision for righteousness & justice will make a big difference. We know from history that this is true. How much more can a few people achieve together when they are united in the Spirit!

This video explores the connection between a mark for buying & selling to be put into everyone, which the Bible predicted, and the advancement of artificial intelligence (IA).

What do you think would change after all the world's money would be burnt? I believe God could still make all the plants and vegetables grow, without asking for money for it. Watch this insightful video on the topic!

Sooner or later the world will end. There is no doubt about it. The signs of the times seem to point to the fact tha the apocalypse is near. How can we prepare ourselves for it? What can we do to survive? This video gives answers

The Kingdom of Jesus is different to all the kingdoms of the world. What is the difference, and why is it so much better? Find out in this excellent video!

Jesus was on at least one occasion walking on water. This was very spectacular. However, if we can't do that ourselves, can believers perform any other, seemingly lesser, miracles? The answer is 'yes'!

The teachings of Jesus cover virtually everything. He has the answer to how to save the Earth. What can we do right now to inspire a global change in attitude?

Real Christianity is about doing the right thing for the right motives. Jesus performed His healings and other miracles all for free; He didn't charge for teaching either. If we call ourselves followers of Jesus, then why ought we work for money??

Get inspired and activated to fulfil your dreams! This video shows you how to get there where you really want to be!!

Take care that you're not getting deceived by religious activity around you. Look at what Jesus said to get ready for His second coming!

Watch this video to find out how the teachings of Jesus assure fairness and equality across the board. Truly inspiring!

The best way to battle challenges in life is to stay calm...and that is most true when we are grounded in Jesus. Watch this to stay inspired and to do it Jesus' way!

Here you will learn more about how God´s Kingdom of Love works with you in practical terms. It´s simply inspiring!

What does it take to be saved? This video gives answers!

Come & enjoy the fellowship whilst working for the Lord. Get inspired to exit the matrix by watching this video!

This video is an invitation to become a citizen of the Kingdom of God of the true House of Israel.

This video explains how the Kingdom of God is ruled by love - and what true love really means!

This video is about putting God first. When we do this, God will take care of everything that we need for building His kingdom. Watch this amazing presentation on the topic!

This is the last sequel to the series about God or Money. I hope you learned a good lesson from it!

This is the first sequel in the series: God or Money


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