After joe Biden was caught sniffing someone's dog, he met a little girl who was all alone, this is what happened.

"The Goal of SOCIALISM is COMMUNISM" -Lenin

"THE GOAL OF SOCIALISM, IS COMMUNISM" -VLADIMIR LENIN If someone were to ask me what communism was, I would say, "The Ideology of which the government owns people like property and the people have as much rights as animals."

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A Communist Dictator who killed 78 million people, that's who he is.

After Alex Jones lost custody of his kids, he was driven to the brink of mental collapse by blaming all of his faults on the Deep State. The Original remix is owned by Placeboing, I don't own Infowars or the song used in this.


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Alex Jones Realizes that George Soros was the reason for his children being taken from him. He fights and fights, but the gay frogs were too powerful.

This video isn't for those who are easily scared. This video was made just for fun.

Deus Vult Infidel


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