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Here is my latest winter project, a 4D pantograph/Micro Manipulator, made to carry out precise movements for my in house honeybee queen insemination program, here we have what is basically a pantograph that can move in X Y and Z planes and a whole range in between, it moves with a fluidity not found in other pantographs.

The superstructure is made predominantly of Nickel Silver, stainless steel pivot balls and rods, with a very substantial locking track/arm to prevent any vibrations being transmitted towards the final manipulator or tool in use.

I still have to design the multi revolving cassette for holding the different tooling which will be done in the next couple of weeks.

This unit will give complete freedom from modernity and stepper motors which many other systems have gone down and should work equally as well in the field as and when needed, the total cost for making this was around £40.00, collated over several months as the parts were secured, so stay posted for more to come.

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Another kind of manipulation by Thomas Sheridan

Further to my last video, here I show a couple more instances of EMF in the home, even the humble video camera gives out many times the recommended levels of EMF which is recommended at between 0.5 and 2.5mG, here you can see my own mobile phone searching/sending a signal looking for the base station every few seconds, as it would do when ever it looses sight of the parent source/signal, as it does this you are being exposed to levels many times higher than the recommended level.

Not only that, add all these devices together and you have a saturation level that is asking for problems as your exposure limit is breached daily, weekly and yearly, your body under a sustained level of unwanted exposure throughout your lifetime.

While we are on the subject of birds which Mr Steele has show in his own area, here we have a very healthy colonny of differing bird species, even a large colony of Bats in another dwelling, so here Mark could well be correct on this issue.

Some philosophy for my viewers,

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Further to my earlier test for in house EMF I have now found the following bad news for laptop and I pad and WiFi users, the levels which these devices are pumping out are many times "the recommended level which are 0.5 to 2.5 mG". In the video you will see the tests are much higher than the safe levels deemed by authority.

The meter I was using is set to give an audible warning at 4.0mG which is almost twice as high than the recommended EMP.

I hope this video is of use to those who were on the fence like myslef, knowledge is power folks and we have been lied to, I intend to limit the use of such devices and their proximity to the body in the near future and only use a mobile phone as a priority and not religeously.

The science is good, thanks for watching.

As the title says, a few tips and tricks to make jewellery tools more user freindly, and another new tool for my workbench.

Here is how I made the Victoriana saw, the version seen in the first picture is another saw I have for cutting veneer and made from solid ebony frame and the tensioning device is from a bycycle wheel axle quick release, I have three in total with blades for different jobs..

A film by Jason Burmas, Invisible Empire, A New World Order, make of it what you may.

Sentient Philosophy at its very best,

First let me wish all of my subscribers and new viewers a prosperous new year,

In this short review I will give my findings on this most handy of tools, here we have a jewellers pipe or cut off tool for gaining accutarte 45 and 90 degree cuts.

The tool consists of a ruled 0 to 60.00mm opening capacity including measuring rail, the thumb lever holds the work piece very secure while you cut across the item within the jaws, the jaw or lever will hold a minimum of 4.50mm diameter but anything smaller needs to be held with an additional spacer, say a hard rubber object to grip things firmly, other that that it is a very well made tool for the jeweller, crafsman or craftswomen to obtain a neat and accurate cut.

Here is a tip for those using this type of product, Take a junior hacksaw and gently hammer the set out of the blade, this prevents it from cutting at the edges, this is a much better fit in the cutting slot and give a much better result and accurate face.

The tool was originally purchased from

Know More News, An Alternative News outlet with bells.

A short review on my findings of the Cooksons 2 lbs barrelling barel,

On first inspection of the unit I discovered the very rough edges of the maintube body itself and the razor sharp outer edges of the top or outside edges of the barrel itself.

These not only create a health hazard for any unsuspecting user it also damages the inner edges of the blue end caps as well, in the video the damaged edges were like this on the removal of the lids for the first time, so I recommend anyone getting one of these to inspect the unit before using it, or, if the sealing surfaces are ok, remove the sharp edges with some fine sandpaper, making sure to remove any debris afterwards.

Once this has been done the caps will slide on and off without doing any further damage to the inner edge and sealing surface.

The second problem I came across was the difficult task of getting the end caps to stay put without them being pushed back off after they are fitted, especailly the smller 2lbs unit, infact it is almost impossible to do this without it moving afterwards,

So the sollution I have come up with is to drill a small pilot hole in one side as shown in the video, this makes it so much easier to manage, if you don't get the lid fitted properly it will eventually work its way off and you will end up with water and the contents all over the drive unit itself, electricity and water don't mix well.

This is why I designed my homemade unit to have the motor situated to one side out of the way, for that just in case moment.

And lastly, when you get the unit out of the box let it warm up to room temprature before you try removing the end caps as they will be cold and solid and almost impossible to remove, once they have warmed up a little then they can flex a little easier.

I have contacted Cooksons with my findings and they are aware of the problems.

Red Ice Radio, the latest news from Sweden,

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A short review of my small collection of Lindstom high quality pliers that I use daily for many different hobby projects.

Shop around for these and you can find them for half the price of the well known retail outlets, these I highly recommend for the budding jeweller and or silversmith like myself.

Alan Watt, THE, global political expert for current affairs,

A snap review of a recent purchase of a 2lb polishing tumbler barrel for my home made barrel polishing machine that I made earlier this year, if anyone buys something similar, do check that the very outside edges of the main barrel body are not sharp as this will eventually cut into a ruin the water tight seal withing a few cycles on and off causing it to leak.

On first impressions we have a well made platic safe and a well made gauge body and build quality for the cost, the two units tested are a full 25.40mm stroke with a strong acrylic sight glass, not the normal thin sheet which you can flex with your finger nail but a much more solid screen.
As you see in the test I measure the item, a Volvo 2.0 litre valve shim measuring 2.81mm, after the test it measured exactly 2.81mm. Yhe measuring plate was made from 20.00mm thick dural aluminum plate which holds the measuring arm, the plate was surface ground against another flat plate giving a very flat and accurate surface to measure off of.

My latest review on the standard multi position magnetic stand and dial gauge from China.

I only found one real problem with the stand and that was with the lower block rails were a few thousands out of square, however a quick rub upon a flat plate and some emery paper brought them back to uniform flatness, the stand and mechanism is quite well made and the magnet strong enough to hold the unit at full stretch but could be a little stonger, the stand was also firm and secure enough once the main knip wheel was tightened down.

The dial gauge on the other hand was pretty poorly made and not as good as it could be, three things let it down.

1. The main adjustment dial is badly fitted and can move from side to side as it is being turned and zeroed by at least a couple of thousands.
2. The top of the pluger needs to be modified and altered to take two smaller tighter fitting O rings so that the smaller internal dial can be brought to zero.
3. The main pluger shaft is very poorly machined and fitted and can move from side to side by a couple of thousands and depending where the tip is placed and it tends to wander a lot.

So the stand is usable after truing up the base and the dial is only fit for very rought work where a few thousands of an inch are acceptable, otherwise its file 13.

Part three of the build and I have now got the main bodies of the two units complete, the horizontal sharpener works really well and the diamond coated discs shift a lot of material in a very short time, the tool being cut also stays relatively cool without overheating or in need of any cooling. I have tried two methods for lubricant, water and a light oil and the better of the two is water with a litle drop of washing up liquid added to prevent it drying out too fast.

The centrifugal casting machine is also complete bar the top plate which is the other half of the plate used on the grinder, I'mnot sure how it will do the melting of the metal yet, but I will be able to use both gas or an induction heater that is still in the planning stage which I will share fairly soon, these units will come in very handy indeed and give me independance to casting a plethora of different wax loss items, jewellery included.

As you can see in the video I have lined out the top of the spinner compartment with a 2.00mm thick stainless steel disc, this will ensure that I can catch any stray molten metal if the flask was to fail under load. The red silicone end cap or bung was from ebay, link below, which I slightly altered to fit the wax model rings into the middle on which the models to be cast are fixed to. I will post another short video of the units in operation once I get everything worked out.

The main body is made from a recycled stainless steel fire extinguisher which I obtain from a local craftsman who kindly let me have a couple to work with,

Thank you for looking in.

A little further into the build and I have fitted two banana type power posts to the machine body and then directly to the motorized gearbox, the power supply is my trusted old bench top 30 volt 2 amp supply, the motor by Parvalux is also reversible which is handy when using it for a bi-directional grinder unit which I also show in this video.

The motors are both by Parvalux which are high quality new old units at a fraction of the retail price, the platforms are both 16.00mm aluminium plates that I hand turned on the woodwork lathe, as well as the brass couplers, which were then pressed into the center holes, here I left the brass posts 2 thousands of an inch proud before pressing them in.

The main body is made from a recycled stainless steel fire extinguisher which I obtain from a local craftsman who kindly let me have a couple to work with,

The motor mounting plates are of 20.00mm brich plywood; I still have to fit a stainless steel plate on top of the centrifugal casting unit, the motor fits to this plate and simply sits in place and held by weight alone, which I will show in the next video of this three part build.

The casting machine has a 900 RPM Parvalux 24 volt motor/gearbox, The slow horizontal grinder has a Parvalux 24 volt 215 RPM motor gearbox.

Those who want to hav a go at making this simple unit can use alternative motors can use these unit instead, they are slightly more expensive but would do the job with a simple speed control unit fitted.

If you find the information handy please subscribe for more in the near future, I do not have a donation page as yet so please feel free to donte to Bitchute for this will help them grow into one of the best open forum bodies on the internet, where free speech is of utmost importance, we might use it or loose it as they say.

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More in Part 3

The next item I am making is a centrifugal casting machine, made from the body of an old out of date water fire extinguisher, a second hand motor 900 revs and a few small parts that I will machine from new stock, in the link below you will be able to see one very similar which I will base my own.

The main body is made from a recycled stainless steel fire extinguisher which I obtain from a local craftsman who kindly let me have a couple to work with,

I will post more video footage as I obtain the remaining parts.

Pressing day has arrived once again and after a short wait for the funds to gather in order of buying the new cider press for our growing group, the day came and we had the making of a few demijohn's of perry; and fresh from its box the press was quickly assembled and put straight to use.
This year our pear tree yeilded three dustbins full of fruit, compared to the single one last year; The same goes for all the apple trees and hedgerow wild fruits like blackberries, elder or as we call it here "Yorkshire Grape", the Hawthorns and Rowan Ash are also thick with berries as are the dog roses, which will be our next bounty for making wonderful Rose Hip syrup a faviorite of my childhood.
There is an old saying that says, if the hedgerows are heavy with fruit from the good summer then we are in for a good long winter, only time will tell, but the last couple of years have reminded me of the summer of 76 and the long winter that followed. I can also remember the winter of 62-63 where at the age of five years old we were taken by relatives to walk on the the frozen Windermere in the English Lake District.
My new Mk 2 shreeder worked much better than last years model and handled the fruit whole, quickly ripping through their skins with ease due to letting them sweat for a few extra days inside the sealed bins, some of them were releasing their juices before they hit the stainless steel nibblers and in ten minutes we had a huge pile of mulch to press and add to the jars.

We now have 10 lovely gallons of cider or pery under way and the fermentation process has already begun now that the jars have warmed up in the heat of the kitchen, this small but welcome bounty will keep us well lubricated at least up until the new year or even into the winter months, where another old saying goes, we will have a summer within us during the cold dark nights of Avernus.

Thanks for looking.

In this video I show how to repair a damaged microscope stage and what items to look for regards the smooth operation of the tracking table.

In this video I show how to repair a damaged microscope stage and what items to look for regards the smooth operation of the tracking table.
The stage being service is from a Leitz/Leica Laborlux 12 research microscope, the top of its game in the mid 80's a similar model today would cost around 15K to replace.

Follow the rest of the journey using the links below.

Follow the journey here below.

Final part in use,

Part 2,

Part 1,

As we all know nothing is new under the sun and many things have been re-engineered over the years, my version of the leather plough is on a similar theme to all such devices and based upon an old Victorian tool, which many others are, like the superb Blancharde variant, but at nearly 500 Euro it was way out of my price range, so I had to overcome the sheer complexity of these older designs and use all of my toolmaking and engineering skills to come up with my own design, as you see in my detailed video's.

It is not unique amongst leather ploughs, but addresses many of the issues to complexity and incorporates a single cam lock system to secure both depth of roller to foot support and width of cut in one swift motion, this removed the complexity issues that I was facing so it was not simply a copy of what came before, its enginering lends it to being much stronger than cast brass models and is simplicity in of itself.

Using the simplest of old world skills like metal hand turning and a minimum of machinery I have managed to produce another huge saving over the retail world and only incurred costs for the raw materials which came to less than 45 pounds, the labour comes at my own cost which is better than money in the bank that you had to pay duties on before amassing the wherewithall to begin the process of creating something for yourself.

Please feel free to copy my design and tell everyone where you aquired the knowledge, many thanks.

Part 3 of the leather plough gage or strap cutter.

Part 1

I thought I would add the making of my previous leather plough knife for those who might want to have a go at making one for themselves.

See the finished item here,

Hi Folks

As the title says, and an ultimate polishing compound from mother nature in the guise of Birch Polypore, And another clicking knife made on the theme of the previous version but slightly smaller with a slightly tapering handle to take a sliding/locking ring to hold everything in place.
It took me 15 minuites to hand turn the body of the knife and another ten minutes to grind and sharpen the blade, total cost came to two pounds Sterling.


A few added facts about my microscope lighting conversion update.

Here you can see the unit being powered by my bench top power supply DC, the chip is rated at between ( and 12 volt for maximum lumens but it will still perform down to 7 volts without any problems for the thinner slide specimins.

The cover photo is the actual heat sink platform and post, standard 15.00 OD copper plumbing tube, the top platform is .50mm copper sheet, which fits snug over the reflector post inside the light box itself, after the small reflector dish is removed.

My latest conversion for my Leitz Laborlux research microscope, retaining the original light box I have managed to keep the old internals and replace them with a viable set of cheaper components including a cooling system that needs no heat sync to keep things nice and cool.

The mount for the LED chip is a small section of 15.00mm copper plumbers tube with a half millileter thick copper plate a little larger than the chip itself to which it is secured by two self tapping screws, as seen in the cover picture, where the copper support fits you must remove the reflector dish which will pop off its glued base with the aid of a screwdriver, simply lever it off and keep the original part if you ever decide to revert bck to the built in power supply.

If you follow the explanation you should be able to recreate the same or similar system for very little money.

Parts needed are

You could even go for a driver and chip combo and use the aperture ring for brightness control.

My own power unit is a second hand 6 Volt 2.0 Amp supply from an old video game console, but you can also use an existing bench top power supply, always check the maximum running voltage of the chip before you begin make something for yourself, this is how I did mine but there are many ways in which you can achieve a similar result.

It been a good season this year with triple the bounty of apples and pears as last year, here during hurricane Ali recently we have been rather busy, who has done some minor damage to our greenhouse and garden, but has also helped us in our job of collecting the fruit by blowing them off of the trees, here I am collecting the fruit and storing them in bins so they ripen off a little further, this helps to shred them easier and extract the maximum amount of juices as they settle down and soften together.

This will be a two part video and in the second half to come we will show our new shredder in action that I built new here this year as I showed in an earlier video, see link below.

I still have to finish off the press, but if we can persude some of the other gardeners to chip in we might be able to buy a new one for doing the pressing, we will have to see, if not I can easily knock one together and show you all how I made it, so until processing day, thank you all for looking in.

In this video I show you what my ten year old Sheet metal working unit looks like and explain how it has coped with everyday life; Over the last decade she has cut many sheet ections of silver, copper, bronze and many other sheet metals up to half a millimeter thick with consumate ease, and other softer materials like plastic up to a millimeter in thickness.
The only single problem I encountered was self inflicted, and effected by rolling 3.00 millimeter thick mild steel for making my wheelbarrow wheel rims, when I did this the 1/8" sheer pin that is located in the top roller gear eventually sheared off, but is easily replaced as I explain in the video, other than that it has done a Stirling job throughout.

Yesterday I turned both sheer bars around for the first time, the original edge is still in very good condition and shows only minor wear on the very right hand side and where I used it mostly, the sheer bars are also hardened and can be sharpened if needed.

If anyone is thinking of getting a unit for making jewellery I would highly recommend this model, there are many makes on the market that are only a single machine that cost up to three times the price, with this unit you get all three and all features do a fantastic job as described if you stick to the recommended parameters.

The Warco 8" version is really neat and very well made also,

And another on the same theme,

Thanks for watching.


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Welcome to my home made world, a way of life that evolved over many decades to acquire true savings, a dedication and passion for the learning from, and sharing freely with others, "New Skills", a process that changed from the new normals gained during my greener years, into a more self reliant system, away in part from the one I thought I knew so well.

What we have today is a system programed for self destruction and one wreaking havock upon societies "Slate Free Minds", our children to come; A system instututed in 1880, where the standard Masonic type education began to cloud one's true intuition, As the venerable "John Taylor Gatto" pointed out to the world not very long ago. You see' this kind of control over another is not a means, it is an end; One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safegaurd a revolution; One makes the revolution to secure their dictatorship over the profane.
As a student of life let me say this; we are certainly entering one of the most interesting periods of human history, a history moving so fast, a past and a future non of us will get to say or write anything about, but follow blindly, led by those who are often seen as immune too, and wear suits, who willingly dish out a future we are already living.

Here is their Trogan horse and internal riders, a plethora of faces on the same mirror, themselves suffering from institutionalised blindness and political autism, Yes! our actors, MSM, who follow their given Scripts Blindly, who surely would not knowingly lie to us, Would they? here is a system, an international network and web of illusion disguised as News and entertainment, a series of silent weapons for quiet wars upon an unsuspecting public, constantly bolstering the fear of war and global debt, moving quickly and soon to be cocooned and controlled from within a Smart, but not very wise 5G Grid.

An APT and very clever grid, designed to steal away true freedoms and awareness instead of creating new alternatives and avenues that would help humanity fully realize their own true potential; Instead we remain "Forever Young" distracted by a state and organism upon electronic steroids, a propaganda machine and a kind of magic that works slowly upon the minds eye and has done so for at least the last two and a half thousand years.

I am not unique amongst men, but one who encourages others to "Re-Skill" together, from a grass routes perspective, but this needs to be done while there are still plenty left within society who can share their knowledge that might benefit others, then the majority can regain the many forms of individualism and stability that were once common; This has, by and large been removed by design by those who have manufactured fears and a cornucopia of ideologies and enemies not of our own making.

If one views society as a whole, those devoid of any "Real Life Skills", are like the banker manager without their pen; A navigator without a compass; Without these basic tools for life, our hand to eye coordination is then no longer working for and by them; They become vulnerable to a control system which starts off small then metastesizes into a beast, which then begins removing vital avenues of free speach and a clearer vision of how things might be, thus within the hive of humanity is a "Varroa Destructor" which now preys further upon our children, as they emerge into the light of day.

I would also like to share with my own creativity, a wide sellection of different world views, but Remember; Knowledge and Wisdom have always been the stability of our times; so may we retain enough of this now rarest spices of life to survive the mono corporate machinations and their current feeding frenzy, who see human beings as killojoules of energy for their own aggrandizement, yet refuse to admit that they are also absolutely vulnerable, without those who feed them with their energy.

An polite message to those who might say, I was just doing my job, or, Oh well what else can you do. I would kindly remind them of what true history has often proved, and that is, "those who's self bill is urged' who strive to live but never really do; May be the next in line for future cuts and hidden forms of "Indirect Violence" also called "Austerity"; that is now in full flow and beginning to snap at the middle class mind set, while the same Tavistock and Twisted minions encourage us to kill millions more innocents around our beautiful planet.

Finally, I urge the seemingly clever but not very wise, "Not to despise the profane", I ask all amongst the stones of life, please cease working for the deepest darkest recesses of "World Governance", before your own loved ones parsimoniousness begins to faulter, because without this kind of logical action, "We are as flies to wanton boys to these "Living Gods", who continue to kill us for their sport".

You can be free,