Just trying to promote a very simple but fun game here. Really sucks you in.

No strong feelings one way or the other

Originally from leetag's channel. Downloaded at the time it had 10,611,919 views with 559,023 likes and 559,020. Posted here in defiance of Youtube's idea to remove dislike button, and to try to keep balance.

Just trying this art game, and see if any good. maybe not good as to make art for work, but for fun.

I tried to battle a ghost ship crew (plus megalodon) while sailing galleon class ship in the Sea of Thieves. Its wasnt very effective.

And that is why kids you never duel with anyone who wielding Mesa frame. Ever.

Or anyone who wields a melee weapon which has fire weapon attack. Its just 'legal' cheating lol.

Two of my clan mates in Warframe doing duelling while I recording for future generation to wonder how we were able to get enjoyment from such primitive games.

Me defeating second boss in Valheim.

Friends characters with some funny lines from elsewhere/

Animatic based of famous Vine video where kid runs with knife while his mam goes ballistic. Aeleta and her kid Vixen belongs to Weasselk and Renamomma.

Small doodle of a crossover between Warframe and MLP

Made it about 2 years ago. Took me week of trial and error to finally make it do what I wanted.

Bea from Pokemon draw in 60min, speeded process. The music if from a royalty free surce.

Just a neat trick I found when you turn of gravity for model. (the model is from old LOL game)

My old video which was originally on Vlare. My first vid made with Garry's mod

Some Gmod mess.


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