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YouTube has announced in it latest round of changes. Channels WHICH cover conspiracy theory are going to be marked as inappropriate content and subject to harsher enforcement of creator guidelines and by default censored. This new broad term of conspiracy could see many channels including my own becoming demonetized under promoted and or possibly taken down. In one large dose of irony, it would seem that YouTube has itself created the very thing it set out to not promote. A conspiracy Many creators in the niches of UFO PARANORMAL OF ALTERNATE HISTORIES speculating on why, how and what actions will be wielded against them’. So I GUESS it’s time for my rant

The modern age is highly reliable on the creation of satellites, from communications to services like GPS the world is dependent on these flying technological marvels. Today there are thousands of them orbiting the planet. They are just one item amongst many which are orbiting the earth, space junk, probes and other technologies circle us constantly. There is one item that is said to have an origin different from all of the other objects up above us. This spacecraft or satellite has come to be known as the Black Knight and its existence has been covered up by NASA for over 60+ plus years. Something that makes this UFO different from the man-made space objects is its ability to change its orbit. Moving around the planet in a non-set pattern a retrograde orbit. This has led many to speculate that this object is alien in origin and that it monitors the planet. This is where things become even more interesting as the Black knight has said to have been observing the earth for around 13000 years. Let’s take a look at The Black Knight satellite was it destroyed?

In the ongoing search to explain sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena researches constantly hunt for a smoking gun a photo or a document which would once and for all blow the lid off of the can secrets kept by the governments of the world. The clandestine agencies working their hardest to hide technology alien contact and other amazing things from the population. Often these groups are thought as being elite security agencies highly trained with the inside track on what is going on behind the curtain of reality presented to us by the mainstream media. This being said once in a while these groups release information on their activities and sometimes it can be eye-opening. Not just in the things they keep secret but also in how sometimes they are as clueless as the rest of us. One of these document dumps has recently taken place do these papers finally show us if UFOs are fact or Fiction?

crops circle a hidden message? Crop circles — unusual patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers' fields delight and intrigue various groups, from UFO researchers to mainstream scientist, the press and public alike. The circles are in most cases located within the United Kingdom, however, there have been dozens of countries around the globe also reporting crop circle appearances for many decades. The strange phenomena have stimulated countless books, blogs, fan agencies, researchers (dubbed "cereologists") and even Hollywood films. Despite having been studied for many years, the question remains: Who — or what — is making them?

We have all seen them in the visions of a dystopian future. Swarms of machines searching the streets hunting down a group of a society that is seen as being an enemy of the state, but this is just fiction right! It’s not something we have to be worried today? Well, it just maybe!! The idea of killer swarms of drones is here today with more than one country developing the technology that could see us hiding in our homes. A swarm of high tech monitoring devices watching our every move, listening to everything we say and maybe even using lethal force against us. The technology that many of those who claim to be targeted individuals say is in use today. In this video take a look at mini-drones and the developments being made and what this could mean for our future. So let’s take a look @ Drone Weaponry a growing threat

Wormholes, Time Jumps, and the Mysterious Santiago Flight 513 Over the 100 plus years since man first took to the skies, there has been an ever increasing number of strange occurrences and mysteries. some of these mysteries have GROWN TO become a legend, FAMOUS TALES like the story of Amelia Earhart and her disappearance, the many planes that have vanished over the infamous Bermuda triangle and of course the sightings and interactions with UFP’s. There is one story that stands out from the rest, the tale of an aeroplane which disappeared into the clouds vanishing for years and then shockingly reappearing halfway across the globe decades later.

This video is by request I would like to thank Nick Linaras and others for the idea. If you guys ever have a topic you want to see covered in a video, don’t be shy let me know in the comments. Golem maybe the ring-obsessed creature featured in “the lord of the rings” but it also has a basis in legend. Golems are creatures fashioned from clay or stone that through magic are brought to life. Commonly found in Jewish folklore one of the most famous being from Prague. The 16th-century tale tells of a rabbi who through his use of kabbalistic rituals he was able to shape clay into a man and by using a shem, a small capsule with the words of the magic spell written on paper inside, bring the creature to life. This golem worked in the Jewish community cleaning chopping firewood and most importantly protecting the Jewish quarter. Let’s take a look at the rest of the story and also how it could provide a cautionary lesson for us today.

Have you heard or seen the Hatman? Who is this Hatman, a little-known superhero! Well not quite, but it is a phenomenon you may have heard of being reported by many. The shadowy figure which manifest in front of terrified witnesses dressed in old clothing and as the name implies a large top hat. Many claim this ghostly figure to be the devil himself, strange as when he shows himself many reports being unafraid! Hat Man also appears to be a global phenomenon, an experience shared by thousands of people around the world. Is he a demon? A mischievous spirit? Or something else entirely?

Immortality was one of the very first topics I covered on the channel. It was and is an interesting topic, in the ambitious quest to cure ageing like a disease advances are being made constantly. It is looking that we may well reach a point when we can increase life expectancy significantly. Could we be treated for ageing in the same way we are with other diseases? As we learn more about the diseases which affect us, we are also improving in our ability to control them. Could we learn to overcome the most inevitable of afflictions – old age? Can the age-related disease be stopped? Has the first immortal person been born? Let’s take a look at Immortality closer than ever.

Pterodactyls still living today? its cryptozoology time once again here on the channel, and in this video I will take a look at large flying from beast from the age of dinosaurs which may possibly still be in the skies today. Pterodactyls were and may still be SOME OF THE largest, winged ANIMALS TO HAVE EVER LIVED. The largest being Quetzacoatus, at 35 feet, its wingspan was the size of an f-16 fighter jet making it one of the largest flying creatures that have ever FLOWN. These animals did, however, come in a wide variety, from the Nemicolopterus crypticus an animal some 10 inches in size and comparable to a sparrow in size and the smallest Dterradon to take to the air. From 65 million years ago to today, and the many reports of creatures similar to these animals seen in our modern skies. Could the pterodactyl still soar amongst the clouds today? Let’s take a look. Cryptozoology. Pterodactyls still living today, The Ropen and other Cryptid sightings.

The Body/Mind Connection is something that has fascinated many since mankind first started practising medicine. Today Medical science is just beginning to understand all of the ways in which the mind influences our bodies. A strange observation like the placebo effect, demonstrate that people can from time to time create relief from medical symptoms by only the belief a cure is working. This process is poorly understood, the body's ability to heal itself is far more miraculous than modern medicine could create. So while there are many unexplained phenomena, the explainable science of the body and mind connection, even as science makes advance trying to figure it out, may be among the most amazing phenomena of all. What could this mean for future medicine and what could we do to strengthen this connection? Let take a look at The Mind-Body connection and Transhumanism.

Egypt the home too many ancient stories and many more mysteries. From the construction of the massive pyramids and other ancient monuments to the religious practices and the pantheon of strange gods. One thing that is true is there are many unanswered questions and some would say an orchestrated effort to hide the truth. One such theory has a huge hidden labyrinth at the feet of the one most mysterious structures, the Sphinx. So what could they be hiding? Let’s take a look @ Egyptian Mystery. The Lost Labyrinth of Giza.

Bigfoot is the granddaddy of all cryptid mysteries, the hairy man of the forest is part of popular culture. The mysterious beast calls the forests of North America home. The Sasquatch has been difficult to find evidence is sparse and credible sightings rare. Could looking somewhere else help us to uncover the Bigfoot? We know that the study of cousin species of other types of animal have helped us to learn about the habits and behaviours for other elusive species in different regions could we do the same with our cryptid friend? How about looking in a location found on the other side of the world? Australia and the legend of the Yowie? Let’s take a look @ The Yowie. Australia's Bigfoot!?

Researching the phenomena of UFOs is not without its pitfalls, from amazing fakes tricking people into believing the contact is occurring to straight out lies suckering people all to make a quick buck. There is however a price that once paid cannot be refunded That price, a person's life! There have over the many years of ufology study been the Claims that UFO investigators are being eliminated by 'men in black’. Could this be true? Let’s take a look at the Mysterious deaths of UFO researchers IF The only question we ever need.

How to title this video is it Cryptozoology or a paranormal, I am not sure maybe I can decide at the end. These creatures have been part of folklore for time and memorial, most grew up hearing the stories of this creature living under bridges and harassing goats. In more recent times they have been adapted to the big screen. I am of course talking about Trolls. The trolls of today hide behind a screen and a keyboard and post their toxic thoughts for the world to read but what about the OG trolls what is their history and could there be any truth to it? Let’s take a look @ Troll spotted under a bridge !?


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Welcome to 'We are IF.' The world in which we live is full of strange and unusual things, from mysterious creatures to amazing events. On this channel we look at these oddities and ask what IF? What IF an event happened? What IF a creature is real? What IF myth and legend are true? "IF" is such a small word but a powerful word, join the journey and ask yourself the question "What IF?" we are IF.....Creating YouTube content to intrigue, fascinate and amuse. Speculation, education and imagination.Wondering how, what or 'IF' !!!!!