Silver Gummy Foundation runs several social justice indoctrination programs in Canadian schools. They teach gender creativity and fluidity and the evils of masculinity and heteronormativity.
Bettina Arndt on the victims of fake assault accusations.

A look at several articles from academics pertaining to the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Naturally Kavanaugh's guilt is assumed and being academics they seem to feel the central issue is racial inequality followed closely by gender.

Bettina Arndt is an Australian psychologist who speaks out against radical feminism and gender theory. She was invited to Sydney University to speak about the supposed campus rape crisis. The student newspaper called for her to be banned and activists attacked the audience at her lecture. The riot squad was called in.
Bettina on feminism.

A UN advisory group on sustainability has delivered a report calling for an end to market economics. States will control all trade, agriculture, transport housing and energy. Local authorities will assign people jobs. The states will follow the UN's sustainability guidelines.

A professor explains "Big" history and how it can lead to salvation through world government if we teach it in classrooms world wide.

Victoria police refuse to refer to criminal gangs as gangs for fear of offending them.

An academic explains what anyone opposed to Safe Schools already knows. The sharp increase in the number of people identifying as genderfluid is being influenced by culture more than biology.

The left wing media, Race Discrimination Commissioner and academia have been accusing anyone debating immigration levels, foreign interference or gang crime of race baiting. I thought I'd take a look at how academics discuss their issues with "whiteness".
Bearing on the Vic government censoring SKY over Blair Cottrell
Suit Yourself on nurses being told to acknowledge their whiteness.

A professor at Flinders Uni thinks all language referring to pregnancy and reproductive biology should be gender neutral. He doesn't think men should be expected to get pregnant though. Medicare in Australia is apparently going along with the gender neutral language in regard to motherhood.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has ordered Suncorp bank to compensate a pedophile after they declined to employ him due to his criminal record. The bank has also been ordered to reeducate staff to stop them discriminating against sex offenders.

The Australian government has decided to cut childcare rebates for households earning over $350,000 a year. Rich socialists are not happy. The author of this articles argues her children will suffer inequality if she is forced to put them in less expensive childcare, y'know like poor people have to.

The Article.

Australia's state broadcaster the ABC blames the murder of journalists in Maryland on Donald Trump's rhetoric in an opinion piece. The fact their own news reports state that there is no evidence of a political connection doesn't bother them. This is a network that refuses to link Islamic terror attacks with Islam but links attacks to Trump within hours of them occurring.

The article

Academics competed this week to see who could come up with the most absurd comparisons between concentration camps and U.S immigration detention. I think the rants from the professors I've been reading are actually more extreme than those from left wing media and politicians.

Here's one I didn't have time to cover. Trumps anti child terrorism.

An academic exposes the strange origins of "free speech warriors" like Gad Saad, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. The entire article is a smear job but I had to share the ridiculous doublethink that is "repressive tolerance".


Jordon Peterson: Latest on Linsay Shepherd's battle with her university.

A rundown of the last weeks improvised feminist lecture series run by the ABC. A woman was murdered in Victoria and the taxpayer funded state broadcaster took full advantage of the opportunity to launch a blatantly bigoted campaign against an entire gender. Absolutely no alternative view to the theory that all men share collective guilt for individual male crimes was ever aired.
Another view from Nicola Wright

Elicia Clegg on moral panics. This seems broadly on topic as I see the idea that masculinity is dangerous risks creating a moral panic.

In the wake of the brutal murder of a young woman in Melbourne police gave all citizens a few sentences of basic safety advice. Feminists were naturally outraged and expressed themselves in a twitter storm. Academics, ABC and left wing politicians joined in a chorus of virtue signalling and man bashing before anyone had any real information on the crime.

The article discussed.

Academic doublethink: Trump being elected is a threat to democracy and free speech. Trump's election was caused by foreign interference from Russian bots spreading pro Trump fake news so an international government body needs to censor Trump supporters on social media. All to protect democracy and free speech.

The original article.

The ABC has decided male cat ownership is an antidote to toxic masculinity and could prevent mass shootings by making men more feminine. Something like that anyway.

Rise of the cat men.

An "expert" on children's literature claims most kids book are "childist". Childism is prejudice against children, kind of like racism or homophobia. Apparently books that show adults as being more capable than children cause child abuse. The problem with childism theory is that it insists children have the maturity and decision making capabilities of adults.

Original article

Elicia Clegg on the people trying to turn childhood into a social construct.

The Orgasm Gap (like gender wage gap but with orgasms). I thought this would just be a funny feminist whinge but somehow orgasm inequality leads to a need to teach kids about sexual pleasure.

Documentary on Alfred Kinsey.

A look at Advocates For Youth's U.S sex education curriculum. This program teaches children that there are more than two genders and that gender is a state of mind. It also has children role play adult sexual encounters in front of the class.

Advocates For Youth is a radical left wing political lobby group that trains and recruits young activists. They started out as "The Center For Population Options" campaigning on abortion issues but later declared themselves experts on sexuality and changed their name. They now design curriculum and set the standards for sex education across the U.S.

Advocates For Youth.

A look at some of the academics in La Trobe University, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. ARCSHS design school curriculum around children's sexual health including Safe Schools. Several staff members have openly supported communism and described pedophilia as a positive relationship comparable to the love between a parent and child.

Unsafe Schools article.

Anirtak76 rally information after funny quote from gender theorist.

Kinsey's research on child sexuality.

Canadian Safe Schools architect jailed for child porn and the Coalition For Positive Sexuality. CPS are activists who have declared themselves sex educators and run the Just Say Yes campaign. Just Say Yes is mean't to fight AIDS, homophobia, misogyny, racism etc but actually explains fisting, how drugs enhance sex and inserting vegetables into various orifices.

Unsafe Schools Website

Elicia Clegg on predatory academics.

Anirtak76 on sexualisation of kids in Australia.

The origins of GLSEN and the Safe Schools program. This video contains plenty of graphic and obscene content but all of it has been deemed appropriate for classrooms by GLSEN. There is no reason to have a radical group administer school programs dealing with children's sexual and psychological health.

The main article referenced. The origins of Safe Schools.

Elicia Clegg on Alfred Kinsey.

The dangers and lack of research behind gender transitioning.

The Youth and Gender Media Project.


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