1200 AD Crusades based Knights Templar Freemasonry Degree of the Knight of Malta or Order of Malta is not the same as the
1823 Kingdom of Prussia Iron Cross was inherited by the 1940's nazis

1894 ford was a Freemason,, raised in Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, &
he said "Masonry is the best balance wheel the United States has

"Study Group for Germanic Antiquity" German Antisemitic Anti-communist occultist group named after a mythical northern country in Greek legend.
Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw, said Thule Society membership list reads like a Who's Who of "early" future Nazi sympathizers
Johannes Hering's diary of Thule Society meetings shows hitler never attended a meeting & found no evidence that Hitler ever attended

1920 Hitler moved to sever his party's link with the Thule Society, well before Hitler came to power.
1933/01/30 hitler circulated official Nazi documents anti Freemasonry Marxism etc & banned esoteric organisations like thule
1935 anti-Masonic legislation towards a Greater Germany devoid of freemasons, and communists
1938/09/06 adolf Hitler's Nuremberg speech on his disapproval of occultism as usless to him personaly
& the Thule Society used him to promote themselfes

Nazism and Adolf Hitler were influenced by henry ford's antisemitic articles from
The Dearborn Independent & is the only American mentioned favorably in Mein Kampf,
1938/07/30 Henry Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday

Henry Ford had said war was a waste of time, did not want to profit from it & sought to prevent them from taking his subsidiary in Germany so
1939, the Nazi government assumed day-to-day control of Ford's German factories & he maintain a 52% ownership but no voice or control or financial reward.
1940 ford received the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite & New York The Grand Lodge confirmed all of this
1940, after France had fallen to the Wehrmacht, Henry Ford personally vetoed a plan to bui..

Mark 5:1-20 Jesus exorcising a demon or demons who give the collective name of "Legion" out of a man and into a herd of swine, causing the swine to run down a hill into a lake and drown themselves

Matthew 8:28–8:32 shortens it & changes the location to "the country of the Gadarenes" because Gerasa is actually around 50 km away from the Sea of Galilee & Gadara is only 10 km distant


Hey, Maybe its time for a good Bible Story. Jesus took the many unclean spirits out of Legion. Jesus let the unclean spirits go into the wild pigs, milling about near by. The pigs ran wildly off a near by cliff. Some how the Villagers found out, and were really freaked out. Legion felt a whole lot better. The Villagers saw that Legion was back to normal. All is Calm

You dont believe in God,you dont believe in the bible and you dont believe the existence of king solomon and ophir. Why then you give the right direction to ophir? Where are you? Have you a conflict set of understanding? That's Christian believers topics.... You're funny. Anyway make more funs in the Philippines.?

Waptek you are riding from other people researh, why dont you make your own researh

my work is transformative in nature as a criticism so some usage of the original is required but uses no more of the original than is necessary & this has no negative affect on the market for the original work its self & my work is protected speech as outlined by the 1st amendment to the united states constitution & falls under fair use as outlined in united states copyright laws


Kingdom of Hawaii lasted from 1795–1893 & was a us territory from 1900–1959,

Sun Yat-sen was born 1866/11/12 in china, BUT in 1904 at age 38
based on Sun Yat-sen's own affidavit & evidence submitted by a witnesses
the Territory of Hawaii issued a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth for 1870/11/24
when it was a Kingdom to circumvent the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
he renounced this certificate later after the overthrow the Ching Dynasty

Sun Yat-sen was not entitled to be called Dr. in any meaningful way as He was not able to get the physician licence & The school was not entitled to award any degrees.


Here's why you are full of it. The State of Hawaii also says Sun Yet Sen was born in Hawaii (not a black guy) when everyone knows he was born in China. They still maintain that falsely to this day. The state of Hawaii would say Mickey Mouse was born there if they needed to and the right people bribed their bureaucrats to put things in the record like Sun Yet Sen. The real question is why your interest in this case??

my work is transformative in nature as a criticism so some usage of the original is required but uses no more of the original than is necessary & this has no negative affect on the market for the original work its self & my work is protected speech as outlined by the 1st amendment to the united states constitution & falls under fair use as outlined in united states copyright laws


Most people have a need for religion as they are scared of death or need answers to complicated questions. I personally don’t belong to any religion. However, I am a spiritual person. The most asked question I noticed is simply why are we here. I’ve thought about this for awhile and noticed people complicate simple things. The answer is simple, we are here because we want to be. Usually, people follow the path of atheism should eventually be lead to some sort of spirituality at the end of that road, unless outside influences disrupt that process. Also are you familiar with Micheal Tsarion, I don’t follow everything he says but he has some interesting opinions about psychology and philosophy.


OH AS A PARTING SHOT FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE THAT FAITH HAS ABSOLUTELY NO POWER, "WHY DO PLACEBOS WORK?" the bottom line is they do give you extra mental benefits to bear up which could be just that little push you needed to boost your natural immune system. The little extra boost to push through to a victory you might have given up on without that extra faith.

You have no idea who or what God is, even according to the bible. For example what do you think it means when it says "God is not a respecter of persons but causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the good and bad alike?
Who do you think gave the pharoahs magicians the power to do their magic? FAITH in their belief. But Moses Faith was greater and his miracles were greater, WHY? Because you have more faith when your cause is true than when your cause is false. LOGICALLY! These are conceptual TRUTHS being expressed in metaphors... eesh... it does not change the TRUTH because you express it in a non historically accurate story. Like the boy who cried wold.. the TRUTH is whether historical accurate or not that lying repeatedly destroys your credibility and could cause you your life when you need someone to believe you.
God is very Rea..

Ever compare Moses to Akhenaten? Interesting parallel there

So your 3-5 minutes blabbering is correct? Any teaching or learning takes time...
You're hopeless a hopeless case, you can't even read maps correctly. I rest my case

Are the amount of police shootings a direct correlation to population density Philosophy of specific police departments or red vs blue states? Does it simply come down to an individual’s reaction to stressful situations Thanks

Are u a proponent of science? Then science should be ashamed of having you. Listen to what Einstein said: "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." You haven't even watched the full videos of TGC, yet you have judged them outright... be human at least and try to see what they mean after watching all their videos. I just pray to God that He will never again allow the devil to corrupt ur mind more.... May Abba open ur mind and heart... Please be logical, u're giving science a bad name.

IF they really wanted to stop CO2 emissions they would have BANNED GASOLINE POWERED VEHICLES 50 YEARS AGO. I drove an electric fork lift truck ALL DAY 50 years ago. Carbon Taxes are a SCAM. They dont care about air pollution, they love air pollution because it brings in that tax money which will NOT be spent on cleaning the air.

A twenty one shot magazine will NOT beat you if you hit the guy between the eyes with your first shot.

Get a chatroom and perhaps appoint a few moderators you trust, there is a risk of virus’s etc. However, it is a way to communicate with people you trust. I’m in a couple chatrooms myself but have been chatting with the same people for a couple of years.

@waptek I want to expand on this comment of mine a little. Even you said, no, you were not sure if you believed that when we die that was the end, then you said, well maybe. This cuts right to the heart of what I was saying (and probably as usual not very well) Let me clarify I was not saying that when a human dies there is nothi..

a mass shooting occurred in the United States roughly every 200 days from 1982 - 2011 & every 64 days from 2011 - 2014

1990 - 2013 white jail population doubled in the USA
2001 - 2015 26 victims of jihadists compared to 39 of right-wing zealots.
2001 - 2010 of the 120,000 5% were perpetrated by people diagnosed with mental illness
1980 -2008 men committed 90 percent of all homicides between & 92 percent of all those involving guns
1993 - 2018 the 50% decrease from previous decades in firearm homicides in the nation overall was due to a better economy & better policing ?
1990 Clean Air Act amendments banned lead gasoline
2000 gasoline companies completely phased out lead BUTT

1982–2018 mass shootings (Dr. James Fox using Mother Jones database)
Semi-automatic rifles have been used in 6 of the 10 deadliest mass shooting events
50% involved High capacity magazines
13% shotguns
25% semi-automatic rifles
62% handguns of all types,
48% semi-automatic handguns
14% revolvers

since 1949, 25 mass shootings with 10 or more fatalities happened, 10 before & 15 after the year 2000

since 1900 non-Hispanic whites did 63% of mass public shootings , a least 184 &
since 1900 non-Hispanic whites are 63% of the male population

25% or 1/4 are white mass murderers engaged in public killings @ 72.4%
20% or 1/5 are Asian mass murderers engaged in public killings @ 4.8%
06% or 3/ 50 are black mass murderers engaged in public killings @ 12.6%
51% or 1/2 are OTHER mass murderers engaged in public killings @ 10%? Hispanic, canadian

the 1996 Port Arthur massacre Australia government gun laws are the only example i have seen work besides
the 1996 the United Kingdom laws restricted guns & ONE 2010 Cumbria shooting killed 13 people

"a multiple homicide incident in which 4 or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, and in one or more locations in close proximity" the motive appeared to be indiscriminate killing & in the absence of other criminal ..

Why not try to erradicate the mass shootings instead of only making them look less glamorous but still accept them happening, How many mosques have been set alight or bulldozed this year? .... far more than churches? China

we expect satan attack like this.? I think you are evil man hahahahaha Rise Ophir , then who is the real lost tribes actually The one crossing Jesus thier own blood were scattered from thier own land.God has punishing them - despised the covenant.TQ

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICAL PARTIES IT HAS TO D WITH GLOBALISTS AND SORROS 1, It is called DIVIDE and CONQUER ! Blacks against Whites Women against men Immigrants again Patriots, ANTIFA agains EVERYONE , Clinton supporters against Trump supporters Main Media against Alternative Media!! atheists against Christians against Muslims against Jews ! A DIVIDE AMERICA IS A DEFEATED AMERICA !!?, You reminded me of the joke .. I was going to pray for a bicycle but decided to steal a bicycle instead and pray for forgiveness tadump ha ha ha?, Take an child welfare course and they will tell you children will try to get punished just for the attention.?, isn’t that what God would have experienced before he created anything. THAT is how I came to my understanding of the purpose of life.?

You know that is exactly one of the reasons a lot of people believe in all sorts of religion. And humans have been doing this since the beginning of our existence. I am becoming more and more annoyed that people cannot see that religion is just a crutch. There is absolutely 0 basis in fact for it. In the past 4 years, I supported a close friend who lives across the country from me only by telephone (this person literally had no one else but me so if that sounds silly, I felt like I was his lifeline) in overcoming heroin addiction. Even though it was just by phone I felt like I was there every minute, while he was struggling with debt, while he experienced entering rehab facilities and doing treatment, hearing him on t..

Want something to do? .... ok .... with the global population growth spurt in recent centuries booming our population to what it is now, do you think there could be any possibility for our species to continue on this trend?, even in a star trek type utopia where humans replace our financial & social construct into something more similar to the programmes/ movies... such as no more currency, freely shared resources & knowledge etc.
Or do you think we might not evolve to such a level of cohesion ever?, are we destined to be wiped out by something devastating or will we be more likely to turn against ourselves & only few thrive whilst most die in suffering. (Like Ellesium plot - Matt Damon film).
I am curious on what @waptek thinks the future holds for humanity. Positive or negative. Does humanity hold itself back from sustainable living or is it suffocating itself into extinction... or something else?
Really interested to hear your thoughts on the future of our species, I think we have reached the pinnacle of our time, but am split on what my future anticipated predictions / expectations will be.

I have a question for you. What are we going to do in this country to help deglamourize mass shootings? Stop saying his name in the midia. Come out with PSA's that say if you feel like you gotta go (suicide ) just do it leave others out of it. I'm curious what you think? Oh did you see my video about elevators I think you would like it.

How many churches were just actually set alight in France since 2017 and maybe you could you compare with a time of your choice. If ya bored like :) i could make a start now but av just worked my second day without sleep and a horrible shift that ended a couple of hours ago. please do my home work for me just this time that would be cool.


the Luzon Philippines ancient Tagalog society the Maginoo royal nobility, was an
exclusive hereditary class, while the feudal warrior lower class of nobility subservient
to a datu or tribal chieftain but exempted from paying taxes or royal tributes was called
Maharlika mardika, merdeka, merdeleheka, or maradika, all literaly mean “freedom”

historian Rolando Borrinaga of the Philippines National Commission for Culture & Arts
& Bicolano writer Abdon Balde said it means ‘alipin na itinuring na malaya’ = 'Slave
considered free'

the heroes like Mabini, Luna, del Pilar, Aguinaldo, Bonifacio & even Rizal
were proud being called Filipinos as they wrote to condemned, fight & die
valiantly for the country against the abuses and atrocities of both the Spanish
colonial rulers and the Spanish friars & did not belittle the name Philippines

CURRENT Tagalog has 30,000 root words and 700 affixes; getting
dozens from Persian, Japanese, Russian
0,250 from Arabic
5,000 from Spanish,
1,300 words from English,
1,500 words from Hebrew,
0,300 from Sanskrit,
3,200 from Malay-Indonesia,
3,800 from Visayan Hiligaynon have the same meaning & usage similar to Higaynon

the word Tagalog refers to a community of people that lives near
a body of water, specifically a river, & is a contraction of Taga-ilog ,
taga means “of” & “ilog” means river;
Taga-ilog roughly translated to “of the river”

an ancient now extinct Malay-Javanese language called Kawi
branched off to be the Tagala group of language that incliude
the Visayan & Ancient Tagalog languages

changing the letter i to o SEO Maharlika to Maharloka can be
literally redefined as, or a variation of , a “plane of greatness”.
because Hebrew allows a letter in a word to be changed
to another letter without changing the meaning of the word

stop letting people hoax this history for the promise of a 800 million metric ton false gold cultURE warrior propigandists & academics defy this Ma..

You're like a leaven bread, so much leaven on it. Peace. , its called THE SINGULARITY , Stoopid runs consistanly flat Earth crazy. ..no cure.. Have fun..Sure thing the primatives took their Cigarette Boats to Manila in search of beautiful Gold. ? ;) Traded Cocaine ,

Is it true early radar was not fully understood and people got cooked ? ;)
Thanks on the poles and flushes ..;)

what is a pole "reversal" Question. IF the earth crosses through the equator or plane of the milky way galaxy would it affect our magnetic poles the way tornadoes go one way and cyclones go the otherway based on which side of the equator they are on IF the world is a GLOBE, no matter where you are if you g west you will eventually get there so yeah everywhere is to the east if you keep going west. UMMMM IF the world is a globe ? wouldnt any spot on it be the centre of the surface area of the globe? just sayin. The same would hold true of the EARTH being the center of an infinite universe

Biblical Scholarship You mean that book where in the beginning man was led astray by The Serpent using GODS WORDS? You mean that book where SATAN tried to deceive Jesus using what ? GODS WORDS ? Doesnt sound like a very good book. In fact different denominations even today are claiming that each other asre hellbound. That means if there are 1000 different denominations that at least 999 are hellbound ...assuming one of them is right. ? Not very good odds.

Maybe you have heard my story about the god of the physical universe being the laws of conservation of energy which PROVES at least to me that the universe is constantly creating itself since its inception. and the laws of motion which PROVES to me that our actions are being controlled constantly. God = creator and ruler of universe. THEN on another level GOD =TRUTH it does not matter what YOU BELIEVE it is the TRUTH that will decide your fate. AM I DELUSIONAL

What if the followers of Allah lit off that old French Church? What then? What Now..

Wap..what will happen when the magnetic poles switch? will we get INTO Bed in the Morning? ;) Say What..?

Honest Q..How fast does a flushing toilet spin on either pole?..At the Equator does it flush at right down? ;)?

yer i pretty much liked that too. n maybe the Ark could of been a space ship :)

Active Denial Systems operate @ 400 watts & 95 GHz 3.2 mm wavelength & as the shorter the wavelength the less penetration , , all is absorbed within 0.4 mm or a 64th of an inch

Each element has a unique set of energy levels, and so the frequencies at which it absorbs and emits light act as a kind of fingerprint, identifying the particular element. This property of atoms has given rise to spectroscopy, a science devoted to identifying atoms and molecules by the kind of radiation they emit or absorb. This picture of the atom, with electrons moving up and down between allowed orbits, accompanied by the absorption or emission of energy, contains the essential features of the Bohr atomic model, for which Bohr received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922. His basic model does not work well in explaining the details of the structure of atoms more complicated than hydrogen, however. This requires the introduction of quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics each orbiting electron is represented by a mathematical expression known as a wave function—something like a vibrating guitar string laid out along the path of the electron’s orbit. These waveforms are called orbitals. See also quantum mechanics: Bohr’s theory of the atom.

All you guys that are calling names and what not, please don't do that. Please be respectful and cordial. You'll earn each other's respect if you respect and be polite and cordial to one another, so please be polite.

Guys, maybe you did not understand what he is trying to say. He's just interacting and asking for clarifications because he does not really undrestand the whole thing...Be nice , the truth is he wants to learn more and be patient to g..

to learn how to navigate it in the world map of each location base on all the research that you Satan is working once again with WAPTEK. Before you criticize watch all of their video, you need

have, if you only have it together with your resources. Gather more knowledge as much as

possible to be able to rebuttal in whatever topic they come up to and match it with TGC people.
So you gonna have a healthy conversation with them, that is how the educated people will do to

challenge somebody about their knowledge of a certain topic that you wanted to discuss.

Instead, you chose to but-in with a baseless accusation of yours and just say they are wrong

while you on the other hand doesn't do his homework to back up what you believe in about the

topic that they are discussing in their channel. Just because the country that they associated with

their research is a third world country that's why you don't want everybody to know about the true

identity of the Filipino people and it's history some thousand years ago. I suggest don't you ever

watch their channel, so you will never hear about it.

Just because Mesha is the name of a king of Moab, it refers to that place as the point of

reference. Like there are many Johns in the city, so who is the right one? Of course you have to

check other criteria and eleminate one by one that does not fit or give you the direction. Besides

you have to consider the time frame when this Mesha king of Moab you are saying have been

alive. The passage is demonstrating where the Joktans went to live and the direction given is

towards the east (East of where the earth was divided by the sons of Noah). The TGC say Joktan

means small people (during the old days they name a person based on their appearance or

trait) so it is not hard to think because asians are small in stature. You have not debunked

anything in your presentation. There are more proofs that suggest that Philippines is Ophir. The

Conquistadores who..

This guy is obsessesed with our Ophirian history... Beyond jelousy lmao
Why are you mad,are you jealous that the God culture.no one will beleive you
Why are you so angry about ? We say Its okay these are all nonsence to yourself.
Philippines once called Maharlika means Great Creation amd ophir means the Creation
You said in these video you don't believed in god, so why bother to other people belief

At first i thought i saw a demon...?? and find myself too curious... and to my surprised... you really

sounds like. What are you yanking about. You really sounds like a shit.. don't you realized That?

"A wise man is sensible with his own defect" i think you don't sense it.

Why do you hate the fact about the history of my country, are you racist and hate us Filipinos

The God of Israel is my God which is the same today, tomorrow and forever more!halelujah


you did not prove anything waptek, you talking with sense. are you jelouse? we expecting a satan

like you.

Pigafetta first hand saw that before they came we Filipinos has a way of worship the one God, we

are not a pagan nation who worshipped animism.

Jose Rizal calls the philippines as biblical OPHIR. go read your bible again. Your basis and

assertions are purely fool oxymoron.. stop your nonsensensical whining

Waptek , you are so disturb of a man. I pray that you will come down at your knees and receive

Jesus Christ as your Master, Lord and Savior. You truly need God in your life.

Just keep what your saying....because your in titled to your own opinion. ..that what we called

freedom of speech. .. By the way im a fan of the God culture. ...but I dont want to argue we are all

in titled to our own opinion peace

I think this guy was seeking for attention all of his life if you want subscribers just make better

videos with good concepts and idea. If you want people to believe in your stupidity gave some

proofs and better information.

my work is transformative in nature as a cri..

Please do not believe this man for he is misleading us from the truth! Remember this is just the beginning. We should not be shaken and be lost again for we have Abba in our side. Strengthen your faith for there would be greater deceptions ahead. This is a test of our faith with Yah. God the father we trust in you help us in times like this. Yahbless us all

This video has lots of accusations, but more out of hatred than to shed light or truth. Please do not assert that we should blindly follow what previous bible scholars have written. Their

narratives do not resonate with us, and raises more issues than truths I think I am not alone with

what I feel. That I think is the reason why The God culture has lots of followers. Be clear with your

proofs of accusations and try not to present yourself as mainly making a video because your

supplier of what your taking is telling you to.

Haha your pride just drowned you waptek, you would not admit you're wrong and so brain

washed, apparently u can't accept, but doesn't matter. Truth hurts, and you want to stick to the

false paradigm where your belief system has rooted down. Your arguments with the God Culture


blah, blah, blah. That makes u silly and laughing stock. Don't make yourself sound even more

like a foo

as of this very moment..all mining firms here in the country of what you call the philippines is

melting gold..oh Yes!!..its non stop..24/7..right at the moment you blabber your ignorance...prove

your point geographically that the philippines is not Aupheer..as well as archeogically...the

magnetic north shifts..right? plot it then from the time of the writing of the bible to the

present..geographicaly presented so that we can believe you the phillipinnes is not in the east or

the uttermost end of the world..much more so in the ancient times...we are from the

east...because we are from the east...disprove it..

Were humans around 13,00 years ago? What would that have been like being around then YDE?... 50,000 years ago How old is the base blocks of the pyramids & Peruvian temples in the mountains Was there an organised civilization thriving in all regions of the planet long before most people comprehend or even pin on the board of the bigger picture... Many think their religion is the starting point of time, as if people did not exist (or were Neanderthal barbarian cavemen) before the days of "Jesus" \ "Mohammed" or whatever deity \ person they worship from only a few thousand years ago. I think most modern mainstream religions are merely a trending fad on the bigger scale of our existence...(like that dark emo stage teenagers often go through)... Odds are that Earth will still be here in 1,000 years time, but humans and the world as we know it will not be. The global population will have to be decreased or mostly reset by that time either through us overgrowing & destroying or using up all resources until we wipe ourselves out, or a catastrophic event (which would be more preferable in my mind after my 1st option of the necessity to control our growth & consumption to more replenishable conditions). So on the bigger scale of things, getting back to my point, a religion that would only have been around for 2,000 \ 3,000 or even 5,000 years in various guises & interpretations \ translations is miniscule in importance on the global timescale, or even the human existence scale... Besides having influenced disagreement, distrust, hatred & division amongst us all briefly before we hit the extinction level barrier. Then again, the planet was not over populated or stripped of resources so much if we go back just 2,000 years ago... Yet many people would have died back then from lack of food or shelter \ heating etc, with religion being created as a coping mechanism & teaching instructions later misused & abused as a controlling mechanism by our leaders through deliberate misi..

Man, don't allow yourself to be burned with jealousy and envy. It's a deadly sin. If there is one country and people who deserve all the glory that the Heavenly Father has prepared for His people in the last days, it's the Philippines and the Filipinos. Suck it up man! We're aware of our origins.

Just be very careful of what drugs your taking , meth and flakka destroyed the career of sponge Bob , your losing your hair !! Your so dazed and confused damn that's flakka ... Just do weed then watch gag videos or hard core porn it'll suits your nerves , your a senior old man pls take care of yourself bro !!! "JUST WEEDS"

You are not investigating well..u are wrong in ur explanation ..try again.. from the beginning..START AND REVIEW ALL VIDEOS..PLEASE..CRAZY STUPID BALD MAN..SHAME ON U..U SAYING ALL BULLSHITS EXPLANATIONS..HAHAHA

Whichever country have the treasure of darkness (WW2 japanese loot left in the Phil) in the East (Isaiah 45:3), that's what matters. The Philippines (a Christian country) is surrounded by heathens countries in Asia (Ezekiel 36:36), just like Israel. Prophesies in the Bible like these established Filipinos belief that the Philippines is Ophir and its people are the chosen people. There are more Biblical proofs but you are not deserving to know.

waptek thanks man for agreeing that Ophir is in the EAST as you said it can be in Burma, China, india, korea, Japan aslong as Not Africa or Saudi Arabia its okay with me. Dont stop finding the truth seek the truth and enlightenment us of your finding. But this I can say to you when the sealing is done that day is my Day.

let waptek speak atleast he agree that Ophir is in the east not in Africa or Saudi Arabia. lets him gave a credit for agreeing its in the EAST whether if be Japan ir Korea or China Or India doesnt matter For we know the truth. But lets wait a little time when the sealing is done! That DAY is our Day!?

You forgot to mention that Ophir was told "…in front of China towards the sea, of..

67,000 BC Callao Man The earliest known human remains in the Philippines are the fossilised remains discovered in 2007 in the Callao Caves in Cagayan. The 67,000-year-old find predates the 47,000-year-old Tabon Man, which was until then the earliest known set of human remains in the archipelago. The find consisted of a single 61 millimeter metatarsal which, when dated using uranium series ablation, was found to be its current age. If definitively proven to be remains of Homo sapiens, it would also be one of the oldest human remains in the Asia-Pacific & the 2010 Callao Man wikipedia page moved to 2019 Homo luzonensis an Undescribed animal species They don't know if it was human or not because it is too old to be able to tell,

waptek would you kindly make a comment about the Philippines is the Land of creation as per God Culture since now there this breakthrough evidence released by National Geographic and other agencies.

is this video not enought proof to you? evidence speak loader than your none sense mouth.?



my work is transformative in nature as a criticism so some usage of the original is required but uses no more of the original than is necessary & this has no negative affect on the market for the original work its self & my work is protected speech as outlined by the 1st amendment to the united states constitution & falls under fair use as outlined in united states copyright laws


ophthalmologist José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Realonda became a key member of the Filipino Propaganda Movement while the philipenes was a colony under Spain.


@waptek your sources are crap it is proven by many people already. wake up man stop acting like a child?

You are talking to your ownself! Something is wrong with you. You need a medical assistance.

Time is not come yet. "God Bless MAHARLIKA"... Philippines.

No money donation coming to you DUDE

I know now why the god culture is laughing at you.

Praying for you my friend.

Baldy is so hateful, he's trying to make money


Ha ha ha!, Are you OK?, No body believe you, ha ha ha! Your out of mind

you yourself is admitting that you dont know what are you talking abour

Sir you are famous now.????. Congrats. But you cannot convince sorry us

This guy is not dont know nothing but a pure mouth slime

Such a laughing stock!

baybayin have a lot of vatiations if dare search.

we do not borrowed our script from borneo..it is solely our own

#Conclusion: Not worth watching your videos. Such a waste of time. Shalom!

Sounds like you are overdozed with shabu Satan! Get lost with your minions

Your face is an occult like that of Nephilims!

Satan is a liar and you are one of his minions! Shalom!

Your face looks so scary like that of nephilims! #GoBehindUsSatan #ThereIsNoTruthInYou

weak. you cannot even prove your argument. tsk

Philippines,Maharlika "God Bless Philippines"

This guy doesn't really know what he is talking. Pray for him!! YAHUAH BLESS!

i think he is a liberal.?

Another paid person by the Oligarch Luciferian Elites! #AlertoKabayans

Maybe you are lost.

The white man is ......talking.

Where is the 1500 and 98 document? It is in you face


Can you make your own video that you are in Galaxy, ha ha ha you are crossbreed to Nephilim Giants you are not pure Human like Sheba of Ethiopia that has legs of goat wha ha ha ha! People don't watch this non sense videos of WAPTEK his videos is not EDUCATIONAL instead he teaches the false beliefs?

WHERE IS THE PLACE IN FAREAST ASIA... PRAYING TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST of ISRAEL WHOLE THE EAST ASIA ARE DOMINATE ISLAM BUDDHIST HINDU ECETERA ECETERA and other cult religion......it is only the only island that worship jesus christ begotten Son of God .. God of abraham God of israel

Hahaha! You don’t know something about Philippine, Ophir is our ancient name before Spanish conquest, we are islands and in Far East, and we are nation of gold. If you can’t accept this facts then you just leading to nonsense studies of yours

He is only talking in gulf.. country..there is some code of words to be decoded in the bible history not because those prophets like moises..abraham..solomon..moises even jesus was born in israel..if you read and understand the bible..the bible says the god create the first human from the garden of pleasure..from not cold & hot temperature..do you think..gulf country and europe U.S is fit to that history of the garden of eden

All your created videos are not worth watching. You are full of lies deceiving the believers of TRUTH. Hey, we are no longer ignorant! Even if you will hang yourself and die, NO ONE will believe you! Better save your saliva for your last breath

Sulu is a Sultanate, in 1500 A separate kingdom from hispanic Philippines. So definitely other islands except Sulu and Southwest of Mindanao might be referred to as Ophir. Lequios as the Phoenecians called Luzon is the present day Ilocos. Dbelium, gold, onyx, silver, peacocks, monkeys, ivory all suited to the Philippines! Jesus called Yahuah, Abba. We called Yawa as Abba. but latet Yawa was translated by priars as devil. So what a coincidents, right. So what do you think is t..

you do not believe in God... you believe in science, and thats your religion... you talk too much

like a girl... you poor guy

oh boy, i pity you man.... you are bubbling non-sense asking for attention...
Your angered overshadow your wholebeing

think about what you babble..explaining things with vulgarity and profanity doesnt make you a

genius, but a braggart fool

Kind suggestion to you. --- Go and die with your myth and bury yourself with your lies!


None will believe your sphere earth Satan! The Most High YAHUAH reveal us the TRUTH that

the Earth is FLAT. #TheEarthIsFlatAsWrittenInTheScriptures

I appreciate sir if you can debunk the whole video series one by one to proved your point and

also your reference clearly stated

time is come that the most high reveal the truth, he who reveal the truth is not a member of a

church group they are looking for the truth guided by the holy spirit to reveal all things to his lost

tribe. this is the work of GOD

the guy (yes, you narrator/presenter) is burning with envy n bitterness. He must repent for that

spirit to set him free!

Ha ha ha! Go go go waptek ha ha ha! Take care of your heart ha ha ha!, Are you serious or your

a joker ha ha ha!, WAPTEK

Magkano kaya ang binayad ng Oligarch Luciferian Elites sa mamang 'to? Hahaha! Such a

waste of time watching his videos with no proof just keep on blabbering like a frog and say

kokak kokak! He does looked like a Jesuit priest who victimized the innocent children!


Ok ,but can ask you why the philippines are the center of the center of marine biodiversty on

earth and this is not at all why the gold of the philippines are the finest one ,even the big pearl

found in the land of the philippine ,but its ok if the philippine are not the ohpir like you said ,so to

all the power country like eupropean ,us,china and the other countries please hands off from

the philippines because we are very curious untill n..

2016/04/20 UCI doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai, 200,000 recharge cycle tested a manganese dioxide coated gold nano wire based CAPACITOR to a theoretical 400 year lifespan as a battery
Maryland University Nanostructure Electrical Energy Storage Energy Frontier Research Center


Maharlikans tribe or empire is Hawaii, Borneo, Guam,philippines and molocas ..

Scripture or it didn't happen.?, Oh I see. This is a White Supremacy move. Don't be insecure. We're all beautiful.

The dumbest video ever made by this moron embecile... who cant even read and comprehend the bible literally... go back to grade school dude.

We know you're a shill. Keep trying to mislead. My spirit resonate and will shift and awaken this world. Whoever you're serving into will not win this time around. I will guarantee it.

what you dont understand our culture is been erase sir yes us Filipino are little dark or brown chinese had describe us dark people not black .....they only tell either your light skin or black

Spanish document al lie they hide the truth becsuse of gold.now you lieng too .90 percent our name place in phillipine are hebrew name name.now why you want to try go to biringan the lost city and you will disappered

the God Culture showed historical, geographical and Bible references and took a long time to research their theory, true or not is beside the point. since you uploaded in youtube, you must have evidence to disprove them.....instead of showing your face during the entire video

waptek thank you waptek now all im asking this is big help us out to claim our land is our own not Jesuits or king Philip they erased our ancestry big time and they change our history for you as a great historian or scholar help us not by so gold no just our own history ..thank you yah bless from Abba

Hahaha if you think j..

You hav to copy the style of god culture proved it w/facts so we can understand

lol i cant even

Sandy Hook was still a Psy-Op. I knew the free houses meme was disinfo years ago. Both Fetzer and Halbig have been exposed for being Cointelpro. Watch XRAYULTRA's exposure of both these guys. Tracey says the Agents who are handling Halbig right now approached him years ago and offered him big money to undermine Sandy Hook Truth from within the movement. I've talked to people who were in the school just months before the shooting. It was flooded and in deep disrepair.

Maybe big bearded bald man This guy is more confused than me in the Pre-Spanish colonialism of the Philippines. He should search more on the internet to know more. Obviously, Antonio Pigafetta will only report what was favorable to them and call everyone uncivilized. Baybayin is one of the evidence of ancient Ophir already knew the Creator God, even though the Spaniards had destroyed most of the literature of the people in the Archipelago. Baybayin is closely similar to the ancient Hebrew alphabet.

mr. bald ..hahahaha ....sorry but it is truth not confusing ... more research so that much to answer....lol? offensive angry bird... just do your research...careful cardiac arrest..lol?Wiki is mostly freemason literature.?, Your map is wrong. Lol?, Lmao what a lunatic?, What a lunatic with cognitive dissonance lmao?, You look like a madman lol. Cognitive dissonance at its best lmao. The earth is flat lmao. You came from apes, filipinos came from god haha? if you have a knowlegde to know read a bible so you give me a prove boy.... understand first?

Anyone, who could abort a child in late trimester or moments before birth, is a demon..UNLESS it is truly risking the physical health of the (mother, wrong word)..woman...and I am not at all religious..There is no need to wait till the last moment to decide on an abortion..Here's an idea as well, keep your legs closed or make sure you are at least responsib..

48.408896,-4.7851072 at the tip of Plouarzel Finistère France coast beach in a cliff side cave below the high tide mark a shipping container of novelty Garfield phones was stranded in the 1980's storm but as of today “What we found was the remainder of the shipping container. And it was empty.” 1500 cargo ship containers are lost each year & two brothers had kept this discovery for them selves, Rene Morvan knew this in the 1980's & said I was between 19 and 20 years old. We found a container that was stranded in a fault, it was open, a lot of things were gone but there was a stock of phones, At the time, there was a lot of things that came to us from the sea.


thank you Rémi & Marie Bizie 48.4107055,-4.7841192

https://youtu.be/alk7ohnP_kg?t=15s = another image match !

thank you Rémi & Marie Bizie

my work is transformative in nature as a criticism so some usage of the original is required but uses no more of the original than is necessary & this has no negative affect on the market for the original work its self & my work is protected speech as outlined by the 1st amendment to the united states constitution & falls under fair use as outlined in united states copyright laws



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