Sludge Shangri-la & Crusty Flakes

Another EP compilation, this time from the band Dystopia which has every merit to have their name carved on the crust and sludge stone.
One of the greats from the attitude 90's era, they bring the realism that people usually call pessimism - misanthropy sound samples, haunting bass lines, aggression within the vocals and guitars. Their split with Grief in '93 came with razor blades, some distros removed them to avoid lawsuits/ being sued.
In Crust we Trust lml

Photos stolen from psychology and medical books, newspapers and trash cans.

Oakland, California

Human = Garbage (1994)

Todd Kiessling - Bass, Vocals
Dino Sommese - Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
Matt Parrillo - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics

1. Stress Builds Character
2. Hands That Mold
3. Sanctity
4. Ignorance of Pride
5. Love / Hate
6. The Middle
7. Slaved Chains
8. Ruptured Silence
9. Green Destroyed
10. Broken Shell
11. Weed of Wisdom
12. Sleep

Tracks 1-5 taken from Human = Garbage EP. Recorded in February 1994.
Tracks 6-11 taken from Dystopia/Embittered split EP. Recorded September to December 1992.
Track 12 taken from Dystopia/Grief split EP. Recorded September to December 1992.

A vintage sludge earpiece from the members who later became forefathers of the weedian doom metal. Harsh and brutal, dusty guitars with a destructive attitude, the EP collection one wishes to hear while descending the hell's elevators.

...Asbestos Death formed in the late 80's with Al Cisneros, bass/vocals, Chris Hakius, drums and Tom Choi, Guitar. They later added Matt Pike on guitar and released 2 Eps. "Dejection" was released on Profane Existance, and "Unclean" was released in a DIY manner by the band. Choi then departed the band, (he would later form Operator Generator) and was replaced by Justin Marler as the band changed their name to Sleep...
Hail the Sleep Strain

From the EPs Unclean and Dejection
Southern Lord Recordings

1. Nail
2. Scourge
3. Anguish
4. The Suffering

Heavier than Black Sabbath, as impactful as Hitchcock's horrors, a grimy earthquake for the Frank Zappas in methaqualone pills.
The album contains no commercials, because no one wanted their product to be related to this transgressive masterpiece, no consumer would smile after hearing it.
Hail to the Melvins for the late 80's punch of a metal album. Due to making one of the first big steps of sludge and grundge they should've been treated with the same respect that is given to bands like Metallica or Led Zeppelin.

"Leeech" was originally by the proto-grunge act Green River (as "Leech"). It was later given to the Melvins when Green River realized that it had little value in their live set. Mark Arm has jokingly criticized their claim of ownership of it, simpler times.

Buzz Osborne; Vocals, Guitars
Matt Lukin; Bass, Back Vocals
Dale Crover; Drums

Montesano, Washington

Gluey Porch Treatments

Side A - This Side
1. Eye Flys
2. Echo Head
3. Don't Piece Me
4. Heater Moves and Eyes
5. Steve Instant Newman
6. Influence of Atmosphere
7. Exact Paperbacks
8. Happy Grey or Black
9. Leeech
Side B - That Side
10. Glow God
11. Big as a Mountain
12. Heaviness of the Load
13. Flex with You
14. Bitten into Sympathy
15. Gluey Porch Treatments
16. Clipping Roses
17. As Was It
18. Over from Under the Excrement

From start to finish, a masterpiece. Every member makes this band a supergroup, you hear everyone being independent and in sync at the same time. The doom blues hit you immediately.
I think the world would be a better place if Acid Bath had had the overhype that Nirvana somehow got.
Doom, Sludge, Blackened, Grundge, even some Crust-Punk, all in one LP covered with honeyed dust from the 90's.

The cover art ("Pogo the Clown #15" / "Skull Clown #171") was painted by infamous serial killer-cannibal-pedophile-necrophile John Wayne Gacy while he was in prison.

Dax Riggs - the darkest themed poet with a voice that mastered both in harshness and in tune.
Sammy Pierre Duet - Riffs, riffs and riffs, all catchy and heavy - the hand of doom from Goatwhore lml
Jimmy Kyle - beast of a drummer, tight as a motherfucker.
Audie Pitre - RIP 1997 - killed in a car crash. The drunk driver that hit him head on was convicted of three counts of vehicular manslaughter. The parents were also in that car. Only Audie's brother survived.
Unfortunately and comprehensively, the band split-up after this incident.
He sure was a hell of a bassist

Fuck Rotten Records .I.

Acid Bath
Houma/Morgan City, Louisiana

When the Kite String Pops
August 8th 1994

1. The Blue
2. Tranquilized
3. Cheap Vodka
4. Finger Paintings of the Insane
5. Jezebel
6. Scream of the Butterfly
7. Dr. Seuss Is Dead
8. Dope Fiend
9. Toubabo Koomi
10. God Machine
11. The Mortician's Flame
12. What Color Is Death
13. The Bones of Baby Dolls
14. Cassie Eats Cockroaches


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