Walrus Droppings

Walrus Droppings



Alan Watts - The Unpreachable Religion

Alan Watts - Lao Tzus Tao Te Ching

Some recent mineral finds.

Geodes collected in Fremont County, Colorado with amethyst, quartz and calcite crystals on the interior, some crystals have magnetite inclusions. The red on the exterior is jasper. Collected some large chunks of jasper in the area, not on the video.

Quartz collected from Douglas County, Colorado. The quartz crystals are coated with hematite, this gives them the red and black color on the exterior, the interior of the crystals are clear or smoky quartz.

Music: Kraftwerk - Franz Schubert/Endless

It will take a miracle to save cottoncandy farms following early heavy rains in Northwest Florida this season. Farmers are looking to President Trump to subsidize their losses, otherwise this may be the end of cottoncandy production in Northwest Florida.

In 1957, a family in the canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland gather a bumper spaghetti harvest after a mild winter and "virtual disappearance of the spaghetti weevil". Film clip contains footage of a traditional "Harvest Festival" aired along with a discussion of the breeding necessary to develop a strain to produce the perfect length.

With recent rainfall at less than 50% of seasonal average, several farmers in California are switching to drought resistant marshmallow crops.

At Spooner Farms in Puyallup, Washington Spring rain plinks into puddles and weeps from rusty wires. But the bleaker his dormant fields look, the happier you'll find Farmer Jeff Spooner.

Too much rain has ruined marshmallow crops in North Carolina.

August 15, 2019
Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to share his thoughts on the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. Ryan is an author, independent researcher and the proprietor of the ANC Report.
Epstein Maps https://www.bitchute.com/video/2RBUk0QgA2vh/

Please think of the children, your support is appreciated, thank you.

The Way of Zen - Audiobook - Alan Watts - Unabridged

June 18, 2019

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his ebook "Is Christian Anti-Semitism Responsible for the Poway Synagogue Shooting?"

Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine, the author of numerous books, and a frequent lecturer. His books and a subscription to Culture Wars can be purchased at culturewars.com.



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Did Paul McCartney die in a car accident on September 11th (or November 9th), 1966?

In this mini-documentary, A. D. Clarke follows the trail of the Walrus and shows that its story is darkly entwined with Paul's alleged death and replacement in 1966.

In this video, the date and cause of Paul's death are detailed by The Beatles themselves, through their songs, album cover and media, as well as through the Walrus itself.

Video Links:

'Strawberry Fields Forever': https://www.bitchute.com/video/RlrJec6RrfNw/

'Getting Better': https://www.bitchute.com/video/nJK32WJ1oCtE/

'I'm So Tired': https://www.bitchute.com/video/_GhnxVh9IN0/

Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hk_5sFCegZNj0YidrODvA

General Links:

'Plastic Macca: The Secret Death & Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney' by Tina Foster: https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Macca-Secret-Replacement-McCartney/dp/1794563849

'The Memoirs of Billy Shears': https://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-Billy-Shears-Thomas-Uhar…/…/

'Cranberry Sauce' – ‘Paul is Dead’ – documentary (debunking):

(Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxVWqUYDCNE&t=22s

(Part 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceKIIQIOsl8

Was camped deep in the Pike National Forest this spring, at the edge of a small frog infested meadow, when this black helicopter landed no further than 100-yards from my camping site. It then proceeded to take off and fly right over my site. The action was repeated at least 25 times throughout the night (lost count) and it didn't stop until around 2:00am.

It happened again this summer in a different location, also in the Pike National Forest, this time there was nowhere to land so they just flew over me numerous times.

While odd, I camp out all the time and see many weird things, so guess this isn't so unusual. Kinda obnoxious though. Enjoy the frogs!

Alan Watts - Time - KQED - 1959

July 04, 2019
Powers & Principalities Episode 108 by Our Interesting Times - Equality

Alan Watts - Buddhism, Religion of No Religion

There was a young man who said though
it seems that I know that I know,
what I would like to see
is the I that knows me
when I know that I know that I know.

July 01, 2019
Borzoi Bošković joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his research and the current state of affairs in Weimar America. We talk about the 1979 movie Hardcore and what the supposedly inevitable "browning" of the nation and the eclipse of Heritage America portends.

Borzoi is the host of the The Poz Button and the co-host of the Third Rail and The People's Square podcasts which are carried on The Right Stuff network.


Bill Donahue - Bills Bible Hits (227)

VISIT BILLS WEB SITE www.hiddenmeanings.com

Alan Watts - Things and Thinks - KQED - 1959

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life Series

August 10, 2019
Powers & Principalities: Episode 113 by Our Interesting Times: The Exodus Myth


July 13, 2019 Powers & Principalities: Episode 109 by Our Interesting Times

Gary Webb
The restored Dark Alliance website: https://www.narconews.com/darkalliance/drugs/start.html

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