My first attempt at making an engraving system using an air brush compressor and stock materials.

Here is a short film of me at the workbench, I plan to do quite a few more in the coming weeks and months, I will also add a few pictures of things I have made for our jewellery box in the comments below.

Here are a few different artificial insemination device prototypes I have made over the years, I thought I would add them for those who are thinking of taking the queen bee breeding route, all work as intended, some better than others, the aim of this video is to help others see how things might be, please feel free to copy any of the designs and ideas shared here-in.

If anyone needs more data please feel to ask.

Another jewellers bench tool I made in house in the form of a bracelet press, this is used to form a convexed shape to items of jewellery or craftwork, she consists of two sections of aluminium plate and a handle which pivots inside another guide to act as a press, the lower stands or formers are made from small pieces of scrap wood and can be turned in a couple of minuites to the desired shape, total cost was £12.50 and two hours of my own dint.

Thanks for looking.

This is a tool I had been wanting for several years and one we could never afford, so need overcame neccesity, I did a lot of research to discover it was not at all hard to find and secure the parts that would not break the bank doing so.
A new press in the retail world can run at a whopping 800 pounds Sterling for a commercial one, but I managed to acquire over a year or so to find all of correct parts for less than a hundred pounds, the press came free en-gratus and the rest from RS components, and the local metalsmith for the aluminum plates, and a qualified electrician freind for the schematic and how to assemble it correctly and safely.

What you see is the result which works equally as well as the commercial units, and an added bonus is, mine can be repaired in just a few minutes in house if need be.

Made from an old Tefal pressure cooker with custom made injection valve made from stock materials, the bottom of chamber has a small socket seperate from the inner chamber to mount the temp sender to the digital gauge, there are two schrader car wheel valves inserted into the lid where the original valves were extant, to use it you manually pump up the cyclinder with a bycycle pump.

She is warmed up on the gas stove to working temp, 10 PSI lasts about five to six injections before you need a couple more top up pumps, the whole unit is very easy to use and cost around 20 pounds to make, cooking pot came for free but you can pick these up for about ten to twenty pounds second hand.

I made this instrument last winter to use in my own queen bee breeding program which will begin next season once I have all the equipment made, this will include hives and other items needed for the new laboratory.
It took me several months to build and perfect at a cost of less than fifty pounds over that time period, made from nickel silver, brass and stainless fitting, the retail cost of something similar is over 5K, so a huge saving for us here which we would never be able to afford otherwise, than making making it myself.

In this video I will show how I sharpen my own bandsaw blade using a cheap Oregon chainsaw sharpener, how to convert and adjust it, the blades I am using are 8 TPI which fit the standard 1/4" grinding wheel perfectly.

As a keen beekeeper I have enetered the world of bee breeding and the passtime of insemination of queen honey bees, this is done to acquire the best strains of insect that are both easy to work with and can recognise and clean out the troublesome Varroa Mite, which often wreaks havoc with many colonies, so much so it often ends in complete dissaster for those infected with the viruses the mite carry, here is a few variants of my own homemade equipment.

A sellection of my homemade carpentry tools, many are made from wind blown laburnum and nickel silver fittings like the side discs on the marking gauges, how many tools does a man need I hear some asking, I love making tools is the disease I suppose.

Made about ten years ago to a design I saw on an old video, she is for making marquetry patterns or inlay, it has a foot pedal that drives a frame that contains a piercing saw blade with rocks up and down to cut and follow the desired shapes, a little touch of Victoriana in modernity, sometimes the older ways are much better and sure to get good results without electricity.

Back by popular demand from several subscribers is my homemade adjustable leather strap/harness cutter, I made this tool several years ago to compliment my leathercraft tool bag, She is made predominantly from CZ 106 or best brass, it has a one handed cam lock system that locks both the saddle and the roller in one motion, the handle is also hand turned in house by myself from Lignum Vitae.

The cutting blade is recycled from an older device by Dixon tools, it works very well and is very sturdy indeed and I have decided to let her go as I have made another cutter which I will show when she is complete, probably later this year.

I might be tempted to sell this to a good home.

Thanks for looking.

Made a couple of days ago for her indoors, a leather apron with handmade bronze buckles, the garment fits by hanging over the body in such a way as it doe not need to be tied around the waiste, it is a design I acquired from my mentor during my shoemaking apprentiship, very few parts are need to secure it bar a couple of buckles which are made from PB 102 Bronze, they are a simple one piece circle with a bar across the middle and held and sen in via two leather loops.

The shoulder straps cross over at the middle part of the back and are sewn in on the opposite sides of the apron and hold very well indeed.

In this short video I give my reasonings and findings of how certain gardening traits often practiced by others do not always give the best resuts, especially when trying to manage and or help nature thrive alongside man's activities, let me show you these features.

Here is a few recent gardening tips and a few home made tools for her indoors, the cover picture is of a pair of tools that I made recently from recycled PB 102 grade bronze sheet 1,50mm thick, the planishing helps to work harden the metal after soldering which softens it, the small dimples also encourage small traces of copper to be left behind which the slugs and snails don't like, and after several years using copper tools our slug problem is far less of a problem.

Bronze tools available from,

A short review on my HHO soldering torch,


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Welcome to my homemade world, a way of life gained over many decades after the life long professions began to dissapear from the paradigm, since those days my passions have grown exponentially for the learning from and sharing freely with others, "New Skills" skills that would bring about true savings, and the results of this volition is the many home made pies and products that one sees here in my video's.

The main part of my journey began about 25 years ago after I left the services of HRH, where I travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom seeking out anyone who was willing to share with me for free their knowledge before they melted away and were lost to history. There were many set backs but determined as ever I forged ahead until I had found the skills that were to fair us well now and in the future.

They say that one must expel around ten thousand hours before you become established and able to bring items of quality that will last for many years to come, that I have certainly done, I have also shared many of my skills with others from across the Northern and Southern hemispheres, some of which are now world leading craftsmen in their own right.

The two subjects I liked the most were shoemaking and the forming of my own jewellery, I also took tuition in the ancient art of Wheelwrighting and Leatherworking along with many others, which actually complemented many of the other skills I have gained and practiced, many of my creations involve several different materials when assembled are a culmination of those different skills.

I will also add other films and video's of interest in the comments section, So please put down your cell phones, and get busy, doing something awesome.

You can also see many of my creations and stories here on D tube,