We The People Tyrant Wars

Richard Cruz AKA Ric Crude House Of Horrors

9/11 Tribute


Is this the Reason Trump Hired Jason Miller, because they may relate to one another?

Furry Potato is a Fraud?!?!?

Youtuber Doug UM NO THANKS Hutton Pissed Drunk

Ricky Monday Showed SGVD News First for the B he is....

Dave Chappelle on Floyd & Merb34st(Youtuber), a Family Law attorney, states that Floyd Could breathe

Jimmy Kimmel Trump Church Visit Revised We The People Tyrant War Style

Trumps States that the military is ready and when the Looting Starts the Shooting Starts. Wow

Welcome To We The People Tyrant Wars



Bullying has to stop

Racist Pig

I'm not sexy and I am Homeless

Rest In Peace David


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This Channel is about exposing bullies that use our Rights in order to abuse others. If a bully wants to be a bully then they need to own it and not use our rights in order to justify their Sick Demented behavior to bully others. If they want to honor the soldiers, by using that right to shame themselves, fine. Just don’t use it to bring an innocent person down. KEYWORD BEING INNOCENT, which MOST AUDITORS ARE NOT. They should understand, which most dont, that while cursing is a form of freedom of speech, when you use that type of speech on an innocent, you have no honor or valor.

Lastly, for those that want to come on to talk sh*t, Yes we are Losers, babies, whining, worthless fat pieces of sh*t, Punks, garbage, scared, hiding, troll looking/acting, hypocrites, and lonely b*tch bums that has nothing better to do, and whatever else you want to call us. If at bare minimum we expose your tyranny, we are proud to be just that. NOW the Question becomes, WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!?!?!?