CORRECTION that was cactus , not people ,,, RUUUUUUUUUUN! Craig Brittain & Chance Trahan , revenge porn website founders

when their ownership and prior involvement in IsAnybodyDown? was made public In 2015, Brittain and Trahan sought funding for Dryvyng, a transportation network company that would compete with Uber and Lyft. lol

March 10, 2012 = kataishin flickr , web site 2013 singer and songwriter for Kataishin, , NinjaUnity social network , 2013/06/14 linkedin Engaging Artist Manager Social Media Strategist Web Developer Elite Producer, Entertainment Non-Partisan Party American Entrepreneur, Musician, Clairvoyant, Medium, Web Developer, Graphics Designer, Creative Director , January 12, 2016 bandcamp psychicsoldier/Mafia Illuminati musician since the age of 3, dominating the sound waves comes naturally to Chance. Best known for his rap lyrics and grinding guitar riffs, he is truly one of a kind when it comes to songwriting or just pitching hooks and melodies. Check out the link in the bio to learn more , 2017/10/20 114325113655694250623 = Gplus



American Airlines ended Verizon Airfone & AT&T Air One in-flight seat back phone service that was in use since 1996 AFTER 2001 so YES Many of the in-flight calls made by victims of the September 11 attacks in 2001 were made over Airfone and Air One

Cnet February 6, 2002 5:21 PM PST American Airlines will discontinue its AT&T in-flight phone service by March 31, a spokesman for the airline said Wednesday.

https://archive.fo/4Da3b = 2002/02/06 5:21 PM PST report
https://archive.fo/IRp4o = the real order to remove them
https://archive.fo/ml4G7 = the real order to remove them


https://archive.fo/YblAj = BUTT!

some assert Barbara Olson’s story as told by her husband is simply implausible ? because
Flight attendant Ginger Gainer, said she “I asked several current and former Flight Attendants for American who flew domestic and they all said that they recalled the phones as having been disabled at the time, or gone. & had stickers indicating that they were inoperative, & David Ray Griffin's book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" said AA 757s never had airfones & after he found they were removed in 2002! he still tried to prove they didn't exist anyway SEO Pilots for 9/11 Truth's Ralph Kolstad said airfones were deactivated in early or mid 2001 & They had been deactivated prior to Sep 2001 citing an anonymous American Airlines' mechanic who leaked document describing the removal of the phones in 2001/01/28 the FAKE 757 AMM Boeing 757 Aircraft Maintenance Manual said “The passenger telephone system was deactivated by ECO FO878.” (ECO F1463 and F1532 were later orders to remove the phones.) ..

north of Roosevelt Roads Naval Station-Offsite Field & Aeropuerto José Aponte de la Torre @ 18.2610333,-65.6389017 in Ceiba, Puerto Rico 00735,


2017/09/16 to 2017/10/02 huricane Maria existed

FEMA handles getting the supplies to the state or commonwealth, which in turn handle distributing those items at a local level,

FEMA director of disaster operations Marty Bahamonde, said the agency delivered the bottled water to the island but didn't track specific shipments an other senior FEMA official said if [FEMA] put that water on that runway there will be hell to pay ... If we did that, we're going to fess up to it.

2018 January so the bottles were transferred to the runway &
FEMA deputy administrator Daniel Kaniewski said there were excess bottles of water "because the demand was less ... because the water came back on." & We didn't need it sitting in expensive storage so "to save money to the American taxpayer. We put it in a location that would not cost us money."

the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration executive director Carlos Mercader , said the bottles were in the custody (FEMA) until April 2018 but were not delivered to Puerto Rico's government during last year's emergency

2018 May, Puerto Rico's General Services Administration administrator Ottmar Chavez said before he was appointed , FEMA reported that it had about 20,000 pallets of excess bottled water & he was not told why it is there, how it got there or how long it has been there
April 17 GSA requested FEMA's inventory of excess water through a federal program on
April 26 GSA was given approval to use the supplies

Ceiba mayor Angel Cruz Ramos said he's grateful for the generosity but believes too much water was delivered at the wrong time. "The time and heat has made it bad,"

700 bottles were distributed & some were found tainted but Barceloneta Mayor Wanda Soler Rosario office said
her office wa..

Whenever the Noaic Flood is jettisoned out of hand, the possibility of arriving at realistic and accurate conclusions about geology or paleontology are impossible.?

human fertility is a directed weapon designed to attack LED street lighting
LED street lighting is part of a sterilization agenda.
White light at night induces sepsis,
supresses melatonin,
causes insomnia,
destroys health, and
affects human egg quality.
This coupled with
microwave emissions work together
to enhance the melatonin suppression.

just thought id post you the funniest titled conspirapost ive seen in ages didnt watch it as im not given the dingus a view but have fun?

while WTC7 was shown in the frame & About a minute before WTC 7 fell down ? FOX 5 News in Washington, DC broadcast that a 3rd building had fallen down & they were speculating that rising WTC 1 & 2 smoke actually was from this 3rd building & then showed WTC 7 collapse from 5:20:52 pm to 5:21:10 pm EDT

their is an archive of that Sept. 11, 2001 FOX5 broadcast from 4:51 pm - 5:33 pm with a 4:51:30 PM start time SEO lets count the minutes into video vs what time it really was
06:26 last time fox shows their [email protected]#$%^ clock = 4:57 PM
34:53 they starting to say its fallen = 5:25 PM
35.30 collapse = 37 seconds later = 5:26 PM

SEO 5 minutes AFTER it [email protected]#$%^& happened?!!

5:26 pm FOX5 DC showed the
5:21 pm WTC 7 collapses
"live on the air " 2001/09/11


"Pull it" WAS NEVER lingo for controlled demolition,
Larry Silverstein was NOT a demolitions expert or conversant in it
he was recounting what happened years before
he likely paraphrased how the conversation went.

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that
they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said,
"We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it."
And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.

"it" meant the firefighters effort to salvage the building & "they" = the Fire Department ,

after they've had a great loss of life that day HOW would causing the building to collapse help at all

lets force this into a rationalized way of speech

"We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is
to get the fire fighters out and abandon the plan to rescue the building"


"We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is
to secretly plant controlled demolitions in the building & set them off"

the buildings did NOT house the records that were needed for a large scale
Department of Defense investigation into where BILLIONS of dollars of
defense budget had mysteriously disappeared because it never disappeared

https://sites.google.com/site/wtc7lies/is%22pullusedbydemolitionsprostomean%22demol http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread821419/pg1
http://www.911myths.com/html/wtc7_pulled.html http://www.debunking911.com/pull.htm

Once again thanks SO MUCH for the info. that came in handy because the only info I was finding on it was on conspiracy sites and videos and it was basically more talk of the building falling and not so much about how it fell AFTER it was mentioned. I was un ..

BBC policy is to keep every minute of news channel output for 90 days (in line with the Broadcasting Act in the UK but they kept all the tapes from BBC News 24 and Radio Five Live, as well as all the BBC One bulletins for 9/11 coverage on the day of the attacks,
BUT as of 2007 the BBC said no longer had the original tapes of their reporter Jane Standley in New York

4.27pm BBC reporter, Greg Barrow in New York, appears on BBC Radio Five Live news channel, , and says:
"We are hearing reports from local media that another building may have caught light and is in danger of collapse."
He then responds to a follow-up question by saying
"I'm not sure if it has yet collapsed but the report we have is talking about Building 7."

4.53pm, on the same radio station, Fi Glover programme presenter, says
"25 minutes ago we had reports from Greg Barrow that another large building has collapsed just over an hour ago."

4.54pm BBC News 24 Presenter Gavin Esler says:
"We're now being told that yet another enormous building has collapsed...
it is the 47-storey Salomon Brothers building."

4.57pm on BBC World presenter Phil Hayton says:
"We've got some news just coming in actually that the Salomon brothers building in NY right in the heart of Manhattan has also collapsed." source = clips available on the web

5.10pm BBC World Phil Hayton says
"More on the latest building collapse in NY - you might have heard I was talking a few moments ago about the Salomon building collapsing and indeed it has... it seems this wasn't the result of a new attack but because the building had been weakened during this morning's attack."
source = clips available on the web


September Clues documentary footage of the planes is not authentic and was actually fabricated
to cover a JASSM AGM-158 cruise missile, about 200 passengers were expected from the three planes destined to Los Angeles, hardly anyone showed up to greet them, and the terminal was closed to cover up this fact. because video/audio engineer Simon Shack doesn't understand that each non synced interlaced video from differing perspectives may not match up

if you watch the non compressed versions you can clearly see he was not being honest
& he ignores average people who witnessed the planes & their videos

ps did you know that many feeds that day were relayed through antennas on the twin towers!

September Clues - Busted! U-Tube version Anthony Lawson Nov 9, 2007

September 28, 2008 at 7:11 am simon shack said
I’m Simon Shack, the sole author of September Clues the new, high-res version of September Clues. I have corrected the inaccuracies which were in the first version so any serious assessment of my work should be based on this definitive version September Clues or not does not give you the right to slander my persona by insinuating I’m some sort of hoaxer (the irony of it all…since 9/11 was the most outrageous hoax of modern times).


A small hole, discovered in the Soyuz capsule on the International Space Station is thought to have been made by a drill & the International Space Station staff may have Fixed the Hole With duct tape & putty , & as images had not been posted yet to show a "typical orbital debris/micrometeorite hole" chris Hadfield linked an image from the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office of the Solar Max Satellite in 1984. & as NASA puts their images into public domain & the image was made public in 2006 it was uploaded to Wikipedia on 2006 & later A band, used the image for a 2014 album called commodity


How is WAPTEK going to explain this, Is there any explanation Uh oh NASA

Can anyone change meta data times/dates? Or do you need the original file to do that? Does photoshop even have an option for doing that kind of meta data manipulation? This Vegas related data sure has a lot of people confused over the dates/times provided. And now...a single picture was found with more than one creation date? I think the press are fudging with some of these pictures and videos. Do you know if Parkland, Columbine and the many other terrible shootings could have had this same issue with the date/time stamps and Immage quality?

August 27, 2018/08/2709:00 = 2018/09/03 crazy days and nights net blog blind items revealed is a a q alike that wont revel its info

Hey I know you hit this topic a bit already but can you tell me if this is a real site or some bull? I'm seeing more come out and pop up. Don't know much about the site and I'm looking in deeper but you can go better than me. Here's the article with a link to page. "Blind Items Revealed #1 August 27, 2018 "You probably didn't even hear about this terrorist bombing that happened nearly a month ago in a faraway country. It killed several people and the police brought in some people for questioning. It had been the first terrorist act in the country in almost a year after suffering through almost a dozen in 2017. One of the people brought in for questioning and who has not been released is a brother of the woman who has her own history with mass killings. Apparently terrorism runs in the family." Made by "ent. lawyer" representing people out of cali. They name one marilou danley. The twitter posts are still linking her to fbi too?


March 2000 , floor 91 art studio space, a 4 Austrian artist group called Gelitin
made a card board box skinned "club house" leading to a window they removed
so they could slide out a 1 person "balcony" for 19 minutes to take a series of photos
from a adjacent hotel & a rented helicopter then they reversed this process
August, 2001 they released a book about the event for fear that
they would be deported if they told anyone before then

NOW change art project Austrians that removed the ceiling tiles to secure their safety lines in a cardboard box "skin" stamped BB18
Israeli's stacking BB-18 boxes floor to ceiling over entire 91st floor to plant "fuses" on the beams using temporary construction permits
don't mention the plane impacted 2 floors above this a year later &
BB-18 is a 3 phase electrical bus bar power feed lug fuse system

to provide studio space for artists in the late 1990's
the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
got space in one of the Trade Center's towers
& artists would showcase their works throughout the buildings,
perform concerts during lunchtime, & free dance routines in the Plaza


Jesuit FISH Pope cone heads do not keep US gold reserves in the Vatican in spite of claims by self titled Global Debt Facility lawyer that doesn't work at or represent the World Bank & the retired Petaluma, CA, Morgellons disease Doctor neurologist Edward Spencer or Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean who used false documents to try & fail to withdraw $90 billion from an HSBC bank in Hong Kong account that did not exist in 2002

the only World Bank Board of Directors representative for the Philippines,, is Roberto Tan but he also represents Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Brazil

the Philippines MAX GDP is just under 1 trillion & makes it the 34th largest economy in the
world , ranked 12th by Population , 24th in density & is 51 out of the 163 best countrys

the US, japan, china, Germany, France, UK & India are the Top 8 World Bank countries
NOT the Philippines & none of the above can change this, its up to the Philippinos !


up next sovereign country USA power authority to print currency

Bro why you can't believe that the Philippines is the richest country in the world? bro you have done nothing for me, I know my history for it is my country and I know that evil controls it. Pay attention for in the near future the world will look towards the Philippines with great admiration. I will not get off this channel cause my duty are to watch over people like you to ensure what you putting up are well researched and If so provide it not spitting out your opinion without hard facts. "Speak Not In The Ears Of A Fool For He will Despise Th Wisdom Of Your Words".?
Have actually interviewed these group in regards to their claim or your just pulling the assumption card? If you have no hard evidence of they are scammers I would suggest to hold your opinion until you have gathered all evidence that what you say are true. Then will take your info and I will I castigate it further. I know the history of the Philippines, the history that was hidden from the masses so bring what you have researched and lay it out on the table and will assess if you are on the right track. Remember “He Who Wrote the Past Controls The Future, He Who Writes The Future Controls The Present”.? I think your a joke!!!?, c'mon bro you have not done your homework on Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV TVM-LSM-666 ALPHA OMEGA WORLD

This video doesn’t show a 20 Storie hole in building WTC building 7

a lot of body cam videos were corrupted in one way or another
people ignore that known fact & they side step this matter

Can I ask why you always seem to have such "cryptic" titles and way of talking about topics? Sometimes I completely understand what you're saying, but other times I have absolutely no clue what you're saying. Am I just "dumb", missing something, or is this on purpose or "data-type purpose..

UPDATE! Seangrams Brandon Phillips timeline Sync http://youtu.be/Bhrt8YiljHM

the 2017/09/28 3:10:13 PM photo Creation Date 4 hours before the 7 PM Colorado Avalanche vs Vegas Golden Knights hockey match began, is consistent with associated press John Locher images metadata Index 4 hours before Las Vegas Shooting

this is a part one response if needed





Thanks for checking this for us. Delete this comment please.Here is the back ..

PUBLIC apologies for hurting the feelings or the uploader & his significant other

I had a feeling you wouldn't show the revolver and blood stain comparison.....
did you notice when you were at the gun store...that the mags have a lump (same size as a round...made specifically for the first round to rest against)on the side opposite the square we seem to both be calling a window? Same as all the mags I have....always the same side too....things are looking worse for the validity of the mag on the top right showing one round in an even more impossible spot...every first round would have to be on "window" side lip. No hard feelings.....for real....I don't like watching you poke fun at any grammar mistakes I might have made...I was diagnosed with a mild TBI in 2008 from a road side bomb in Baghdad 2005...I can do with out the stress....I don't want you to think I'm using that to get you to play nice....I just don't like hearing how my spelling and lack of knowlege on which JPEGS...or PDFs I can and cannot screen shot. And calling my ideas stupid....you said yourself they almost went out of their way with these photos. I like debating the "Melty" gun idea....the "not so loaded" mags and what not. Even the moon landing would be fun to talk about....but you sir...had my wife pretty upset after watching your last video....And as far a blocking you...you have my word...I DID NOT BLOCK YOU. And I am certain I unblocked Alan a while back..he was the FIRST & ONLY one I had ever blocked...then I felt bad and wrote him a comment apologizing....he knows this because he said "thank you" the day I did it. Try a nice herbal tee to help calm your nerves and lower your stress. After being in combat I have become a far more caring person...and I care about you too...even though you don't like my "Melty gun" idea.


divide & concur update = i am unable to see Burgundy's live stream intentions vid , & need the link please

2018-08-31 late afternoon Mr. Burgandy was shown that there was a coordinated social media platform attack to discredit his channel playing out accusing him of hacking cell phones, doxxing YouTubers, being Mr. Visual Mike & a whole list of other crazy claims. he lost a ton of subs in the last 2 days and now knew why. It started with Hoover's video & then several others were involved. to get out in front of this to save his channel he immediately made a video announcing intentions of doing a live stream on this &he proceeded to teach himself how to live stream having never done it before. & only gave him self 1.5 hours to get it done and be ready to go. he started the live stream off and told everyone exactly why he was having the live stream so people can hear a refutation of these silly claims straight from his mouth , he had no intentions of going much longer than 30 mins or so but then so many showed up it just started to roll.

the 3 hour nserve Streamed live start time 7pm PST ?
the 4 hour Mr. Burgandy Streamed live start time = 8pmPST
SEO he was on task from 6:30 PST if it was 1.5 hours to get ready

right as his stream ended Mr. Burgandy Pinned this

Hello All !!! I think the live stream was a great success tonight and it went very well. We stayed on topic for 4 solid hours and it was all Vegas all the time!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you to all the attendees that made it possible !!! We will do it again soon!!! Apologies to Nserve. I didn't mean to conflict with your live stream but I decided to do this at the last minute because of recent claims that was brought to my attention. You know it wasn't intentional!!!!?



see also https://youtu.be/FpIsDJjz1IE?t=39s

Federal makes both polymer & lead , RED tip .223 ammo, check the ammo not the color ! ,
a rifle settling into a plush hotel towel is not melting
do not use an extreme dutch angle to determine misalignment of flutes of a 5 round cylinder pistol
any round in a staggered position zig zag packed magazine may look lower or higher depending on if its on the side closest to the camera or you but DO NOT ASSUME their is only one round in the magazine or its an empty case ,

don't call it a " mag window " & then chastise me on it & say it isn't designed to be a round viewing window

prove one point & then go forward please & then we ALL will be happy ;-)


Paddocks NOT fully loaded 100 round magazines Obviously EDITED, MOST only have 1 round in them & still show brass in the mag window 3 have SPENT SHELL casings in them & 1 even seems EMPTY

PSTRY explaining the revolvers FLUTES
otherwise people are going to think you are only picking on the mag stack because it's the easiest to blame on the LVMPDS camera JPEG and the angle they shot the photo from.
Both of which can not be responsible for a LARGE BLOOD STAIN APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE.?

Wrong. the window is actually what holds the mag in place. it's the magazine catch IT IS NOT VISIBLE WHEN IN THE RIFLE
I didn't wash out anything. I got the screen shot from LVMPDs SITE. I got you talking about though. And I will show yo..

https://archive.fo/yCAY6 beenverified VS Intelius https://archive.fo/IrKXk

I want to reiterate that I'm not pushing for her to be FBI
the reason her name and Intelius is being brought up now is because of the FBI data.
Again, I'm trying to show that it's one Marilou Danley.
How many records are you retrieving using that name

The search was for the name "Marilou Danley", the result was "Marilou Lou Danley".

state abbreviations can be confusing

Geary Dean Danley, we'd agree is the ex-hub of Marilou Danley.

I trust you looked at the linked article on your other video quoting & naming Deirdre Noel Piercy Terrell. as MLD's former step-daughter.

Result of search shows related to Deirdre Noel Piercy (44)
who is also Deirdre Noel Terrell (2nd marriage?),

I don't think guys named Stephen Paddock are having their name removed; Since the LV incident, women with names of Marilou Danley, Mary Lou Danley, Mary L. Danley, Mary Danley, have been having their records removed from public directories? Evidence of that please?



2015 Tianjin second explosion was 800 tonnes of ammonium nitrate,

1991 Oklahoma City Bombing was Tovex sausage
2000 lbs ammonium nitrate , acetylene & diesel
2500 lbs ammonium nitrate acetylene & liquid nitromethane ,

Tim McVeigh was a Sergeant E-5 when he left the U.S. Army. 1991?
The Parts Clerk filmed by William Bean at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993 was only a Spec 4 (E-4).?

1995 bombing vs 1996 Martin Keating's ,The Final Jihad , because prior to
the Oklahoma City Bombing, Martin Keating struggled to get the manuscript
published , he altered it!

McVeigh claimed that during his time at Fort Bragg he was part of a secret black ops

the local news channels reporting the existence of other bombs within the first few hours of the explosion

When timothy McVeigh was asked if there were other conspirators he replied:

"You can't handle the truth! Because the truth is, I blew up the Murrah Building,
and isn't it kind of scary that one man could wreak this kind of hell?"

his letter released On the morning of his execution said
"For those die-hard conspiracy theorists who will refuse to believe this,
I turn the tables and say: Show me where I needed anyone else.
Financing? Logistics? Specialized tech skills? Brainpower? Strategy? ...
Show me where I needed a dark, mysterious 'Mr. X'! "! "

2017 las vegas gunman Stephen Paddock is not Dr Stephen j Paddack aerospace engineer at nasa since 1985 look up Yarkovsky O'Keefe Radzievskii Paddack effect



I'm not even going to get into the Arkansas part. A few prominent peo..

did your immutably reliable source originally said FBI then 2018/08/16 it said Federal Bureau Of Investigation & now none of the above

familysearch age ?? Marilou Lou Danley related to Marilou Lou Danley ?
Dec 2000 Springdale, Arkansas,
1996 2002 Memphis, Tennessee

whitepages age 63 Marilou Danley
2017 2018 Mesquite, NV
2001 2018 Sparks, NV 89436
2017 2018 Venice, CA

whitepages age 63 or 44 Marilou Lou Danley
2000 2007 Buckeye, AZ

Intelius Marilou Danley, 63 Spring Dale, AR not FBI or
Interestingly, today (8/27 only this shows up

My belief/opinion is that this is the same Marilou Danley (or Marilou Lou Danley) we
are seeing of age 63 with addresses in Springdale, AR, Reno, Mesquite. The age
44 in checkmate.com source is likely an error and might have come from the
age of her former step-daughter named Deirdre Noel Terrell.

Sorry, I don't know how to archive so you can go to the exact source.

all o get is EXIF IFD0 Unknown tag, Tagnum SEO not this time , sorry

Free Online Exif Viewer at get-metadata =
https://archive.is/wfypf = 1_October_FIT_Report_01-18-2018_Footnoted.pdf
https://archive.is/gzRLK = 1-October-FIT-Criminal-Investigative-Report-FINAL_080318.pdf


Off topic question/request; Is there any way to time stamp published photos? Specifically in the preliminary and final Fit reports, and possibly the leaked photos. On page 66, pic 13, of the preliminary report shows the main 135 door with the deadbolt retracted. In the final Fit report it shows the same door
with the deadbolt extended, pg. 83 bottom pic has best view.
There would be huge implications if the deadbolt was not engaged during the breach. Determining which order the deadbolt went after the breach might give us a clue as to where it was before.?


2017 Patriot Report of americandigitalnews, Paula Mooney of inquisitr & THAT news week story of
marilou's 2 social security numbers caused by 1962 birth California Marilou Natividad-Bustos &
1954 birth Nevada SSN Marilou Lou Danley
https://archive.is/8MwCx = whitepages Marilou Natividad
https://archive.is/Wo4hQ = mylife marilou natividad

truepundit STILL won't release the loan application source that proves marilou lou danley fbi agent is marilou danley

REBUTTAL ish 1 =
"Won't" as in they refuse or just have not done it yet? Geary Dean Danley is Marilou Danley's ex-husband, married 1990, Clark County, NV ( Source: Nevada Marriage Index on www.familysearch.org ). Certainly if there's an error in the database when we look up our own name or even Marilou Danley's, it doesn't corrupt the database or file. There can still be perfectly valid, accurate data on a given record. It pays to corroborate with other credible sources.Our skepticism (which is good to a degree) can lead us to question if the loan applicant (given there was one)was the real MLD or a imposter w/ a fake I.D.

58 LV total deceased - 4 Canadians - 1 just graduated college - young Erick Silva (RIP) = 52 ppl using Whitepages together with Intelius to derive reliable (not perfect, but what is?) data to work up a well-sourced, meaningful profile of each person. Waptek0, I'm not surprised you can't find yourself in these directories--you're hardly a good sample. Intelius also limits the search to the first 99, if I'm not mistaken. Marilou Danley, a common name? I'm not pushing for her to be connected with the FBI. It is a highly rare name and so is Marilou Lou Danley. You're right Whitepages & Intelius are not foolproof and I imagine draw ppl who want to find "dirt". I use them for professional genealogy, at least as a starting point, and decid..

intelius said i had 100 identity entrys, all wrong & when filtered , 17 identity entrys all wrong

whitepages said i had 5,295 results , as 3,706 background checks & some criminal records
& then y list 4 ORegon, 4 WAshington & 7 CAlifornia wrong identity entrys , no real data

sometimes i google myself & i find many historical references , but with the missing info i get 72 results, most are MD's , some are ladys?

did reddit, Shepard Ambellas, dcdirtylaundry, truepundit or intellihub post this Publicly available consumer credit reporting bureau citation ?

Truepeoplesearch & Fastpeoplesearch found more than 80 Marilou Danleys ,
white pages found 7 , BUT intelius found a Reno-based "Marilou Lou Danley "
a person who "worked for the FBI Atlantis Bahamas & also One News Page Ltd"
SEO a UK based online news portal inc 2009 & a casino used in jewel thief
Pierce Brosnan & FBI agent Woody Harrelson movie , SEO this Marilou is
related to a “Geary Danley” & its claimed he was on her erased Facebook


0:40 = web based flight radar screwups!? , yes
1:40 = 10 days into into its mission while refueling at port Fremantle Australian Seabed Constructor location transponder was off
see also other search vessel stumbled across the shipwreck almost four kilometres below the surface & 100 years old inside the 7th Arc,
initially mistaking it for the plane’s fuselage.

2:33 Houssenaly Zahid Raza was incarcerated after 2009 abduction of Indo Pakistani karana community members in Fianarantsoa
so his murder in Antananarivo Madagascar, may have been revenge
BUT wreck hunter, Blaine Gibson, claimed it was to hinder the investigation into the plane's disappearance BUT he was an office supply business manager

3:09 HOW IS the titanic jp Morgan wreck of the titan meme related to this?

4:28 rothchild kills patent holders that did not own it, Freescale , does & their names don’t appear on the flight manifest.

5:14 = the voice mail i debunlked , next
6:09 , numerology , next

7:03 ukraine crash rotting body's = reuse of mh370 or Pro-Russia gunmen that shot it down in standoff with international investigators so this allowed looting, (removal of evidence) & rotting bodys piled on the side of the road

8:01 Diego Garcia meme & chinees investors next

saudi prince $30 rented space north of it




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