Here are some highlights from "Miss Earth Japan"...I have no idea who won...but I think we all did. SEE!!! Something good came out of 2020- lol.

Sexy Sayanee (Sayaka Yamamoto) of Japanese Idol group NMB48 engages in a battle of Improve comedy with Jurina of SKE48 - whats the rules? They have to speak English...which neither is amazing at. Who Ya Got???

Fans will remember Sayanee as sexy Gravure Queen of NMB48 but can she be funny???

Japan practically invented Cosplay and in my Opinion Asian ladies are the best at it - to prove this point Behold: Eunji Pyoapple! of YouTube & Instgram modeling fame. Here she flawlessly demonstrates that it's the Woman who makes the Cosplay & not the other way around. Watch as she squeezes into the tiniest of leotards & sexiest skirts for the glory of your Visual Pleasure! Before you scream "Objectification!" - Please note - this lady has over a MILLION Subs on YouTube & almost 900,000 on Instagram and yet NO Twitter?? It's safe to say if you think she's being "Objectified" that pretty pony left the stable a long time ago.

Whats her secret? How does she chose what to wear? What secret Kawaii charms is she unleashing?... You got about 20 minutes to Analyze... AND She's speaks English!!!

Can't get enough?? Devour her YouTube channel for ALL her Adventures!

Not convinced? Scour her Instagram for more Clues as to why Enuji is soo Amazing!

(I own nothing - but my love for Sexy Perfect Cosplayers - So I'm just posting this for educational purposes )

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is a classic Moe anime from the mid-late 2000's. Here some artistic editors re-imagined the opening of Haruhi as Other Classic Animes from around the same decade asking the question: What would Haruhi look like as "Cowboy Bebop"?? or "Neon Genesis: Evangelion"?? or say "Death Note"?? These 3 little mash-ups are from the golden age of Anime Mash-ups on YouTube and might bring back some memories.

I didn't make these but if you know who did drop a note in the comments or take a bow.
(*Presented for historical & archival purposes only!*)
#1 Cowboy Bebop
#2 Evangelion
#3 Death Note
(In case youre a Noob or a Normie & don't know what Anime they're referencing)

Paruru once had a brief sub-unit called "NYANKB" and they did the theme song for some Anime show called "Youkai Watch" and the girls actually were a part of the show as fictional Idols. Here you can see them perform the Hit song LIVE with an orchestra no less. What's interesting to note is that this was the last thing Paruru did before she went on hiatus for health reasons.

What's not to love here? Cute Idols doing cat noises and a cat dance! The weird little mascots are characters from the Anime. So here you can enjoy Paruru in her Moe-riffic Kawaii Cat Girl costume & thigh-highs with some of AKB48's cuter Idols. Some of them in this clip I believe are: Mako Kojima, Yuria Kizaki, and Rina Kawae
The reason this is "Mirrored" was so it could last on YouTube long enough for people like me to Steal it...I mean Archive it for your enjoyment.

If you like this song & want to know more about it (It is Very Addictive) this link should help

I can add the actual music video & some interviews maybe.

Okada Nana is from AKB48's fabled team 4 and and you might have seen her in some AKB48 vids on this channel- But now she's grown up, likes girls, and in a Bikini! But she didn't stop there, NO!- She brought Yuiriri Murayama in a bikini also...and somehow ENTAME (Japanese Gravure mag) captured them in the wilds of Japan! I know right??

Please consider that Okada Nana is a rare breed of Idol in Japan (and AKB48) in that she started out very wholesome & oddly seriously professional - then one day cut her hair and slowly started to reveal that she was very fond of girls. It's not a miss to suggest she might be bi-sexual and while she's an icon to the Western female Idol fans who want a "Girl Crush" to look up to- she's INTO Cute Idols the way a GUY (male Otaku Idol fan) would be so this is kind of the Best of Both worlds in that she doesn't mind showing off her sex appeal for the lads & as this video shows she's enthralled with her Bikini clad Idol buddy (watch those hands!!!). If you're curious how much Okada Nana has grown?? check her out in this AKB Sub-Group video
https://www.bitchute.com/video/WjXDGX1NRLe6/ (She's become a fierce Tigress!)

If you like ENTAME you can buy this magazine probably thru @Jlist or via links in their Twitter

Follow the adventures of Okada Nana at
Or maybe you liked Yuiriri Murayama also??? She's at:

The Original video is listed here (where you can investigate for scientific research???)

(Disclaimer- I'm just promoting the growth & sex appeal of Asian Idols - I don't own them - All Rights to Right holders)

Mahiro Kamura has got many skills & fast hands! I think when people think of "Baton Twirling" we assume it's fake skill or some kind of Hollywood stunt trick given to some Plus Ultra Cheerleader as a gag skill. BEHOLD Mahiro will delight, amazing, & steal your heart as her twitter vids (from her Instagram?) show it's a REAL Skill and that she can flawlessly demonstrate it.

I added a few videos for your Scientific Analysis proving that this gal could be a real life Kitana from "Mortal Kombat" if she wanted probably. Come for the Visuals & fall in love with the rest of her - Witness the talents of Mahiro Kamura

Her Twitter for more vids & Adventures below:

Her YouTube channel where she gets even Sexier

Haruna Kojima lingerie model & former AKB48 1st gen alum shows us how to be a cat - I.E. she shows the dangers of if your Cat suddenly became a live Hot girl that looked like Haruna Kojima...It's complicated.. Just watch the video.

One thing Japanese tv excels at is putting cute Idols in situations where they are forced to face their worst fears for the amusement of others. In this case AKBingo would often force their Idols into bizarre tests of endurance & awkward situations. They stumbled on this bit where they found the 1 rare rare girl TERRIFED of popping balloons.

You'd think she's playing it up for laughs until she starts actually crying before the game even begins. The terrified girl is Oshima Yuko who many AKB48 fans know is the most chill & in-control gal of the whole group. Mayuyu is afraid of dogs, Kojima Haruna hates bugs, Acchan can't handle spicy anything...but Yuko...Yuko is the biggest WIMP when it comes to popping plastic. Can she even survive the clip before it's over???

I recently discovered Mahiro Nakamura on YT & Twitter and was delighted by how cute & refreshing she is in a very Moe/Kawaii way. Here in this video she demonstrates how she plans to be both Sexy & Kawaii everyday of the week! (I really have no idea - I couldn't read the subs my mouth was drooling). But please Enjoy this perfectly kawaii young lady & support her channels, adventures, & modeling career!

Her YouTube channel is here:
Her Twitter:

**Bonus Content** - THIS Tweet by her alone Stole my heart! - It's one of the top 10 Kawaii'est things I've seen in my whole life!

In the Japanese Idol game "Idol [email protected]" you basically grow & expand your Idol's influence & stardom - my fav is Ranko (the Goth girl). I found a Subbed version of her Aria that is her Theme song. Weebs know if this speaks to you or not.

YEJI is the stellar power house KPOP princess of the group ITZY. If Elon Musk made Kpop girls like he makes Rockets - YEJI would be one of his designs. She's young & fresh and built for speed & total performance efficiency. She looks meek but as soon she gets dancing she's a luxury sports car running like she's on rocket fuel. How can 1 Idol be soo amazing?? She was discovered by the guy who invented TWICE.

In this video we have a cute English SUBBED Intro where she explains just how awesome she is (Thanks to Studio CHOOM) and then you get a LIVE Fan Cam of her doing "ICY" which is odd cause this gal is anything but ICY on the stage.

Get your YEJI on!!!

(I Own Nothing! - Original Opening is by STUDIO CHOOM which you can find them here: https://youtu.be/PCOv_a8wovc )
Support ITZY as they move forward to conquer new heights in KPOP.

You can find their YT channel & the original video to this song here:

Haruka & her Cyber Japan Dancers Online friends had a "Bikini exhibition?" viewing party? something? Does it matter? They wanted to wear Bikini's because they love them & they even Subbed this so you can read what they're saying so it would be a total shame if you didn't watch them. I'd write something about the other girls but my heart is smitten with Haruka so learn to deal.

PLEASE go check out their YT channel & the Original vid here! They even have links to ALL the girls Social Media accts so maybe you're into Karen? or the other one? SUPPORT Them here!
You can find their twitter here:

Pan Piano - the adorably sexy Cosplay cutie who cosplays as characters from the Anime she's plays piano music from has returned as Mari of "Evangelion". She'll get busy as soon as she finds her glasses.

PLEASE Support her YoUTube Channel & Enjoy her unique contributions to Art & Otaku culture! You can find her channel & the original video below.

I love Twin-Tails on kawaii gals in Bikinis! luckily Akari Yoshikura has some life saving tips that could help you NOT Drown on land while wearing a bikini. I know, I know she's practically a Saint! So enjoy the Twin-tails & watch her body closely - It might save a life. Stop Laughing.

Support Akari Yoshikura & try not to drown in her Kawaii beauty!

OhMyGirl is a rising KPOP girl group. They're a bit more sophisticated than the flashier groups so it was VERY surprising to see a special "Adult Ceremony" level concert by them over a year ago where the ladies were showing off a more "Sexier" side. This is a fan cam of Yooa doing a cover of SUNMI's "Full Moon". As you can hear in the clip the crowd lost their minds.

She does just sing the song, she slinks around like a Kpop Panther & even does some interesting foot work on the couch - This is a seduction unlike anything people OhMyGirl members were capable of - The outfit alone is the skimpiest I've ever seen Yooa and why are you still reading this???

*Support OhMyGirl* & @HotFanCams on Twitter!

One of the best past times on Anime Forums/ 4-chan/ Anime circles & assorted Anime sites are the "Claiming of the Waifus" (Anime wives). It's always fun to battle, bicker, & badger a fellow Otaku/Weeb over his taste being GARBAGE or his Waifu being "Trash". BUT now you have an edge in this debate as many fans voted & formed a consensus of who they thought was BEST GIRL in every major anime.

I actually agreed w/ 95% of this list. Who really is BEST GIRL is entirely subjective to the fan but what's interesting is "Best Girls" don't usually change over time. Fans just know & move on. I.E. Chitoge is Best Girl in "Nisekoi" (she even won the "Shonen Jump" reader poll where the manga is published) and while there are always new fans discovering the Anime/Manga the BEST Girl doesn't usually switch to another character after time. Even if a fan hates the lead or "Best Girl" most seasoned Weebs can figure out just by merch & fan discussion who is considered Best Girl.

I didn't make this video as I am just using it here for educational purposes because WAIFU's is serious business. This video is from YouTuber RINNE - So if you like Anime Lists & Anime Data collections please check out his channel and support him!

What's funny is when Western DUB Va's get casted wrong or are directed to give a performance contrary to the Japanese originator (under the excuse of "Localization") Otakus & never stop trashing the Dub. One example is Erina Nakiri from "Food Wars". She's voiced by 2 different Japanese women most never noticed the switch - but 5 minutes into the Western Dub and Erina sounds bitchy & hateful (As opposed to Tsundere & confident) - Most fans blame the Casting or Director and often go out of their way to separate the Western Actress from the roll itself (She's just doing what she's told). BEST Girls have an Iconic quality to their performance & personality.

IZONE always up for a visual feast on stage did a live version of their mega hit "Secret Story of the Swan" (what?) song. not content to just perform it, they Cosplayed as Fairy Tale Princesses (Can you name them all?) and make them extra Kawaii. Fun Fact: IZONE is known as a 4th Generation KPOP Idol group and they've already sold more albums than their contemporaries in 2020 so who know what they'll do to top this single.

(*I'm showcasing this video for educational purposes & stuff... Cosplay, Dance, Stage craft, It's better than the finale for "Wanda Vixon" yo)

Aya Ogose is a tiny Japanese gal who is a competitive eater and this little gal is gonna kick Ronald McDonald's ASS! She doesn't come back for 2nd helpings- She chows on Twenty Second helpings!!! This vid must be seen to be believed - You will never look at the Golden Arches the same way again. This little lady is a 1 woman Epic Meal Time wrecking ball of Gluttony and stays oddly cute the whole time.

If you can stomach more Aya eating challenges here's her YouTube channel & Twitter.

The original video can be found here at Tokyo Creative's YT chan

ALL credit & rights to Tokyo Creative which is an interesting channel that appears to feature other Japanese YouTubers who are actually foreigners so if you're a season weeb one of your favs has probably crossed her path at some point so Check Them Out!

I discovered a stand-up comedian who is Japanese & oddly from Canada named Yumi Nagashima. Here she jokes about Florida, Mexicans, & Creepy White dudes....and you know what? I thought it was CUTE! I was totally Not Offended because it was still cute Asian be satirically clever.

Ayaka Sasaki is the Pink member of "Momoiro Clover Z" last Summer she debuted with a Solo Single called "Girls Meeting". This song has stayed with me since then, it's really plucky & energetic. Ayaka isn't into selling 'sex appeal'- she's into selling KAWAII & her Idol Energy. It's safe to say Ayaka is selling Ayaka and after this video (a Free Sample?) you'll know if you want more.

I've enjoyed her energy, voice, & personality since 2012 (when she was like 15?) in Momoiro Clover - I'm proud to say I enjoy Ayaka the 20 something adult version. You'll know if you're an Ayaka fan before the video ends. Some find her adorable & others annoying - Japanese Idols are unique that way.

(*I own nothing - just posting for discussion & promotional purposes to spread the word about Ayaka Sasaki)

Nogizaki46 is a very successful girl group from Japan. At some point they went to GUAM & did a TV skit where they had to 'talk up' guys in a popularity battle with only Native English speakers. What's cute is Nogizaki46 girls are a classier type of "Idol" and you can see how they are trying to so hard to be graceful, polite, & funny but they have to entice men to vote for them using a language they're barely good at.

Fun Notes: Nogizaki46 are mostly beauty queens & print models & classically trained singers and actresses and the girl who I've featured in multiple videos named Erika Ikuta is in this group. So if these girls are your thing maybe I'll feature more Nogizaki46 clips. The girl in the thumbnail is Reika Sakurai (Captain of NGZK46) - she is my Fav. She calls herself "Ponketsu" which kinda means "useless" or "Rubbish" (like an appliance that breaks often). She thinks she's a ditz but she's really just small & shy and a introvert which odd when you're an Idol.

This is a fun Late Night TV show bit. Celebrity guests on the James Korden late show stand behind glass and try NOT to Flinch as a machine fires fruit at them. Find out which members of BlackPink are really cool & chill in this bizarre battle of wits.

(*Just posting this for FUN & discussion purposes...plus, Who doesn't like seeing a Fruit Cannon?)

There's many Harem & Ecchi anime's but what separates the average from the Superior Status (or as this vid asks the "OP") why it's the Main characters obviously. While we as Weebs will never agree on the exact placements of this list I think it's safe to say these 10 Ecchi Animes are Top Tier and worthy of "S" class ranking.

I personally would've added Anime's like "Ben-To", "Kore wa Zombie Desu ka", "Maken-Ki", "Mayo-Chiki", and "Demon Lord Daimoe" to a much larger list but these 10 are Acceptable. I totally don't agree w/ their #1 choice but "Absolute Duo" is a VERY good show.

THIS video was made by "Rimuru Tempest" (*Original Vid* https://youtu.be/DGf8cD8D8Bc )
Please support them! They have a wonder channel where they feature many "Top 10" Anime lists based on numerous topics!

(*I'm just posting this video for discussion & promotion- I own nothing)

Jun Amaki has numerous gifts & assets and here she is going to show off a few outfits that let her see which she looks best...which one will she choose? does it matter? She wants to make a good impression I suppose.


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