The cancer death rate for men & women combined fell 23% from 1991 to 2012
& Jim Fetzer logic still proves Wolfgang Halbig & James Tracy got free Sandy Hook houses, or its all a meme fail

I gotta tell you... I dont really give a shit what happened at sandy hook, but the amount of shills that are being put to work on the topic makes it pretty obvious that official story holds no water... Otherwise there would be no need for all this shilling.?

Something that should be said is the videos of this October 1st Vegas Fiasco is everybody sure that we all listen to the same videos? Could they have been altered? I heard helicopter blades but they were distinct I also heard A Long Cadence oh what I tought to be and M- 60 belt-fedweapon in the version I seen and heard it was repeated over and over only a few hours after it happened did we all hear the same thing? Or could the media have changed things and fed different sectors different sounds different videos similar but reworked this is what we deal with today it is what we've been dealing with for a while confusion Factor keep everybody off balance arguing. don't burn your tongue on the coffee LOL ???


Every fan theory is one of the many possible futures only one is correct. ? how could Doctor Strange see the future he was not part of , was him disappearing only an illusion ,

seven one millionths of one percent, or
24 binary decisions = 16777216 &
23.738995624330517 binary decisions = 14000605
23 binary decisions = 8388608 &
14605 is Rochester new York's postal code
140 days 00 hours 06 minutes and 04 second count down
dfa1dc in hexadecimal & thanos purple color code

5G is not safe, you probably work for verizon.? This fkin guy is probably invested in comcast and verizon.

an Oxygen atom diameter is half its O2 diameter of 3 angstroms 300 picometers or 0.3 nanometers ,
A photon would travel that distance in 6.87142036 * 10^-19 seconds or
one 1.45530319 * 10^18 th of a second,
over a billion gigahertz for a singular neutral oxygen gas molecule or atom

O2 dioxygen = allotrope of elemental oxygen has a 121 pico meter bond length

1,860,000,000 GHz = cryogenic liquid +oxygen vibrating frequency
1,556,000,000 GHz = gas state neutral oxygen vibrating frequency
1 455 303 190 GHz = cryogenic solid - oxygen vibrating frequency

0,000,000,006 GHz = 5G frequency
0,000,000,028 GHz = 5G frequency max

0,000,000,040 GHz absorption line of oxygen, lowest
0,000,000,135 GHz absorption line of oxygen , next lowest

0,000,454,230 GHz absorption line of hemoglobin 660 nm wavelength
0,000,318,928 GHz absorption line of hemoglobin 940 nm wavelength

The vibrational frequency of the oxygen molecule by J Shamir - ?1968


https://archive.fo/PNos9 =
5G will do to humans on land what tuned sonar arrays do for Whales and Dolphins under water and that is mass Genocide. That is because 5G is targeting the very faculties that keep us alive using steerable narrow intense energy beam to track and fatally dose mobile phone users with electromagnetic hazard mm wave. This exposure will weaponize the very oxygen we breath and has the capability to kill everyone if synchronised mass switching on of all 5G installations is performed. This is because 5G will prevent our blood from carrying oxygen and people ..

FAA agreement specifies routes that Strip tour helicopters must be flown so the pilot can safely set it down in case of a loss of engine power & at least 500 ft. laterally from the Stratosphere Tower & operators are to take for tours to various locations

FAA said due to it's unique operating characteristics, the most important of which is its ability to execute pinpoint emergency landings during power failure.
·Helicopters may be operated at less than prescribed minimums due to its increased use by law enforcement and emergency medical service agencies requires added flexibility in the application of many FAA provisions


When an aircraft is flying out of coverage Flightradar24 keeps estimating the position of the aircraft for up to 2 hours if the destination of the flight is known. For aircraft without known destination, position is estimated for up to 10 minutes. The position is calculated based on many different parameters and in most cases it's quite accurate, but for long flights the position can in worst cases be up to about 100 km (55 miles) off. In settings there is an option to set for how long time you want to see estimated aircraft on map

12. No warranties

The Services and the content therein are provided "as is" and "as available". We make no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaim any warranty, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Further, we do not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the content accessible through the Services and other services or otherwise relating to such content or on any sites linked to the Services.

At least four receivers are needed to calculate the position of an aircraft.

the Federal Aviation Administration data is delayed by 5 minutes


followup "warning" archive EXAMPLE = Nov 4, 2017 JonExArmy’s Live stream back up channel! set up Nov 9, 2018 he posted then deleted it when it was wrong so i recovered this secret info about the Military Expects Huge Coronal Mass Ejection meme , asked , Whats Going on



I put my heart and soul into this channel! I had a very successful gaming channel called Raid The Ark... I deleted it and gave up the generous income that it generated because this conspiracy channel is where my heart is truly at! If its weird or secret, or might be a conspiracy theory, then I want to investigate it fully! Nothing is off limits on this channel! Thank you for stoping by,

managers can disable key cards & a door from opening from outside, only
fire / Panic release function = When the door is closed and the deadbolt is thrown, depress the inside to escape

VingCard door lock moc rc rfid 4.5/9v model:LCU 6333 FCC id y7v-lcu6333 IC:9514a-lcu6333 4823535-d-000 1518 mana 91322 made in china

POD = power open device
RC=remote control? 7-pin connector cable from
LCU = Lock Controller Unit (RFID) (Audit trail 2000 events) to
LCA = lock case adapter & in-door electronics cassette & 4.5V ,3AA battery holder
new batteries must be connected as quickly as possible else a soft reset may take place & time must be reprogrammed into the lock

MOC = Multi-Output Controller?

Visionline wired & wireless both have
Audit trails, alarms and events over network.
Remote cancellation of keycards.
Support for room moves and extended stays without visiting front desk.
Mobile Access

Visionline Wired No need for batteries. Utilizes existing network. Fast response.
Visionline Wireless No need to wire door locks Online communication with locks, safes and EMS

Visionline System and Software can define criteria to create in report,
Block access to specific areas.
use counters to limit the number of times guests can access certain area,
auto activated Keycard only upon check-in , not reserve
auto de-activated upon check-out,

Visionline vs vingcard
it is possible to power open the LCU Essence RFID Assy (3G)
with a service cable and a service PC with "Lock Service 3G software"

If the door is closed and the auxiliary latch hits the striker plate/frame,
the automatic deadbolt will be thrown and the latch will be blocked

the LCU 6334 lock controller unit contains Visionline lock firmware at delivery
if it is VingCard Vision standard offline Essence , firmware must be upgraded to Visionline lock firmware

some can only be installed in non-metallic doors

Warm reset not possible on an RF ID 3G reader , Connect service cable from U..

Every turn leads down a path that would be foolhardy to discuss openly. https://imgur.com/a/ByjghE9 = uni citation!

2017/10/03 archive.today copy of a 2017/09/11 22 UTC Google cache text only snapshot of a 2017/09/10 04 UTC 4plebs archive of a erased 4chan page

2017/09/10 4Chan ID:LAbNFEtv (-john)

04:08:36 look i feel bad for some of you on this website. so i'll let you in on a little secret. if you live in las vegas or henderson stay inside tomorrow. don't go anywhere where there are large groups of people. also if you see three blacks vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area. you're welcome -john

04:16:23 just stay away. go to arizona if you can. they won't bother you in arizona. -john

04:20:08 to clarify i won't be doing anything to harm anyone. i'm not a killer and i never will be one. -john

04:28:12 it's called the "high incident project". they want to make the american public think that places with extremely high security aren't safe. they are trying to create more regulations. you will see laws proposed within the next few years to put up more metal detectors and other security devices. media and politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police. i can't guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds. -john

04:55:53 if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. osi systems and chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. mr chertoff has been in contact with sheldon adelson. mr adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the l..

Las Vegas and Parkland both had these. Who ever does these training drills need to be questioned. In August 2017 Jim Murren, and many big security and gambling players shorted stocks and did put options on the stock market. They knew it was coming. An anon warned on 4chan before the attack so people knew it was coming cause they were in on it. Chertoff, Adleson, Murren, Erik Prince, Trump all in on it. Prince is in the white house in the Trump administration. The FBI siezed Prince's laptop early this year. Security and mercenaries were in on it. The hotels and Aldeans bosses were in on it. Trump has so many ties to Saudi's and casinos it's not funny.

Waptek, you’re the best. Regarding the hard drive,
could he use the laptop as a monitor without hard drive??



his planes were never owned by Volant-associates, LLC Chantilly VA (EST 2006)
Stephen paddocks 2001? FAA license Expired 2010 so he went Alaska fishing
the Definition of old french word volant is having wings

tail number "N28082"
assigned to a 1979 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking serial number 79-30968, ICAO24 Code A2D186
2000/04/18 owned by STEPHEN PADDOCK
2005/09/06 sold to DANIEL B TORREY of SANTA PAULA , CA
2016/07/25 Last Action Date

tail number N5343M
De-registered in 2001from a wrecked 1998 CESSNA 152 Serial Number 15284547 PHILLIPS WESLEY SAN DIEGO
2006/06/02 reassigned to a 2004 Cirrus SR20 ,Serial Number 1402 , Stephen paddock
2010/02/13 owned by L.A . Universal Student Housing for foreign exchange students
2010/12/10 owned by JOHN W ROGERS owner of VOLANT LLC of ROANOKE VA , EST 2013/08/30
2014/04/25 last flight from 39.8911,-84.2242 Dayton, OH to 37.33,-79.9739 Roanoke, VA

to claim He was clearly set up & it was a gun deal you have to ignore any other reason he would bring guns to a hotel room like him killing people


2010 Getty Image of Demonstrators Outside US Embassy in London ,
2016 red & white striped vote Trump banner , not a flag
2016 Revolution shirt woman Ohio ,Quicken Loans Arena Revolutionary Communist Party
2018 protesters that were not part of the caravan burning a us flag at Tegucigalpa Honduras, American embassy ,where Associated Press photographer Fernando Antonio took an image as the migrant caravan was at the Guatemala-Mexico border hundreds of miles away

no member of the migrant caravan burned a United States flag , why do you lie after you are being lied to

One widely shared photo, of a bloody police officer, was taken in 2012 at a student protest in Mexico, and was on the website of the European Pressphoto Agency.

a police officer with a bloody nose, appeared in a 2011 news article about a clash in Mexico’s Oaxaca region,

a Mexican news article from 2014 about protests in Mexico’s Guerrero region.

a 2014 Arizona ABC News news segment on illegal border crossers having scabies

2013 photo of migrants sitting on top of a train,


loading/blank vs google vs youtube
130 140 240 megs = basilisk ?!!
200 230 306 megs = pale moon (265 without add ons :-)
312 350 460 megs = firefox 52 ESR the on i am using now
400 400 500 megs = Waterfox 56 & then it crashed, ?!!
271 400 600 megs = firefox 47 ( in use since 2017-/07-/27 )

"advanced download waterfox " & second set of pale moon links were portable
basilisk 32 & 64-bit Windows ZIP archive only, not portable


the FAA is now allowed to regulate private, commercial or military traditional model aircraft & recreational drone & UAV's

in the 2018 1,200-page law
their are 43 drone-specific sections for hobbyists, recreational & certificated remote pilots & now overtly against the law is;
violating a privacy policy
operations in a restricted area
interfering with emergency responders
interfering with manned aviation
drone flights too close to an active runway.
being over the 400-foot ceiling hard limit
Firing a gun or other dangerous weapon

Section 372 requires the FAA to establish a remote detection and identification program that law enforcement can use to track drones that violate regulations, and submit annual reports to Congress detailing drone transgressions such as flying too close to airports or inside of restricted airspace & allow an authority to bring drones down "in a manner that protects the safety of other aircraft"

https://youtu.be/kHBcVlqpvZ8 = twerking moonwalk in robo go go dancing
https://youtu.be/LikxFZZO2sk = NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!


Steven Avery was out on bail for sticking a rifle in the face of a deputy sheriff’s wife so when a cop was asked if they had anyone in mind as a suspect in the rape of penny beernsten they showed her his face , despite 14 alibi witnesses he went to prison & they never showed her the face of Gregory Allen , the real rapist found through a direct hit in the CODIS database & years later when this came out & 2005 he sued them for leading her astray & him to prison
magicaly annother murder happened & he goes back to prison for killing Teresa Halbach through
the Reid technique extracted confession & an orgy of evidence? like
her car "hidden" in his Salvage Yard

days before it turned up on Avery’s property cop Andrew Colburn called in her license plate number to another county dispatch, "See if it comes back to that missing person"
Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department repeatedly injected themselves into an investigation they weren’t supposed to be participating in

her ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas said he hacked her inbox but was never publicly investigated , never required to provide an alibi for the day she was killed & never treated as a suspect
her brother: Mike Halbach admitted to listening to his sister's voicemails after breaking into her inbox in an attempt to learn more about where she had last been. & was never publicly investigated
her "housemate" Scott Bloedorn fail to report her missing
Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey were supposedly close to the location of Teresa's last recorded phone activity.

A 1955 confession which established polygraph expert John Reid's reputation and popularized his technique was false, & that guy was paid $500,000 by the state of Nebraska in compensation for his wrongful conviction


or 2017/10/01 23:56:11 if
07:31 = 10/02/17 00:03:42 &
24:50 = 10/02/17 00:21:01 on screen because
07:31 = ?7 00:03 on screen &
24:50 - 07:31 = 17:19 difference &
00:21:01 - 17:19 = 3:42?


Final Fact: The U.N. is not a Army, it is Volenteerrs and of course without Rear Echelon Quartermasters shipping Supplies and Ordance constantly they could invade NOthing. Jesus fuck! people do not THINK! This is not when Armies Sacked Villages and Stole their Livestack and Women....Logistics, High Tech Supply Lines, The U.N. does NOT have such.And Where can they invade? The World Sattelite System used by All Major Nations to Monitor All Air and Navel traffic 24 x 7 World Wide....no Amed Force could move across anywhere without China, Russia , Japan. Korea, France, Great Britan and (HeHehHeee) PERHAPS the Pentagon...Duuh? PEOPLE DON'T THINK---that's why Charlatans and Conspiracy Tards are Successful. Plus, People Cling to these Wierd Cultish Ideas. The Church of Christian Science is a great examle, all Upper Class Rich People by far, Educated and Literate. (I speak of Here in San Francisco) but even in Arkansas where I often went to the Reading Room they were Way More Cililized than Snake Handeler Pentacostials out where I lived...on Lake Hamelton by Tangelwood.?

Michael Moore is a Piece of shit! I've given up on political parties I have to agree with George Washington, that they are evil and used to divide the country. You mention you are a liberal, I don't see that, maybe libertarian but not liberal. The liberal party you probably aligned with is a thing of the past, if I'm not mistaking, that was the party that cared about citizens and fought for the rights of the common people. Right? They are gone I think Obama and Hillary had a little to do with that when they decided that they like having their hand in the pockets of Wall Street and the tech industry, not to mention the media. The election of Donald Trump was a way of the people saying enough is enough, I'm not a fan of President Trump but I think it was a smart move by the voters to elect him. President Trump is a lot smarter then people think, he's not politically correct and he'..

a rant about bias preventing solutions we all want & who benefits

your foot is 10 attoparsecs long & no single technique can measure distances at all ranges encountered in astronomy

A 19 trillion mile parsec is the distance from the Sun to an astronomical object that has a parallax angle of one arcsecond & 100 parsecs or 326 light years is a upper limit for Earth based telescope paralax mesurments without a second data source & this is 1000 parsecs or 3260 light years for space based scopes
Most of the stars visible to the unaided eye in the night sky are within 500 parsecs or 1630 light years

a Doppler shift of the spectral lines

Cosmic Microwave Background radiation spectrum

1838 the first successful parallax measurement ever, for the star 61 Cygni, by Friedrich Bessel
1896 5.6 K is Charles Édouard Guillaume estimate of the "radiation of the stars"
1941 2.3 K is Andrew McKellar detected coldest component of the interstellar medium
1965 3.0 K is the measured temperature by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson

this radiation is interpreted as the latent signature of the Big Bang

1989 the satellite Hipparcos parallax measured distances of 1,600 light-years

2009 Hubble WFC3 parallax measured distances of 3,066 parsecs 10,000 light years

The motion of the Sun & ours through space around the milky way =

it is impossible to distinguish the theoretical curve of a black body spectrum in nature from the observed data from the CBR

SUN spectrum peak centered at 500 nanometers or .5 micrometers
vs the CBR spectrum peak centered at 1 millimeter wavelenth
shows a shift of 2000 to one down in freequency so using
wavelenth observed - wavelenth source all devided by wavelenth at source
= redshift = z = .995 or .5983955903835825 of C or 179,395 km/s
111471 miles per second for the surface of last scattering
of radiation when universe was 379,000 years old
as a the black body . idealized physical body
that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation,
regardless of frequency or angle ..

heavily edited video is said to show Alex Jones claim his ancestors are free Mason Illuminati Rosicrucian BUT it shows him saying his family was "high level masonic" & then babbling on about Illuminati Rosicrucian connections

Alex Jones's film Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement proposes that the Georgia guidestones are a harbinger of self-appointed elites who intend on exterminating most of the world's population & "R. C. Christian" resembles Rose Cross Christian, or Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order a 1700 hoax? declaring the existence of a secret brotherhood of alchemists and sages preparing to transform Europes art, science, religion, politics & intellectual landscape?

HUNDREDS OF of groups link themselves to a "Rosicrucian Tradition" Esoteric Christian Rosicrucian groups, which profess Christ
Masonic Rosicrucian groups such as Societas Rosicruciana
initiatory groups like the Golden Dawn & Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC).?

the Western Fraternity concept developed in the Christian context of Middle Age religious orders in the Catholic Church this was extended in middle age guilds, early modern formation of gentlemen's clubs, & student fraternities so that now they are religious, intellectual, academic, physical, or social all based on its members actions & assertions?

Free Masonry was a 14th century medieval craft guild fraternal organization, created to standardize Apprentice, Journeyman & Master stonemason qualification & regulate interaction with authorities & clients ,,, like certified vs non certified hacker tech?

the mason occupation is over 6,000 years old &
did exist when Jesus Christ was a carpenter
the "free masons" stonemasons' guilds were started from 1425 - 1500

BUT the theory which suggested that Freemasonry was possibly an outgrowth of Rosicrucianism.
came from Rosicrucians and Freemasonry by Thomas De Quincey & J. G. Buhle a
1803 German professor;


Wakefield planned to profit litigation driven testing from his MMR vaccination scare, BUT due to concerns brought up, all of this was properly tested , SEO autism IS NOT CAUSED BY , a child's psychological environment, how they are treated & vaccinations,

autism is cause by Advanced age of the father &or mother , exposure during pregnancy to rubella German measles, alcohol, some anti seizure drugs or chemicals,
the mother having any diabetes, being obese, getting Encephalitis brain inflammation, genetic tuberous sclerosis induced brain & vital organ tumors , ANY metabolic problem & untreated undiagnosed inherited genetic metabolic disorders PKU phenylketonuria a causes amino acid phenylalanine to build up in the body & cross the intrauterine environment damaging the baby's development or the baby having Fragile X syndrome
SEO read the effects in the Child Who Never Grew , take BETTER care of your self before you have kids & do it when you are younger!

90 percent of children in England received MMR & at the same age as most children are diagnosed with autism so most autistics would have had MMR vaccinations
1998, Andrew Wakefield fraud hypothesis was measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes a series of events & did he list them? & one is intestinal inflammation, that caused entrance into the bloodstream of proteins harmful to the brain, but did he identify the protein agent in question, & consequent development of autism. , WHY ASSUME IT HAS TO BE MMR?

Wakefield hand selected sample of 12 children claimed to have developed developmental delays & that had intestinal complaints within one month AFTER of receiving MMR vaccine & decided 8 had autism
BUTT in all eight cases the autism symptoms were observed before intestinal symptoms & children with autism were subjected to unnecessary invasive medical procedures such as colonoscopies and lumbar punctures, , SEO 12 counts involving the abuse of developmentally delayed c..

Published on Jun 4, 2018 Las Vegas Shooting Archive Witness recalls the night of the shooting Carlos Aries live stream is one of the rare videos to have captured the final two shots

0:02 shot 1 =
0:12 shot 2 =
0:20 close in noise
break in recording maybe
0:21 hoover craft shows up

0:00 / 5:53

room temperature solid mercury impossible for modern western scientific chemistry ONLY if you ignore dental amalgam & copper metal alloys & to be PC wikipedia lied about this!

PS: STOP [email protected]#%^ EATING MERCURY!


If we meditate with the Rasamani keeping it under our tongue, we can control our thoughts and feel the light of grace in forehead. what is impossible to modern chemistry is very much possible to ancient Indian Sidhhas and Yogis.So it's very scientific process and not some kind of trick that sadhguru is showing to people. Non-Hindu people watching this, especially skeptics (Christians, Muslims etc) from Western countries will find ways to discredit all the ancient scientific claims and discoveries made by Hindu gurus thousands of years ago. This is what the West has done for centuries - stolen scientific, medical, botanical information and knowledge from the East


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fear, ignorance & anger are the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse, don't be the 4th

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