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Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks.

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Credits: UFOmania - The truth is out there

✰ Some interesting facts about the Dogon Tribe ✰

The Dogon Tribe has an incredibly advanced and accurate knowledge of astronomy and mathematics which they could not have discovered or developed by themselves.

No one knows where the Dogon Tribe originated. Some have speculated that they were of Egyptian descent. Their traditions and folk ceremonies are aligned with the movements of an invisible and yet unknown star, Sirius B, which they knew travel around Sirius A every 50 years in an elliptical manner, something which was completely unknown to Western astronomers that time.

Sirius A is a bright star which can be seen in the western sky through the naked eye, but not Sirius B, its invisible companion.

The Dogon people knew that Sirius B was very small but very dense or heavy. Yet its existence was proven only in 1970 when it was photographed for the first time by Western astronomers. The Dogon tribe knew about the existence of this invisible star for thousands of years.

They also knew that Saturn has four moons, and has rings or halos around it, although these cannot be seen without powerful telescopes.

Where did these primitive people get their knowledge of the Sirius Star system? According to tribe elders, as related to the French visitors in 1939, their knowledge of the sky was given to them by creatures who descended on Earth thousands of years ago from Sirius B.

They call these creatures Nommos, who were amphibious, meaning, they lived both on water and dry land. And they had very advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.

To Western scientists, such stories of extraterrestrial contacts are merely myths handed down from one generation to another, but to the Dogon people they are as solid as the ground they stand on.

Information about the extraterrestrial origin of the Dogon Tribe’s accurate astronomical knowledge is the topic of the well-documented but controversial book by Robert Temple, “The Sirius Mystery,” published by Random House in London in 1977 and revised in 1998.

In that book, Temple boldly and categorically stated that there must have been contact with advanced extraterrestrial creatures as far back as 5000 and 3000 B.C.

According to Temple, not only the Dogon Tribe of West Africa but also the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians spoke of creatures who came from the Sirius Star system. And their oral traditions agree that these ETs were amphibious.

Benefits of building with cob:

~ Sustainable – the most sustainable form of building there is – cob has almost zero embodied energy. Since its made of earth, it his also entirely recyclable and non-polluting.
~ Affordable – as long as you have land to build on, anyone can afford to build cob walls.
~ Breathable – its a healthy place to live, as there is no damp in a cob house.
~ Requires almost no heating – if you design your cob house on passive solar principles, you can get around its poor insulation properties. To do this, you should use cob on south facing walls, making the most of its thermal mass. Then, us e straw bales on the north facing walls to provide great insulation.
~ Aesthetics – with cob, you can practically sculpt it, meaning that you can create curves and even carve shelves into the walls.
~ No chemicals or additives
~ Sustainable load bearing
~ Long life spain
~ Recyclable
~ Biodegradable
~ Doesn’t burn
~ Insects will not eat cob

Would you ever consider living in a cob house? :)

A message from Anonymous.

Over the last 20 years, more and more people who have worked with NASA have come forward to reveal the shocking truth, that our moon is occupied and has been for a very very long time. Our strange natural satellite orbiting Earth is a monitoring facility and is far from natural.


If you want to find the images he's talking about:
His name is KEN JOHNSTON.


"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
— William Casey, CIA director, February 1981


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Everything you've been told is a lie.

NASA and other 'space organizations' are nothing more than entertainment for the sheeple, and a scam to take your hard-earned tax money.

The real space missions happen behind the scenes and the TRUTH of what's really going on is STRANGER than fiction.

~12:50 Germans on the Moon
~13:30 Operation Paperclip
~14:20 Von Braun & Hitler
~15:30 NASA & Faked Moon Landing

John Lear brings forward information pertaining to the artificial origin of our moon and the flurry of extraterrestrial activity sprawling across its surface as well as deep underground. In this discussion with Emery Smith, he explains that maintaining the secrecy of this activity requires a massive portion of the publicly-known space program’s budget and active disinformation programs. According to insiders, our solar system is a major hub for civilizations from across the galaxy and the Earth’s moon has become integral for aliens monitoring everything happening upon our planet.

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The Project Blue Book

Two locations are legendary among UFO seekers. One is Roswell, New Mexico, where sightings of a so-called flying saucer electrified the town in 1947. The other is Area 51 near Groom Lake, Nevada, where the U.S. government has long maintained a secret base that some say hides UFO-related technology and experiments.

Both of these mysterious and much-discussed sites are front and center in the second season of "Project Blue Book," the History channel drama based on an actual U.S. Air Force program by the same name, in which teams of experts investigated reports of UFOs from 1952 to 1969.

There was suspicion in the air, and there were many reasons for this. So, when a businessman and pilot known as Kenneth Arnold made a report on June 24, 1947, it quickly raised the fever. Kenneth’s report was clear and direct: He had observed nine flat disc-like aircraft near Mt. Rainer, Washington. They were flying at incredibly high speed.

His description of them was so vivid and the press, who quickly dubbed those aircraft as “flying saucers,” was the beginning of thousands of other similar reports.

In fact, between that first incident in 1947 and when Project Blue Book was terminated in 1969, a total of 12, 618 sightings of strange things moving in the sky had been reported across the United States. When the Project Blue Book was carefully shut down, the U.S. Air Force gave a number of grounds that have since been its official stand: No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security; There has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as “unidentified” represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and There has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as “unidentified” are extraterrestrial vehicles.

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The mysterious ‘Nazi Bell’ is said to have allowed the Third Reich to visit the Moon, Mars and even distant star systems by making use of an unexplainable, gravity-defying propulsion system, according to legends and conspiracy theories.

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Old video, but it's still an interesting point of view. What are your thoughts on climate change? Is it just a scam to take your tax money... or something else?

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