Haven't seen a Chemtrail for a month. Hasn't rain in as many weeks. Place drying up. News says fire warnings are implemented Real drought conditions. And now I see the Chemtrails are back. So I expect it to rain soon. Weather modification is real.

EPIC Morning Coffee with Whispering Charlie.If it's white it ain't right. It's Racist and white supremacist to make white babies. White women who date, love, marry white men are Racist ! White women must breed with Congolytes ! You are a white terrorist if you------ !. Epstein....Wacked ? 411. Living off grid. Mooch the Douche. I am the breeder of man.White flight and More. Man, I was on a roll with this one. So get your coffee and sit down and lend me your ears !

66 yr old Whispering Charlie pyramiding up to a 300 lb bench press (300 lift at 22:25) plus some weightlifting tips and his unfiltered Stream of unconsciousness to here there and everywhere..Whites better toughen up. Wimps are easy prey. Not for the 2 minute attention span crowd.
Born 1953. No juice or TRT bullshit !

Example routine,
10 9 8 7 6 5 5 reps ..... 5 for 5 sets
Cannot advance to next line till all lifts, reps met.
135 145 155 205 255 275 275
135 150 160 210 260 280 280
135 155 165 215 265 285 285
135 160 170 220 270 290 290
135 165 175 225 275 295 295
135 170 180 230 280 300 300
135 175 185 235 285 305 305
135 180 190 240 290 310 310
135 185 195 245 295 315 315

Babysitting my Grandson Wyatt, My son Czeslaw's baby boy. A little Steppenwolf cub.
What shall the future hold for this baby boy ?

Whats a steppenwolf
The steppe wolf (Canis lupus campestris), also known as the Caspian Sea wolf, is a subspecies of grey wolf native to the Caspian steppes, the steppe regions of the Caucasus, the lower Volga region, southern Kazakhstan north to the middle of the Emba, and the steppe regions of the lower European part of the former Soviet Union. It may also occur in northern Afghanistan and Iran and occasionally the steppe regions of Romania and Hungary.[1] The German name is Steppenwolf, whence the novel (1927) by the German author Hermann Hesse got its name.

Convicted Proud Boys looking at years in jail ! Right to face your accusers ?
DA says "we don't want your Proud boy kind around here !"
NY is Antifa land ! They can bloody up all the Patriots they want ?

Mowing lawn and picking blackberries for preserves all day had to fix up some food. So I made Big omelet ,cooked up on my handy grill with some toast and tomato salad.
For about 2 bucks !

the constant attacks on Trump and now this Fake Impeachment by the DNC maggots will not stop until the left is stopped. it takes hard men to run and sustain an Empire but all I see is one hard man called Trump. Is Civil War the answer ? The next Democrat in the White House will spell our Doom. Enjoy the Ride To Hell. Plus incline rows.

Old Man Whispering Charlie lets loose with his morning railing, ranting, broadside of another day in the land of Obama's maggots, Peloci and Shiff projectionism, weightlifting, box Squats and the only politician you can trust is ! Oh yeah and bearing false witness and if Trump was King and all the Left does is obstruct, growing up in the 1950s and more.

The blackberries were abundant this summer so Nadia came over and picked and canned some. In the middle of winter on a cold morning a hot coffee, some toast with butter and blackberry preserves . What a treat.

Yes, how did Obama the Pimp get his bankroll ? If the MSM really did their jobs as reporters Obama's corrupt administration would be headline news. Instead MSM provides cover for the DNC Traitors with projectionism ! Plus put all the blame and contempt for the Jews on the back burner. They're only a small part in this leftist cabal. We got bigger fish to fry.
And stand with Trump.He's standing up for us and all alone up there in the Whitehouse surrounded by Obama's traitorous spawn and the leftist deep state. Trump 2020 !

Fake News MSM is good with splitting the words. So let me tell you the facts of Trump's phone call with the then newly elected President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. It was to congratulate him ! As for the aid, Trump waited till he knew who was going to be the new President of the Ukraine. It's only common sense to see who you're going to be given weapon's to.

Title says it all. Plus Poison Ivy and falling into a forgotten open telephone pole hole and me and Robert De Nero in a Left vs Right UFC match . So give me a moment to warm up and have a listen to some unfiltered Whispering Charlie

AOC Cortez says America is Garbage ! Well lend me your ears while I give that Demo-Commie witch a piece of my mind.
I started off with continued rant about, you can't give the Congo boys AK-47s cause they're stone age cannibals.
So give me a second to get to the Commie in Congress. Plus the "Myth of Equality" and Suck my Blood ! Worth the wait.

The Evil and Wicked got to Pay. Treason is a capital offense but these Deep State Traitors make books deals and millions ? Is Civil War coming ? Or what ? Abortion is a good thing for Liberals,Monk on a rock, mowing,weightlifting,women, beautiful day, on the phone with liberal ex-friend, Get on the white-boy train and other tales.

Honestly, something is not right about the mentality of the Democrats. Have they truly become the Demonrats ? They act possessed. Or is their rabid hate for Trump, the Whiteman and this land turned them insane ? Or is it a self loathing ? Something scary going on here !
Upload from earlier this year. Moving to free speech bitchute.

Ain't rained for weeks. Haven't seen any Chemtrails either . Hmmm. My cisterns are low., Solar radiation coming in like a heat lamp. Weatherman says no rain for weeks to come. Where are those checker boards in the sky. No it's not global warming but weather modifacation run amock.

That's right. So lend me your ears and let me warm up with some light conversation and then get ready to hear the hard Truths about the breeding of man. Tired of all the bullshit. All the Congo boys are is an ungrateful nuisance at best and a danger to humanity at worst. Allow the social engineers have their way and we'll be a 3rd world slop pit in no time. So it's time for the Congolytes to go back to the Congo. We need them not !

Video banned on YouTube and led me to free speech Bitchute !

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come sit a spell with Whispering Charlie as he gives his unfiltered opinion on current events ,Mr Rogers, Tom Hanks, commie Hollywood, Obama , Trump, bloodshot Biden, inferior and superior, Edison bulb is back, looking up is looking back, the past above us, multiculturalism, time parrodox, congolytess , cannibals, lynching, Hollywood ruined entertainment, angry cause I'm angry, slop pit stew, books, wicked left, never forget what they have done and don't let the bastard's tear you down.

Come on in and sit with Whispering Charlie as he makes coffee and rants about his homemade weightlifting safety's, current events, my long lost veteran brother, woman need to be entertained, broken homes, divorce, congolytes, reptilians, cattle breeding, the Ex , we're the Klingon's ,Empires are ruled by hard men not social workers and long live Trump cause when he's gone...God help us !

Obama pimp us all ! Bought a $15 million beachfront mansion ! $100 Million In the bank.Black Boys got Pimped real good. I warned them but they called me a racist !

uploading old live performances of my long gone band. Had them on youtube but I'm getting strikes and soon purged. So trying to save them. Nothing special . Just some good memories. Haven't picked up a guitar in yrs.

Morning coffee...Just my normal Monday morning rant.The video banned on Youtube for hate speech. Today its, Steroids, YouTube heroes,clean the frig, Hate speech, just a billiard ball,vilifying of the white race,whose a Semite,strategy played like a fiddle,non-violence and vote.
The video that YouTube banned says its Hate speech so its time to move on. On to BitChute.!

There's a Gulag for your mind. The thought police are coming. The old commie trick of villifying those who do not follow the party line. Also my daughter's S&W 9mm and carry permit keeps her safe and me less worried ! The real peace maker !

Couldn't sleep so went to check Drudge report. Found out Joe Rogan is a Sanders loving Marxist Wackaloon. Was going to go back to bed but now I want some coffee. Joes a Leftist ! WTF !

Putting my long gone bands music on BitChute . YouTubes nuts.
Last song, last set, last show in Knoxville Tn 2010. Figured we'd record. Did a little solo till Niki set up camera and got back behind drums.
Chez really wailin on guitar. Wish sound was better.
If you watch our early vids with Chez 12. He's has come a long way.He's right at home up on the stage. If he keeps at it he'll be amazing!
And check out Niki keeping it all together with that tight ride!
She's playing drums with one hand! Left hand is playing bass on the Keyboard!!!!
Did not know at the time this would be our last gig. So one can only wonder what could have been.
Thanks for watching and Keep Rock alive! The Blues too!
MAGA 2020 !


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Putting in my time. Seen more than I'm gonna see. Slept more than a lot of you been alive. Like to enjoy my golden years but the Left wing bullshit storm is really pissing me off. And this social engineering of our people into one race of Morlocks cannot stand ! So call me what you want but thanks to Bitchute I'm gonna give you all a piece of my mind.