Who destroyed the world?

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Who destroyed the world?



This video is to show kids that Disney is just evil and that's why this video is banned 🚫 but I was young ones and yes I did have this movie on VCR and never knew what it meant but today I do love one and other and remember all the writers and blacks brothers and sisters got together then that well miss up there plans and if you agree with me then we are friend now


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Hello I'm Who destroyed the world? for over 3 years I have seen and looked up over hrs of information about COVID-19 vaccine wars Lockdowns nwo UN and the elite 1% and now putting somei information out there as I don't trust the government the so called vaccine/jab thank you for coming with me on this journey
If anyone as a video that you like me to upload add it to a comment or email me at [email protected]
Thanks keep safe