how safe would "someone" be if they only use an iPad and iphone & don't have a PC, is the iPad& iphone still as susceptible to hacking with all this hacking carry on going around,
= malware , viruses & hax infect iphone 81 to 14 for windows

u can say that paddock and 3 females in room and gives their names ? its funny if room #'s that they all checked in same day and r checking out same day?

I don’t know if you are religious and that you believe in the Bible. Philippines is the “islands” (Isaiah 41:1-29, Isaiah 44:1-2, Isaiah 60:1-22). God gave us treasures (Isaiah 45:3). You may think it is referring to Israel- the Jews, but “Israel” are not the Jews anymore. Israel is an spiritual name, now referring to Philippines. The Jews were cutoff and forsaken by God (Isaiah 2:6 read KJV) and replenished from the East (Philippines).?

Yeah, that's right, feature his hateful, dumb ass trolling attempt in your description, I guess you are as smart as he is if yall find that funny.?

What in the actual fuck do you have against Bulgaria? Dude, you are like straight up commenting 4 comments bashing Bulgaria and Bulgarians. The laptop/computer that you are typing your hateful comments was developed by a Bulgarian you hateful asshole. Oh and yeah, Bulgaria is in Europe you dumb, uneducated douche-bag and yeah, I know you were just being sarcastic but I am pretty sure you have zero geography knowledge other than knowing where your toilet is located.?

Dude was probably dumped or shamed by some Bulgarian chick and now he is butt-hurt about it so he probably types "Bulgaria" in the search bar and randomly bashes Bulgaria and Bulgar..

only if you perform an extremely crude fixed-wing aerodynamic calculation it is possible to falsely "prove" they cannot fly , the laws of physics do not in any way forbid bumblebee flight,there are no papers that deny bumblebee flight, no scientist has done so in a lecture, EVER! , a full aerodynamic calculation taking into account things like the rate of flapping, the figure 8 rotation of the wing, & the action of vortices will show its reverse-pitch semirotary moving airfoil, at 200 cycles a second generates a lot more lift than a stationary one , whether it’s a FAN blade or a bee wing,

not knowing how they fly is not the same as not being able to fly..? Antoine Magnan, Mike Huckabee & Mary Kay are FALSE

like most days it was unattended , no one was there to "sound record" anything as data from the Big Ear radio telescope's 2 feed horns 4.69 foot apart were switched & differentiated 79 times per second & compared to background noise to find received signal strengths on 50, 10 kHz wide channels centered on the 21 cm wavelength of the hydrogen line band & then print them all out as a letter or number for each 12-second sample in one impact Ka-Chunk!
1977/08/15 10:16:01 pm EST, 11:16:01 pm EDT a 6 sample, 72 second sweep listening to channel #2 on 1.4204556 GHz printed 6EQUJ5 showing a 30 to 1 signal to noise POINT source peak in the constellation Sagittarius, 3.5 degrees south of the plane of the ecliptic & 2.5 degrees south of star group Chi Sagittarii close to Tau Sagittarii located in current Epoch 2000 notation as Declination -26d57m +/- 20m at Right Ascension 19h25m31s +/- 10s HORN+ AND! Right Ascension 19h28m22s +/- 10s HORN- this WOW! was last seen from Delaware, Ohio Wesleyan University State University Perkins Radio Observatory built 1963 (1998?) but was it caused by comets 266P Christensen & or 335P Gibbs burning off hydrogen, or 1 of 2 unnamed stars

2014 linda randall alien space science news word press quote from blog = Alien’s Contact Earth misquoting a 2010/08/22 PDF page 12 of
“A new class of SETI beacons that contain information” – G. R. Harp, R. F. Ackermann, Samantha K. Blair, J. Arbunich, P. R. Backus, J. C. Tarter,
Interesting signals without persistence are observed thousands of times each day at the SETI Institute a never re-observed 10 second pulse of narrowband radiation appeared in one 50 second observation period 4462.3 Mhz PiHI Pi times hydrogen frequency TYC 1220-91-1



your foot is 10 attoparsecs long & no single technique can measure distances at all ranges encountered in astronomy

A 19 trillion mile parsec is the distance from the Sun to an astronomical object that has a parallax angle of one arcsecond & 100 parsecs or 326 light years is a upper limit for Earth based telescope paralax mesurments without a second data source & this is 1000 parsecs or 3260 light years for space based scopes
Most of the stars visible to the unaided eye in the night sky are within 500 parsecs or 1630 light years

a Doppler shift of the spectral lines

Cosmic Microwave Background radiation spectrum

1838 the first successful parallax measurement ever, for the star 61 Cygni, by Friedrich Bessel
1896 5.6 K is Charles Édouard Guillaume estimate of the "radiation of the stars"
1941 2.3 K is Andrew McKellar detected coldest component of the interstellar medium
1965 3.0 K is the measured temperature by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson

this radiation is interpreted as the latent signature of the Big Bang

1989 the satellite Hipparcos parallax measured distances of 1,600 light-years

2009 Hubble WFC3 parallax measured distances of 3,066 parsecs 10,000 light years

The motion of the Sun & ours through space around the milky way =

it is impossible to distinguish the theoretical curve of a black body spectrum in nature from the observed data from the CBR

SUN spectrum peak centered at 500 nanometers or .5 micrometers
vs the CBR spectrum peak centered at 1 millimeter wavelenth
shows a shift of 2000 to one down in freequency so using
wavelenth observed - wavelenth source all devided by wavelenth at source
= redshift = z = .995 or .5983955903835825 of C or 179,395 km/s
111471 miles per second for the surface of last scattering
of radiation when universe was 379,000 years old
as a the black body . idealized physical body
that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation,
regardless of frequency or angle ..

75.2 % of world total gold Tonnage is 8133 in USA,
the Philippines in the past , & not now = 274 MAX
3371 = Germany , 2451 = Italy , 1040 = Switzerland,
765 = Japan , 612 = Netherlands, 560 = India

Who's claiming the Philippines is the "most powerful country"?
Per Karen Hudes "Philippines is the richest country in the world because of its gold reserve with over a million metric tons"
(no other country possess that much gold in the world) that fund the IMF and the World Bank.
Karen Hudes did not make the claim that the Philippines'
GDP is what makes it a rich (not powerful) country.
Get your facts straight!
If this is going to make everyone happy,
Karen Hudes is lying, Philippines is the poorest country in the world,
Filipinos have low-, sub-standard, or no education at all,
Philippine government and officials are the most corrupt in the world,
Filipinos are the scum of the earth that deserve no respect from anyone,
Filipinos are monkeys, Filipinos are pariahs of humanity,
Filipinos are opportunists,
Filipinos are lying scumbags who serve no benefits in the furtherance of humanity, etc.
There! Happy?!!!
Yet in spite of all these, Filipinos will just sing their hearts out and stay happy for the world to care!!!?

You know nothing of hacking.
A858 ziggurat codes & simple djed lifts are everywhere...
lame hacks like you couldn't compare to novice level cicada flukes.
If you even seen it you wouldn't know how to read it because you have a low IQ.
It's obvious you're addicted to some sort of adderal or speed.
The synapses in your brain fire quick but your IQ is still low.?

seemingly random strings of 64 bit, encoded numbers and text in a 2011 subreddit that moderators set it to private so You must be invited to to visit as a moderator or approved submitter
a numbers-station? A dead-drop? Part of someone's elaborate, psychotic hallucination? A cheesy marketing stunt? An ARG for a
Lenovo A858 4G Smartphone? lol

" Was the sandy ho..

flash drive manufacturers claim at least 10 years of cold data retention or three months if heavily used & or in hot environments

hard disk drives (HDD) last 5 WORKING years before some component fails With all of the moving parts inside, right?

depending on quality & under absolutely optimum environmental conditions ; factory stamped, professional lab burned or home made, CD's & DVDs , zip/LS120/Floppy disks, audio / DATA tape ALL can last 10 - 100 years BUT you have to find a working drive to read them in 2050?!

controllers in flash drives have wear leveling algorithms, to spread the write operations across all flash cells evenly, to prevent any one flash cell from wearing out before all of the rest.
Writing small amounts of data to the drive over time will cause the wear leveling feature to eventually rewrite all data on the drive, resetting the data retention clock improvs overall data retention even though it is slowly increasing there write cycles

SLC flash memory is typically rated to endure 90,000 rewrite cycles during its lifetime 20 years & 24-nm generation SLC NAND flash has an endurance of 50-60k cycles
MLC flash memory is typically rated to endure 3,000 rewrite cycles during its lifetime 5 years & 15-nm generation MLC NAND flash has an endurance of 3k cycles

While plain or raw NAND devices require the host to implement ECC, many NAND flash products feature built-in error-correction capability & flash-management software must be able to retire bad blocks

In flash storage, data retention is the measure of how long the integrity of data can be guaranteed without suffering from data corruption ALL while unplugged & after being written to the flash drive
Once a flash cell is charged, the electrons stored in the cell leak across the NAND gate over time, causing the charge on the cell to decrease
data retention is afected by temperature, write erase cycles the ErrorChekcC, the "TYPE of memory cell data density

IF their are fewer v..

Acosta was questioning President Trump at a press briefing, a White House intern attempted to grab his microphone. Acosta didn’t let go of the mic, and attempted to avoid her grasp. During the three-second scuffle, his wrist and lower arm appears to touch her arm.

moments after the actual event took place 12:34 pm Wednesday, ForAmerica, a conservative group popular on Twitter posted an EDITED three-second GIF / flv having a C-Span logo that then circulated in conservative circles
8 hours later InfoWars right-wing media site Paul Joseph Watson, an editor-at-large showed it as a video showing over the course of the 15-second video, with a variety of edits and zooms that serve to make the relatively inconsequential moment seem more dramatic. 3 seconds six times
there are two strange markings at the 0:08–0:09 and 0:10–0:11 marks that suggest a still frame or something else could have been added.
added footage or frame was introduced just before the 0:09 mark, the moment Acosta’s hand touched the White House intern’s arm

a picture of his sony Vegas video editor timeline shows he added frames

a suspiciously timed glitch that sped up & slowed it down at points

two hours later Sarah Sanders reposted his video
The White House calls this behavior “inappropriate” and has revoked Acosta’s press pass.






YouTube also encourages users to download and install Chrome with various pop-up notifications, and if you do then you’ll notice YouTube will load instantly , wow BUT this is because Google builds its web services so they work better in there browser or fail entirly , Google’s design relies on a features only implemented in Chrome, making other browsers render YouTube five times lower to make you think your internet connection is slow or your browser is broken Google could update YouTube to use newer code that support other browser, but the company has decided to stick to using this code a passive-aggressive move just like Google Maps service blocking Windows Phone years ago but google is “working to bring YouTube TV to more browsers in the future.”



correction!, nuke expert uranium eater Galen Winsor's radiation free mininuke is a stupid meme

Benton K. Partin retired head of Air Force weapons development program foot note is not a architect or bomb expert if he ignores that the 4,800-pound ANFO bomb at the Murrah Building was similar in size to the bomb used to destroy the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon 1983

former FBI 's Ted Gunderson's invented the myth of a electrohydrodynamic gaseous fuel device pineapple so he could strawman claim fewer than 10 people in the world would have been able to build it so part of the "conspiracy" of proliferation of secret occultist groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the United States government. He also claimed that a "slave auction" in which children were sold by Saudi agents to men had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year,

ANFO is made from ammonium nitrate & fuel oil & detonating it produces
"moderate amounts" of carbon monoxide & nitrogen oxide CO, CO2, NOx, NH3
these are toxic gases but symptoms and effects = Not determined

The ultimate destination of much NOx is to end up in the soil as nitrite or nitrate, which are useful to growing plants.

Blast "Theories" Irritate Bomb Expert. Oklahoma explosives instructor C.W. "Mickey" Bradley gets indignant when he hears self-professed experts claim a 4,800-pound fertilizer bomb could not possibly have ripped apart Oklahoma City's Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building people interested in the truth should "give the professionals who have made bomb investigation their life study a chance to complete their work.


200,000 Somalians in Yemen vs 135,266 in USA, & over 25,000 in Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota,
their are hundreds of Somali-owned & operated businesses

Dey Terk Er Jerbs
leaches on society
pick ONE MEME! ;-)

followed by Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Buffalo, New York; Seattle; Kansas City; San Diego; Lewiston, Maine; San Francisco , Shelbyville, Tennessee;. Metro areas

2015 total Minnesota payout =
06.25% $180 million on Refugees vs
93.75% $11.8 billion on Non-refugee

Minnesota Family Investment Program,
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),
General Assistance,
Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare.

Medical Assistance & MinnesotaCare = pay half & the fed does the rest for medical

Childcare assistance is % 25 Somali, 65% english speaking

Minnesota does less than %25 for Food & cash assistance the rest is covered by the fed

$2000 max on arrival , assistance = 8 months MAX
partial assistance for 9 years max
only if refugee is “a person who is unable to return his or her country of origin because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.”

Canada hosts one of the largest Somali populations in the Western world, with the 2011 National Household Survey reporting 44,995 people claiming Somali descent
in the southern part of the province of Ontario, especially the Ottawa and Toronto areas. The Albertan cities of Calgary and Edmonton have also seen a significant increase in their respective Somali communities over the past five years


MOST videos deceptively cut off the logo & last part for dramatic affect BUT one said its from "last March"

October 2016, WikiLeaks announced that a "state party" had severed Assange's Internet connection

28 March 2018, Ecuador cut Assange's Internet connection

October 2018 an Ecuadorian judge ruled against him,
Assange paying for his Internet use & clean up after his cat
did not violate his right to asylum

after this his twitter account was suspended ?!

Securitization is the financial practice of pooling various types of contractual debt so he used the wrong word

despite the fact that rape and sexual assault charges Mr Assange was originally wanted for in Sweden had now been dropped, he was still wanted for refusing to surrender to bail “without reasonable cause”, which is a criminal offence.

https://youtu.be/GDzJpzz4e2w = them!
https://youtu.be/J98ed6oML2A = longer uncut lol

2013 Kalergi Plan invented by white supremacists holocaust denier New World Order believers that hope you wont fact check

1920 Dr. HEINRICH GRAF COUDENHOVE-KALERGI's book Praktischer Idealismus practical idealism discussed a united European Union & a "translated" quote said
man of the future will be mixed races. Today's races & classes will disappear due to the disappearance of space and time

1923 Pan Europa" was published

1938 a Nazi propaganda book was released in German Die Freimaurerei: Weltanschauung, Organisation und Politik Hitler had different plans for uniting Europeans to become negroid mongrels ?! in the Kalergia
free mason Plan for Pan-European dictatorship & deliberate genocide of indigenous peoples through forced mass migration to create a homogeneous mass a mixed race people would be more easily controlled.
Zionist-directed strategy?

1943, Nazis deprived him of his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Vienna, with the racist argument, that as a "Jew" was not considered dignified an academic degree of a German university
ignoring that he & his family & he was not Jewish & he left the Viennese free mason's in 1926

In “Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote he had no special feelings about Jews till 1908 when he lived in pre-war Vienna's anti-Jewish climate , encouraging a belief that some races were superior ( Aryan German race) and others inferior , later instead of admitting a lack of superiority in the First World War he & many Germans blamed it on betrayal from within, by a ‘stab in the back’. Socialists, communists & particularly Jews because when they left ghettos a majority of financial institutions, banks and large companies were controlled by "them"

Adolph noticed that propaganda against Jews & Bolsheviks struck a chord with audiences and voters so he used it to gain power

ignoring more than 100,000 German & Austrian Jews had served in the war and 12,000 had been killed

Website note: We have had no time t..

Merritt Toys And Games of Canada was harrassed but mike martins having previously served one three-year term as Councillor for the City of Mission decided to run for Merritt city council election & then had to stop
current business reviews = Facebook %98 & %94 google :-)

My lifelong dream for Merritt is to open a tech park and bring in tech business
This would include a training facility and three stories of tech design, tech work, tech programming and maybe offer some courses for people to learn the basics of coding and stuff.
I don’t want to get voted in on a hunch, I want to get voted in because I really want to make a difference,


murderer Robert D. Bowers, (46) shouted anti-Semitic epithets
while firing an assault rifle & several Glocks killing 11 wounding 2 civilians & 4 cops responding to the shooting on 2018/10/27 Pittsburgh, Pa Squirrel Hill neighborhood Tree of Life synagogue during Shabbat morning services the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States

murderer Robert D. Bowers posted a white genocide conspiracy theory reference ,
1488 neo-Nazis white supremacist numerology for David Lane's 14 Word slogan & Heil Hitler,
reposted content by other anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, and Holocaust-denying users,
criticized President Donald Trump for being a "globalist, not a nationalist" controlled by Jews ,
& in the weeks before made many virulently anti-Semitic posts directed at the

"HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people.
I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered.
Screw your optics,
I'm going in"

Trump said that the attack might not have been as bloody if the synagogue had hired armed guards,
blaming the victims



ShotSpotter limitations ?
only a sensor within 50 to 100 meters can hear projectile shock waves pass
muzzle blasts propagate 2 miles only in low noise environments
a flash will not be seen without a line of sight to the weapon even with Infrared detection
its $100,000 for a square mile & a $55,000 A one-year contract

June 7, 2017 shotspotter did its initial public offering?
Oct 25, 2017 KTNV reported Las Vegas Police are testing ShotSpotter
2018/04/08 22:33:23 is the earliest archive org of shotspotter com 2017ngi listing Las Vegas, NV using ShotSpotter Flex 4/5 of that year

the 2018 federal fiscal year starts 1 October 2017 ,

notes about burgandy's vid =
0:23 = detecting shots but not knowing where they were = half set up?
0:39 = CAD = CODE. EVENT DESCRIPTION , NOPE! ?computer-assisted dispatch !
1:05 = 2017/11/29 testing ShotSpotter
2:20 = ShotSpotter & a flash mentioned by cops Respond app ?
2:44 = shotspotter site claimed las vagus used it in 2017?
3:07 = not if its unable to determine altitude?

https://goo.gl/maps/4rGYCazwNgq = start your quest here
https://youtu.be/nN31CHPpQsE = the burgandy vid
https://archive.fo/7Q8dl = they listed Las Vegas before 2018/04/08 as 2017?


India, Indonesia, & China discovered & settled The Philippines then
a Paleo-Hebrew script inscribed on an 8th century BC pottery shard found at Tell Qasile Tel Aviv said "gold of Ophir to/for Beth-Horon" "30 shekels "

all this before the bible built from Jewish tradition said Ophir Opheír, Sophír, Sopheír & Souphír was in India & SEO Joktan's son was named Ophir

the only "probable" documentary support of an older ophir "location" is in the
Archive of the Indies of Seville in Spain, Document No. 98 , page 112 to 138
in the general collection of documents relating to the Philippine Islands has
a description of how sail to Ophir "start from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa,
India, Burma, Sumatra, Moluccas, Borneo, Sulu, China, & then finally Ophir
as the Philippines. but what year was this written?

1521/03/16 Europeans came & mistook The Philippines for India , so what

corporations politicians & truthers willfully misinterpret the bible
An overwhelming majority of hyper-religious Americans, and Americans in general, are incapable of debating the theological aspect of their faith. Not only do a staggering majority of Americans have no idea what is or isn’t written in the Bible, they have not a morsel of knowledge as it pertains to just about all aspects of historical context and biblical scholarship.

bible land of gold ophir was india not the Philipphines


the largest icebergs in the world are all formed tabular in the Antarctic by breaking off from an ice shelf , on 1956/11/12, South Pacific Ocean, 150 miles west of Scott Island the USS Glacier sighted a Belgium sized ice island 208 X 60 miles , please watch Antarctic Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse Published 2008/03/27 by Bernd Riebe & go visit -65.336706,99.7280773 & see that the name the biggest one gets each year is Pobeda Ice Island

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabular_iceberg = the usual kind

IceBridge flight: A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C ice shelf. The iceberg's sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf.

actual sale price doesn't have to be listed SEO a "Sale Price-$0" on a listing
is normal during many years in nearly every town in Connecticut but
Jim fetzer "rephrased" this as 2009/12/25 valuable homes were "deeded"
for the sale price of $0 dollars to ; 15 / 20 Sandy Hook child victims,
2/7 adult victims & 6 adult non-victims ; Phelps, Rosen,& 3 Selectmen,
all to create a 'conspiracy" to cover up a United States government "false flag"
by bribing people with houses 3 years before the 2012/12/14 shooting

we must also conclude 5 kids & adults were not "rewarded" of those killed

Wolfgang Halbig & James Tracy 's Property records say their sale value
is under $100 during many years like 2009 so they were in on it as well




October 16 at 11:35 PM ·
Ok... this is weird.. I was taking a break from writing last night & YouTube was down.. so I went outside & the moon looked really weird... so I started videoing it.. the video doesn’t do it justice, but it almost looked like a piece of it broke off or like another planet was next to it... didn’t think much more about it till a couple hours later when I went to see if YouTube was back up & all my channels were talking about this supposed event of reports coming in that the moon had been struck by something.... of course I don’t know about any of that.. almost weirder in real life... but when I was looking at it, I just kept thinking, the moon looks so strange Tonight... what do you all think?


I always go by eyewitness accounts and not videos
there were many of them on the comments section
so I tend to believe it , after saying that here is one video
I found on Facebook from a person who shot it
during the youtube shutdiown that night ,
read the description of what the person saids. -

fake anonymous hackers, light up a city for 5 minutes every 2 hours

In 1993, Russias 60 foot wide reflector Znamya 2 made it brighter for a 5km diameter spot that moved at 8km/hr , not stable

"If you want to light up an area with an error of say 10km, even if you miss by one 100th of a degree you'll have the light pointing at another place."


iron drop particles burning in oxygen has constant bright White "flashes" vs aluminum melting out of the towers

Jet fuel "burns" 1500F but heats to ????F ?? WELL!

aluminum melts at 1221F & burns at 1400 F & heats to 5000F max
steel "melts " at 2750F but burns at 1832 F ? & heats to 3000F min

image search says molten metal in images was
steel = yellow orange = 1050c = 1922F or
aluminum = orange/red = 870 c = 1598F
look up miles power vid

if smaller aluminum aircraft burn on the ground, the resulting fire usually "melts" their aluminum portions, thus proving temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Fahrenheit:
1400 F degrees, aluminum can automatically ignite and burst into flames without any spark
the heat of this fire = over 5,000 degrees , what?

"At 1000C 1832 f iron burns as easily as wood." ,
" some Iron commences to 'burn' at 2500[F]
at 3000 iron burns violently

Sulfur Dioxide gas (e.g., from decomposing Gypsum wallboard)
spontaneously reacts (combines) with iron metal (cold or hot),
turning it into iron sulfides and iron oxides (i.e. burning the iron).

A fire in a Madrid steel-frame building collapsed 10-story sections
of the building -even without a plane crash weakening those sections-,
and almost brought down the rest of it, which had to be torn down.
"At its peak, temperatures reached 800 degrees Celsius (1,472 F)" )

24 March 2007 New York Times
"Landfill Has 9/11 Remains, Medical Examiner Wrote".

The remaining debris was buried in a 40-acre portion of the landfill
& some of this debris would still contain fragmentary human remains

March 22, 2001 The last barge with household trash arrived at Fresh Kills

Sep 11, 2001 Fresh Kills was temporarily re-opened to be used as a sorting ground for one third or 1.6 million tons of material obtained from Ground Zero
1600 personal effects were retrieved & saved 4257 human remains were recovered & saved
0300 were identified

the composite slabs were made of a 21MPa (3ksi) lightweight con..

Star Wars Attack Clone What if I told you that
the Republic is now under the control of the Dark Lords of the Sith

Westworld , What if I told you that
you were wrong? That there are no chance encounters
That you and everyone you know were built to gratify
the desires of the people who pay to visit your world

What if I told you
your whole life was a lie
everything you think you know is a lie.
everything you knew was a lie
everything you know to be true is wrong.
everything you have been lead to believe is a lie.

Have you ever had a dream, Neo,
that you were so sure was real?
What if you were unable to wake from that dream?
How would you know the difference between
the dream world and the real world?



I didn't say that it would be easy
I just said that it would be the truth.


2017/02/17 CGI VFX video stolen from abhitez sinha

2017/01/01 their was a Lunar Impact Flash recording uploaded by Aberystwyth University on YouTube

science vs factors vs truthers , FIGHT!
https://archive.fo/PCevd vs https://archive.fo/7jIdU


shutting down YouTube to delete a video is smart of them.
Stupid for you to think that cant happen
you should learn more about how the severs work
before spreading lies just to push your own opinion.
anyway shape or forum!!! come on dude really?


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