Western Greatness

The vaccine doesnt seem worth the squeeze.

The NAP is just as much of a snob idea as veganism. maybe worse then vegans honestly.

Biden is new stimulus is red pills. there is going to be a mass awaking in America because of his administration. Be ready to help your normie family out when they wake up/

super secret document showing what happens after piss pants Biden drone strikes trump supporters

here is the new boss, same as the old boss. the government is doing nothing just like normal. I have a hard time seeing this civil war everyone is so hyped for.

More propaganda we suffer under from Biden's beach from house, mask bullshit and the LGTQSLKFJGD right to kick the shit out of your daughter.

Please do not contact this person, she is confused, lost, and a abused person who needs help. people who behave this way are damaged and need help they do not need to be attacked. They have been manipulated by liars into doing things that are extremely harmful.

Democratic are abscessed with president Trump. The entire party has become completely unhinged, President Trump should open his own social media platform would take over the entire industry if he did.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills everyone seems to have this image of silicon valley that they are just untouchables, when in reality they are literally just companies, but unlike most companies you are the product, you can literally delete your Facebook accounts and go to a different platform. these companies have no choice but to do what you say. really you have more power as their product then you would as their consumer.

looks like a massive wave of people leaving democrat states will be coming our way. I dont blame them democrats have caused massive amounts of hardships in our country the past year.

President Harry S. Truman a democrat started the Korean war! well hey sorry it is called the forgotten war after all. and sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of days real life is keeping me busy. but hopefully everything will start calming down now. also can we vote to make this cover Biden's presidential portrait?

I am starting a health insurance company Why hasn't Tim Pool, or any leftist sent me the starter capital yet? I don't know what's going on guys they all said they want to give healthcare away....

Calling on all leftist to donate 30% of their income to me, I am starting a free health insurance company called good health insurance.

I think trump is planning on launching his own social media soon. Lets pray he takes it public will be the largest social media company.

My advise for anyone who wants a new console.

This is more propaganda you have been fed your entire life about killing and warfare. Humans do not monopolize warfare the simplest organisms on the planet are combative

it may be pointless, but I point out some flaws in gun control idea. Also I do not think the dems will manage to pass gun control, I think they are going to piss away the next two years the same as the republicans did

Easy to troll, I haven't seen enough evidence to declare life a accident or a creation, personally I am leaning towards us being created. But the universe is practically infinite and so vast we will never be able to search it.

Our greatest creation turns out to be a huge disappointment

The left are still targeting trump with fake news.

Biden/Harris are so incompetent they managed to build a wall with no gate. Walls work stopped legislation for 10 day!!

This bit of propaganda seems to be everywhere even on the right but yet again its easy to debunk the cost of raising a child

Its a slow day almost blast off time boys, remember diamond hands. also Biden is a puppet just blind singing orders to fuck us.

keep up the pressure boys HOLD!!

Bitcoin is one of the most shady things to be invented. It stinks of government.


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