There's many Harem & Ecchi anime's but what separates the average from the Superior Status (or as this vid asks the "OP") why it's the Main characters obviously. While we as Weebs will never agree on the exact placements of this list I think it's safe to say these 10 Ecchi Animes are Top Tier and worthy of "S" class ranking.

I personally would've added Anime's like "Ben-To", "Kore wa Zombie Desu ka", "Maken-Ki", "Mayo-Chiki", and "Demon Lord Daimoe" to a much larger list but these 10 are Acceptable. I totally don't agree w/ their #1 choice but "Absolute Duo" is a VERY good show.

THIS video was made by "Rimuru Tempest" (*Original Vid* https://youtu.be/DGf8cD8D8Bc )
Please support them! They have a wonder channel where they feature many "Top 10" Anime lists based on numerous topics!

(*I'm just posting this video for discussion & promotion- I own nothing)

Jun Amaki has numerous gifts & assets and here she is going to show off a few outfits that let her see which she looks best...which one will she choose? does it matter? She wants to make a good impression I suppose.

Here's a quick compilation of example of Tzuyu just being naturally Aegyo (or Kawaii). She's got one of the prettiest faces on the globe but I think her personality and her sense of humor also help with the experience.

Introducing Rika Nakai (of NGT48) - Here she sings a song about being Hot or Something. Anyway she's super Kawaii & I love her voice.

Aya Hazuki (Japanese Gravure Model) loves wearing a bikini and when there's no water maybe she just likes to pretend there is? She's so genki & full of energy she just likes to jump around it seems. In this video I think she's testing out how to get to the Moon...So pretend I played "Fly Me to the Moon" or something & cheer on Aya Hazuki. Gravity has nothing on her Assets - catch her while you can!

AS this is the 1st Video of 2021 I knew I had to pick something SPECIAL!!!! Give me "Likes" you Weebs!

BlackPink are often shown to be fierce & sexy in performances but as this shows they can be soft & kawaii like most Asian gals. Here's an extended clip of them on the KPOP skit show "Knowing Bros" from when they were promoting "How You Like That" (where they also slip in a preview of a future single "Pretty Savage"). Here they goof on Jisoo's lack of English & Milk Addiction. They also play a word game for snacks using all their song titles.

This clip is fun cause you get to see the girls just being goofy & how the look in normal lighting in kawaii school girl outfits.

(*I own nothing* Just promoting the girls for discussion purposes!)
If you enjoy this humor & this shows content you're welcome to feast on their YT channel which usually has Subbed content of their various guests.
I'm Uploading this for Educational purposes & because Rose' is BEST GIRL!

Paruru (Haruka Shimazaki) has often been known to AKB48 fans as a "Foodie". If you look at her YouTube channel over 1/3rd of the videos are her just eating random food. In this video she doesn't just try the Spicy Ramen (of the Popular YT Challenge) she mixed in 2 others just in case the Spicy was Boring (Cause Paruru likes to eat ramen). The Subbing on this is 'Interesting' as it's Auto-Generated so some of it makes no sense & other times it's dead-on. Has Paruru met her match with the 2'X's Spicy???

At some point I'll dig out my Paruru archives from 2011-2012 where she does all kinds of weird stunts on her Idol Journey...like eating a banana while riding a unicycle on a race track indoors (Yeah, that happed).

If you're a fan of Paruru please sub & enjoy her YT channel:
The Original Video can be found here:

(* I own Nothing - just my intense love of Kawaii Asians eating spicy food & Salty/Sweet gals like Paruru *)
This video is for Educational & Discussion purposes only!
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Her Personal Website:

Pan Piano is the lovely cosplay queen who does many Anime themed songs on piano in the cosplay of the song she performs. Here she delights playing some of YouTuber Virtual Personality Gawr Gura's most popular song. "Good Luck" & "Ride on Time"

Fans will appreciate her sexy thighs as she doesn't usually do Cosplays this revealing but she does many Otaku/Weeb favs from "Demon Slayer" to "Evangelion" to "Bleach" on her YT channel check her out!

Follow her on Twitter!

KPop's TWICE was given a unique task challenge - Make them watch popular Tik-Tok dance videos and see how well they can learn the dances...in 1 minute! It's completely random and the girls are picked at random.

I've never seen a challenge like this given to a season Kpop group. How fast can they rise to the challenge? How bad will they screw this up???

(*This video is presented for discussion purposes only!*) - The idea for this bit probably came out of COSMO magazine so Support them or something.

Mao Akutsu is a kawaii gravure model who excels in Kawaii-ness w/ just the right amount sex appeal. Here's a quick compilation from her Twitter & Instagram of her doing Cute things VERY VERY Cutely. My fav is the Water Park. How much KAWAII can one female contain???

Follow her adventures

Buy a Blu-Ray of her Being even Sexier!!!

This is one of the cooler inventions of Otaku culture. Taking Anime/Gaming Waifus & having them digitally dance to Jpop & KPOP songs. The Waifus are the muched characters from "Azur Lane". Specifically Atago, Sirius, & Honolulu. Here they dance to Kpops TWICE song "Breakthough". One must recognize the amount of work that goes into making just "1" of these videos.

The creation of the models, the attributes, costumes, ect - THEN adding the exact KPOP choreography and timing to music - this is a bigger work of Art than simply hitting a few buttons. I've seen ones for other groups using other characters and many of them top notch & breath taking if you're an Otaku. How far away are we from the virtual Waifu that move around & become a personal assistant like in the recent "Blade Runner" sequel? When we get a "Ready Player One" style Oasis - it will be designed by Artist like who made this video.

(*I'm uploading this for discussion & education purposes!*)
The Original video is listen below if you want follow & support these inventive digital artist of the New Era of Waifu Entertainment.

KPOP's "OhMyGirl" has many talented sweeties who can sing, rap, & dance w/ a ballet level quality & grace. Their leader Hyojung is the total package & quite possibly one of the most under rated Goddesses of KPOP. I know you don't believe me but the KStarLive channel on YouTube can back me up w/ this handy collection of Cute & Talented clips in this Profile of Hyojung. This woman truly is "Visual Candy" for Weebs

Wanna learn more or support who did the subs? credit goes to KSTARLIVE's channel

Erika Ikuta adventures continue with this video of the "Weird Piano girl" who can't cook decided one day to be a team player & Try Ultra HOY Spicy food for the 1st time ever. You're going to see this RED FIRE looking Pot of SPICY as hell noodles and ask yourself- If you've NEVER ate Spicy food before - WHY would you start with THAT? Will she survive? Will she Cry? Is she just doing this to look cool? Words my fail you when she see how far she goes to prove herself - You never know what's going happen with Erika Ikuta

I like watching Asian girls eat super spicy (HOT) food. It's a bit they do in Asian countries on Variety shows & various YouTubers have begun doing it. If you've ever watched the celebrities on "Hot Ones" freak out over food that is TOO HOT & try to keep their composure this is basically that. In this video former SKE48 Idol & now Adult Video star (and part time KPOP Idol) Yua Mikami takes the 2 X's Spicy HOT Ramen challenge.

Who doesn't want to see a former JPOP Idol & now JAV star put something in her mouth & swallow it as a challenge right?

If you want to support Yua follow her YouTube channel

Aya Hazuki is a Japanese gravure model, which means she gets paid to pose & look pretty. Here she shows how to wear a bikini...for Science or something.

AKB48 used to do "sports festival" type videos - Here you can check out the classic clip of Mayu (Mayu Watababe) vs Paruru (Haruka Shimazaki) actually Sumo Wrestle each other. Mayu is not known for being athletic & Paruru's nick-name at the time was "Ponketsu" ("useless" - as she wasn't a top dancer). So you can imagine how interesting it was to see two of the LEAST physically qualified Idols Wrestle each other. Mayu was always known for never having a hair out of place & Paruru doesn't even like getting "tanned" (She stays inside 90% of the time).

AKB48 rose to fame for pushing a lot of buttons (visually) in their early days. One thing they were good for was the "Experimental B-Side" videos. For AKB48 scholars the videos for the B-Sides ranged from: simply cute, Dance-centric, to experimentally WTF? and my fav the suggestive Bi-Sexual ones. This one is called "Conductivity in the Water". It has EVERYTHING you never knew you needed in an AKB48 vid (or Any Idol vid)- Hot girls in prom gowns underwater rubbing & kissing each other...YUP!

This is what you might call a "Fan Service" video in that it involves what female fans of Asian Idol groups call "Skin-ship". So this begs the question: Is this Art? Is it merely Suggestive? Is this Aqua-fetish wack-off material? Is it Merely Sexy? or is this some nerfed version of Lesbian Erotica? YOU will have MANY Questions after watching this! That's why there's a FAN Analysis written by a Female Fan who really was..."Touched" by this video- There's apparently way more happening here than even I thought...after I zipped my pants up (kidding). https://kuroiyuki88.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/the-underwater-conductivity/

The "Ace" or Lead is the adorably cute Captain of HKT48 Chihiro Anai (relax she was "20" at the time) & a bunch of hotties from the other Sister groups listed here:

AKB is known for having really suggestive & WTF videos (I'll explore others in later vids)- but this one is certainly one of my favs. I'm uploading this for discussion purposes & education 'Fair-Use' - You've never seen an Idol vid like this...No Major group in KPOP has ever tried this - It's certainly a One of a Kind concept.

Fate Grand Order is a massively successful video game from Japan based on the "Fate" series by Type Moon. It basically deals with Mages using summoned servants who take the form of "Heroic Spirits" or Legends/Villains from Historical memory to fight in a Holy Grail War - so as one can imagine the Summoned Fighters can be anyone from Joan D'Arc, Nikola Tesla, Dracula, Hercules, King Gilgamesh, to Mozart.

This AMV uses clips from the various Animes based on the games & promotional footage for newer chapters released in Japan. This AMV is exceptional because it incorporates So Many characters while still showing off the majesty & scope of the games possibilities. Fans will instantly recognize their favorite servants and perhaps this vid will make want to play the game & enter the world of "Fate Grand Order"

I didn't make this- Just promoting the editing & producture value as a superior AMV for discussion purposes.
The Original video is here if you like to support their channel.

(*If anyone is curious the girl in the thumbnail is: Queen Medb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medb and yes. Japan makes everyone CUTE!

KPOP's SoRi (featuring BasicK) made a sexy video to her song "Touch". How Sexy you ask? She practically burns thru 80% of KPOP's cute/sexy cliche's in just 1 video. She's in a Bikini (A LOT) which VERY Rare for a KPOP vid. She's eating, She's dancing, wears tight clothes, wears sexy clothes, she's in Bed, she's sitting on an apple, I was half expecting her to beat a smurf with a unicorn horn while scoring the winning touchdown for Norte Dame in the middle of a Trump Rally- That's How much happens in this video...But I was most happy w/ the Red Bikini. I wish TWICE or Oh My Girl would make videos like this.

If you enjoyed SoRi you read all about her here:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sori_(singer) She's got quite a past.
She has an English website
You can check out M.O.L.E. ent for the original video here:

Please support her so she'll make more Sexy Videos!

Honey Popcorn is a Kpop group founded by Yua Mikami (formerly an Idol of SKE48) and the channel "Midnight Theories" did a quick little "History of" them. Why are they soo taboo you might ask? Because the 3 original members are all JAV (Adult Film) stars in Japan. It's odd to think in the West that well over half of Hollywood's starlets get fame or buzz when nude photos or sex tapes of them leak online (intentionally?) but in Korea & KPOP its practically a career death sentence.

As you'll learn in the video - This didn't stop Yua Mikami from swinging for the fences anyway. Learn their history & evolution in this snazzy video. Then maybe check them out on porn hub & see if they made the right call?

KPOP is a lot darker than you think and Midnight Theories is the home for all these lurid tales so please support them here:

(* I own Nothing - Just a Mirror video used for educational purposes & discussion*)

Haruka Shimazaki (aka "Paruru") was the 1st captain of Team 4 in AKB48. She's known for being Salty & "My Pace" & very blunt when she rose to fame after her Janken Tournament win in late 2012. Few remember her early years in AKB48 when she was just starting out 2010-2012. Even then she stood out & was highly adorable. This is a video collection of "Pre-FAME" Paruru. Back when she would do Bikini shoots & modeling as an AKB48 Idol when she was still in high school.

Why do I mention this? Because Paruru never thought she was an Idol, She never saw herself as "one of those girls" - She's the rare exception of a girl who never wanted to be an ACE (or center of attention) & never kissed ass or 'Faked her Personality' - so naturally as she got more famous & powerful she did less of these "objectification" shoots and focused on becoming an Actress. But here you can see her in her high school years when she was a nobody in the Team 4 (which only had 1 Official single) - You can see how cute & adorable she was. This is Classic Paruru - clips like these is how her Legend was born & devoted fanbase grew. Because she became a Lead (ACE) in late 2012 - she was HIGHLY Polarizing for about 2 years...because she won fans without 'Playing the Game'

Many Weebs are Anime fans which means they have/LOVE Waifus (Anime Wives). One type of gal fans love are the KUNDERE's Basically they appear "Cold", Blunt, seemingly emotionless, One could confuse them for a 'Space Alien' (in the West) as they live in a world of their own. The folks at KHORime have compiled a collection of classic clips of adorable KUNDERE moments

Please Support KHORnime on Youtube:

(*I own nothing- I'm presenting this vid for discussion & educational purposes)

Emi Kurita is one of Japans Cuter & Sexier Gravure Idols - one could say she benefits fromthe 'Less is More' approach. While other models use exotic locations, lighting, outfits, & various themes- EMI is the main attraction. Put her in a ripped tank-top & simple grey panties and she LIGHTS UP the room w/ her natural gifts. I've studied her various pics & videos and she looks best just being natural (the way many Asian sweeties do) - Take the Emi Kurita challenge!!! but remember you have but 1 heart to Lose!!!

You can find her further adventures on these Websites:

She has a YouTube channel if you're into those "Visuals"

Weebs know "One Punch Man" is one of the most original & humorous satires on Super Heroes in decades. But what would it look like as Live-Action? Trust the minds at RE: Anime to share a vision way cooler than anything Netflix will ever come near. Check Out "One Punch Man vs Genos".

The original can be found here:
Support RE:Anime future projects thru their patreon on their YouTube channel here:

(*I own nothing - ALL credits to RE:ANime - Just promoting one of the BEST Anime live-action fan films ever!)

The Hotties from FROMIS9, ITZY, MOMOLAND, WJSN, & LOONA Wrestle each other for internet fame & glory (or something). I never got into professional wrestling but cute chicks doing anything is basically worth watching. Some of them get serious & there's a strategy. Plus as a KPOP fan can you imagine knowing that your favorite girl from Momoland got her ass kicked by an upstart New Idol from ITZY (hypothetically)- These are my kind of Sports!

(These are clips from "JUST IN" a news site on YouTube- I'm just posting them for Discussion & Educational purposes)


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