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Possibly one of the most important subjects.....

StreetMD. Interviews, Chris Crutch (who along with MANY OTHERS) believes that Sabrina Wallace may have ‘cracked the code’ for Covid.

In this discussion, Chris simplifies Sabrina Wallace's take on Covid, the Human Biofield, and how it all relates to their nefarious agenda

@67podcast is the primary channel I speak about this type stuff on, @chriscrutch is my personal page

More info..can be found here



This is life changing info from Sabrina on the Psinergy channel

Did you know that we are all electrical beings and have a biofield that has been hijacked?

Did you know about biosensors ?
Wireless Body Area Networking ?
IEEE 802.15.6-.5.-.4 ?
Because a lot of people in the industry do....

When that horrible little WEF psycho Yuval Noah Harari said that 'humans are hackable animals' , he was not lying.....

Let that sink in

This has been the case for quite a while now and it goes much wider than than you expect

Now that that sink in

This is a lot to take in and will be confusing and bewildering at first
If it resonates with you,
You will have to watch more videos on the to before you can understand, but this all comes with 'receipts' and more

If it makes you want to know more than look, otherwise please just move on and have a happy life

Source: https://odysee.com/@psinergy:f/trim.C63E8C66-7B9C-4E40-9B9E-115EFB9DB310:8

This is my shortest summary to date. May it help folks who need the bare essentials.


Download the PDF here , learn and share

Sabrina Wallace

UN - 15 minute cities were planned for from a 1970’s UN action plan.

Can you see it yet?


7th September 2023. After a really hot day, parts of the UK had rain overnight that covered everything in orange dust . Officially we are told this is 'Saharan dust' made from the skeletons of microscopic organisms and sand . so ......why is it magnetic then ?

Man describes the things he witnessed in
M a u i

It seems pretty obvious this was not all as the mainstream narrative would like us to believe


She puts it across very eloquently......

“Transhumanism: The End Game”

Identifying the end goal of those in control, is vital if we are to make the right choices as a species.

Tranhumanism is simply the transitional stage towards Posthumanism; a world without humanity as we know it.

We must reject any step that gets as closer to a posthuman dystopian reality.


Full panel and Q&A:

WEF Chief Advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, makes their Agenda crystal clear…

I’m beginning to think we should be grateful to this evil psychopath for clearly spelling out their plans of total and absolute control with transhumanism being the final goal.

Time for humanity to wake up and reject their dystopian future!


A little compilation of some clips about  weatherfearbased mindmanipulation-conspiracytheorytechniques

1.Veritas CNN technical director sting
2. Some weather news bullshit
3. Interview about nudge unit tactics
4. More weather news narrative soaked bullshit
5. A little bit more weather news bullshit

Journalist and author, Laura Dodsworth, explains how a UK government advisor from the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), told her that the same methods of psychological manipulation and fear mongering used to "nudge" people into compliance with draconian lockdown measures, would be used to elicit mass compliance with draconian Net Zero policies—a campaign we're now seeing play out in hysterical mainstream media weather reporting.

Spiked podcast

Time to reshare this from a few months back - how can anyone not have noticed the latest news propaganda trend?

CNN tech director speaks about instilling the next fear (Climate change) as Covid is no longer a fear factor in controlling people, courtesy of project Veritas / O'Keefe

Good little monologue about what might be going on with the Banks / BRICS

Why was this not all over the news ?

WHO the hell do the WHO think they are ?

Did you consent for them to hold authority over you .?
Were you even asked ?
No. Me neither

Remember when the US government lied about 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate being “stolen” so they could kill Americans and blame someone else?

It may have been located.

Classic history lesson tune

Video from '90s on NWO plans.
Sounds like crazy conspiracy theories, but.......
How much of it is in our faces right now ?

Shiva joining some dots about who is pulling the strings and how ...

Can you see the picture now ?

Must Watch!
Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis on Climate Change:
Scientists knew in the 1990's that man made global warming was a fraud.
Two key scientific papers were published in the mid 1990's that totally debunked the theory that increases in CO2 causes temperatures to rise.

However, if scientists admit this publicly billions of research grant money will go up in smoke.

This ex fire fighter tried to set up a team to help with the fires in Canada but the government kept on refusing

How strange........

And so it starts......

If you cant see any problem with this , then maybe you are the problem ?

Bill of Rights 1688
The Act of Unity 1707

Open source docs prove Hunter Biden’s biolab companies, Metabiota and Black & Veach, were conducting Covid 19 ‘research’ BEFORE the pandemic started!!!



Recently the arbiters of truth at BBC weather informed us what makes the sunsets nice

Here is that clip
Followed by a brief science lesson
Concluded with probably what is a more realistic forecast

Watch and learn .........

Dr David Martin at European Parliament, discussing the nonsense we have all been through in the last 3+ years

A brief clip about 'modern medicine'

.....enjoy the facts.


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