The camera to the North side of the crash site is a license plate camera, on a post 2 feet off the ground used to record the front licenses plate a view of the driver of the vehicle when it pulls up to the gard shack before you enter the North underground entrance. & Yes, they do use a multi channel DVR & it has a multiplier in it That's how they record multiple video signals on to a single video file.
Some of the video streams are on motion detection event record mode, so when that happens, more cameras are recording, & you can only have 30 FPS on NTSC,
so when more or less cameras are being recorded, it changed the amount of time between the frames recorded.
professional DVR recordings from government facilities are not a standard video format.you couldn't watch it even if you had the raw files. Because
the file may be used in Federal court, & is made so that it can't be tampered with. & because there are multiple cameras being recorded on the same file, you need a de multiplexer to pull out the individual frames.

https://youtu.be/7-0GhbPWLUA lee did 9/11rescue

under a video about Steve Scalise, james T. Hodgkinson, Everitt Aaron Jameson , stephen paddock, donald Trump, bernie sanders, Jeff Duncan, & a Saudi crown prince
lee posted

You don't know shit about him. Go climb out of your Dumpster and look up who his father was you stupid Fuck. You claim you know stuff, but you don't know shit! Oh, and here's a clue for ya.I'm right, you're wrong, and you can take that to the "Bank"?
Do real research, don't listen to a washed out druggie who has to go to a coffee shop to ge..

UPDATE all images on pages lee controls , show this "yacht" in dry dock ,, its a trimaran BUT after 3 years 2018/02/21 lee said its in the water ,,, & then posted nothing else accept the nuptials
2018/06/16 CONGRATULATIONS! , February 15th 2015 , America's Solar Cup the non-profit organization to promote solar electric awareness through a boat race navigating America's Great Loop & one team of 2 included the "electric blue" solar "yacht"

for The 'Theory of Relational Cycles of Solar Activity' = 'RC Theory'
The only global temperature data set John L. Casey used started in 1850 he then used continental China for temperatures back to 1 BC, but continental China does not represent the entire planet anymore than the continental US or central England represents the entire planet, he doesn't have global temperatures before then 1850 & did not use proxy data to fix this

John Allen "Jack" Eddy' 1976 "The Maunder Minimum" paper in "Science" used the Nineteenth Century works of Edward W. Maunder and Gustav Spörer, to identifie a 70-year period from 1645 to 1715 as a time when solar activity all but stopped! BUT How Could Spörer have observed fewer than 50 sunspots during one 30-year period within the Maunder Minimum, if the Maunder Minimum ended at 1715 and Spörer was only born in 1822, Spörer was reporting observations by others. Giovanni Domenico Cassini Jean Picard Philippe de La Hire & Johannes Hevelius

http://archive.is/JwVVH wet docked yacht?



i heard an explosion & glass was falling = a 911 call from 21st floor 23:32:13 = 11:32 PM? first or second breach

Event* 171001-3519 Officer Steve Balonek P#6230 (172SE) 22:09? Officer Balonek directing traffic when the shooting began stated he saw a figure near the top floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel who appeared to be standing on a shooting platform and approximately 4 to 8 feet back from the window. Simultaneously, over a hundred concert attendees began to flood put the rear exit near the stage.

Balonek wrote in his report
NO! dailymail.co.uk it was his partners recollection , & your 15 July 2018 article is bad!




Henrik Svensmark 's data does not support any correlation between cosmic rays and global temperature changes & the increase in mean global temperature observed since 1985 correlates so poorly with solar variability that no type of causal mechanism may be ascribed to it,

solar wind at speeds of 250 to 750 kilometers per second , the ram pressure is still a few nano pascals because these atoms several inches away from each other so even in strong conditions the solar wind is over 100 times weaker than a weak breeze


on my one month old waptek2018 waptek0 video he types

Gee, 35 dislikes already, looks like you're loosing again. But hey, what can you expect from a Homeless druggie.? Here, watch this, and maybe you'll learn something. , & Here is another link to real research done by real researchers. Not some homeless bum.

he then points to his video with 7,935 views since Apr 17, 2018 & says

6,000 views on just one show in 6 days. I have more likes than you have folloewers. I live on a Ranch and you live in a dumpster. I own the largest privately owned and built Solar Powered Yacht in world, and you own almost nothing. Do you see the difference here? People all over the world pay me for what I know, that's why I'm worth something. You, well, you live in a dumpster. So please, if you're so smart, why are you homeless, broke and live in a dumpster? I can't wait to hear this one. Enjoy the video, I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

then he posts a link to an Early 2000's video..

Can you explain why the lights are on at 11.16 PM when the breach happened at 11.20??

Forgive me if I'm wrong but at 4:09 you show part of the Michael Reszneki video and mention that it was from the same night. He went to Vegas on Monday night and shot that video after midnight on Oct 3. He never corrected his video title.?

Michaels videos were shot Monday night 10/2 11pm thru 10/3 12am which isn’t important in this video the glass was damaged once that huge wind picked up early Monday morning?

Film, floppy ... those heavy curtains blowing outward would cause movement in the 'floppy film' if that's all it was. 135 @ 8:01 does not match @ 2:25 in the bottom right corner. There is more missing the night before ...?

Pretty good except for the plastic. The window didn't have a plastic film. As I understand it the metallic colored material is misted or fogged on one side of the sheet and then heat bonded. One of the other channels showed the process from a glazing company's site. I'll be damned if I can find it now (maybe ten o'five's dropped channel). Also there isn't any plastic on Mike's (5x5) samples.?

4:30 OH wait, Plastic? no plastic. no pliable coating or plastic film at all including the gold coloring. Why do you think there might be a plastic film coating? I believe the variance in color is just heat dissipation (and the curtains)

Ten O'Fivepm said that is a hanging piece of glass?

Yeah, Once the scene is secure I'd have likely had the more dangerous chunks of glass pulled out also so that they don't fall to the ground, catch a gust of wind and possible hit someone down below.?

Ya. Someone removed shards. What else could it be? Thanks?

GREAT EXPLANATION!!! I compared these images in my head looking for the things that were the same then going back and looking for differences! We approached this almost the same way! I never did think about the lamination staying up after the glass fell along with glass that was removed,fell from its own weight.blow..

this is pure speculation & opinion , nothing to see here

@waptek0... PLEASE, PLEASE save my sanity and DEBUNK this, I had to put it up as it is weird, I think there is something up with the windows, yes, help me, lol.

"9:49 Las Vegas First Shots" by John Doe 15,413 views Published on Nov 4, 2017
Video started at 9:47, shoots out windows at 9:49:16.
Watch western window above route 91 sign.
You will see gunfire blowing out windows.
Either shot at Helicopter or used it to mask windows breaking.



I found this video on Hoover's channel, it seems to be at a diff. view than this video,
but is the same window.

Ok but what about the Hoover video from about 3-4 months ago that shows
the room directly above paddocks maybe 4-5 floors getting blowed out from inside out?
Looked like a big flame or fireball jumping out the window?
You should know which video I'm talking about
if you have been following this Vegas shooting since the beginning like you say you have

Waptek, maybe you can help me. This is really bothering me.
What is this "blast" out of Mandalay Bay window. Is this 32-135?
I have cropped, enlarged and enhanced the same picture and
it really looks like it is coming out from the building. See pic.
Sorry, I am not very good with photoshop stuff.
This is the video I got the frame from at 2:17.

some salmon migrate up River in the June and July of each year , 30-40% in dry years , & 80-90% do so in wet years.


Today I seen fish going upstream THE WRONG WAY,is this a sign of upcoming pole reversal....i think it's pretty much 100% proof...

Boolean subtraction is normally not done to images or video ,, Just ANOTHER disinformation video created to profit off the fake ass government staged mass shooting hoax...NOBODY died there...PERIOD

Either there were woman with Paddock or he wears women's clothing??

Imagine that! Here's your face next to the top comment on a Las Vegas shooting video Ron. It's as if your account has become the unofficial spokesman for the official story. How did that happen exactly? I remember when you were a nobody and now you are basically running the entire circus. Cheers.?

Are you homeless dude? You're always in really weird loud locations and in the dark. It's really weird.?

That was funny, but you know I am only interested in that one frame from that one camera. So, you're discounting the whole idea because this guy isn't providing links to the source material? I suppose that's correct procedure. I wouldn't trust the media to do any investigating before parroting the official story these days, but you must remember the widely-publicized story of the airplane nose being visible. That can't be the nose, for reasons established. It can not be that different than expected due to compression or conversion artifacts, so the plane has to have been erased intentionally. If it was not altered by the Pentagon, it was done by the guy who runs Judicial Watch. Being the only outlet for this official government release, I would expect someone from the Pentagon to check to see if the video was being used to mislead. They would have to have noticed when the plane's nose made such a big story in the news. By the way, what do you know about "Boolean subtraction" as it pertains to image analysis??


still reading?


23:00:57 EASY? (peasy) Adam David David ocean charlie king = stephen paddock
23 01 20 Joanne Laura Katie ( garbled cross talk )
23:01:49 Katie "They" checked in on 25 September, Scheduled to checkout on Oct 2nd.

via weg oag = 42:55 to 44:30 out of a 56:58 file =

i mis spoke this time 3 females in room checked in 9-25 out oct 2nd 2017/10/01 23:02:36 room 32 135 Las Vegas shooting police dispatch log LV5951 11:02 PM page 26 of 155 released May 23 2018
Paddock was assigned to room 32-135 2017/09/24

23:02:36 there 3 females in room #2 #3 checked on on 9-25 scheduled to check out oct 2nd LV5951= short hand for there were 3 females in (room number redacted); a miss blank, a miss blank #2, & a miss blank #3 that were checked on on 9-25 scheduled to check out oct 2nd

so i get these responses minus their rants

There is audio on the radio traffic that supports three women registered. With three first names stated, all last names redacted. Joanne, Katie, Laura.

so i asked for a link & got

yep. link. it is in the audio release from last week.

the next person typed
I suggest you listen to the 911 call regarding this section and you'll perhaps understand everything you're missing. I'll help you out on this one: 23:02:39
This PR(person) (name redacted) emp (employee) at Misura on 1st flr(floor) by frt (front) entr (entrance), sheltering in place with another emp (employee).

so i said
SEO i found no hits on the transcript you posted , SEO post the link or be deleted

today i get this , 281 171001003519 (351) - 01:49 =

is this it? posted 11:47 AM - 6 Jul 2018 EXCLUSIVE AUDIO:
Stephen Paddock’s Three Female Room Guests Partially IDed; LVMPD Tries to Disguise Radio Traffic

100 frames in each of 2 angles are perfectly synchronized , just 1 frame doesn’t match. How could this possibly be explained by anything other than tampering with the video altered or missing pentagon security gate frame ,, Comments are disabled for this video
20:37 narrator asserts the 2 cameras were in perfect sync = NO!
20:47 shows a french? manual & said a centralized system called multiplexer or TLR but thats a Time Lapse recorder

2002 5 Frames from the Pentagon CCTV security video were released & May, 2006 the rest were as The government had previously withheld the video, claiming that it might taint the jury pool in the sentencing trial of confessed 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui,

FBI Special Agent, Jacqueline Maguire told Scott Bingham that
of 85 videotapes that might be relevant.
56 "of these videotapes did not show the Pentagon building, the Pentagon crash site, or the impact of Flight 77
Of the 29 remaining videotapes, 16 "did not show the Pentagon crash site and did not show the impact of Flight 77
Of the 13 remaining tapes which showed the Pentagon crash site, 12 "only showed after the impact of Flight 77."
maybe the operator turned the cam towards it as it was important? ?
The videotape taken from the Citgo gas station did not show the impact.
No videotapes were located from the Sheraton Hotel,
their was a videotape from the Doubletree Hotel.
SEO all we have is the security gate CCTV # 1 #2 clips

Multiplexers are not “real time" they typically record images of up to 16 cameras as full size on a single VCR by time sharing each image in sequence. Information is encoded in the recorded image which allows review of individual cameras from tape,
The more cameras installed, the slower the individual images update on tape

On May 16, 2006, JudicialWatch.org said the Department of Defense released, footage from two cameras that captured portions of the attack at 9:37 on the west side of the Pentagon
& CCTV # 1 #2 clips h..

SEO i found no hits on the transcript you posted , SEO post the link or be deleted

It's amazing the lengths you'll go to try to debunk something, losing all credibility in the process. It's amusing watching amateurs like you going through something this simple without doing your homework. I suggest you listen to the 911 call regarding this section and you'll perhaps understand everything you're missing. But doubtful you'll put up a correcting video as its not in your DNA to be honest..... As for the follow call....clearly its not anything like you described, another butcher job from an amateur who obviously has too much time on their hands but not enough time to do any REAL research. I'll help you out on this one: 23:02:39 - This PR(person) (name redacted) emp (employee) at Misura on 1st flr(floor) by frt (front) entr (entrance), sheltering in place with another emp (employee). Good luck with that...LOL? http://archive.is/XFciD

It's in the audio recordings released by the LVMPD. I suggest you do your own research before posting inaccurate information, I'm not going to do it for you. If you aren't any more responsible than that why are you putting out this disinformation??
http://archive.is/x6OKI https://imgur.com/a/FncJbY0

no clear chain of custody active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe The Open Chemical Physics Journal, SEO then Alex Jones and others moved the goal posts to nano-thermite, after The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center performed a thermite test and were unable to cut a vertical column, despite the column being much smaller than those used in the World Trade Center.


Have you ever looked into the thermite found in the 9/11 dust? And the iron spheres (thermite reaction product) found in large quantity in the dust? I’ve never heard a plausible explanation for that evidence other than the obvious.?

yet another light reflection filmed at 6:55 & 15:06 in a 240p roof top live stream by Chris Record @ Las Vegas Shooting Archive from corner of self park at 401 E Harmon Ave 36.1090851,-115.1553604 timing based on this Las Vegas Shooting Archive video start at 12:16 am October 2, 2017

11:20 = breach into 32135 & 11:27 = breach into 32134

http://goo.gl/maps/oLnJoZeSqSo =

Pratt & Whitney / Roll Royce 6 ton, 12' x 9' Diameter Titanium steel alloy engine , Melting point of titanium: 1,688° & Max burning Temp of Jet-Fuel: 1,120°

butt impact disintegration is not fire disintegration & Jet fuel actualy burns at 800° to 1500°F in the real world vs " 1,000°C" or 1,120" only "C" lol

if Steel is an alloy of iron & carbon and other elements then Titanium steel alloy is not just gonna have the melt piont of Titanium & why omit that

Titanium element = 1670 C = 3040F
Ductile Iron = 1149C = 2100F
Stainless Steel = 1510C = 2750F
Carbon Steel = 1425C - 1540C = 2600F - 2800F
Nickel = 1453C = 2647F

all titanium except the most carefully purified has a significant amount of dissolved oxygen,

Titanium powder is FLAMMABLE and SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTIBLE & can throw off 3,000-degree sparks.

Titanium is one of the few elements that burns in pure nitrogen gas, reacting at 800 °C (1,470 °F) to form titanium nitride,, 80% of the air we breathe

its negative redox potential makes titanium is thermodynamically a very reactive metal that burns in normal atmosphere at lower temperatures than the melting point. Melting is possible only in an inert atmosphere or in a vacuum

NON Eutectic Alloys melt , go plastic & solidify at diferent tempretures SEO
non a Eutectic Alloys Melting point is the temperature at which a substance
finishes changeing from solid to liquid state & this is usualy lower than both metals

coefficient of thermal expansion is based on Heating a metal to temperatures below its melting point causes it to expand or increase in length & measuring it .

beta-phase titanium is the more ductile phase , & alpha-phase is stronger yet less ductile, mixing these is usefull

alpha and near-alpha titanium alloys can be stress relieved and annealed.

a transition temperature is the temperature at which a material changes from one crystal state to another.

Some alloying elements, called beta stabilizers, lower the ra..

Good vid. I like your humour. Very intelligent man. Only started watching your videos recently.... you are particularly good at digging into details & fact checking especially I.T. related. Good stuff. I didn't get the whole Lee Whalloper-banger guy thing though, left me scratching my head wondering if I wanted to look into it more to see what happened or just move on. I gotta ask though.... what is with the dark background with public noises? Are you recording yourself with a box over your head or from inside the back of a dark van or something? Just curious.?

Wap quick question. Can "Democratic socialism" work in the United States?..let's just say " hypothetically " ALL of the left comes out in unprecedented numbers!!!, to vote for whatever candidate is popular @ the time ( besides Hillary Clinton lol ) and that particular candidate is a "Democrat socialist" What are the chances of US, successfully transitioning to socialism? Lol?

waptek0 so it was in the 1970s Bulgarians and what happened is that
a father and a daughter were driving on the country side and the car broke down and
the father went to go get some help while the daughter stayed in the car
it was late a night so when the father went out to find help al he saw was some house in the distance so
when he came back he found his daughter surrounded by these people covered in black surrounding the car
like in the photo so the father took a photo as the one you can see in the video and
that is all I know there are some rumors saying that the car was

I came across you after I watched a vid from the so called physicist about there being a Sun Simulator.
I had watched a couple of her vid's and she sounded half way credible until she said that...then
I knew she was full of BS now You got a new follower now. Keep up the good work :

Jails beside point he was reporting on beasts?
I was 70% in the WING he was in. Why don't you bash ALL WOMEN WHO broke the law
so they could get the vote, and the man..

Video started at 9:47, shoots out windows at 9:49:16.
Watch western window above route 91 sign.
You will see gunfire blowing out windows.
Either shot at Helicopter or used it to mask windows breaking.

"9:49 Las Vegas First Shots" by John Doe 15,413 views Published on Nov 4, 2017



Waptek, maybe you can help me. This is really bothering me.
What is this "blast" out of Mandalay Bay window. Is this 32-135?
I have cropped, enlarged and enhanced the same picture and
it really looks like it is coming out from the building. See pic.
Sorry, I am not very good with photoshop stuff.
This is the video I got the frame from at 2:17.

One other thing. Remember those emails Paddock was apparently making back and forth to himself between 2 of his accounts?
Well, I am pretty sure he wasn't emailing himself. Someone must have had access to one of those accounts.
Is it not possible to find out who had access to that email account (besides Paddock)? Can that not be traced??

Everitt Aaron Jameson plead guilty to planning attack on Pier 39 in SF
paddock being ISIS would be the oldest ISIS recruit in the US by nearly a decade,, he will not just be an outlier,
July 15, 2016 United States' intelligence agencies declassified the pages, and Congress publicly released the pages with some parts redacted on
March 20, 2018 Trump rolls out welcome mat for Saudi crown prince’s visit to US
Some of Paddock's gun purchases date back more than 20 years but
33 guns were aquired in the previous 12 months from Nevada, Utah, California and Texas so
2016/10/01 vs 2016/11/08 - 2017/01/20 trump election
Steve Scalise shot by james T. Hodgkinson & Hodgkinson did not meet with the senator sanders but he did ask Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) what the ball team was, did not place any online posts of threats



?pre vegas warning ??Anyone else wonder how Isis made warning video (predicting) having attackers in both vegas &san Francisco?
By saying (lone wolf) antifa types will attack vegas soon- also then (AFTER VEGAS) isis claimed responsibility 4times.
San fran attacker arrested the month after vegas, both were white isis or (antitrump)-anti..

UPDATE youtube user Daf 3704 said it was originally titled "Lad" instead of "Las" Vegas , & yes that would definitely do it!

& the original video may have Started midway thru the 8th Volley 10:12:12 Pm

I'm cab driver and was waiting in line,
saw him shooting so I drove on the other side of the valet and began filming then took off.,

view & sound of video compaired to view from google street views = consistent with timing & appearance of smoke , not muzzle flash


previously blank Robert Goodwin
2015 Apr 2, Joined youtube
2017 oct 4 vid uploaded public ?
2018 jul 2 had made public again on or before this date

their is no exact date it became visible & my starting point is only from another viewers assertion
my logic is / was , since the channel shows no other content
as it says overtly oct 4 2017 it would have gotten more views
it was titled like it is now
it could only have been ignored if it was under a different title
it was set to unlisted / private after that date & re "published" recently due to the low views

http://youtu.be/9gT4BS6vjG4 the video of PROBABLE gun smoke!
http://archive.is/zfdd9 & http://archive.li/FIgpw the archive
http://goo.gl/maps/wePx9AEp3gn the location
http://imgur.com/a/cMTLzTX the frames that synced up with the shots well enough?


dangerous / fatal levels of respiratory depression, extreme physical & psychological addiction

Sedgwick County, Kansas coroner disclosed that his creatinine levels consistent with kidney failure, , he had higher than usual potassium levels & he suffered from a seizure disorder, & several drugs used to treat anxiety, depression & seizures were in his system

flubromazepam is a benzodiazepine derivative meaning this is formed from a benzene & diazepine ring
it is used for its sedative, hypnotic (sleep-inducing), anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant properties
its potentially lethal when mixed with depressants like alcohol or opioids & if used with Depressants like Butanediol, alcohol, barbiturates, GHB/GBL, methaqualone, & opioids it can posibly stop breathing, & this last part was attested to by a recreational drug users wiki

the sticker on his left thigh under this clothes read ,
"Adrian Lamo Project Vigilant Assistant Director Threat Analysis/Investigation , 70 Bates Street Northwest, Washington DC 20001."
but project Vigilant is a possibly fake Florida-based semi-secret government contractor but all sources saying this refused to archive their "proof"

he was found at 4925 E. Shadybrook in Wichita a week after he was last seen


UPDATE! CORRECTION "flash" in the video MAYBE to low to be the shooter & previously blank Robert Goodwin Joined Apr 2, 2015 & made the oct 4 2017 vid public 2018/07/02

http://youtu.be/9gT4BS6vjG4 the video of PROBABLE muzzle flashes
http://archive.is/zfdd9 the archive
http://goo.gl/maps/wePx9AEp3gn the location
http://imgur.com/a/cMTLzTX the frames that synced up with the shots well enough


pdf 14, page 50, event 171001-3519 said Sgt G. Jackson said Officer T. Thai said Mandalay bay Security surveillance office computer said the target suite was registered to Stephen paddock & 3 other women & all of this was relayed over the radio by Sgt G. Jackson from Offlcar T. Thai on a phone

CORRECTION : the old TARGA format is TGA & not TIFF or Tagged Image File Format, & Target Corp., was sued because their web designers failed to design its website to enable persons with low or no vision to use it


mm ~ m
Mandalay Euy Shoullnu
R&Pon'rlMG Pulwl OOOURRENGE: Faun)
mm a TIME Locmon u:
OCCURRED 10/01/17 2205hr5 OCCURRENCE: Mandalay Bay
On 10/01/17 at approxlmalely ?Zufihrs, | Sgl G. Jacknon WHSMB. uparallng as mavked palrnl unlt798.
conducled graveyard briefing al SCAG wilh SC12‘& 5613. While listenan to SCAG radio channel and
conducting briefing I heard Iha dlspalcher say lhal there was an Ac1lve Shonlav on CCAC. I advised everyone
10mm on their radio CCAC. as we had a posslma Active Shuolm, A low minules Isle! based on the radio
lralfic. | dlramed all graveyard patrol otllcala Iu deploy 10 me Acllve Shooler lnnldanl. As olllcars were loadmg
up their palrol vehicles. I aaecned Oklahuma University represelllallves on! 01 me bufldlng and la Illa Iranl
parking loL
I pm on my rllle carrier and racked a round ..

CORRECTION! i said proton decay when i meant neutron decay

the electron was first to be discovered in 1897 by physicist Sir Joseph John Thomson
later a Proton's resting mass was found to be % .99880242102 of a Neutron's resting mass

in a hydrogen atom, the electron orbit is 64,706 times the diameter of the proton
or doubling the neutrons diameter 16 fold or 2 to the 16th power "64K" or 65536

if the proton nucleus of a hydrogen atom were scaled up to a millimeter the electron would be orbiting 210 feet away

if the resting mass of the electron is 1,836 times smaller than the mass of a proton & if 12
is the cube root of this mass ratio is it 1/12 of the diameter or less than 1/10 millimeter across
nope the radius of the electron has not been determined exactly as its a point particle
with a sphere of influence several times larger than the radius of the proton &
Proton's & Neutron's are both made up of three point particles called quarks

the electrons its diameter is only know tho be less than 1/1000 the diameter of a proton
it maybe zero or it maybe a large permeable particle with an embedded point-like charge.
but if the size of the event horizon or Schwarzschild radius in a black hole is proportional
to the mass of the black hole you may choose to think of an electron as a non massive,
dimensionless singularity creating a gravity like sphere of influence

this has been a waptek for scale video request

Andrei Sakharov's proton decay hypothesis formulated in 1967 has no experimental evidence that it occurs.
& Positron emission in which a proton becomes a neutron – is not proton decay, since the proton interacts with other particles within the atom.


09:10 PM 2018-07-01 52,300 results for waptek 12,200 results for lee wheelbarger 14,600 results for "lee wheelbarger"

Piers Corbyn has declined to publish the details of his Solar Weather Technique method that combines statistical analysis of over a century of historical weather patterns with clues derived from solar observations as He considers past weather patterns and solar observations and sun-earth magnetic connectivity. & that earthquakes can be triggered by solar activity, and hence that he can to some extent predict them

his estimates are so vague the weather needs to be well off of sesonal norms to be wrong & he predicted January 2008 to be a period of intense cold (-17°C)[4] — it turned out to be one of the warmest Januarys on record.
his work should be seen as the cherry picking faith healers of the geologic community they are vs the standard accuracy time frame of 5 days that most meteorologists agree on

The only study involving Corbyn's work published in a peer-reviewed journal was in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (2001). Its investigation was limited to Corbyn's 'likely damaging gale periods' predictions for the island of Great Britain for October 1995 to September 1997. so Piers Corbyn forbade the use of any extracts of any of WeatherAction's forecasts & articles unless he had approved them Following criticism of them in The Times and The Guardian, in particular from journalist Paul Simons,

starting 1995 WeatherAction is the business through which Corbyn sells his predictions. He has in the past bet on these predictions. His betting attracted much interest in 1990, when his predictions of severe weather were met by a year of the "worst extremes". & then WeatherAction was formerly listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) as 'Weather Action Holdings plc' in 1997, and was transferred back to private ownership in 1999, primarily because of sustaining increasing losses and the impact of costs related..


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fear, ignorance & anger are the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse, don't be the 4th

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