The government loves experimenting on humans and most of all children.

Testning vaccines on Willowbrook state school in New York.
The children were locked up in cages.

Full documentary here

The governments hunting for Indian children did not stop when the rescidential schools closed in 1996.
The keep stealing them and are now givning them up for adoption.

Part 1 Indian residential schools in Canada

Remians from 215 children has been found at the Kamloops Indian recidential school.
There were 139 of these schools all over Canada, with the purpose to delete the Indian heritage. Over 350 in the USA.
The government stole children from the parents and places them on recidential schools. They where all cut the same way. Forbidden to speak their own language and had to change their names.
They used the children for all types of experiments and abuse. At least one out of twenty children died.

May 2:nd 1887 Sir John A McDonald, a freemason and Canadas first premierminister, said;
”The great aim of our legislation has been to do a way with the tribal system, and to assimilate the Indian in all respects”

Part 2 Stolen Indian children


Elise Ottesen-Jensen always had a strong international commitment, which has been reflected in RFSU's operations since its inception. She was one of the founders of the global organisation International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) (Link). IPPF works towards sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all, and is represented in almost every country in the world. RFSU is IPPF's Swedish member association.

Since its foundation, RFSU has been a strong voice for SRHR in Sweden and internationally, through continuous advocacy efforts, working with parliamentarians, civil servants and government officials.

Watch the full documentary https://www.bitchute.com/video/zzFRugqt06Vq/

Så fort han blir ifrågasatt så påtalar energi- och digitaliseringsminister Anders Ygeman att han blir utsatt för ryska troll och nätattacker.
Ryssland själva håller inte med Ygeman och påstår att han är paranoid.

London bridge attack 2019
"The police was there and they ended carrying, what looked like, injured people of the bus"

There are starforts all over the world, holistic arcitecture, sacred geometri.

Malmö, Borgholm, Kalmar, Norrköping, Enholmen/Gotland, Eda skans, Bohuslän, Jönköping, Varberg.

There are starforts all over the world, holistic arcitecture, sacred geometri.
Gothenburg, Älvsborg, Landskrona.

Bill was open and excited about the plan long before the covidplandemic



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