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If you boya haven't started working out yet you better get on it. We haven't formally joined the war yet but it's close.

Active shooters are not a problem. People are easily and still manipulated by MSM. https://www.fbi.gov/about/partnerships/office-of-partner-engagement/active-shooter-incidents-graphics
Looks like your chances of getting killed in a active shooting event are about the same as winning the Texas state lotto.

I know this is a crazy idea. But instead of expressing weakness why not take over? Everyone on the right seems to want to abandon all the government and leave it to the left instead of fighting for the government you bleed for. I personally am perfectly willing to take over government departments.and I also think that you should too. By

This guy is a sleazy slimy globalist. Who has relied on Ukraine for protection and now is undermining the Ukrainians. He is why you should not let in foreigners into your country.

No surprise here obi wan sucks because Disney writers suck.

The escalation is happening, and the Depp trial is just more proof we will be knee deep in the shit before the election.

This is uniparty bullshit it's exhausting really.

Abbott you stupid fuck bus those illegals to Mexico city not D.C.

Biden might not be engaging the Russians due to the Chinese threat. Taiwan is strategically the most important island in the world. Due to their chip manufacturing

I once heard a homeless plumber from L.A. say he should be able to afford a house because that's where he wants to live. Well if you want to be homeless follow his advice, or you can be rich and follow my advice, live in a fixer upper and build your fortune.

Get back to work drone having a family slightly hurts our profit margin, go get a abortion and sell more coffee.

It has been proven hundreds of times that the federal government can do nothing to states who break federal law. Leftist cities, counties, and states all across America down what they like, it's about time right wing states did the same.

Everyone should calm down, yes I am hoping that this is their decision but it's a first draft.

I do have a couple of video ideas I want to make, but I am a farmer and it's the busy season for a few months I will be slowing down on videos but I have not stopped just have other stuff to deal with.

I think we are going to end up fighting WW3, and you guys need to prepare, just look at how crypto bros defend bitcoin that is a perfect example of freedom minded people getting lead around by the globalists.


World Economic forum digital currency
it literally says the Davos agenda.
if it isn't clear to you yet

Good ole joe bans ghosts. What a guy. Meanwhile government drone violence murders women and children.

I was posting the video and I thought of a better way to say what I was trying to say. I will try and get another video out today as well.

I a girl who had a abortion some 25 years ago now. Her child would be a adult now. That's what abortion is it kills off the only real form of success we will have, and that's children.

McDonald's sauce review. It should have been odvious this stuff would take like shit. A degenerate Hollywood pervert likes it after all. Of course one of the main ingredients is SOY.

BlackRock President Rob Kapito says an entire generation of people will have to learn what it means to suffer from shortages as inflation worsens.
This statement highlights the absolute arrogance/ignorance of the elites. We need to tighten our belts? We have been at war for twenty years.
Reference: https://www.google.com/amp/s/fortune.com/2022/03/30/blackrock-president-kapito-entitled-generation-seatbelts-high-inflation-spain-us-germany-scarcity/amp/

I'm curious on if foreigner astronomers have to pay to use our telescope. It feels an awful lot like the united states got stuck with the dinner bill. Here is the article in question

The bottom line is NASA is always complaining about being underfunded. Well why not start charging.

Lotus eaters you need far more than just symbols and a Wikipedia page to justify the claim that the Azov battalion is actually Nazis. The black sun was not invented by the Nazis and the US army also uses some of the same symbols as the Nazis did. Right now it's little more then just your word making this claim.

If we want to improve America we need to get rid of no fault divorce, get rid of abortion, ban politicians from lying. And make Mexico a great place to live.


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