It been a good season this year with triple the bounty of apples and pears as last year, here during hurricane Ali recently we have been rather busy, who has done some minor damage to our greenhouse and garden, but has also helped us in our job of collecting the fruit by blowing them off of the trees, here I am collecting the fruit and storing them in bins so they ripen off a little further, this helps to shred them easier and extract the maximum amount of juices as they settle down and soften together.

This will be a two part video and in the second half to come we will show our new shredder in action that I built new here this year as I showed in an earlier video, see link below.

I still have to finish off the press, but if we can persude some of the other gardeners to chip in we might be able to buy a new one for doing the pressing, we will have to see, if not I can easily knock one together and show you all how I made it, so until processing day, thank you all for looking in.

In this video I show you what my ten year old Sheet metal working unit looks like and explain how it has coped with everyday life; Over the last decade she has cut many sheet ections of silver, copper, bronze and many other sheet metals up to half a millimeter thick with consumate ease, and other softer materials like plastic up to a millimeter in thickness.
The only single problem I encountered was self inflicted, and effected by rolling 3.00 millimeter thick mild steel for making my wheelbarrow wheel rims, when I did this the 1/8" sheer pin that is located in the top roller gear eventually sheared off, but is easily replaced as I explain in the video, other than that it has done a Stirling job throughout.

Yesterday I turned both sheer bars around for the first time, the original edge is still in very good condition and shows only minor wear on the very right hand side and where I used it mostly, the sheer bars are also hardened and can be sharpened if needed.

If anyone is thinking of getting a unit for making jewellery I would highly recommend this model, there are many makes on the market that are only a single machine that cost up to three times the price, with this unit you get all three and all features do a fantastic job as described if you stick to the recommended parameters.

The Warco 8" version is really neat and very well made also,

And another on the same theme,

Thanks for watching.

Hi folks

In this video I explain how to make your own leather or clicking knives or blades, and other equipment and explain how to make the ultimate cutting platform.

The name I have given for my new leather knife is, " The Pen Knyfe"

Here is a very short video showing a couple more tools I have just made, one using my existing Morre & Wright surface gauge a second hand pair of stainless steel tweezers a small 1" long section of 1/4" solid brass bar and the point off of an old dart, pretty simple stuff for a handy tool.

Here is the moment we have been waiting for, and he eventually came to the hand to feed, the next stage is to get him to sit on the hand to feed using smaller bite sized goodies like seeds and meal worms.

One word of advice is, once you get him used to feeding from the hand you have to keep doing it when the weather turns frosty as he will rely on this sustinance in the future, this we will do so he can make it through the winter, so many birds of this size only last around six months depending on the winter and weather conditions so our bird feeding stations will come in handy for an alternative supply.

We normally cater for all kinds of birds by placing the food in different places, like the lean to under the butterfly bush where larger species like crows, magpies and sparrow hawks cannot easily snatch the smaller birds as they are feeding, the feeding stations are pretty close to dense undergrowth so any small birds can take cover as they grab a morsal and retreat into the bushes to eat it in better safety.

Hi Folks

In the following video I explain in detail how you can make you very own leather crafting or clickers knife, she is made from 1/4" square bar/Nickel Silver, but can be any material like brass, steel as long as its thick enough to accomodate the blade in the centre.
My blade is a secction of HSS metal hacksaw blade trimmed down to be 10.00mm deep and can be any length of your choce, mine is 8.00 inch long. The blade edge is cut over an inch long and sharpened on both sides to obtain a very fine point for very intricate work, it is the best craft knife I have ever used and fits the hand wonderfully, its very user freindly and removes the need to rest your finger on the top edge of the blade, which can press into your finger tip, those who have used similar knives will know what I mean here.

The brass tube is by K & S tubing which can be obtain from most good model making shops.

The blade is 10.00mm deep.

The frame is 1/4" square bar.

Please let me know if you manage to build your own via the instructions I have given you.

Thanks for looking.

Another short video to show a few mods I have made to my third hand system, I now have multiple variations upon the theme to hold just about anything whilst soldering awkward pieces etc etc, all tools now fit one common bracket.

Another tools for jewels up-cycling moment, consisting of my homemade jewellers soldering pick, these can range from six to ten pounds each retail. Here I have used an old brass dart for the metal nose section and the end of an old Riley pool cue which I shortened about 20 years ago, the handle is high quality Indian Rosewood which has sat in my off cuts box up until today. The whole process took me around 15 minutes to make, I turned the brass nose as per usual on my woodwork lathe as well as the wooden handle.

If anyone is going to make their own you could simply drill a hole in a section of dowel and fit the tungsten rod, However!, if you buy these tungsten tips ensure that they are not thoriated, which when heated can emmit small amounts of Alpha particles which may be in small amounts but can accumulate in the body over time, they are not good for health basically, make sure you buy the plain tungsten rods for this application.

This is the quickest money saving item I have made this year, for one pound Sterling.

Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to see what else I have in store this year.

Another tools for jewels episode showing how you can make a simple jewellers ring post from recycled materials, another huge saving over modernity and retail madness, this cost me about two pounds to make and is another handy item I never had before and will put to good use in the future.
The unit can be slotted into the homemade bench post bracket holder that I made earlier, and hold rings firm and secure for doing jobs like stone setting or engraving.

I will also make a few different sized top barrels to accomodate different sized rings.

I have also made myself a new textured copper bracelet using the forming mandrel and hammer I made earlier, both worked a treat, so another added bonus and saving, where every little helps save those valuable token outside the retail and tax therapy.

Hi Folks

In this video is how I made my own burn out kiln for wax loss casting and other projects.

The design could not be any easier to do, a simple outer body made from 1.00mm thick galvanized sheet and a spiral former positioned in the very centre of the unit.

The former is made poly foam packing, recycled and cut to form a 20.00mm square which is then super glued to the inner cylinder or former, the spiral has 1 inch spacings to accomodate the Kanthal coil, the coil was formed by wrapping it around an 11.00mm rod in the woodwork lathe then evenly stretched out to fully accomodate the entire groove left in the main body after casting, the former is completely removed leaving a nicely formed channel as show in the video.

The electronic parts used are,

I used Victas refractory cement but any good refractory cement would suffice, like the one in the link below.

I will postt part 2 when I have everything wired up and running, I will include a schematic also,

Part 2 coming soon.

Its been quite a while since we did a garden growing video so here we are at the end of August and the early signs of autumn becoming evident, many of the garden vedge has gone to seed to set next years crop which we will collect when they have matured.
Some are already ripe enough to collect like the French Beans and the many different types of pea, and many of the herbs are almost ready to collect, its been a good growing season thus far and we have copious amounts of other vedge that will span the autumn and winter like our leek bed which are almost ready to eat the baby versions for making wonderful leak and potatoes soups with the rich stocks we gain from the weekend roasts.

The toms are now just turning ripe both out in the garden and in the greenhouses, the ones outside are just showing the first signs of blight so we have taken the bunches from the plants and hung them out in the direct sunlight which should help them ripen slightly faster, if we don't get them well its all part and parcel of nature, yet we still have many dozens inside which are not effected by disease.

The damson trees got knocked by a couple of late frosts and failed to produce this year but there is always next year for nature to repay us for free, as the apple and pear trees have done once again with a bumper crop.
In a coming video we will be have our annual apple scrumpy day on 14th October and will be converting the pears into some perry cider which is one of our faviorite tipples, so please tune in regularly so you don't miss the harvest to come, thank you all again for watching.

More new tools for jewels and how I made other older tools for making my own jewellery, if anyone is truly interested in learning some simple turning skills and want to have a go please leave your ideas in the comments box and lets talk making things for future projects, it could be anything from shoe making to soldering silver or creating quality tools for carrying out these tasks.

Another Mr Robin episode to show how he is becoming used to having me close by whilst feeding, here he actually comes within a couple of inches of my hand, infact at one point he comes right up to me and actually pecksat my fingers as to say get away from my dinner, also notice how he fluffs up his feathers to try making himself look bigger than he really is, natural instinct at play here.

In the background you can hear the parent bird giving a warning chirp as he approaches for the scond time and lingers right in front of the camera 4" away for a few seconds and grabs a couple of meal worms that are included within the bird mix.

As winter aproaches and the natural food becomes more scarce a few different birds will start coming closer for food; The bird feeders I made earlier this summer are themselves being visited more and more by the day

Thanks for watching.

Hi folks

In this video I explain how at the beginning of each month I will be giving away a single item of tooling that I make, it will be a mystery until I make a matching item for myself, the first tool for my giveaway is a tapred wooden sanding stick, the actual item is shown here-in, made from Pink Ivory Wood which is a native of Southern Africa, this species is not on the sities list for banned timbers and is free to anyone worldwide.
To qualify the lucky owner must be a subscriber and be in the arena of making jewellery or a similar craft where you make things for yourself, if you have any video of your items please might you share it with us all here on Bitchute.

Here is an invaluable tool that I have needed for quite some time, they are called in the trade as "A Third Hand" and ideal for holding awkward parts to be soldered.
She is made from many recycled parts as I like to do if possible and all for less than a packet of cigarettes or a bus ride into town.

The stock rod or bars came from the rails that one finds inside most standard document scanners and is where the scanning head traverses inside, the base is made from a small piece of scrap birch plywood and I have a few off cuts of stainless steel plate which I will show in my next video and how I decorated with engine turning.

My latest homemade tools and items I never had before, these will make my jewellery making projects to come run that little bit easier, the ring stocks will be welcome items, now I can hold rings securely without getting sore finger tips, the larger hammers will come in handy for forming awkward larger plate sections and the petite rosewood handled hammer is a joy to use with its unusual but very comfortable handle shape.

Mr Robin get braver says the title, now he is coming down to me directly to ask for food, at first I used to call him in but now I find him waiting as I stand by the garden wall, he is now coming to within a foot of my head which is just peeping over the top of the outhouse roof, he is still a little cautious but now stands closer eating his food before he grabs another and steps back a few inches or so.
He seems more concerned about the mobile phone which I hold in my other hnd and sees his reflaction in the camera glass so I will have to think of a way of hiding it behind something or maybe mounting it on a stand to one side instead of directly in front of him, thanks again for watching, hit the subscribe button to keep up to date on what he is doing.

A short list of tools made for my bench, and lots more to come in the future before I have enough to begin some serious creating.

Part 2 of my homemade custom made ring clamps for jewellery, and a few other things I have recently made.

Thanks for looking.

Not having any of these kinds of tools in my jewellers working box I decided to have a go at making some for myself, after a couple of attempts I finally worked out how everything went together, so confindent I was going to make myself a working tool I cut into some prime quality Lignum Vitae, once again its perfume filled the workshop, it really is a delight to turn with its waxy slithers flowing off from the ultra sharp HSS tools.
The orange thumb nuts came off of an old Flymo electric lawn mower so I stored them away for a raint day and here they are complementing a pair of custom made ring clamps, this will be a to part video which will follow immediately after you have read this one.

Here we have Mr robin, he is building up the courage between us slowly but surely, I can now call him in for some food and he responds almost immediately from out of the cover our damson thicket gives lots of birds, this time he has come to within a few inches so I will keep on building the trust between us and hopefully he will take from the hand in the near future, thanks for looking.

Another sanding stick, this time she is round and also tapered to work inside of rings and other cylinders, I chose another stiking timber and a native pine to Britain, Taxus Baccata or English Yew, it is a very ductile timber and why medieval armies used it for their longbows, it takes on a very good finish when polished and has multiples of colours once its oiled, turn around time to make this was around ten minutes or so, the sanding paper is made in the same way as the square model with its two overlaping edges that slide into the cenral slot holding things nice secure.

A polite mesage; for those who enjoy my content, please could I ask the viewers if they would like to donate a small token towards Bitchute to help their platform flourish, I am simply happy to be here and show freely how I do things, this is one of the best ways to build a community and trust in who we are, reciprocation is the key to fit all of our locks.

Hi Folks

In the coming series I will be making for my own use a series of tools that I need to complement my existing tool kit for jewellery making, in this video I'm make a tool to an old design that I saw recently in a Victorian tool catologue, in the form of a tapering sanding stick; My timber of choice is some spaltered Pink Ivorywood from Africa, this was once the wood used for making kings ceremonial wands or canes, and it is really royal in stature, very hard and quite striking to see once polished to perfection.
I don't show the whole process this time as it only involves a little bandsaw sizing and a quick turn of a simple handle, but hopefully you will be able to make one for yourself by what I show you.

A polite mesage for those who enjoy my content, please could I ask the viewers if they would like to donate to the Bitchute to help their platform flourish, I am simply happy to be here and show how I do things, this is one of the best ways to build community and trust in who we are, reciprocation is the key to fit all of our locks.

Another video of my attempts at hand feeding Mr Robin, this time has has come to within a fingers length but is still a little wary, I think he has seen his reflection in the camera glass and stepped back a little, but with a little bit of luck he will be in the hand in the next couple of weeks, so keep watching to see how brave he gets.

A polite mesage for those who enjoy my content, please could I ask the viewers if they would like to donate to the Bitchute to help their platform flourish, I am simply happy to be here and show how I do things, this is one of the best ways to build community and trust in who we are, reciprocation is the key to fit all of our locks.

A top up video to show how I make my bird feeding stations and a few more PTFE hammer inserts for my jewellers hammer.

A polite mesage for those who enjoy my content, please could I ask the viewers if they would like to donate to the Bitchute to help their platform flourish, I am simply happy to be here and show how I do things, this is one of the best ways to build community and trust in who we are, reciprocation is the key to fit all of our locks.


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Welcome to my home made world, a way of life that evolved over many decades to acquire true savings, a dedication and passion for the learning from, and sharing freely with others, "New Skills", a process that changed from the new normals gained during my greener years, into a more self reliant system, away in part from the one I thought I knew so well.

What we have today is a system programed for self destruction and one wreaking havock upon societies "Slate Free Minds", our children; A system instututed in 1880, where the standard Masonic type education began to cloud one's true intuition, As the venerable "John Taylor Gatto" pointed out to the world not very long ago. You see' this kind of control over another is not a means, it is an end; One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safegaurd a revolution; One makes the revolution to secure their dictatorship over their profane.
But!, as a student of life let me say this; we are certainly entering one of the most interesting periods of human history, a history moving so fast, a past and a future non of us will get to say or write anything about, but follow blindly, led by those who are often seen as immune too, and wear suits, who willingly dish out a future we are already living.

Here is their Trogan horse and its riders, a plethora of faces on the same mirror, themselves suffering from institutionalised blindness and political autism, Yes! our actors, MSM, who follow their given Scripts Blindly, who surely would not knowingly lie to us, Would they? here is a system, an international network and web of illusion disguised as News and entertainment, a series of silent weapons for quiet wars upon an unsuspecting public, constantly bolstering the fear of war and global debt, moving quickly and soon to be cocooned and controlled from within a Smart, but not very wise 5G Grid.
An APT and very clever grid, designed to steal away true freedoms and awareness instead of creating new alternatives and avenues that would help humanity fully realize their own true potential; Instead we remain "Forever Young" distracted by a state and organism upon electronic steroids, a propaganda machine and a kind of magic that works slowly upon the minds eye and has done for at least the last two and a half thousand years.

I am not unique amongst men, but one who encourages others to "Re-Skill" together, from a grass routes perspective, but this needs to be done while there are still plenty left within society who can share their knowledge that might benefit others, then the majority can regain the many forms of individualism and stability that were once common; This has, by and large been removed by design by those who have manufactured fears and a cornucopia of ideologies and enemies not of our own making.

If one views society as a whole, those devoid of any "Real Life Skills", are like the banker manager without their pen; A navigator without a compass; Without these basic tools for life ones hand to eye coordination is no longer working for and by them; They become vulnerable to a control system which starts off small then metastesizes into a beast, which then begins removing vital avenues of free speach and a clearer vision of how things might be, thus within the hive of humanity is a "Varroa Destructor" which now preys further upon our children, as they emerge into the light of day.

I would also like to share with my own creativity, a wide sellection of different world views, but Please Remember; true Knowledge and Wisdom have always been the stability of our times; so may we retain enough of this now rarest spices of life to survive the mono corporate machinations and their current feeding frenzy, who see human beings as killojoules of energy for their own aggrandizement, yet refuse to admit that they are also absolutely vulnerable, without those who feed them with their energy.

An polite message to those helping, "The Powers That Should Not Be" and their "Bullets Bombs and Bankers Books to be "Properly Balanced", A message to those who might say, I was just doing my job, or, Oh well what else can you do. I would kindly remind them of what true history has often proved, and that is, "those who's self bill is urged' who strive to live but never really do; May be the next in line for future cuts and hidden forms of "Indirect Violence" also called "Austerity"; that is now in full flow and beginning to snap at the middle class mind set, while the same Tavistock and Twisted minions encourage us to kill millions more innocents around our beautiful planet.

Finally, I urge the seemingly clever but not very wise, "Not to despise the profane", I ask you all! Please cease working for the deepest darkest recesses of "World Governance", before your own loved ones parsimoniousness begins to faulter, because without this kind of logical action, "We are as flies to wanton boys to these "Living Gods", who continue to kill us for their sport".