White Scorpio

Sign Time in Small Town USA. Early 2019 Kentucky.

Burt Colucci 2-15-2020 NSM Media Radio Show

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Did my 23 and Me a couple years ago. Think long and hard before you submit your DNA! I don't regret it. Aryan here. (((0%))). 99+% European. Couple drops of Negro blood it says, call me Oreo Scorpio. Just add cow milk.

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Some Pikeville Kentucky Rally Thoughts. April 2017. Where a bunch of different White Nationalists came together and did well.

The good ole days. TWP Meet Columbus Indiana Late 2017. Traditionalist Worker Party.

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Short chat on this 4th of December 2019 about groyper history, snek, meeting people, my jew jew jew video got banned, strange pasts, silver coinage, #GDL 6th of month, etc.

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Jewish supremacy deprogramming video. Counter the mind control. (Update: This video was banned within hours on youtube.)

A White Congress. The peoples congress! Will to Power. A reading from an ideas draft I wrote a year ago.


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