I have no dog in this fight. These are just mu thoughts on the subject.

Update video to show how things should work properly.

The muffled voice is due to the camera being in the water proof case.

Just felt like doing a short motovlog video for my fellow riders.

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Remember to disconnect the electric and drain the system before doing any work on the switch.
Putting this out there since it seems none else is addressing this common problem.

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Could this be the start for a glimmer of hope ?
Sorry about the traffic noise again.

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Curious if anyone else has run into this. Also a thought about giving hearts. LOL

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This is kind of long, but the gear heads should enjoy it.

Special thanks to Bill from Stumps for Less in Ocala

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Just a laid back morning, so i thought I'd annoy you with my thoughts. ;)

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Good luck was with me this year.

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Just a quick update.

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How disgusting that this is what YouTube considers "Hate Speech". This SJW and Feminism cancer needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

The beauty of solitude. I feel sooo much better today.

When I pay good money for professionalism, I expect professional results... silly me. Welcome to 2018

Just trying to put it out there for you guys that want a great windshield while they still exist.

My wife had just passed away, and I was just starting to finding my groove again.
These old videos kind of show, that after 28 years of marriage, the last 4 being total hell, how I dealt with getting over it and what I did to move on.
And yes, the picture was my wife on my 1967 Harley Shovelhead, taken early on in our marriage.

Have a happy and safe 4th.

Just having a bit of fun this morning.

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some weird things happening with plants this year.

Just a rambling thought that popped into my head today.

Rainy afternoon talk.

You cant go your own way when your being told what you can and can't do.

Just so no one forgets that 6 people died due to this nonsense.

I probably won't be uploading all my old videos, as I find some make the point better than others.
Picture is of me and the wife, his and her Harley's. she never did ride hers much, and most times, I was the one to clean it and ride it to keep it lubricated,plus do all the work on it, after I built it for her. Ton of money in the paint job as well.


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