Historical researchers and authors Wilson and Blackett, and the hidden history of Britain.
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In today's show I talk to Ross Broadstock who has been promoting the work of historical researchers and authors Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Wilson and Blackett suffered years of intimidation when they were publishing books about King Arthur and British history from around 1980. These historians have never been tied to any academic establishment which means they've always been free to go where others have feared to tread. Much of their work and findings you will not find being taught in school or university history lessons. Ross Broadstock has worked tirelessly over the last four years to make Wilson and Blacketts books available via the website BritainsHiddenHistory.co.uk. He has also had some of their work re-published and helped them publish new books containing research which is only now seeing the light of day. Historical claims are often difficult to verify or prove, and healthy debate continues about many of these subjects. The problem with mainstream history institutions is they refuse to look at new claims and evidence which might cause them to have to re-evaluate preconceived histories. I am sure there will be many different opinions about the claims made in today's show, which Ross Broadstock welcomes on his Youtube channel Britain's Hidden History.

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Video from Top Of The Pops, December 14, 1978

Famed artist Bob Ross gives meaningful life advice alongside tips on how to become a seasoned artist, as he relates his paintings to experiences he has gone through.

Photo: Amanita phalloides, aka Death Cap Mushroom, Pike National Forest

Recorded at Pasadena City College on January 11, 1965

Photo: Lobster Mushroom, Pike National Forest

Recorded at the Cold Mountain Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1969

Photo: Russula brevipes and some Oregon grape, Pike National Forest

Photo: Amanita muscaria, Pike National Forest

January 1, 1971 Chicago

Photo: Bolete Mushrooms, Pike National Forest

Recorded in Philadelphia, April 1971

Photo: Star Puffball, Pike National Forest

Uses live action and animation to discuss examples of naturally occurring phenomena which can be explained and/or predicted by this new scientific approach.

Using computer-generated animation, shows and explains the Lorenz attractor. Also, through five experiments, examines the qualities of the Lorenz attractor.

Fly Lorenz by Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film (Göttingen, Germany); International Film Bureau

Nova investigates Easter Island's existing legends, artifacts and other remains, including a thousand giant human-like monoliths, endeavoring to explain the presence of its current culture, where they came from, and why they began, and abruptly stopped.

Program focus on researchers using scientific methods to learn where the first Easter Island settlers originated and how and why the statues were created.

Documentary about Sandy Kidd who has invented a gyroscopic device which he claims will one day propel flying saucers across the galaxy.

"What we have here is a potential space drive," Laithwaite said. "Properly developed, this would take you to the outer universe on a spoonful of uranium."

At Edgar Cayces Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in October of 2019, Childress takes to megaliths around the world and then to the Moon and Mars. He discusses the use of power tools in ancient times, anti-gravity, Nikola Tesla's free-energy system, stone balls, death rays, towers on the Moon and much more.

May 10, 2014 - We have covered the subject of King Arthur and Wilson and BLackett in some detail in previous shows. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence so far discovered is the electrum burial cross found by Richard Melbourne in 1990. It was widely believed that Richard Melbourne had passed away, but I recently discovered he is still alive. Richard took me to the exact spot where the King Arthur cross was excavated at St Peters-Super-Montem in Glamorgan. If this discovery had been made anywhere except Wales it would have been trumpeted far and wide and people would come from all over the world to see it. There are many important archaeological sites in Wales, few of which have been recognised let alone excavated. Also in Today's show Richard visits Ynys-y-bwl (again) to see if the farmers have come out of their sleep.


The Paradigm Symposium October 18, 2013


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