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I was visiting friends in Turriff which is about forty five minutes drive North of Aberdeen in Scotland and I went on one of my usual wanders to find some war graves. I found a few unusual ones!

This is the story of what happened to Thomas and his company of 60 who were stationed at Theydon Bois in Essex.

T G Boyd KOSB Full name Thomas Gosnell Boyd.
KIA at Theydon Bois, near Epping along with 29 other soldiers from A Company 6th Battalion the KOSB 18th Nov 1940. Tom was only 23 years old.
On Monday 18th November 1940 sixty men of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers were billeted at Yates Retreat, a huge pre-war tea room and playground in Coppice Row, Theydon Bois. A sentry on duty outside saw an object descending by parachute. He had heard an aircraft circling earlier, and assumed that it must be an airman who had been forced to bale out. The object was in fact a mine, one of two dropped. One landed in Piercing Hill, but the other brushed the roof of the Retreat before hitting the helter-skelter and exploding. The Retreat was completely blown apart, and twenty-six soldiers were killed. Over the next few days two more died of their wounds. All the deaths were recorded at Epping Registry Office.

Derek Denholm, Scots Guards, KIA In The Falklands Conflict 1982.

The 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards lost eight dead and 43 wounded during the Battle for Mount Tumbledown and in consequence of gallantry shown that day its men were rewarded with one Distinguished Service Order, two Military Crosses (including one to Major Kiszely), two Distinguished Conduct Medals (including one posthumous) and two Military Medals.
Battle for Tumbledown Mountain - The diversionary attack along the Stanley track went in as planned by a small assault group led by the light tanks. Reaching the enemy positions, one of the Guards and a Royal Engineer were killed in a fire-fight that lasted for two hours, and more were wounded withdrawing through a minefield, but the diversion did its job.
By now, in phase one, G Coy had crossed the start line with 7 Platoon and Coy HQ occupying the first half of their objective and 8 and 9 Platoons the second half. Securing the western end by 10.30 pm, the positions were used to support LF Coy who came through to face heavy fire from snipers and GPMG's.
In this second phase, LF Coy's 13 Platoon fought for the high crags on the left and 15 Platoon lower down on the right, while 14 Platoon followed in reserve with Coy HQ. As they pushed forward under increasing mortar and artillery bombardment, two men were killed and a third mortally wounded by snipers. Anti-armour weapons were only partially successful against the Argentine bunkers, but 13 Platoon made some progress with grenades. However, only after three hours, at 2.30 am, could artillery fire be brought down on the enemy positions in front of the stalled 15 Platoon, who with Coy HQ were now able to attack forward and up, overcoming the defences in often hand-to-hand fighting. Eventually, and after a seven hour struggle, just a few men of LF Coy reached the summit.
Now in phase three, RF Coy was able to come up, although the battle was far from over. With 3 Platoon giving covering fire, Number 1 and Lt..

Francis Kelly MOH lay in an unmarked grave in Sandymount Cemetery in the east end of Glasgow since 1938. Today that was put right, his grave is now marked with a formal Medal of Honor headstone supplied by the VA in the USA.

New intro for the channel.

This is the true story behind Francis Kelly MOH.
Francis was a rogue and as such he was perfely fitted to go to war.
After only six weeks of service in the USN, he would be awarded the MOH. Thisd is his story.

This is not the best video thaI have ever made, it is however a real one of When 200+Bikers came together to support Combat Stress in the UK. We have no VA here unlike the US Veterans who have massive medical support, they have hospitals that are dedicated to Vets.
In the UK we have charities that provide support for vets.
I love my friends in the USA but, this is how we have to use charity fund treatment.


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