I couldn't fit this in to Episode 1, so here you go - guess we're on a roll tonight.
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We are proud to introduce our new, shorter and more news-worthy segment covering anti-white events known as
White+Strike: FLASH+TAKE. Flash+Take is designed to cover topical matters while they are still (relatively) fresh, and give something to tide our audience over inbetween the more comprehensive and time-intensive undertakings - another of which is coming soon (and promos to follow directly).

Please spread and share with those whom you feel would appreciate or benefit from our perspective on these subjects. All of our material has, from the very beginning, been produced with a BitChute audience in mind - and will continue to be. So go ahead and feel good about yourselves for the next 13 minutes or so, we'll allow it.

Speaking of the next Episode, you can rest-assured that our first set of Action-Announcements are coming with it as well.

White+Strike is intended to strive for CONTENT WITH A PURPOSE, and will never settle for anything less - and you will see more of what we mean by this as time goes on.
(You can help decrease the dependence of the White+Strike production team on our outside, and increasingly hostile, sources of income.


cold-storage wallet.)

There will be more to come. This is an introductory overview on the way our Nation has descended into chaos, and the clarity with which we are now able to see the true agenda of its global masters. It should also be clear by now the reason for why these imposters, these political pretenders, can never seem to be held accountable for their atrocities;
it is because they were never elected to office by a legitimate political process, and can therefore not be reckoned with through another one.

What it's going to take now is direct, coordinated action on the part of everybody who watches this - and White+Strike is here to provide that in the coming months. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

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We will be back with Episode 2 very soon.

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