“Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world. Millions of despairing, men, women, and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those are going to hear me, I say do not despair. The misery that is now upon us, but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress, the hate of men will pass and dictators die. And the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.


We must stand together!

Seattle-Tacoma Washington

We Will Stand
We Will Fight
We Will Not Commit Suicide by the Vax

Are we living in some sort of alternate reality?

"It adverse reactions were noticably increased after all our residents were vaccinated"

This video is 18 months old and nothing has changed in these hospitals.
They are still raking in the money on the death scheme

Pastor Jeff Durbin gives his Christian take on the toxic experimental shot that has no long term data.
A ‘vaccine’ manufactured by those trusted folk at big pharma for a disease that 99.7% of people will survive.



Did you think they were joking?

Video taken from Freiheit der Gedanken. - Quote: "It will be necessary to kill many billions of people to stop them. Or to prevent them from reproducing, to reduce the world population."

Immanuel: I actually think that the whole pandemic was a Trojan Horse for vaccines. COVID, from day one, I’ve always said it, it’s completely treatable, and it’s completely preventable, And there is no reason for you to be giving a vaccine for a disease that’s completely treatable, and completely preventable. And on top of that, the death rate of COVID is not that high. So, we need to wake up and realize that these mandates, the vaccines, and everything is taking us right into the book of Revelations where you cannot buy or sell without taking the vax. I tell people my big mantra right now is, get prevention, early treatment, if you get sick, sick, sick and end up in the hospital, don’t be afraid, because you know that it’s a transition. If you’re, if you’re a child of God, if you’re a Christian, you should not be afraid to die, first of all. So the reason why they can cage us is we’re all so scared. So I said, you know, die saved and die human. And don’t allow yourself to be genetically modified. These things are no vaccine, they are gene therapy. And if you listen to Dr. Kerry Madej, she actually looked into the microscope and look at some of this vaccine. The stuff she sees in them is horrible. So, we are in a really crazy situation right now where human beings are basically being genetically modified. They want to download our minds connect us on the internet of things. If you listen to somebody like Charles Morgan, or Amy Cruz, that used to work for DARPA, right. And right now, she works at the Platypus Institute which is like human enhancement…

…People in the White House are not being mandated, employees of the CDC are not being mandated, a lot of Democratic lawmakers are not being mandated to get vaccines, and people that work for Pfizer are not being mandated. Why is the general public being mandated? Why are they trying to give vaccines to children that barely get COVID? There’s a very sinister thing going on. And the reason why it’s going on and on is because we comply. For those that were vaccinated out of fear, out of, they didn’t want to lose their jobs, repent, ask God to forgive you, and ask the Lord to cleanse that stuff out of you. You know the blood of Jesus works, but please don’t get vaccinated. Get Hydroxychloroquine, get Ivermectin, you can go to our website, Drstellamd.com and get hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. You can get vitamins. Keep yourself healthy and realize that this whole thing, all of this whole vaccination and everything COVID And everything is a Trojan Horse for vaccines. They want to scare 7 billion people, and they want all of us to get jabbed, they want all of us to get corrupted. And the good news is the end time is Jesus might be coming soon. And at the end of the day, Jesus wins.

Conradson: So Fauci and the CDC they are trying to cover up the efficacy of these drugs, these actual treatments for COVID-19. What do you think of them, do you think they’re killing people?

Immanuel: I think they’re evil. I don’t think they’re even human. Because you cannot be a human, and be that evil. When we talk about evil Faucci’s an epitome of evil. If you know what Fauci did in the days of, AIDS. The things that Faucci does, Faucci is the epitome of evil. And you know what, the good news about it is, at the end of the day, all of us are going to have a creator, that judges.

Conradson: So where do you think is this a big Pharma of money scam?

Immanuel: I think it is deeper.

Conradson: Deeper? Depopulation?

Immanuel: Depopulation. Bill Gates had a video, that said that if you do good vaccines, they can cut down the world’s population by 10 to 15%. Bill Gates has done a lot of atrocities in India in Africa and everything. If somebody tells you they want to depopulate the world with 15% with vaccines. Why would you let them sponsor a vaccine? And Bill Gates’ hands are in every vaccine. And then of course we talk about the whole Mark of the Beast, 666 thing. The Moderna vaccine has luciferase. Bill Gates tracking system is 0202666, the one that they are trying to pass into Congress is HR 060606. What else has to happen before people start thinking “Maybe the name of the Beast, the Number of the Beast is being released?” And it is just going to be a matter of time for the Mark to take over. I tell people get Hydroxychloroiquine for prevention, Ivermectin. Get treated early. Give your life to Christ.

Conradson: Thank you, and we’re where do we get these real treatments?

Immanuel: Go to doctorstellamd.com. We also have the vitamins we put together that has vitamin C, D, Zinc and Corseting in one pill. Just stay safe, stay safe America. Don’t let these people kill you. Don’t let them genetically modify you. Die saved, die human.

Your job is NOT worth giving up individual liberty
I once worked with a person that said, "Our customer requires us to wear a mask SO WE WILL"...so I got a new job in 30 days.
I don't give a chit what contract my company has. If their customer requires our employees to end their individual liberty and hurt their health...then I'M OUT OF HERE!

Slow, calm delivery of the best 'Health HOAX' information

"This is urgent and will require incredible collaboration"
"It's going to have to go to seven billion people"

Literally everything if FAKE Folks...except for the fact that there is an antifreeze ingredient in the shots
"One of the listed primary ingredients of these injectiables is Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) which is a derivative of Ethylene Oxide.

"Biden's So-Called Vaccine Mandate, that jeopardizes millions of Jobs, doesn't exist..."
"It's all a Mirage" says The Gateway Pundit

Word to the wise: The OSHA Final Rule has not been entered in the Federal Register. If you are an employer and you are enforcing vaccine or test mandates, you're wide open to lawsuits for damages, lost wages, and psychological distress. It's a Guidance, meaning it's non-binding.

You may remember Greg Hunter on these shows before the MSM purged ALL 'real' investigative reporters
- Investigative Correspondent for Various CNN shows including American Morning, Paula Zahn Now and CNN Money.
- Investigative Correspondent for Good Morning America and other ABC News platforms

1) First-Hand Account: Vaxx Deaths Alarming to Military Barber
2) FOURTH Source Confirms Vaxxed Delta Pilot DEAD In-Flight
3) RECEIPTS: Patents Expose "Medical Devices" in Jab, Injectable Computing System

1) Renee is a barber with a shop in close proximity to a military base. Renee appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" as a "vaccine" whistleblower, giving a horrific first-hand account of personal acquaintances that are now DEAD after being jabbed

2) During a featured segment "Ask Dr. Jane", on "The Stew Peters Show", Dr. Jane Ruby announced that a fourth source has confirmed that a Delta Airlines pilot died during flight. This source claims to personally know the pilot

3) Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the "safe and effective" narrative surrounding the failed "vaccines", which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan.

OK, I understand now. The stupid sheep, that committed 'legal suicide', would have been replaced by AI anyway.
The current depopulation event is needed for the reduction of human labor needs in the near future
These 'dead people walking' would have had no 'meaning' in the future anyway...so just purge them.
Wow, the Globalists are "right" after all. How efficient!


(edited out the phone service drop offs)

mRNA instructs cells to create The Spike Protein
Dr. Christiane Northrup at the ReAwaken America Tour

All of these people will be fired and the school boards sued and sadly, the community that has to sue their own school system are the people that fund the entire thing.

I think that these people should simply be executed instead of The People having to sue the corruption they funded.

"They are growing impatient. We're to slow at obeying"

Video taken from LION Media.
Telegram: https://t.me/LIONMediaTelegram


No one will work for the mindless, ignorant, idiot people that ever pushed the mask/jab on them
The people will never forget how they were treated.
They'll never use these companies or work for these companies ever again.
At this point, the people that willingly wear a mask are the Enemy of the People

When my boss, her boss, and a top district manager forced me to wear a mask at work, I walked out.
I did that over not being able to breath oxygen, which is a direct attack on my health.
Walking out over the Mark of the Beast Death Shot is a no brainer


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