Street activism spreads awareness.

Its essential we use our rights before we lose our rights! Knowing how to do it legally is half the battle.

Black Lives Matter is the largest terrorist organization on American soil! They have killed more Americans, burnt down more cities, and caused more destruction overall, than every other terrorist group in America.

This is how simple street activism is.

This is literally how easy night raids can be. Any group or individual can easily do this for any public outreach they desire!

Some watch the news. Some report the news. And some make the news! See the difference? While others sit around gossiping,true activists are out there giving the rest something to talk about!

Let their filthy rag burn.

We love ours, so we help ours!

This Tutorial arms you with the necessary tools to begin a local revival.

When we say it, its a conspiracy. But now hear them admit it!

Who's streets? Our Streets!

Even a little girl understands the white genocide and wants to do something about it. How about you?

Street Activism cannot be stopped. Give them something to be "offended" over!

They openly confirm all our "conspiracies". Their agenda is real.

Who are we? Where did we come from? What have we done? This is a brief talk of our journey.

You may be gone, but you are never forgotten!

This is the harsh truth about the world we live in.......


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