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The body count keeps piling up. Bodies of people who had dreams of making their living on Youtube. Smashed. Youtube keeps killing off its best creators in the most fascist manner imaginable, all to enforce their anti-free speech policies. The movie 1984 is now a reality. Want to see it in action? Simply upload something that's not politically correct bullshit, deceptions and anti-white rhetoric, onto Youtube, and see how quickly Youtube assassinates your account and silences your voice. Mine was deleted, right after reporting on Pewdiepie donating to the ADL and my shock at his donating to such a horrible organization.

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So our blonde norse god Pewdiepie Felix Kjellberg almost donated 50,000 dollars to a terror organization and hate group. He now claims he didn't know what it is they do but then found out some stuff and then like decided perhaps it's wiser not to donate the money. Whatever. Gotta tell ya, rich people problems be a whole another level.

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First there was the tatoos on his arms that didn't sit right with me. But I didn't want to find fault with our hero Pewdiepie. But then, he reached 100 million subscribers and showed what he does with the money we help him make... and it's awful, I'M HEARTBROKEN!!!


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