White Baron

White Baron



In Babylon City, Commander Spencer continues his interviews, but has he gone an interview too far?

Meanwhile the White Baron is celebrating in Kekistan, oblivious that across the water in Babylon, a new threat is looming...

Guest Starring Count Conte, CM Weev, George Soros, Antifa and Clara Boomer.

Voiced by members of the Alt-Right / Dissident Right. Many thanks to them, this video would have been impossible without them.
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Taken from Sam Hydewars account on Youtube. Edited it so the audio is better.

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Mike Lazzo's favorite sketch no bullshit. He laughed his motherfucking head off over this one. Can u guess why this was not on TV?

Dir: Ruse

First actor did not know what was going on. Second actor knew what was up and did a million takes trying to sneak in Daily Show anti-White jibes and change the tone of the sketch but we got one good one outta him. Third guy was such a bad actor we just cut his lines entirely. The end effect is supposed to be a boulder rolling downhill on it's own (we woulda shopped the actors out of the shot) because da White man got distracted by a hoe)'

The Baron begins helping Kekistan but elsewhere word is traveling about his exploits.

Spencer Soothsays .Weev Womps, and Andrew Anglin tells it like it is!

It's a time of Womping, as summer energy and wonders emerge.

It's a time for Womps Away!

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Chris Cantwell is back broadcasting with a caller proclaiming his kangz and Commander Anglin opens his doors to an unexpected set of visitors who have a revelation.

Over the seas the White Baron arrives in Kekstantinople to the astonishment of the surviving defenders, and Weev is concerned like never before!

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The Fashy lads have a meetup down in TRS HQ, Kekistan is on the agenda, Richard Spencer unleashes his dance moves, Andrew Anglin is still under the Radar and Weev gets pissed off!

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It's the Unite the Right Rally at Virginia.

Can the heros of Reichland and the Alt-Right prevail? Let's find out!

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The Stormreich Crew must choose whether to side with or against Cdr Anglin as he makes a major decision.

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The battle for survival and the forces of light and shadow begins.

Emerging from their refuge, the League of Free Aryans must now keep one step ahead of those that would try to destroy them.

Their technology is behind the curve in some ways, but capable of confounding their opponents in others.

Leading the metaphysical, metaphorical and memetic warfare is Commander Anglin, Spencer and Auernheimer.

Supporting them is the DS Forces and many more figures.

Against them is an almost unimaginable opposition of 21st century technology, Deep State and International Jewry!

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The story is eternal, the conflict unending but survival is essential.

The war ends with Germany defeated in Europe, but they have more than one move to play and are rising again in other worlds...

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