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After the England women's football team are attacked for being white, WotW examines the origins of antiwhiteism.


WotW casts an eye over a rapidly disintegrating West and comes to a realisation over where the real battle lies.

WotW reports on a fascinating documentary and ponders what it tells us about the mind of the white liberal woman.

WotW looks at some worrying legal developments that show how the globalists intend to shut us down.

WotW breaks down globalism's war against truth and considers what we must do to prevail.

WotW reflects on the unbreakable spirit of our people in these dark times.

WotW assesses the realities of post-Trump America and puts his faith in collective action.

WotW considers when an act of rebellion becomes a moral duty.

WotW takes stock of a difficult year and considers what's in store for us in 2021.

Vertigo Politix and I wish you all a very happy and restful Christmas. We hope you enjoy this poem about the importance of family and home - especially at this time of year. Let's resolve to work together towards better times ahead.

WotW looks at how the globalists are changing history and humanity itself in preparation for their new global order.

WotW looks at how Hollywood messes with our minds and considers what it means to be a true hero.

WotW analyses the post-election turmoil and explains why you should be backing the president - at least for now.

WotW looks back to a prophetic lecture from the past to enhance our understanding of the present.

WotW calls for a change of focus in our movement as the real purpose of lockdown comes into view.

WotW considers the merits of separatism as a solution to the problems of the West.

WotW reflects on our troubled past and explains why putting it into perspective is our only path to a future.

WotW looks ahead to the US presidential election and puts party politics into proper perspective.

WotW isn't going to church today.

WotW examines the current media blackout on some critically important stories, and considers what it means for nationalist activism.

WotW looks at an extraordinary revelation by the L.A. Times and ponders the globalist plan for the West.

WotW assesses the dark new anti-white reality in the West and urges a new energised approach in our movement.

WotW isn't going to church today.

WotW considers the moral void at the heart of our civilisation but spies opportunity in the chaos.

WotW gives his thoughts on the current madness in the West and the best way forward for our people.


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The West is in serious danger. The ravages of multiculturalism, leftism and political correctness have brought us to the brink of collapse. Way of the World is my contribution to preparing our people for the troubles to come.