Another top up video of our vedgetable garden no producing and abundance of everthing, the weather has finally broken with a huge thunder and lightening show and very heavy rains which really bumped up the whole area, and a few more of our harvested food.
We also keep back a variety of our own seed for next years crop which brings us sizeable savings and freedom from the retail paradigm, where everything helps those who want to help themselves.
Every year we plant two or three different kinds of peas, one a lower climbing strain and another taller varient so as to get full coverage of the six feet high fence which runs the full ten meters of one side of the garden, some sweet peas as well to liven the place up a little.

Here is my own design of foot operated jewellers saw, it works as follows.

Cover picture shows my latest design for a leather strap cutter which will be my project for next month.

Hi Folks

I am sure by now many of you will have heard about the possible effects upon the body of radio frequency RF pollution being emmitted by our everyday devices such as mobile phones, laptop Computers, IPads and or WiFi, 5G etc.
In this simple experiment I decided to find out what levels my own devices were transmitting, starting with my own Acer Laptop, I searched the immediate area in an around the computer itself.

Before I began I turned off all devices using WiFi to make sure that there was no crossover from other items, here is what I found.

Also in the video I touched breifly on the human condition of cell growth and reproduction called Meiosis or Mitosis, here is how our bodies regenerate and or repair things at the cellular level, during the different phases each type of cell goes through a process called Mitosis, it is known that if this very delicate process is altered at any stage the new cells will not develop and function properly, this is where many of our medical problems begin right at the root level.

Also look into what is,

Here we have invasive treatments using radio frequencies in the body and how it is used to treat people with the problems mentioned in the data supplied, is there a link to ovarian cancers due to wifi pollution I don't know, but it is a similar entry point when you have a laptop on your lap basically, more reaserch needs to be done I think.

My RF detector,

Thank you for watching.

Another video of how does your garden grow, here we are almost the middle of June and the mid summer fruits are under way, the strawberries are just coming to an end and the raspberries are just getting going, the apples, Pears and Damsons are yet to come, as is the Yorkshire, Elderberries or know locally as Yorkshire Grape, followed by the humble bramble.
I have included some of our early harvest to show how easty it is to work with nature and let her have a fair share too, I was in the raspberry patch today harvesting some of this years fruit and Mr Blackbird was busy a handful of feet away tucking into dinner as well.
I whole heartedly encourage everyone to try and get out into nature whenever possible, it is something many people are lacking especially children who are cocooned up in cotton wool and video games for the ultimat distraction away from nature herself, our lives are short enough without staying out of the sun and missing our on all of the ceretonin which is needed to bring on the happy mood, sunglasses are detrimental too, as they block out the vital blue spectrum or cryptochromatic energy, this is vital for a healthy body as well as a stable mind sync, so get out into nature and view her wonderful healing proporties as many times as you can, you will be glad you did.None

A short video for 10th July in our garden, here we have the humble old breed pigeon or Carling Pea of fairground fame, remember those small greenish brown peas that you could buy at the fairgrond snack bar, nice and warm with a splash of vinegar, I remember them well, here they are growing in the garden and over six feet high this year, it is one of only a few species that you can eat very young when the pods are still flat and can also be eaten at full size, they also have a wonderful aroma too, as good if not better than the sweet pea.
Also our lavender patch now in full bloom and covered with day flying moths, butterflies and bumble bees after the nectar flow, the scent from the flowers is noticeable even with the light carress of the bees themselves.

A top up to yesterdays video showing the revamped handle of the hammer , also I show the basic techniques of hand turning brass in the wood lathe, I made this lathe myself many years ago and adapted it for using metalwork chucks and hardware based on the Myford ML 7, doing it this way gives me complete freedom of expression that a fixed metal lathe cannot achieve unless its fuly CNC.
In many cases metal lathes are awkward for doing shapes and curves and why I opted to do it this way over 35 years ago, the standard high speed steel wood chisel can easily turn most brass and broze and good quality tool steels.

I knocked this together today, my new silversmith hammer, the head is made from brass CZ121 and the working surfaces from D2 tool steel which I sweat/silver soldered onto the brass body, I will do another video of the brass body turning when I make the next one of what will eventually be a pair; The handle is made from the finest Lignum Vitae which I had had for about twenty years when it was available and cheap as chips, not any more.

I have been trying to find a decent converter to get this video off of my really old video camera for some time, I manged it today but it might be a tad poor so here he is calling out to others of the opposite sex.

Here we are almost at the end of June and what the bee keepers call the June Gap, where summer really lifts its head and the flora which began in April gives over to a different stage and species, our garden is quietened some as the bulk of the early flowers on the fruit bushes, IE, raspberries, strawberries, damson, pear, apple are now turning to the fruits of summer and the cornucopia to come in August and September, where equality in nature and the day and night become equal, and the second most important time of year.

Here is a breif tutorial of how to sharpen most engineering or similar drill bits, it was how I was shown how to do things during my apprenteship as a motorcycle engineer and how I have got used to doing things, there are many other techniques but this is mine.

Remember both sides or cutting edges is 120 degrees inside the two nuts held together, or each cutting edge is sixty degrees.

The leather harness or strap cutter now complete and already being put through its paces, she is sporting a brand new hand turned Lignum Vitae Handle which is fitted with hand rolled and soldered German Silver ferrule, I used an existing blade from yesteryear from an existing strap cutter and made the hardware to accomodate it using best brass as the main metal type.
The handle was charr fitted by heating the tang of the blade and burning it into place for a superior fit, as the timber cools down the natural resins and charcoaling process within air and inside the timber acts as a glue to hold things firmly in place.
It can cut from 1/2" up to 3-1/2" wide and has an in built roller to keep the leather firmly against the foot to prevent it lifting and wandering off line.

In this video I show how I turn brass by hand using standard high speed steel tools, on a woodturning lathe, so grab yourself a coffee and a few snacks, its the longest videoI have done to date.

A little further on into the project and the basic layout or how the two in one locking mechanism works, one more part to make and a new handle and we are done. Thanks for your patience so far, this is how I like to do things, Live, without editting, what you see is what you get, back soo with the finished object.

Part 1 here,

A short video to show you how I made my own leather or harness strap cutter, the video will be in two parts, I will use a good vintage blade made by the old British maker J Dixon and sons, the main material is brass with a few tool steel rods and other screws and bolts. I will turn a brand new handle made from Partridge Wood which is one of the higher quality rosewoods.

Hi Folks

Here is my review one year on from first recieving this H180A hydrogen flame polisher which I use for small production jewellery soldering jobs, here I explain how I set up the machine for optimum use in the silversmith arena.

Electrolite level is recommended at 15%, but I am running mine at 10 percent.

After a few months the electrolite will become exhausted and begin to discolour, so flush out the tank with warm water a few times and recharge with fresh electrolite, use only distilled water in the main tank, but you can use plain water in the bubbler as well as distilled, always release the pressure after use.

Machine below

I use Potasium Hydroxide instead of Caustic Soda/Potassium Hydroxide, as the former gives a slightly better supply and a cleaner flame.

Bumble bees in the raspberries, notice the different colours of pollen they are carrying in their leg hairs.

Another update to show the gardens progress, everything is really comming on now, with only two weeks to go to the longest day, nature is really ramping things up, this year we have had a bumper amount of wild bees and other insects in the raspberry and angelica patch, so much so if you sit quietly in the middle of things you can clearly hear as hundreds of bumble bees polinate the fruit as they pass from flower to flower. The competition is geting more intense as less flowers and more fruit remain, each bee forcing another from the remaining flowers.

One of my latest design in Solidworks 3D, consisting of a self jigging self assemble sharpening system, no welding needed in this design, the main components are laser cut for cost cutting, where as hand cutting would be laboriously time consuming and expensive.
Main side plates are from stock ten millimeter steel plate as is the flywheel, the conrod is made from Oak with brass sleeve bushes for longevity; The drive mechanism is driven with a round leather lace as seen on the treadle sewing machines.

The sharpening stone can be adapted from many available machines by a simple nylon bush reducer.

The blade holder is made from an existing roller type blade sharpener that has had the roller replaced with two bronze bushes that slides across the round bar or rail.

Thanks for looking.

A short video showing how to make a simple leek and or dibber from recycled parts, also a breif explanation of how I made my wood turning lathe from stock off of the shelf metal hardware.

Another fruitfull day and a complete machine ready for the cornucopia to come, I made a few minor adjustments, I fitted another stainless steel defrlector baffle to guide the fruit into the jaws, rounded off the sharp corners and edges, fitted the main hopper stainless steel plates and gave her three coats of water based preservative on the outside only, the inside will get a liberal coating of food grade oil to waterproof the wood.

Next will be the main test using the fruit when it arrives, so until then I will make the next tool, a cider press from steel box section and angle iron.

Thanks again for looking, and please hit the subscribe button.

Here is my homemade copper foiling rollers, used predominantly for adding copper or other types of foil to the edges of stained glass, its a hobby I have recently started to master, there are not many tools needed for this craft so it is quite affordable to those on a low budget.
The main body is made from one of my faviourite materials, namely Birch Plywood, at 1 inch thick it is the ideal material for small construction projects. The wheel acts in such a way as the sticky backed foil is pressed firmly up against the edge of the glass by the central groove and the O ring, and at the same time it bends the foil up and around the two sides as demonstrated, the two grey plastic wheels were turned by hand on my homemade woodturning lathe.
Once the foil is attatched the two halves are put side by side and soldered together, which I will do a larger project and another video in the future.The total cost for this device came to around fifteen pounds.

I often mention in my notes of the money I have saved doing things for myself, so I dedicate this post all about money, below is a few different views of how things have taken place right under our noses, as the Queen in her questions to the Bank of England and how her subjects became lax.

I will start the running with this simple explanation of who the hidden hands really are;

Here is the latest addition to our home made tools, consisting of a birch plywood construction, this took me a full day to make and cost less than 50 pounds to make, the one inch thick birch plywood came from left over material for a previous project from two years ago, the bearings I have had laying around for a decade or more which came in mighty handy for this project, the bearings and the motor would be the largest outlay if you were going to make one today.
The whole structure is held together by wood screws and held in place via two six millimeter deep recesses that hold the hopper shute or inner boards in place, it is all self jigging basically.
The motor came off of an old Myford ML 8 woodturning lathe that someone gave me about fifteen years ago, I sold the lathe but kept the motor for my own homemade lathe seen in this video, just in case I needed a spare in the future.

The main body is one inch birch plywood and is 23 by 16 inches and the two hopper sides are 23 inches long and eight inches wide.

The depth of the two slots to self jig the side walls in place are 6.00mm deep.

The gap between the screw heads on the main rotor and the hopper sides in 3/4".
The screws are stainless steel, 40.00mm long and 6.00mm gauge.
The shaft and bearings are 1 ich inner dia.
The distance between the motor and main shaft centres is exactly 12 inches.
The belt is an SVB:325.
The motor is 1/2 HP.

In the comments I have added quite a few different traditional crafts video's, here is where I got some of my inspiration from and have mastered quite a few of them.

Thanks for looking.

This unit is now complete and ready for use, its been a slow process and taken about two years, I have completed both manual and fully motorized versions and both work very well, they are like any other mechanical device and need to be practiced and mastered, the most welcome part is, I have saved myself around three thousand pounds doing it myself, and would like to thank all those who added their experience and for sharing their knowledge with me.

If anyone would like to read through the beemaking equipment making project for home use, please have a look at the link below, notice the comments, tips and invaluable pointers from seasoned practitioners and novices like myself who shared their knowledge, you will hit the running right at the end of play, but all the prototypes I made and have here still are included.

Thanks Guys.

Good afternoon everyone, a quick update on the garden and a couple of new additions to the plot for this year.

The growing boxes shown were a join effort in the making, a very generous plot holder splashed out on a cheap electric table saw to make our own gardening items, which really made things a lot easier, we shared the labour in removing the double glazing units from their old rotten wooden frames, then one of us split the glass units in two using a Stanley blade before we began creating the new glass frames from roofing lats, 50 x 25 mm, then I manufactured the new frames on the table saw, before the final shared effort in assembling the boxes themselves. Here is great savings in the running, the glass came for free and each unit cost in the region of about 25 pounds each.

The rest of the garden is now coming on leaps and bounds as are the new weeds that have managed to escape onto the prepared soils, this year the Hawthorn trees are spectacular and can be smelled from many meters away, and the wilder parts of the garden are full of wild flora and fauna, here we are really lucky to have many species of butterfly around which include Seckled Wood, Brimstone, a day flying moth called the Chimney Sweeper ; Scientific name: Odezia atrata. and many more common and solitary bumble bees which love the comfrey and raspberries once they come into flower.

Just finished this afternoon, my version of a shelf cold frame, come hot box system for the early germination of seedlings; This smaller enclosed area is much easier to control and to retain heat in the cooler part of spring, this area will warm up far faster and cheaper than heating the whole greenhouse, some early spring days can be quite pleasant and will soon warm this space.
The shelf itself has rails which the seed trays rest upon which can be added or taken out to creat more or less air flow so we now have a controllable space to bring on our early seedlings, also by having the shelf well up off of the ground this protects the plants from slugs, snails and small rodents which will readily nibble at them.


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Welcome to my home made world, a way of life that evolved over many decades to acquire true savings, a dedication and passion for the learning from, and sharing freely with others, "New Skills", a process that changed from the new normals gained during my greener years, into a more self reliant system, away in part from the one I thought I knew so well.

Into view came a hidden hand from behind an invisible Berlin type wall long before the current truth movement began, here is a system so adapt at self destruction and one now wreaking havock upon societies "Slate Free Minds", on a scale not seen since being instututed in 1880, where the standard Masonic type education began to cloud true intuition, as the venerable "John Taylor Gatto" pointed out to the world not that long ago.
My journey took me away from the standard gaze and sellective ignorance towards a more sentient way of viewing the Rubicon and the many Rabbit Holes that were set out for humanity, a system born long before our Grandparents came into this world and all there is science.
But! as a student of life let me say this; we are certainly living in one of the most interesting periods of human history, a history moving so fast and a past non of us really got to write or say anything about, but followed blindly, led by those who are often seen as immune too, and wear suits.
Their Trogan horse, NGO and a plethora of MSM illusionists, themselves suffering from institutionalised blindness and political autism, yes! our anchor Men and Women, who follow their given Scripts surely would not knowingly lie to us, Would they? A system that uses an international network and web of illusion disguised as news, a series of silent weapons for quiet wars upon the unsuspecting public, bolstering the fear of war and global debt, quickly heading and to be cocooned and controlled within a Smart, but not very wise 5G Grid.
Designed to steal away true freedom and awareness, instead of creating new alternatives and avenues that would help humanity realize their own true potential, instead we are being encouraged to remain "Forever Young" distracted by a state and organism upon electronic steroids, war and more war, propaganda and a kind of magic that has worked ever so well for at least the last two and a half thousand years.

I am, today only one of many advocates who are encouraging others, asking them to "Re-Skill" from a grass routes perspective, while there are still plenty left within society who can share their knowledge to benefit others, so we can regain the many forms of individualism and stability that were once common, this has, by and large been removed by design by those who have manufactured fears and a cornucopia of ideologies and enemies not of our making.

If one views society as a whole, those devoid of any "Real Life Skills", are like the banker manager without their pen; A navigator without a compass; Without these basic tools for life ones hand to eye coordination is no longer working for and by them, they become vulnerable to a control system which starts off small then metastesizes into a beast which then begins removing vital avenues of free speach and a clearer vision of how things might be, thus within the hive of humanity is a "Varroa Destructor" which now preys further upon our children, as they emerge feet first into the light of day.

I would also like to share along with my own creativity, a wide sellection of different world views, and Please Remember; true Knowledge and Wisdom have always been the stability of our times; so may we retain enough of this now rarest spices of life to survive the mono corporate machinations and their current feeding frenzy, who see human beings as killojoules of energy for their own aggrandizement, yet refuse to admit that they are also absolutely vulnerable, without their common, base and popular who feed them with their energy.

A polite message to those knowingly helping, "The Powers That Should Not Be" and their "Bullets Bombs and Bankers Books to be "Properly Balanced", A message to those who might say, I was just doing my job, Oh well what else can we do. I kindly remind them of what history has also often proved, that, "those who's self bill is urged, those who strive to live but never really do; May be the next in line for future cuts and forms of "Indirect Violence" called "Austerity"; that is now in full flow and beginning to snap at the middle class mind set, while the same Tavistock and Twisted minions encourage us to kill millions more innocents around our beautiful planet.

Finally, I urge the seemingly clever but not so wise, Not to despise the profane, I ask you all! Please cease working for the deepest darkest recesses of "World Governance", before your own loved ones parsimoniousness begins to faulter, because without this kind of logical action, "We are as flies to wanton boys to the "Living Gods", who continue to kill us for their sport".