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Welcome to my home made world, a way of life that evolved over many decades to acquire true savings, a dedication and passion for the learning from, and sharing freely with others, new skills, a series of new thought processes that changed from the new normals gained during my greener years, into a more self reliant system away in part from the one I thought I knew so well.

Into view came a hidden hand from behind an invisible Berlin type wall, long before the truth movement began in earnest, and a system one can clearly see wreaking havock upon societies "slate free minds", on a scale not seen since the beginning of the twentieth century, when the standard education model began to limit true intuition, as "John Taylor Gatto" pointed out to the world not so long ago.

A journey and type of questioning that took me from a state of guided ignorance into a more sentient way of viewing the Rubicon and the many Rabbit Holes that were set out for humanity, a system that was born long before our Grandparents were even born.

But as a student of life let me say; we are certainly living in one of the most interesting periods of human history, a history and past non of us really got to write or say anything about, but followed blindly, led by those who are often seen as immune too, and wear suits, The NGO, CEO, a plethora of illusionists suffering from institutionalised blindness and political autism, anchor Men and Women, who surely would not lie to us, would they?

Their current system uses an international network and web of illusion, deciet, and a series of silent weapons for quiet wars upon an unsuspecting public, bolstered by an astronomical and waring global debt program, soon to be cocooned and con-trolled within a Smart but not very wise Grid, now advertised as the "Internet of Things - 5G",

Designed predominantly to steal away even more freedoms and awareness, instead of creating the many new alternatives and avenues that could help humanity realize their own true potential, instead we are being encouraged to remain perpetually young and distracted by a state and organism on steroids, more war, propaganda and a kind of magic that has worked so well for at least the last two and a half thousand years.

I am, only one of many advocates now sharing and encouraging others to "Re-Skill" from a grass routes perspective, while there are still plenty left within society who can share their knowledge to benefit others, so we can all re-gain the many forms of individualism and stability once common, this has by and large been removed by design by those who have manufactured fears and a cornucopia of ideologies and enemies not of our making.

If you look at society as a whole, those devoid of real life skills, are like a banker without a pen, a navigator without a compass, Basically, if our hand to eye coordination is not working for and by us, we become vulnerable to a control system which starts off small then metastesizes into and then removes every avenue of feeedom, thus within humanity is a "Varroa Destructor" which preys upon us, especially our children, before they can emerge from the womb.

A new Bitchute Theme has arisen, namely, "SPK OUT", so with that short notation, I would like to share along with my own creativity, a wide sellection of different world views, remember, Knowledge and Wisdom have always been the stability of our times, so long may we retain enough of it in order to survive the mono corporate machinations, who see human beings as killojoules of energy for their own aggrandizement and absolutely vulnerable themselves without our help.

Finally, a polite message to those now knowingly helping, "the powers that should not be" and their "Bullets Bombs and Bankers books to be properly balanced, using add lib lines lines like, I was just doing my job, as their esoteric parlance, I would also like to remind them of what official history has often proved, those who fit their bill and strive to live but never really do, may be the next in line for future cuts and many forms of "Indirect Violence" called "Austerity; that are now in full flow and truly beginning to snap at everyones heels, while the same Tavistock and twisted minds are encouraging us into further decimating and destroying millions more unarmed innocents just like our own children around the planet.

I urge the seemingly clever but not so wise, not to despise the uneducated fool, and to, diss-continue working for and inside the deepest darkest recesses and avenues of "World Governance", The Military, Civil and Secret and or Services, before their own loved ones parisimoniousness begins to faulter, because the selfish elitist mindset together with our blinded actions, has been ever so destructive in its current form of generational ignorance.