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In this video, I make a two-color swirled river table out of a TV tray. There's no narration, I'm trying a new format, but there are subtitles!

In this video, I make a miniature character diorama with a 3d printed Tiamat miniature, a chunk of oak burl, and Alumilite resin. Come watch! and check out the links below for my art portfolio, personal website, subscribestar account, and all the other social medias I belong to!

In this video, I build a custom base with some Viking symbols on it, embed the whole in resin, then sand it into a pleasing shape. Please like and subscribe, if you enjoyed it!


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I'm an enthusiastic amateur maker, and I'm making videos of projects I've made for clients, my own collection, and just for experimentation's sake. Come help me grow my channel and think of new and crazy ideas!