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It is a mark of insanity for an individual to ignore reality and act as if he were something which he is not. It is
no less insane when women pretend that their female natures do not exist, that they are not only the 'equals' of
men, but the same as men, except for a slight physiological difference. No matter how a few of them manage to
succeed in the poses of engineers and steel- workers and fighter pilots and business executives, women today, as
a group, are fundamentally acting in the manner of the insane: defying and ignoring reality. The results are
frightfully visible in our whole civilization. The women are becoming masculinized, while the men are getting
feminized. One has only to look at a crowd of our teenagers to see how things are going. They wear the same
tight pants, the same jackets and the same hats — even the same duck-tailed hairdos. We are breeding and
training up a generation of jazzed-up, negroidal, neutered queers.

Our whole approach to women today, as with most of our social attitudes, is that of the Soviets who have
women in the army, working in the streets and even in firing-squads, just like men. God save us from such

Women are indeed the equal of men, as a group, only when they fulfill the task for which Nature equipped and
made them — motherhood. Man was designed, even in the creative process itself, to supply the spark, the drive
and the aggressive push of life, while woman is designed to supply the basic building material of new life;
nourish, treasure, warm and guide it, until it can sustain its own life. There is no escape from this fate, even if it
were bad, which it is not.

If a man is to be honored for making cigars or building bridges or making beer, as our great businessmen are,
then surely we ought to honor those who make our people! But the trouble is that our insane 'liberal' attitude
toward motherhood and homemaking has given women an impossible inferiority complex and frustration about
their possible and real achievements in life. We train our girls by the millions to be anything but successful
wives and mothers, lead them to believe they are to be an 'equal' part of a 'man's world', when the truth is that it
is only Nature's world, and man's share in it is no greater or more glorious than that of a female-oriented woman
who produces, brings up and gives to society a family of happy people.
~ George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World, Chapter VI.

No, Ethnocentrism under Fascism is the Optimum Strategy.
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AUGUST 20, 2018

?-?The right goes too far when it verges into racism and fascism. At what point does the left go too far???-

The question makes an assertion (proposition) that is false.

The optimum group strategy is ethnocentrism.
The optimum political strategy is political ethnocentrism.
The optimum economic strategy is intolerance for competition against ethnocentricity,
The optimum legal strategy is rule of law (reciprocity) that enforces non defection against ethnocentrism by a prohibition on internalization of costs and externalization of returns.(Socialization of costs, and privatization of commons).
As far as I know it is impossible to find evidence, or argue logically, otherwise.

Everything else is a justification for parasitism by the commercial complex, religious-academy complex, or the state-tax complex.

The left violates every one of those principles in order to dismantle meritocracy and ethnocentrism and to reduce us to socialist poverty ? the poverty that ethnocentrism and rule of law evolved to raise us out of.

This is the problem with the American Model of a Purely Market Society: without ethnocentrism it is simply suicidal, since without limitations, the commercial, religio-academic, and state-tax-bureaucracy are incentivized to destroy the host population. (And therefore they do).

The Returns on Ethnocentrism are multiples of every other possible strategy. Just how it is.

While I don't want to go live over there, I certainly admire this particular leader's opinion on neoliberalism.

Jews create the issues that divide people then take both sides, profiting.

Famous clip of Sidney Lumet, 1976, audio and then more modern video.

They say these things so openly, blatantly... but I'm wrong because I disagree? wtf?

He nails it. At least as far as I'm concerned from my point of view, he calls it straight. Refreshing to say the least. Does an excellent job of explaining it.

This situation is untenable for White folks in the United States. The media and universities have taught everyone to hate White folks and they use the color of our skin to invalidate any opinion we have because we're colonizers and need to learn our place. How can this go on? How do these people not explode? When does the blood start to flow in the streets? Will we just be South Africa instead? We're headed that way at an amazing speed.

A very moving piece by Nick Fuentes, I don't always agree with him of course but he is America First.
ngl, this one had me tear up a little.
#nowhiteguilt #itsoktobewhite #savethechildren

They're telling us to our faces that they train wikipedia editors to give articles a Zionist perspective.

A clip from a video called Aloha Genocide on bitchute.

A clip from a video called Aloha Genocide on bitchute.

Do we really want Africans to make Europe into Africa? I don't...

A clip from a video called Aloha Genocide on bitchute.

Clip from a video called Aloha Genocide on this site.

African telling a Jew that Hitler was only protecting his people from the Khazars. He says that the Jews were starving the German people and that Hitler only wanted everyone to have equal rights but that the Jews refused. They wanted all of the resources for themselves.

A Jewish supremacist telling White people that it would all be ok if we all just converted to Judaism.
He also explains how he doesn't hate us like the other Jews.

This one involving the US Congressional records and how the number was used too soon, not that we all don't already know it was also used in news paper articles go back decades before 1945 too.

He's describing Jews and how they try to control us through hate speech laws.

They had money and such because they had Cantinas where they could buy things like tobacco and alcohol. Come on already! They could go to the movie theaters too!

Various reasons and evidence to show why the 6 million number is inaccurate and why it's more likely 1 million or so.

There are thousands of these types of stories, why do they never let these air where others can see them? The children had schools and plays...until the Allies started bombing anyway.

Some more stories about jobs they did in the "death camps" before they left them and then things like postcards, movie theaters, music and such too. I mean..come on people, wake up!

Why do the Jews what to genocide White folks? Why are they untouchable? Why are they allowed to have islands where they rape White children?

Just because the powers that be have tried their damned best to scrub the internet of this even removing it from sound cloud and such. Fuck 'em.

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A Rabbi telling the truth about Hitler and why he did what he did.


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