allow live chat replay for this premier & automatically block spam messages is now defaulted to on ?


police chase ended at fly cut barber shop 2015/06/26 2:40 p.m 8416 Avalon Blvd LA CA

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two suspects who led Los Angeles Unified School District police on a high-speed chase were taken into custody in the Florence area of South Los Angeles Friday.
The chase began near Manchester Avenue and Avalon Boulevard when police attempted to stop the suspects who were driving a stolen Audi. The driver and passenger exited the stolen vehicle with their hands up and surrendered to police near 84th Street and Avalon Boulevard at about 2:40 p.m.

BUTT According to cnn-internationaledition posing as CNN.

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Compos has just been arrested
by Las Vegas authorities as being the second shooter
in the massacre that took the lives of 59
and injured more than 500 others
Many experts are crying foul over the media’s narrative that there was only one shooter,
the Las Vegas sheriff who says it was “impossible”
a former Navy SEAL who said in a recent interview that the official story “does not add up.”

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist,
professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet
who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap
about your feelings when exposing the truth.
If you want your daily dose of news delivered
in the most politically incorrect way as possible,
make sure you follow Prissy!







a highly qualified Bio Researcher would not downplay lead poisoning
& lead based paints use lead carbonate or lead chromate (PbCO3)(PbCrO4). Both are insulators & not conductive or absorbant elemental lead

No safe blood lead level in children has been identified , Some died slow deaths. Others went into convulsions. Tens of thousands yet to be born were at risk of permanent damage. Lead paint
& Joe Imbriano Fullerton Informer is WRONG!
Wake Up Please to his Plan from Unspeakabley Evil Minds


i saw one linked to this that had the whole comment section discussing that
lead had been banned in paint because it provides shielding from 5g
i was torn between linking them to
prof. Karen Wetterhahn's wiki or trying to
sell them e-bay chinese paint for $100 a can as anti 5g proofing

the earthquake & tsunami left
300,000 homeless ,
020,000 or more killed, (92.5% by drowning) ,

among Fukushima workers;
000,300 received significant radiation doses,
000,030 had exposure levels greater than 100 mSv,
000,006 exceeded lifetime radiation legal limits,
000,004 developed & survived leukemia & thyroid cancer
000,001 has died after 6 years?

2018/08/31 the government decided the grieving family should be paid compensation
for a 28 year career nuclear worker in his 50s that continued working at the plant until 2015
who was then diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb 2016
after he had been exposed to about 195 millisieverts (mSv) of radiation "total"

100 mSv a year is “the lowest level at which any increase in cancer risk is clearly evident.”
but lung cancer is not the type of cancer caused by nuclear accidents
lung cancer in Japan is the fourth most common type, behind breast, colorectal & stomach,

in the United States, 46% of men and 38% of women will get cancer but only 24% die
In Japan, most of them will die from it but it’s only 20% of the population?

A May 2012 United Nations committee report the 6 workers died, NOT from radiation exposure but ;
2 workers died from multiple external injuries & blood loss at age 21& 24
2 workers in their 60s died from heart failure brought on by heat stroke from wearing full-body radiation protection gear
2 workers died from "other" (original synopsis is missing )

the Sievert is a measure of the health effect of low levels of ionizing radiation on the human body



Goliath was 4 cubits & a span or 2.06 meters or 6 foot 9 inches tall in the Dead Sea Scroll text of Samuel, the 1st-century historian Josephus, & 4th-century Septuagint manuscripts

1707-1788 French natural philosopher Georges-Louis Leclerc argued that New World humans must be small & degenerate

Bergmann’s rule: Animals, including humans, have a tendency to grow larger in cold climates and smaller in warm ones ,

2:33 the Smithsonian refused to discuss giant stories & "artifacts" frauds
2:45 6 foot 3 was freakishly tall for people from 3000 to 1900 BC according to the Xinhua website

5:22 in 1520 Antonio Pigafetta retold the fictional account of a Patagon from a 1512 novel by Francisco Vázquez called "Primaleón"

6:00 in 1773 the official account of Byron's voyage stated the 6 foot 6 inch Tehuelche & had been mis identified as giants not 5 cubits
3:35 Phillip Tobias said The partial Berg Aukas femur is not attributable to austrulopithecus, Paranthropus, or early Homo & its 518 mm estimated length not far outside the normal 490 MM human femur BUTT a Pharmaceutics expert Michael Tellinger made the assertion that was 2 times as big when at
4:10 its then compared to a femur that they would expect for the time BUTT not to a modern human femur


since most fossil evidence for evolution of hominids & hominins exists in East Africa & Southeast Asia the preferred ancestor of "some people " is a SINGLE fossil specimen found in 2002 in what is now Hostalets de Pierola, Catalonia (Spain)

Pierolapithecus catalaunicus is an extinct species of primate which lived about 13 million years ago during the Miocene epoch 23 to 5 million years ago & may be ancestral to humans, chimpanzees and gorillas but not orangutans given certain characteristics of the face. (citation needed ) this was presented 19 November 2004 Salvador Moyà-Solà's team


a General Data Protection Regulation warning, requiring you to opt-in to their privacy settings telling you a site is part of the Oath family of sites in contravention of a "ban" on default opt-ins when it “requires a positive opt-in. Consent means offering individuals real choice and control. Genuine consent should put individuals in charge, build trust and engagement, and enhance your reputation.”

go into the ‘more options’ button and opt out of each individual sharing partner that the site will share your data with


1977, the first real time satellite imagery was acquired, 2013, ARGUS-IS,

NASA DailyPlanet layer shows the entire Earth at 6 – 12 hours old BUT with 250 meter across pixels or medeum resolution
geosynchronous Weather satellites orbit 36,000 km above you record at 30 meter pixel low res all "day"
1 meter High resolution satellites orbit a few hundred kilometers above the Earth that cannot look at one spot all day
0.3 m resolution military analouge film based Reconnaissance satellites are used for specific events & require weeks to set up

a satilites Swath is the Amount of ground covered lengthwise in the passing of the satellite in its orbit, the time taken to circle the earth , (every 90 minutes?)
as strips of imagery , but its the interval of time that passes before the satellite scans the same point of the globe (every month?)
all of this must be Sun-synchronous orbit that always passes over the earth at the same local sun time at a high angle for fewer shadows
& add to this the need to toss out clouds haze , pollution & bad imagry at the assumed Resolution for the amount of ground covered in one pixel
(one meter resolution) = one square meter on the ground for each pixel ,

all higher resolution images you actualy see are taken from air planes under the cloud cover
any info available would point down & in a small space , a plane is to small to detect by satilite
in this time frame & all of that was stopped , as the attacks were understood to have happened

hundreds of cellphone cameras in a mosaic to video and
auto-track every moving object within a 36 square mile area
aint in orbit!



Image Forensic Expert Is My Digital Image Edited?

different approaches for hiding pixels are used by different image generating & or editing programs & can be detected & associated to them

2:32 = ELA Error Level Analysis permits identifying areas within an image that are at different compression levels, by detecting the distribution of error introduced after re-saving the image at a specific compression rate,

the presence of a uniform level of compression artifacts does not rule out editing of the data since editing could have been performed on less or lossless data followed by uniformly applied lossy compression

3:20 = exemplar is a typical example or excellent model of what is normally produced by the
device under the same conditions & then compaired to the data in question

https://fotoforensics.com/ = blocked as of today

A neutron bomb it is NOT faerie dustification , its a .8 square mile 8,000 rems lethal dose area from a one-kiloton bomb detonated at 1,500 feet

a low yield thermonuclear weapon designed to maximize lethal neutron radiation in the immediate vicinity of the blast by removing a "jacket" of uranium-238 that encases the fusion-fission device,

this jacket was to increase the explosive yield of the bomb
, remove it & you increase the output of prompt radiation to as high as 80%, while scaling back on the amount of energy released in the form of blast, heat and fallout.

in Teller Ulam hydrogen thermonuclear weapon the primary fusion fuel is solid lithium-6 ( solid till 356 F ) bound to gasious heavy hydrogen 3 called deuterium ,a nuclear fission trigger or atom bomb explodes to heat, compress, & neutron bombarded this lithium hydride into breeding tritium when struck with fast neutrons as deuterium tritium ar both isotopes of hydrogen they then fuse to produce helium-4, a neutron, 17.59 MeV of free energy in the form of gamma rays, kinetic energy, ,,
Li-6 + n to He-4 + H-3.
4p 1He 2e 2ne energy 9/11 Mini-Neutron Bomb inside job dustification Jeff j. Prager ,

Sandy Hook? WTF!



In Star Wars Force Awakens Han and Chewie own and pilot , Eravana a ship full of shipping containers ,
in the ilustrated book about this movie BUT NOT THE MOVIE they have been unable to open container
9906753 & this container is also briefly seen in Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in a ware
house originally depicted at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark & held the Ark of the Covenant as a visual
metaphor for reburying the ark in a place it will never be found, if you hide something in plain sight within
a large bureaucratic system, it's unlikely to ever be opened again.

see also most government document storage facility's, Walbridge Army Research Lab, Fort Meade NSA lab, Fort Knox Federal Depository, Smithsonian Archive, Vatican Secret Archives , Warehouse 13, Hangar 51 ,

Since 2006 The U.S. Mint has been losing money on every penny it's produced in 2016 it cost the mint 1.5 cents to produce a penny in 2017, 1.82 Cents but why was this done & how is this acceptable , scrappers! pre 1982 copper cent melt value is 180% of its face value & post 1983 copper cent melt value is 062% of its face value

$5.00/lbs nickle
$2.00/lbs copper
$1.50/lbs Stainless Steel
Tungsten highest tensile strength is brittle & can shatter on impact.
Chromium hardest metal is brittle as well
$30/lbs Titanium has the best of both , 63,000 PSI. Its tensile-strength-to-density ratio is higher than any natural metal , extraordinarily resistant to corrosion.
carbon is hardest element of the periodic table (DIAMONDS!)

Uranium 238 004.5 billion year half-life
Bismuth 209 020 billion billion year half-life longest known natural element
tellurium-128 770 billion billion year half-life longest known synthetic element
francium-223 22 minute half-life shortest known natural element
neutron, (isolated) 10 minute half-life if , decays into an electron & an electron-anti neutrino
protons ,(alpha parts! ) theoretical 210 octilion year Exponential proton Decay ..

youth activist riot lifestyle rules destroys a mature society

if The term "woman" refers specifically to human beings, & "Female" is a scientific term that refers to the sex of ANY species that is capable of producing children. "Female, it appears, must now be assumed to reference female dog and thus the slang pejorative for women" ergo reducing a woman to her reproductive abilities is dehumanizing and exclusionary, it is most often used to imply inferiority or contempt. ok so i found that "reasoning" = nobody casually refers to men as "males."

female is an adjective that modifies a noun & women or woman are nouns to say “women [insert X noun]” would be grammatically incorrect BUT! feels!?


capture multiple sequential images of different exposures with one sensor or multiple sensors to produce High Dynamic Range vs the Standard Dynamic Range 8-bits per sample bit depth of 255 to one IS the range offered by the majority of current displays so No matter how broad that HDR scale appears it is being truncated in some way to 8 bits

a 10-bits per sample dynamic range may show selected info from a 200,000 to one source , but its still 1024 to one in binary

from ISO 100 to ISO 200 is a 1 stop increase & doubles the sensor's sensitivity
from ISO 800 to ISO 400 is a 1 stop decrease & halves the sensor's sensitivity

Angle brackets aren't allowed in your clickbaiter description waptek!

It's not YouTube which set the values at 255 (white) in the center of the flash, it's the limited dynamic range of the camera which clipped them at 255. All RGB values in the center are "blown out" (white), simply because the camera couldn't handle the original high values. The proper way to assess the color spectrum is to find a pixel just off the white center, with all RGB values over 255, so that we know that none of them was clipped. There are many such pixels (you'd need to average them), but the one I found was RGB 254, 242, 142. That is, the color components of the muzzle flash are roughly in this proportion to each other, 100 : 95 : 56, i.e. what we call "orange". When the flash was being recorded, the core of the flash had the same color proportion, but much higher in value (e.g. 1000, 950, 560), which is why the limited dynamic range of the camera clipped them down to 255, 255, 255. In other words, the flash is orange everywhere, it's just so bright in the center that the camera records the center as "white". Needless to say (as you correctly said), color-wise this orange flash is very different from the "bluish" flash near the Luxor. Although the Luxor "flash" is so small, it's hard to tell how much contribution comes from the background

plane #1 = WS1791 boeing 737-7CT,
plane #2 = NK1069 airbus a320-323,
plane #3 = NKS805 airbus a320-323,
plane #4 = AA1642 airbus 321-111,
plane #5 = vg? 1260 from runway 26R,

if 3:12 in Crypto Brock video = 10:05 PM , 7:00 in Crypto Brock video = 10:09pm?
video analysis of 19 seconds Helicoptor Theory - Analyzing Evidence To Find The Truth
by "Cue Anon"
based on "Las Vegas Shooting First Actual Shots - Rare "
uploaded 2017/10/07 by "Crypto Brock" formerly " tall ace of spades" ,
"People are clearly trying to leave the scene shortly after the initial shots which start at 3:12."

volleys & breaks i heard before this
03:12 - 3:22 = 3 shots? , 29 second break
03:51 - 04:0? = 10 seconds? , 39 second break
04:39 - 04:49 = 10 seconds , 17 second break
05:06 - 05:17 = 11 seconds , 20 second break
05:36 - 05:46 = 10 seconds , 22 second break?
06:08 cameraman is at gate 5, 40 second break

06:48 - 07:07 = 19 seconds of clear views of strobes between the Mandalay bay & the delano BUT no shot sounds

this then ends & then their is a 26 second break till

volleys & breaks i heard after this =
07:33 - 7:40 = 7 seconds, 64 second break
08:45 - 08:56 - 11seconds, 59 second break?
09:55 - 10:07? 17 seconds?, 14 second break
10:22 - 10:32 - 10 seconds , 50 second break?
11:17 - 11:26 = 9 seconds , 60 second break?
12:36 - 12:38 = 2 seconds, 2 second break ?
12:40 - 12:44 = 4 seconds?, 17 second break
13:02 - 13:07 = 5 seconds , end?

movie guns are designed to make a flash , military & civilian guns are NOT ,
they ARE designed to use enough powder to propel the bullet with
the least waste & least visibility using a common standard

vs dirt devil/s "citation" of tall ace of spades "first shots rare" & 6:48 - 7:07
We are John Cullen. We won't stop. (obsessed)
Why do we not see CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News
or Washington Post digging in and asking the tough questions?
Now I have no idea..

movie guns are designed to make a flash , military & civilian guns are NOT , they ARE designed to use enough powder to propel the bullet with the least waste & least visibility using a common standard

volleys & breaks i heard before this
03:12 - 3:22 = 3 shots? , 29 second break
03:51 - 04:0? = 10 seconds? , 39 second break
04:39 - 04:49 = 10 seconds , 17 second break
05:06 - 05:17 = 11 seconds , 20 second break
05:36 - 05:46 = 10 seconds , 22 second break?
06:08 cameraman is at gate 5, 40 second break

06:48 - 07:07 = 19 seconds of & no shot sounds, chopper strobes, clear views
of Mandalay bay & the delano then ends & then their is a 26 second break till

volleys & breaks i heard after this =
07:33 - 7:40 = 7 seconds, 64 second break
08:45 - 08:56 - 11seconds, 59 second break?
09:55 - 10:07? 17 seconds?, 14 second break
10:22 - 10:32 - 10 seconds , 50 second break?
11:17 - 11:26 = 9 seconds , 60 second break?
12:36 - 12:38 = 2 seconds, 2 second break ?
12:40 - 12:44 = 4 seconds?, 17 second break
13:02 - 13:07 = 5 seconds , end?

19 second clear view of Mandalay bay & chopper blinky with NO shot sounds from "Las Vegas Shooting First Actual Shots - Rare "uploaded 2017/10/07 by "Crypto Brock" formerly " tall ace of spades" , "People are clearly trying to leave the scene shortly after the initial shots which start at 3:12."

vs dirt devil/s "citation" of tall ace of spades "first shots rare" & 6:48 - 7:07
We are John Cullen. We won't stop. (obsessed)
Why do we not see CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News
or Washington Post digging in and asking the tough questions?
Now I have no idea if these helicopters were involved with the shooting of any people
(then why imply this & why ignore useful facts so obsessively )
the evidence that we do have before us is pretty clear that there was without a doubt
something going on that night that was pre planned and
these helicopters were definitely involved in some way.
(no thats an assertion & bias..

About a day after fertilization, blue tang eggs hatch, later they metamorphose into yellow juveniles & within a year become blue.
they have defensibly extendable scalpel like spines along the top & bottom of their bodies, & venomous tail fin spines &
can live more than 30 years because they often play dead. BUT ANY predator that consumes them will have weeks of
ciguatera poisoning making them DEAD & or TOXIC & those that don't die "MAY" suffer weeks or years of neurological symptoms
like Pins & needles sensations, numbness of extremities, mouth, lips, muscle & head aches, vertigo, hallucinations, &
ATAXIA , a dysfunction of the cerebellum which is involved in some cognitive functions like attention, language, & regulation
of fear & emotion & also PROCEDURAL MEMORY PROCESSING

SO if nemo's fin was injured as an egg & he was born that way
dory was injured as a yellow juvenile , it stunted her growth & is 1 to 30 years old , SEO obviously this memes her mom & or dad !! ,,

DID NOT accidentally poison her ! , . LOLZ had you going ;-)
her symptoms & back story only meme she ate some shell fish!

no really that's all

in ASP, Amnesic shellfish poisoning , the neurotoxin domoic acid causes permanent brain damage & death in severe cases


if that does not happen it usually just causes permanent short
term memory loss ! , , JUST LIKE SHE SAYS! , , & dory is not lying ,

when she said "it runs in my family , or at least i think it does " ,
dory just cant remember what she was told as a 1 year old ,
DUH! ,

its just because she was born in captivity & as this is nearly
impossible to do , this is the side affect of selective breeding

youtube IRQVZzfE44I
livescience 55339-regal-blue-tangs
human-memory brain_parts
wikipedia Paracanthurus

the International Defensive Pistol Association only lists 2 texas locations , none in dallas

Texas idpa Club # & name
C0193 East Texas Rifle And Pistol Club Longview,
C0188 Texas Tactical San Antonio

AcesWildMMA uploaded Oct 6, 2017 days after some say Youtube / FBI took down this


the girl probably had no idea where or what she was doing. ????R.I.P. ????
This is such a sad freaking situation bc she probably had NO IDEA what she was doing.
She was probably in a trance or seziure state or whatever.
A BB gun should have been moved away from her to start?
The one who took her life has to live with it too..this could have been me,so it hits hard.? ,
I've had a "seziure" where I literally had my heart stop. I was in a hospital thank god
but the trance state was so real to this day it's hard to believe it wasn't real.
(Because it was me dying and i was having some type of divine spiritual hullucinations and
the stuff involved things from current events today,future an past all the way back to egypt
an sumerians. Craziest part is I LEARNED NEW WORDS AN HISTORY during this "event"
i knew nothing of before..know it wasn't real now but it's not like a drug trip..it was like
a different dimension where i could pick points in time like pages in a book and visit them
in spirit an feel the emotion of that instance i was observing of my life AND someone elses life
who i dont know? They said my liver gave out and ammonia was coming up to my brain
causing hullucinations but the trance was SO real it's insane. The hospital said
I was talking about things people go to college for.. (I never went) it was also the most peaceful
place ever. No emotions of fear,dying,death just overwhelming feeling of love over you.
(Sounds insane) I know..but I technically died and came back. It was a 1 time event an
I'll never forget. There's much more too but I'm just getting the point across

If people put as much energy in to finding out why Paddock did what he did, as is put into
the attempt to exonerating him, We just might have the why by now.
(well not the same people, smart people. I am really getting sick of the the idiots
driving the conversation. Empty boxes are empty, not only of what was in them but
of any significance because they contain noth..

The ability to enter the property without permission When a loved one fails to respond, , No court order is required

the police can be called in to conduct a welfare check, as long as they have reasonable grounds to believe that an inhabitant in a residence is endangered, they can legally enter the premises &

the police conduct a welfare check typically by knocking on the door, wait for a response, If they still receive no response, announce their law enforcement affiliation. If they still receive no response they may enter the property.

This is particularly useful when someone inside the house is unconscious or otherwise unable to respond.
In some cases, this is a life saving intervention.

but after years of Refractory Celiac Disease & recent seizures at her home
cops got paramedics & mental health clinicians to help her &
after having 90 minutes of overarching control over the situation
the officers shot Vanessa Marquez dead because she pointed
a BB gun at them during this wellness or Welfare check


medical doctor Jeffrey Davidson quoted one of his office directors on the phone who said their was a mass shooting & that we were going to initiate what she called a mass casualty incident or disaster drill & he initially did not know what she was talking about , because a mass casualty incident is not also called a disaster drill

A mass casualty incident, multiple-casualty incident , multiple-casualty situation is any incident in which emergency medical services resources, such as personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties

a medical office director is a medical office manager & they have to show excellent organizational skills, the ability to perform well in stressful situations & be responsible for day-to-day operation, budgeting & maintaining medical and staff records & also
requires knowledge of healthcare systems "operations"

https://youtu.be/-klMNhxATj8?t=1m15s the comment section is sad

a childish & fantastically flawed , devious, amoral unreliable, irresponsible , untrustworthy all powerful entity that can alter, create, or destroy virtually any form of matter or energy, affect time in essentially any way they chose. from a virtually stagnant but very highly ordered society

On June 15, 2018, Matthew Phillip Wright of Henderson, Nevada, was arrested on terrorism and other charges for driving an armored vehicle, containing an AR-15 and handgun, to the Hoover Dam and blocking traffic for 90 minutes on a mission involving QAnon: to demand that the Justice Department "release the OIG report" on the conduct of FBI agents during the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server

Jones & Corsi declared Q completely compromised by May 2018 5 months late! & August 4, 2018 Sean Spicer said Q is not legit,


calm before the storm, the live action alternate reality role-playing game posted B4 2017/10/28 , to spin the Mueller investigation as a counter coup , with Donald Trump, pretending to collude with Russia so Robert Mueller can secretly investigate , Rothschild family, Hollywood stars, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros& high-level official members of an international child sex trafficking ring planning a coup ??!!
yes "Blissett" published the novel Q in 1999 but , thats not it, pi-card!

my trophy room =
Time magazine said among the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2018.
Hillsborough County Republican Party said "mysterious anonymous inside leaker of deep state activities and counter activities by President Trump"
Fox News commentator Sean Hannity has tweeted about QAnon,

i am trying to test youtubes H8r9000 bot For those of you that don't know the context of the title.


20 minutes into their stream it was shut down while talking about Alex Jones. , they received a strike and therefore were not able to live stream anymore. So they had to continue the episode offline and combine the two parts. Since then, their channel was reinstated, the strike removed and are able to stream again. YouTube said it was a mistake and has apologized.


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