How do you make "TWICE" even cuter? Add Animal Onesie's in a Mall - This is one of my Fav songs by TWICE called "Jelly Jelly". It's a fancam

There's these vids that fly around YouTube & the KPOP fandoms of TWICE, BlackPink, ect of Mash-ups & memes for the various groups. THIS is a Highlight vid of the Best of "IZONE on Crack" (it's Mostly by Black&White) - this is purely for discussion & comments. No Models were harmed (except emotionally) during these videos.

You can support Black&White on YouTube here:

Fall in love with Zombies again with clothes shredding ZOMBIES! This is a preview for the 2017 game "School Girl Zombie Hunters". It's pretty cool because it doesn't just show you clips from the game but how to play, techniques, & best ways to strip (or Equip?) your favorite girls. Why couldn't this be a live action movie?

In 2020 I doubt PS5 will have anything this cool so just enjoy the video

Kim ChungHa is gorgeous. She'll probably going to be the Asian Beyounce' someday (But w/out the Occult symbolism & Rapper Hubby). She's Bi-lingual & grew up part of her life in the USA so speaks Perfect English and knows how to mix Western & Eastern styles seamlessly together. She rose to fame on Season 1 of "Produce 101" in 2016.

Here's a few clips of her personality, Her touching a CRAB, then asking you to put your Hands on her!...It's all in the Video. Drink her in, let her become Your New Addiction today!!!

Around 2013ish there was a guy on YouTube & Facebook called Demolition D and he did Anime reviews from a real Otaku perspective and gave Zero Fuks about being "liked"- he was NOT a shill. His jokes, editing style, references, & presentation were truly Unique...He grew a cult following but YouTube was becoming the YT we know today and would eventually silence him & Flag him into NOT giving a crap anymore about videos. The video I'm presenting is "Winter Anime Review 2014" - This is a cool snap-shot of the Winter 2014 Anime season.

This man & his Anime tastes & knowledge of the Industry spoke to me- He is my Spirit Animal. I present just one of his video Reviews as a Historical Document to show what REAL Otakus are like. Before CR & FUNI and whatever Normie crap you've heard of there were FAN-SUBBERS. We were our own "community" (we still are)- Passing Anime around, Chilling on PVT Servers, & Drinking in Anime Straight from the Tap in Japan (We still do)- This man is a Legend. He is a Samuari of Weeb/Otaku prowess I can never attain. I truly wish he'd come to BitChute & restart his legend...but until then You can check out his YT channel were some videos still survive.
Some of his videos have over a MILLION Views! - Yet, he left it all behind because YT kept banning & locking his channel.

Think I'm kidding about his legend status- he's even featured on "Know Your Meme"

Crayon Pop is Unique in almost every possible way (They actually have a member named "Way"). Here is one of their more ambitious singles "FM" (Field Manual). where they explore being "Heroines" in a homage to Mecha Anime, Magical Girl Anime & mix it with a 'Power Rangers' flair. It's a very Kawaii video and it's a perfect way to introduce someone in the Iconic (now dis-banned) group "Crayon Pop"

The Subs are beautifully done- I'm showing this for Educational/Discussion purposes & to remind people that ELLIN (Pink) is the Best Girl.

Super*Girls is an indie JPOP w/ a FRESH New "Ace" (Center) named Abe Yumeri. She is the successor to Ami Meashima and in this video she shows why people LOVE Idols. She's impossibly Cute & Sweet looking and she doesn't need to lay it on thick- She's just Naturally KAWAII. The group itself has some cuties but I never bothered to learn their names. Super*Girls EXISTS for Abe Yumeri (In My Opinion).

She's full of genki energy and shows that basically all you have to do is be a Nice Girl w/ a great aura Kawaiiness & some douchebag like me wil rave about you on the Internet. She's like a real life Anime Girl! Enjoy her!

This video is posted for discussion & educational purposes....Subject: How to be Kawaii & make it look EASY

Not all heroes wear capes...some demonstrate the value of the 1st Amendment & cheer on Mans Love for a womans "Love Lumps"! I don't know who made this. But I felt it needed to be shared. Because we all love the 1st Amendment and Boobs...and who doesn't love mocking CNN. This is presented for educational & discussion purposes.

Rose from KPOP's Black Pink is a Korean w/ an Aussie Accent who can sing, dance, & look like a Goddess even while sliding on the floor...this video will introduce you to the female Infinity Gauntlet of KPOP (cause she's holding ALL the Gems!). I found these "clips" edited together about a year ago- I didn't make this- just posting it for the Glory of Roseanne Park (Rose') & Blinks.

Pinky is a Chinese Idol who is most known for being in season 1 of "Produce101" which she ranked & became a member of "I.O.I" which later broke-up & then joined "Pledis"...but she's kinda her own celebrity now (Modeling, Theater, ect). How talented & cultural is she??? Check her out as she plays that difficult String thing we've seen in Kung-Fu movies. There'a a majesty to royal beauty to this gal.

This is a Cultural Clip in that it's a bunch of Chinese music celebs doing a weird medley of Showtunes & Classical themes Rocked up w/ Old School classical instruments. It's an Amazing performance and it's here just to prove that my channel isn't about just Asian girls in bikinis - We've Got Culture here dam-it!

If ever wondered if the iconic Moe Anime "K-On!" would be just as cute in Live-Action now you can compare them. This was literally made months after the Anime debuted. It's from one of the 1st JAV (Porn) imitations. What's bizarre is how much detail the porn company used for a PORN Knock-Off. I have no idea who any of the actresses are except Mio which is played by JAV legend Tsubomi. This came out Summer 2009. I can't show the "Porn" parts where were vanilla & forgettable but Otaku fans began mashing it with Anime's audio for effect. They even recreate the Anime's ending video "Don't Say Lazy". I edited out the Nakoda & Yui solo scenes because Nadoka is a trash Waifu.

This is also a different cast than the "Bang Bus" video I posted a month ago but Tsubomi is always Mio.

My Fav Girls Gen song is "Oh!" & this version is extra rare as it's done on an Ice Rink in a shopping mall??? Plus, they are actually singing (not lip-syncing). It's got better lighting & close-ups than the Football field vers.

ALSO...I added the Japanese vers for comparison which they released like 3 years later so you can see how they've matured. The Japanese version has Cheerleader outfits. You can decide & debate & comment on which version is best! Also Remember #22 Jessica Jung is always BEST GIRL

Shannon Williams is 1/2 Korean and 1/2...not? Every ask yourself what would happen if really Talented Western "style" girl became a KPOP solo Artist- Here she is. In like 2015 she had a pretty popular hit called "WHY WHY?" basically about how she turns to mush when she falls in love w/ a particular guy. But she adds a bit of SEXY Appeal to her dance. I think she was channeling "Legally Blonde"? or something. But it's a great little song & she's worth checking out!

This is a FUN bit where cute members from SKE48 & AKB48 basically have to answer odd trivia questions to Win the title of "SEXIEST Girls" in...does it really friggin' matter? The gag is simple they must say the Answer in a "Sexy Voice" (which creates it's own laughter & jokes).

ANYWAY- it feature Kawaei Rina (who is kinda naive) from AKB48 before she quit for Acting. Kojima Haruna & Kojima Mako play along. Takahashi Juri years before she left for KPOP's "Prod48" & "Rocket Punch". The SKE48 side features Rena Matsui & Aya Shibata (who now both do TV shows in Japan).

Akari Suda is really super cute, always smiles, & dare I say FLEXIBLE. Like Super-Human flexible. Like she could be a master jewel thief or go to Las Vegas & do tricks flexible. But she chose to be an Idol in SKE48 (Cause you gotta be 'Flexible' to deal with Jurina all I guess?). Anyway she was on some Japanese TV show a few years back for Japanese female Athletes that were "Super Human" and I edited out ALL the Boring Parts. (*There is a Part 2! w/ other stunts if this video is popular*). Presented for discussion & to show off how badass Suda Akari is.

OhMyGirl is a KPOP girl group that really deserves more attention. They have girls that sing really well & they have really pretty dances. There's a sweetness to them. They do it all: Sing, Dance, Rap, & have a charming grace about them. THIS is one of their 1st hits & possibly my Fav "OhMyGirl" song - "Liar Liar". The Video is even more elaborate & visually interesting. btw Jyojung is #BestGirl.

We all know the "Safety Dance" but this AMV makes it even more fun! "Nichijuo" is a weird little sketch-panel comedy Anime that is really it's own "thing" an full of Japanese humor & is sometimes full of "WTF?"- But even if you've never seen it, You can enjoy this AMV...it's like they were made for each other. I didn't make this it's from "BestAMVsofALLTime" a YouTube channel that kept getting killed.

This song is 'Special' for several reasons. It's the MOST selling AKB48 A-Side ever (Over 3 million Spring/Summer 2018) and it's the Last A-Side Election Voting Single. Just before "Produce 48" began in Summer 2018 AKB48 released this 'Kpop Inspired' Dance track. Before this the girls were sitting on benches & doing lazy arm waving. The last "Dance heavy" song before this was 2015!

This also marks the NEW Era of AKB48 actually picking a Non-Senbatsu "Ace" & picking a NEW Face w/ Yui Oguri (of Team 8). It's also the last Traditional A-Side that features Sayanee (NMB48) and it features Sakura Miyawaki right before "Produce 48" begins and eventually becomes a global sensation on YouTube. It does everything right based on the 2009-11 tropes AKB48 was once known for- Sexy, Objectification, Dancing, Cute outfits, Fast tempo music. It's one of my Fav AKB48 songs ever.

Gravure model Jun Amaki does a lot of photo shoots- What goes thru her head while these pics are being taken? Ever Wonder? What is she thinking about? Why are my Bikini's always too small? Why are Men always staring at me? Did you know that it's alright to wonder- We learn so much by wondering. *BTW yes, she's the girl from the "Pen & Oppai video" https://www.bitchute.com/video/3qoTrkTqwuZJ/

Cute girls Gaming should be a channel. Join Webcam Goddess: Princess Alura as she trys to be the best Goat in "GOAT of Duty!"- Why? because she's cool, chill, & looks adorable gaming. If you want to support her adventures she's on multiple platforms and looks Amazingly KAWAII at everything!

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/aluraamoonbeam
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/princessaluraa/
TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/princessalura

And if you're over 18 (*ADULTS ONLY!*) & feel like TIPPING & making her life even more Marvelous...

*This Clip is presented w/ Alura's consent - don't be a creeper!*

THIS is one of those AMV's that stuck w/ me for over a decade. It's Oddly simplistic & yet somehow keeps my attention till the very end- and the last 5 seconds (the credits?) are so WTF??? But "K-On!" was an Anime Phenom Spring 2009 & it's credited w/ starting the "Moe" Boom we have today. It's just a simple 'Slice of Life' show about cute girls doing cute things chilling in their club room after school "Music Club"- Why it fits w/ this Death Metal track "Tools & Corpses" (from "The Rotted"? or GoreRotted) is a mystery- but this goofy little AMV might stay in your heart- It did mine.

Kpop / Jpop hybrid girl group "Crayon Pop" is a unique 5 member group that love to do techno-bops w/ a seemingly retro flavor done in a post-modern Asian pop landscape...OR simply- they're REALLY friggin' Cute! Dancing, Singing, Smiling, Styling - They ooze cuteness. This is a rare song I've never seen anywhere called "Hey Mister". It was performed on some Web-show? and they've been known for doing lots of Zany & Unconventional LIVE appearances. Anyway- They disbanded in 2016 so this is one of the LAST Original performances they ever did. ALL the members went on to other careers in Entertainment except Soyul who got knocked up & married in like 4 months and basically ended the group but we don't need to talk about that.

The Anime "Nyan Koi" is pretty fun for it time. This AMV makes it better. It involves a guy & girls & lots of Cat Problems. He's got pussy problems & it's weirder than I make it sound. I didn't make this, I'm presenting it for historical & discussion purposes. The Credits are at the end of the Video and we all know Mindless Self Indulgence is the greatest band ever so there's that.

Summer of 2018 Korean pop trainees & AKB48 members battled on a survival program called "Produce 48"- the winners get to be in a super group now called "IZ*ONE"- The girl who won #1 was Jang Wonyoung (tallest w/ Jean shorts & Pink stockings) also in this song is dancing angel Honda Hitomi (formerly AKB48) in the silver skirt. Every week they had different song challenges & teams (different girls) and this is song that I think pushed Wonyoung & Hitomi over the top. It's called "Rollin Rollin". It's a cute & bouncy bop that you even enjoy w/ the sound off & visuals...if that's your thing.

Before you think this is *Click-Bait*- Watch the Video & tell me I'm wrong. AKB48's Mayu Watanabe & Oshima Yuko did a bikini photo shoot & while they're supposed to be playful & sexy clearly Oshima Yuko was enjoying it more. Yuko is a known "perv" in AKB48 (It's referenced in the "Truth Chess" video on my channel. What's funny here is that Mayu doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all. Fun Fact: The hand gesture they do (joining hands) is called "Oshuri Sisters"- essentially "Butt Cheek Sisters" as in their hands make a pair of Butt Cheeks. This was Yuko trying to make Mayu seem "cool" because EVERYONE in AKB48 Liked Yuko. Her & Acchan were everyone's fav. Mayu had her "fanbase" but she was never in Yuko's league especially in terms of "sex appeal".


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