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Princess and Devil Girls invite Rome to a Bar B.Q. Koot Hoomi searches an old book in the Grand Library in order to repair ancient Atlantis tech.

Not Government Fairy Tales. Romans encounter their hidden demons. Temptation and a miraculous transformation. A converted Sami Shaman aids Agartha.

Music and action. Agartha struggles as the invasion of the Dark Princess commences.
What are the Romans doing in Agartha anyway?

The kids finally arrive but so do the dark forces. Agartha's peace is shattered. If you enjoyed - please subscribe - it's the only reward i ask.

Ukraine looks shaky. Kiev Crisis Grows, Zelensky Sacks Generals. Shut the bunker door on the way out. Watch this on History Channel in 6 months!

Kids finally arrive but so does the Dark Princess. The portal is open to welcome and unwelcome guests. If you enjoyed - please subscribe - it's the only reward i ask.

I know nothing, just adjusted out the NASA red.
Disturbing really. Looks suspiciously human.

Finally, the dark side have the kids! They want Agartha. Hell breaks loose...and some "sympathetic" music. Guess? Please subscribe - it's the only reward i ask.

Blazing Birkland reveals his hidden secret, Caretakers are hot on the trail, Zombies.

If at first you don't succeed - go full retard! Subscriptions are very welcome.

The search for the kids widens.

Help for the kids comes from unexpected quarters.
A hero of old is required.

Serious info which must be open to public debate.
I checked many addresses and street viewed many locations.
Although from 2020 the information still seems to be relevant.
Part 2 here - https://rumble.com/embed/v2qh5zu/?pub=4

FIXED. Well after 3 years i discovered i put up a bad video. Here is the real one.
Go down to Mar 03, 2021 VISIBLE (PUBLISHED) for THE DOC's SIRIUS ADVENTURE Part 2- 7.
7 Parts - Old material but still fun S.F. - B.C. Before Carrodon, its also the first female Doc too before B-BC.
Skyrim note - Yes the graphics quality is crap - it was three machines ago, not so photogenic! The story is what counts.
Peace to all and the planet!

NATO Slave Trade.
You pay for the profits.
10% for TBG.

2 years old but still extremely relevant.
The video everyone needs to watch. How the 1% operate in our fragile world and their plans for our future - The Great Reset.
Watch, weep, but make sure to fight, it may be your last chance.
NOT my video it's by Covid Lie at
With many thanks.

Nato, WEF, WHO and the Climate Crazies. Lets praise them for THEIR accomplishments whilst considering OUR future.
Satirical, Cynical, Sarcastic, Joking, Unapologetic, Tomfoolery - maybe. Psychoanalysis of a Schizophrenic Society.

Branded by the west as a pariah, madman and danger to the NWO.
Deposed a false MI6 king, transformed the poorest country in the world into an African giant.
So what did happen in Libya? 30 years later, you decide.

When you see this ad - you know it's over.

The Fairy tales continues. All Aboard!
The days of piracy and the law of the sea are drawing to an end.

If you suffer illusions, possession or regular visits from Extra Terrestrial Oranges...This is your thing
And with thanks: Opening - unknown title from and by https://www.youtube.com/@musicomanfree/videos (great selections)!
One Minute Piano 147: "Old Cinema Blues" by Jaime Córdoba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNt8uJFB_M0

Fairy Tale Part 2 -Including Honkey Tonk Woman instrumental at the "Frozen Chicken Ranch".

Seem to be few surprises left in the field of conspiracy or reality.
It's all fake news.

You think you know but there's always more.
Whitney explains why the problem is much bigger than we think.
From https://www.youtube.com/@MintPressNews

Flapping white coats, unmarked ambulances, maybe an injecton or two?
Thanks to the great
Stevie Riks at:


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