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Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead many inconsistencies have come to light in his alleged suicide. Rebecca Wright & Savanah Hernandez break down those discrepancies as the globalist narrative unravels.

On August 17th there will be a rally against political violence in Portland Oregon with ANTIFA now promising to disrupt the event... with violence. Joe Biggs & Enrique Tarrio join the Will to expose the radical left's hypocrisy.

John Michael Chambers joins Will to discuss the complex sex trafficking rings operating worldwide and how H.R. 1865 may help defeat the globalist agenda.

The leftists in the MSM continue to celebrate the decline of white people in America. John Michael Chambers joins Will to break down this racist narrative.

Will Johnson hosts the first two hours of the War Room where he is joined by John Michael Chambers to discuss the recent attacks that ICE facilities have been under due to abhorrent political rhetoric. He is then joined by Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs who outline their mission in this Saturday's rally in Portland and what they're expecting from ANTIFA. Harrison Smith then finishes off the final hour of the show to give further developments on the Epstein case and exposes the truth about Red Flag Gun Laws.

Although New Yorkers voted to raise a statue of an actual woman, Chirlane McCray instead chose to erect statues of two drag queens. Harrison Smith breaks down this shocking report on the left's competition to be the "most oppressed".

Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged "madam" for Jeffrey Epstein, was photographed eating at in-n-out burger a few days after the death of Epstein. Harrison Smith explains why this is odd behavior for Ms. Maxwell.

Dan Crenshaw did a livestream video in which he appears to promote "red flag" laws. Harrison Smith exposes how Crenshaw's opinion is not only wrong but dangerous to our constitutional liberties.

Congressmen Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar have been denied entry into the country of Israel, because they support a boycott of Israel. Will Johnson breaks down why Israel is correct to do this.

President Trump's DOJ has successfully targeted several sex trafficking rings operating in the U.S. John Michael Chambers joins Will to take on this tough but very important topic.

Owen Shroyer retakes the helm of the War Room as a new Google document leak shows how active Google executives have been in trying to keep Infowars from being accessed by the public and censored from their search results. Darrell Hamamoto joins the broadcast to talk about the dangers of communist influence on college campuses. We also give live updates on an active shooter situation in Philadelphia.

Professor Darrell Hamamoto joins Owen to expose the secrets of "big academia" and how students can be prepared for anything the globalists may throw out at them.

Professor Darrell Hamamoto delivers a message for parents of students heading to college this school year. Professor Hamamoto joins Owen to break down his 10-point plan for students.

Not only does Facebook spy on you, but a new report reveals Facebook hired contractors to transcribe user's conversations! Frank Cavanagh joins Owen to discuss how Big Tech is actually "Big Brother".

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are now resurrecting the false narrative that Michael Brown was "murdered". Owen reveals how the Ferguson unrest not only influenced his community, but also his career in media.

Louis Huey was doxxed by ANTIFA and falsely blamed for tearing down a USA flag at an ICE facility. Louis & Tyler Nixon join Owen to discuss the latest examples of leftist insanity.

The left is actually promoting racism by taking for granted the votes of minorities. Frank Cavanagh joins Owen to expose the left's obsession with skin color.

People worldwide are extremely skeptical that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Owen reveals how the MSM is actually aiding the Deep State in a possible cover-up.

President Trump doubled down on his comments about the ties between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton and Owen explains why Trump is correct to expose those Clinton connections.

Many people who do not support President Trump are now being "red pilled" as the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide" explanation looks like a cover-up. Owen explains this could cause an epic change in political momentum for conservatives.

A new video has been released by Project Veritas where a whistleblower exposes Google's nefarious business model. Don't miss this epic new report on Big Tech bias!

A report about Epstein's belongings reveals the alleged sex trafficker owned a portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red heels. Owen breaks down the debaucherous lifestyle of the elite.

Will Johnson fills in for Owen Shroyer on Tuesday's edition of the War Room where he asks callers about developments in the Epstein case. An ex-inmate calls in and discusses security guard protocols and how difficult it would be for Epstein to commit suicide. That's The Point with Brandon also comes on to discuss the story behind the viral Chris Cuomo clip he uploaded to his Youtube channel. Finally, Harrison Smith joins the show to talk white supremacy in America and much more...

Bill Cosby's back! Harrison Smith joins Will in taking your calls as they break down the battle patriots worldwide are now fighting against the globalists.

A new report exposes the violence of the left when "terrorists" fired gunshots at multiple ICE facilities. Will Johnson & Harrison Smith break down the facts in this shocking story.


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The War Room is the latest extension of Infowars live programming. The War Room is hosted by Owen Shroyer and features Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich as well as many other powerful guests. The War Room is broadcast out of the Infowars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, from 3pm-6pm central standard time.