The Simulacronomicon - PRELUDE.

Oceans vanishing into rumor,
The bowl of the sky oscillating;
By dint of Sophic fires swirling,
Impenetrable obsidian plinths
Speak in instant anagnorises
Of the fell deeds of man
Given the ultimate gifts,
Allowed the ultimate freedom,
At the behest of a cosmic sacrifice.

of Drakul,
Yaldaboath of sidereal scorn.

We are the inventors of the scions of shame,
The punks of the aether, blowing it all
across a magical spectrum
when the pearl was
proffered to us.

We deferred, preferring to wallow
for eons in a bottomless sump
of debauch, and diminution,
In thrall to all grimories
And simulacronomicons.

"Small Suggestion"
Tonight's improvisation.
MUSIC: acoustic guitar - Patrick McCormack

Pica-Politique !!

STUMP: Salvador Dali
MUSIC: Electrique Guitar - Patrick McCormack

Crystal Drift.

"Crystal Drift"
MUSIC: Guitars, Sound, Production - Patrick McCormack

Pa Ubu loses it EVEN MORE!

Inspired by current events and Alfred Jarry's play, "Ubu Roy"

Song - Pa Ubu Apoplectic
MUSIC: Guitar, Noises, Vox, Production - Patrick McCormack

As the title explains, the fires raging in many areas of the Pacific Northwest and other regions aren't solely about drought, industrial pollutants, geo-engineering and exotic tech. There be a new element in the periodic table which we will henceforth refer to by it's taxonomic appellation : FU, Fuktonium.

Post Ignorance.
The Age of Fission.
The Age of Nuclear Relativism.

Song : "Fuktonium Ode"
MUSIC : Guitar, Noise, Synthesizer, Samples, Production - Patrick McCormack


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