How Agenda 21 is forced on the world at national, state, regional and local level.
Infiltration at all levels. Some good advice for countering/sabotaging this essentially communist entity and their sick plans.
By YouTuber: Anonymous Official and with many thanks.
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Part 7. All is revealed. Hey try starting at Part 1!

Before the Mediterranean flood, we are told it was a deep dried salt lake with temperatures even higher than Death Valley. When the continental breach opened, separating Africa from Europe, the ocean gushed in, filling the entire area in less than 2 years! As always, the narrative is that the people of the time "hunter gatherers", perhaps with the ability to erect simple megaliths, fled and moved to higher ground. We are always presented with the simplistic view. Kind of like the search for water and past life on Mars? Well if we use logic and the evidence available to us we can escape the official narrative and realize the truth for ourselves. The truth "they" pretend they are unaware of and work to conceal from us. If one considers the size and height of the larger structures in this video you realize that they dwarf any structures, even the Great Pyramid itself, ever built in "known" history. Just GROK dudes!

Part 6.

Part 5. Not part 4 - despite the cover which i cannot change. PART 5. Honest.

Part 4.

Part 3.

Part 2.

Part 1.

Hey Thomas - Leave that cash alone!

The Controllers have gone too far! M.S.M. cracks, reveals the truth we are screaming. Cory Bernardi's honest condemnation of Globalism. Build Back Better? You mean trust those who broke it all to start with?

Alan Freeman and the Eternal Emperor Rosko also present todays best selling Covid 45's.
Be there or be square.

If there were a Top 20 today i'm sure many of these video's would be in it.
So i compiled my own - Love the MonsterMash most.
This is not humour or satire, rather a cultural reflection of how we react to a unique and potentially confused situation.

I'm old enough to have seen all the conspiracy theories.
Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.
Now we know they were all true perhaps, finally, we can finish with them.

A very cool session, a very cool number.
Watch Daryl and Jo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPV6nKrhOGg
Watch all episodes here: https://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/archive.html

No reason, nothing from nothing for nothing, except... relax for a minute.
Don't forget who we really are. Breath, Live, Be appy.

He's Underground, Overground, in Orbit, in Space and in your mind. What is it really all about?
Starlink SpaceX Musk Satellites.
Music by King Crimson, R.E.M, Jonathan King, Dave Bowie.

We need More Wizards and less Lizards!
He is called a Russian ‘Hagrid’. Just like Harry Potter’s friend, Aleksandr Biletsky is a gamekeeper, likes magic creatures, and feels in harmony with nature. RT Documentary visits Aleksandr’s fairy tale village, Agavariya, to find out more about organic living, running a creative workshop for ‘wizards and fairies’ and making ‘Muggle’ money in the middle of nowhere.

00:00 - Meet Russian ‘Hagrid’
2:18 - A portal from reality
5:32 - How to earn money in a fairy tale village
7:14 - Off to the woods
10:04 - ‘Every day is a holiday when you live in nature’
11:28 - A giant workshop for ‘wizards'
12:28 - ‘I was meant to be a cog in the system. But it never worked’

Maybe Yeti, maybe Noti. Biologic transformers cute. Condor Bad.

Why are deep state agents and U.K.government so scared of Julian Assange?
There is one loose end and his name was Seth.
“Assange had to be made to suffer horribly and in public — to be made an example of — to deter other journalists from ever following in his footsteps. He is the modern equivalent of a severed head on a pike displayed at the city gates.”

Incoherent gibberish with a few sparse seconds of reflective reality. There may even be a message in there somewhere.
The ONLY revolution worth remembering.
Don't drink the tea!

Are you going to the party? The Boston Tea Party...

Strange connections between current Virus research and evidence of advanced and predictive science within the May 29 "Covid" Crop Circle.
Is this a benevolent message from beyond?
Well worth a watch - Level: Mindblowing.
Stay well!

If you are concerned by Julian's treatment we can all dream and pray together for for him. My take, my reality. Join me.

Anonomous plan to free the prisoner continue with the aid of the Sisters.
Doc finally discovers she has a bounty on her head.
The search for the Doctor and the Tardis continue.
A strange alliance is made.

Mix of live and original L.P. version with some instrument destruction.
Mix from Tommy by geniuses Keith Moon and Ken Russel.
+Keith moon puts to much gun powder in his drum kit.

The night Keith Moon and his wife saved my life.
The small amount of time he gave to me helped me through my problems - i had no one else - he was like an older brother or uncle for 10 minutes.
He saved my life.
So thanks Keith and God Bless.

I was 17, unemployed, broke and as always had to crash backstage to see a concert.
"We're with the band" worked without any questions (they knew we were not) as usual in those days.
First thing i saw was four cases of Captain Morgan Rum and stacks of coke - wheeee.
Next thing i saw was Pete Townsend who no one approached and had the look of murder in his eyes.
I looked around for my girlfriend and saw her sitting cross legged with Roger Daltry in deep conversation.
What a bitch! joke - what woman wouldn't have.
This was at Sussex University in an area called the Crypt which has Disco and dancing to records each Friday back in the early 70's before Disco
was even invented...
I was alone with Keith Moon and his wife for 10 minutes - there was barely any lighting - only when he
responded "of course you don't know who i am" did i realize it was my music idol.
He was polite, charming, patient and genuinely interested in me and filled me with an inner energy.

Later we followed the band to the stage door expecting to get in with them but despite Roger Daltry's protestations the security wouldn't
let us through.
Finally watched one of the last Tommy performances after their 18 month world tour - with my head sticking through an open exit door!
One of the best 5 concerts i ever saw.
THE best drummer of them all.

Extract from a recent Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante.


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