Walrus Droppings

Walrus Droppings



From The Hour of the Time
Shows #468, #469, #470 and #471
October 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th of 1994

From the Lucifer 2000 show with Dwyane Walker

What love is.

Have aliens really visited us? What do they look like? Where do they come from and why are they here? Have they given us messages in Crop Circles? What historical evidence is there that aliens have been involved in the evolution or creation of humans? Is there a UFO/Alien cover up? If so, how is it kept in place?This book embodies an attempt to give some answers to the questions above, based on a compilation and distillation of evidence collected during about 15 years of ongoing research. Although this book is not written for people who are new to these topics, "newbies" and seasoned researchers alike should find something useful herein. Detailed information and over 900 references aim to give the reader a perspective on alien intervention, alien abduction, alien contact, landings and crashes. The involvement of military and intelligence interests and their influence on the so-called "Disclosure" movement is also considered. Also included is a critical look at certain prominent UFO researchers, who seem to be helping to keep certain truths obscured or marginalized. Although most or all of the information in this book has been written about elsewhere, this work attempts a synthesis of reasoned analysis which, it is hoped, will enlighten the reader and give them a new understanding about why any official type of "Disclosure" is unlikely to happen, as powerful interests need to keep their crimes covered up.
Andrew Johnson https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/

Talk from the Benefit for the Zen Mountain Center - Avalon Ballroom, Summer of 1967

Mineralogy, Rocks

Narrated by David Attenborough (1983)

Narrated by David Attenborough (1984)

source: https://archive.org/details/pterodactylsalive

From early 90's, sound gets better.

The hidden dimension in world affairs.

The diminutive Mr. Weng and his partner take on a gang of Mexican bandits and sinister ninjas in California's 18th century.

Equinox Dec 1995 It Runs on Water - Free Energy

Some news on "silent weapons for a quiet war", social engineering, an old VHS tape about the Phobos incident and interview with an orb UFO witness.
The discussion and video on Phobos starts at 13:20.


Investigates the central ideas of Marshall McLuhan using pictorial techniques and including his own comments. Examines the reaction of others to his views and points out that his interest is the impact of electronic technology on the contemporary world. McLuhan always thought of a medium in the sense of a growing medium, like the fertile potting soil into which a seed is planted, or the agar in a Petri dish. In other words, a medium - this extension of our body or senses or mind - is anything from which a change emerges.

Narration by Rod Sterling, Alan Landsburg Productions

An introduction to the graphic works of the Dutch artist Maurits Escher, noted for his visual experiments with evolving forms, interlocking images, and problems of perspective. Escher imagines the world around him in ways that can only be described visually. Shows the interplay of form, time and space in unusual perspective.

Presents the story from the book The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss. A fanciful tale with a serious theme: clean up the environment before it's too late

Uses experiments to show the changes in the appearance of motion as viewed from frames of reference moving relative to one another. Demonstrates how Newton's law of motion can only be applied to inert and accelerated frames of reference when one applies "fictitious" forces to compensate.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and GeorgeAnn Hughes, host of the Byte Show, investigate the activities of the "banksters" that moved from Mesopotamia (as discussed in Babylon's Banksters) to Venice. https://gizadeathstar.com

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and GeorgeAnn Hughes, host of the Byte Show, investigate the activities of the "banksters" that moved from Mesopotamia (as discussed in Babylon's Banksters) to Venice. https://gizadeathstar.com

Insights into the Chaco World Using New Tech


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A walrus and its droppings.

Dropping stuff to help deconstruct the programming along with some fish videos, gem and mineral videos, a few tunes and movies.