trying some Kentuky Blending tobacco

Smoking some pure perique.

sampling some Turkish Pipe tobacco

price is £50 +£5 p&p UK
or £50 + £10 p&p US

Email me at : [email protected] if interested

6mm : Pianoforte, Dolomiti smth, Oceano
9mm: Siena, Dolomiti Rust, Roma

First smoke of Vauen's Oriental Blend, a Honey and Corriander aromatic

Pipe tobacco review Vauen 170th Jubilee Aromatic

My Review of Vauen Sparkling Blend

May Your sould journey well in the next world Danny.

My first thoughts on Black House, a match for Balkan Sobrani 759.

My first try of adding beeswax to a meerschaum pipe

An incredibly generous package from John W.

enjoying a pipe and a quick chat

Replacing a zippo wick and wadding

Music:- Alexander-Sergei Ramirez - Mazurca Apasionada

My Review of Mac Baren HH Latakia Flake

Using Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax to hand polish pipes


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I'm a 40+ Pipe smoker from Leeds in the UK, my videos are all mostly Pipe and Pipe tobacco related content with occasional random chats.