The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism & Communism Not Mentioned at School

Forget White Privilege, How About Jewish Privilege

A Public Service Announcement thanking Jews for all of the wonderful things they have accomplished all on their own.

European Awakening - The Lion

Mossad Applause - Goyim Goddess (Lady Gaga Parody)

This is all part of the plan, so is deception and brainwashing!

Research this, it's been in the works for a very long time.

Every Race has the right to keep their own customs, music, history, foods, etc, (((they))) only consider themselves "white" when it fits their agenda! We are all "Goyim", wake up, research everything, listen to your elders etc.

No More Brother Wars, Take our countries back!

You are slaves, serfs, and schleppers, we rule and own you stupid Goyim.

Mr. Bond - Race War (Gary Jules Mad World Parody)

I got 88 problems.mp4

Thanks Jews - Public Service Announcement

From ytube, part 2 creates the entire picture for me. Both parts are worth watching.

From Jtube, part 2 might explain the motive. Both parts are worth the watch.

Charlottesville .Unite The Right, Cops Speak out, found on jootube, before it got removed...

Jootube find, sharing here, not mine.

Grabbed right away, before it could be changed...
Nowhere does it say "jew will not replace us", it CLEARLY says "You will not replace us"!
Fuck the ADL, and other crooked swindler organizations that try to change history!

Jootuub find, not mine...

Parody of The Boys of Summer...

jootube migrant

Goyim Goddess - Toxic by Britney Spears Parody Found on jootube, now here, not mine.

Found on jootoob, posted here, not mine.

jootube, pasted here...


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