Ever felt angry when someone insulted or assaulted you? Keep in mind Christ's teachings about non-violence, so that you and your opponent come out better at the other end.

This video shows what a day looks like for a Christian who takes the teachings of Jesus seriously. It is never boring!

This clip explores how advertising works, and how we can try to not get sucked in by false promises.

This video explores the spiritual implications of the advancement of the latest technologies into our daily lives. How can we best respond to the challenges lying ahead?.

This is a collection of the 20 best videos on the topic of preparing for the end times.

This video points out not only the inconveniences, but also the dangers that are associated with the decision not to comply by accepting the microchip implant for buying & selling.

This video describes how we can connect, work in unity & prepare for the difficult times ahead. Together we can do it! (With God's help, of course.)

This video is intended to help connecting people who are preparing for the times ahead...which could be quite difficult and challenging. But don't be afraid.

This video explores how Jesus would have responded to microchipping people had He experienced the issue during His life time.

This documentary explores the impact of the mark of the beast and artificial ntelligence (AI) from a Christian perspective. How shall we, as believers in God, respond to those issues? This film gives answers, and practical support.

This video explores the connection between the outbreak of COVID-19 and passages in the Bible referring to pestilences predicted around 2000 years ago.


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