go check out a fantastic channel

removing the plug from the tobacco press after two days pressing

Despite saying in the video I'll leave it for 24-48 hours, I'll be leaving it for a week.

using a Noodle Maker as a Tobacco Press

Some more methods of rehydrating pipe tobacco

opening a package I recieved as part of a trade. Thank you to the person this came from.


My thoughts

My 10 survival Items I would take for a 30 day Survival/Bushcraft experience.

907 pipers Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEz77fPPkCBzhV9tUpgZ7RA

a Quick update on my tobacco cellar

I show you my emergency option for cooking if I have an interuption to my electric supply

my response video to Pipes Etc's recent Giveaway

Join me as I reveal my latest pipe purchase

I bought a Mochapot


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I'm a 40+ Pipe smoker from Leeds in the UK, my videos are all mostly Pipe and Pipe tobacco related content with occasional random chats.