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David Albain Hollis new fake profile - Roberto Fernandez


This misogynist murdering bastard 'Convicted murderer and Antia fascist David Albain Hollis' opened up a Gofund me page for money to get him to Far Left Marxist rallies in Melbourne to fight imaginary Nazis and fascism that we don't even have in Australia.

This Misogynist Murdering Bastard 'Convicted Murderer and far left Antifa fascist David Albain Hollis' demands that he is put on a disability pension because he has a sore leg, funny thing is he is seen on the news at far left Antifa fascist rallies running and hitting people in the street who he claims are members of the 'National Socialist German Workers Party'

Far Left Facebook troll and convinced pedophile Alex Gollan was arrested for child pornography, he then got released from jail and had bail conditions, he then changed his name to 'Alex Stuart' and got a job at a tennis court teaching small children which was against his bail conditions, I was the one who personally spoke to Ray Hadley on 2GB and the Police rearrested him and to this day his friends on Facebook have had a vendetta against me

Far left Socialist and Facebook leftist Troll Pete Smith is back to stalking women on Facebook, this time demanding a women's employer sack her for stating an opinion

Far Left stalker and Facebook troll Wendy Crouch has Hepatitis C

Far left Hep C communist Wendy Crouch is running all the fake pages on Trilby Steinberger. SHUT these stalking pages down at once Wendy Crouch or face Defamation!

Joshua Chamberlain, big loud mouth tough talking far left socialist prick who is too gutless to face off with Blare Cotterall and don't complain about your girlfriend's photos being used Josh when they are already in the public domain! go and eat a shit sandwich while you figure out who I really am you gutless coward!

Far left Stalker Matthew Hunter, 'Fake name' run by most likely a woman, this far left troll stalks, posts lies and is obsessive about the Clarkson profiles

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AntiSemite coward Pete Smith, Peter James Smith from 17 Ann Street Balmain Sydney wishing people would die....Smith's own sister has died GOOD! I hope you are still hurting you fucking Cunt!

Ex Left wing shock jock, Peter Grace, a man who looks like he just stepped out of the Richmond Herolin injection rooms in Melbourne, this is the same man who cracks it when you mock his looks but this is the same angry old man who posts memes mocking Trump's looks and others, he is obsessed with President Trump, the Liberal Party of Australia and Rupert Murdoch, who by the way Grace endorsed Kevin Rudd in 2007, this angry, pathetic, bitter old man harasses people who are old enough to be his Grand Children. Grace also stalks a young woman on YouTube called Dia Beltran who is old enough to be is grand daughter, can you imagine the outrage if some other bloke Graces age were to do this, everyone would be screaming 'what a dirty old creep' but this far left Socialist doesn't care, he gets angrier and angrier by the day, Trump memes, Murdoch Memes etc...... what a sad pathetic bitter old man you are


Clarko’s obsession page. Admin Matthew Hunter who happens to be a woman by the way

Clarko’s obsession page Admin Matthew Hunter 'who is a woman'


Hollis and his wife are well known scam artists and welfare cheats

Hollis begging for donations to fight imaginable Nazis, yes that's right, National Socialist German workers party members, right here in Melbourne, they are everywhere according to this nut job

convicted murderer David Albain Hollis ran a child porn block called the Modern Prometheus


another video from the vault...... convicted murderer and far left ANTIFA fascist David Albain Hollis


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