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Stop arguing from a leftist view there is no such thing as gun violence that is absolutely fiction.

When entertainment was well entertaining it took up so much of my time. You youngsters don't get it how good it was there was always something new cool and exciting just around the corner, and honestly looking back on it that was far worse then the garbage they make now.

We need to accept that the federal government will do nothing for us and we need to pass local laws that force them to do their jobs.

Ita hilarious how men and women complain about not finding a partner, the truth is you guys are looking in all the wrong places.

This is definitely a cover up there is way more paperwork involved in shipping hazardous materials then just a cargo manifest.

It would be nice if us pleebs could unite and take on the puppet masters, and it would be nice if the normies could admit the elections are rigged but in reality we have to admit there are shit loads of normies perfectly willing to drink the kool aid

This is a cycle we are in I doubt there is anyway to avoid war with the east. Don't get me wrong I don't like globalist anymore then you guys, I just appreciate that WW3 will not have the benefit for them that they think it will. I think it will solve the west's simp problem and thusly solve our bigger issues with the globalist.

Women are attracted to dangerous men because for 199,950ish years they needed killers to get them food. It's only extremely recent that killers where not needed. Look at how unattractive Skippy is the reason he is unattractive is because he is not a hunter or a killer, well he might be a murderer but thats different. Learn those skills and women will be attracted to you too.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zS83Xtwmwuw there is a abundance of failed genetic lines that's that globalist are trying to end.

This classified document scandal is a nothing burger. Nobody will remember this come the next election and that's on purpose.

All of the W.E.F. policies are targeting leftist and cities. The outlier is gun control, but every other one is actually lowering the amount of liberals not conservatives.
Abortion is a great example of this. Another thing I forgot too mention is how many women end up sterile after a abortion? If that vacuum rips apart babies I bet it could easily put a hole in a uterus.

Your fucking country has concentration camps and banning guns didn't stop mass killings asshole! All you retards down under did was give up the best tools to stop a tyrannical government.

Just Google " Australian mass stabbings" and "Australian covid camps" and those two searches will debunk every gun grabber argument.

Imperial Japan had some good ideas, like holding leaders to account and encouraging Seppuku a form of ritual suicide. We should do the same for our failed leaders.

Is it fair? No, but nothing will happen to Biden about these classified documents.

Now how do we jujitsu these policies to the rights benefit. Maybe we can get them linked. Say your not allowed to vote unless you're signed up for the draft and also make the draft a volunteer law now. Something like that.

Freetown Christinia is a squatter compound. Libertarians in general live in a fantasy where they think nonsense. Libertarians are arguably worse then communists at least communists have managed to create their own countries and not just live off the backs of other like ticks.

Those clowns in charge will be begging Trump to come and save them make no mistake about it he wasn't there to keep us safe, he was there to keep the establishment safe they are just to blind to see it.

This is just a fun video so clam down. But yeah Dinosaurs are fake.

It's vastly harder to get people too support you and your idea then it is to have a good idea. Most people are NPCs and just want to hold you down.

I go off on a rant about Russia possibly having nukes and ICBMs.

Disney is a abusive spouse and we should shun Disney. Do not see avatar 2 it will support a corporation that hates you. Also I do not see soldiers and warriors in the US I see livestock ready to be butchered.

There are only three groups that should be considered to have the privilege of voting.

Would love it if you gentlemen came over to rumble, I said I won't be posting here anymore, but we will see hopefully bitchute makes it easier to post in the future but as of now it's far easier to post on rumble o



sorry for the mistakes in the video, I don't have time to reshoot it right now. I am hoping to put out more videos, I would like them to be like this but more then likely it will be in between sets when I have time.

I avoided alcoholism by being deployed too Iraq, now you could do something similar if you teach English in a third world country. Or you could wait and see if Biden does start WW3


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