Natural Nurse on the bullying going on in UK health to get the vax to health care workers

Dave Cullen - Looks into our only option to stop this medical Tyranny and that is massive civil disobedience that is the only way we can reclaim our right . As done in mass scale in Italy and Poland .
The window of opportunity is closing we must all fight back and that means no lockdowns no masks no vaxx

2021-01-19 · Calgarians react: Jason Kenney reopens personal care in Alberta. Posted on January 19,

SHARE THIS Boris Johnson talks about Antivaxxers as science deniers . And how nano technology will be used in vaccines and we will be constantly tracked .
And people think this is a conspiracy theory think again he admits everything in this short speech.
Share this with deniers let's wake them one at a time.
We need to join forces PLEASE SHARE

Rebel News - Mainstream media sat this one out | David Menzies on arrest of Toronto lockdown protesters; By Rebel News the only news in Canada willing to bring you the truth

Mainstream media sat this one out | David Menzies on arrest of Toronto lockdown protesters; By Rebel News

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The Highwire - Del Bigtree - Looks into a study proving that there is long term immunity when you catch covid they look into several studies

Nurse gets news from a supervisor that they will be going into Plandemic mode as of next week

UK Nurse speaks out about the Nurses she works with who got the vaccine and they are all terribly sick

Explains how the Lockstep document from 2010 is a simulation of what is happening right now


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