Rip from YouTube. Original title: the Rooster in the River of Rats.

German neurologist calls out the health damage from masks and justly points out enforcing them is criminal.

Confrontation with shop employee and police.
No fines were written aledgely.

Speaker Joe Imbriano.

Video material from:
- The Washington Post
- Black Mirror (series)
- The Foreign Correspondent

Morgellons are synthetic self-replicating fibers from an unknown material.
We all have it inside us but some people experience what is known as Morgellons disease: a condition where the fibers grow out of the skin.
The materials that assemble into fibers inside the body, are dispersed from planes via a practice known in the military as chemtrails.

In public, such operations have been admitted under the name of geoengineering.
Geoengineering is a university taught discipline in terraforming, in this case to combat "global warming" by creating artificial clouds.
Patents state aerosols (the dispersions from the plane) contain nano-sized aluminum which causes Alzheimer's disease...

The COVID-19 PCR-"test" specification lists DNA sequences that, if found in the swab, indicate infection.
There's one problem. One of those sequences is the chromosome 8 sequence.
Chromosome 8 is a gene that every normal human being has, and is not related to a virus whatsoever.
In other words, when they test you for this sequence, you'll always be positive, even if you're not infected.

WHO PCR-test primer sequences for COVID-19 detection PDF

In the table in the 2nd row, look for this information:
This is human chromosome 8 which you can verify in GenBank.

GenBank Chromosome 8

A compilation of Rosa Koire, author of 'Behind the green mask: U.N. Agenda 21', and independent journalist James Corbett. I added some textual context regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a tool to justify the 5G deaths by the push of a button, destroy the economy to introduce a cashless cryptocurrency system and to strip away peoples rights under the guise of a health crisis. Having no rights is the new normal under UN Agenda 30.

The original full video:

Synopsis UN agenda 21/30:

Inventory & control plan of all resources of the world
Food, water, energy, land, production, education, construction, people
Central control for the whole word -> one world government
Clear out rural areas -> move people to the big cities
People tightly controlled, monitored & managed with intrusive tech
Communitarianism: individual’s rights < community
Community = governments & private companies
Dissidents will be outcast

Brian Rose (London Real) & doctor Rashid Buttar assemble a panel of 100+ doctors. Buttar provides medical context and vocalizes statements on which the panel can agree by raising their hand, or disagree. It soon becomes clear that a vast majority of the panel does not agree with the official measures and explanations.

Rashid Buttar has been very brave and vocal since the COVID-19 "outbreak". It's no surprise that the establishment media (MSM, Wikipedia) has labeled him a conspiracy theorist. I for one can not find logical fallacies in the information he puts forward.

Inventory & control plan of all resources of the world
Food, water, energy, land, production, education, construction, people
Central control for the whole word -> one world government
Clear out rural areas -> move people to the big cities
People tightly controlled, monitored & managed with intrusive tech
Communitarianism: individual’s rights < community
Community = governments & private companies
Dissidents will be outcast

Rip from YouTube.
Original title: The 5G and Satan's Smart Dust aka NANOBOT 2020

The potentially added value of this video is the security guy talking before the speech starts.
While it looks like we're looking at something we were not supposed to see, keep in mind that all of it could very well be scripted.

The killing of George Floyd obviously had to be seen by everybody.
Then some police station was set on fire.
Both Floyd's killing and the police station was visualized in the ever predicting Simpsons series.

Then during the following riots in Mineapolis, we saw videos of most likely a cop or paid militia breaking windows at an auto shop I think, so that was done on purpose.
Then a shop owner was linched in the streets. This might be a naturally occuring event in the mids of chaos, but who really knows these days.
We see messages of George Soros' antifa that is creating these violent situations on purpose.

Then we get this speech with some leading footage of security personel as some sort of exclusive bullshit we are not supposed to see.
The security guy mentions highly inappropriately that "the army could go cracking some skulls" to smash down the "violent protesters".

It sure looks to me like a completely scripted, overdramatized video production.
"We can hear explosions", nonetheless, when Trump starts talking we hear absolutely no explosions anymore..

Trump goes on in a ridiculously confident, power & control rant, basically putting in place martial law.
He talks about one law and one order, letting NWO terms seep through.
The law he's talking about is man-made law and are created how the elites see fit.
These laws are immoral, illegal and should not be followed by a population that is interested in keeping it's god-given freedom.

To me it sure seems the NWO wanted to have martial law, and they got it. Trump activated it so I'm surprised that there are still people thinking this is a good guy.

Apologies for my laughs but it all looked like a dramatized cheap script to me.



YouTube description

Onze eerste HealingSoundMovement TV ronde-tafel editie behandelt het thema 'Vaccinaties en Ware Immuniteit'. De directe aanleiding voor deze door John Consemulder georganiseerde en geproduceerde 'Waarheid over Vaccinaties' Tv-dialoog, is het krankzinnige 'advies' vanuit het RIVM om zwangere vrouwen te willen vaccineren mbt het kinkhoestvaccin, een volgens sommige artsen, wetenschappers en onderzoeksjournalisten nogal twijfelachtige beslissing met mogelijk verstrekkende gevolgen! Delen? GRAAG!!! Zie ook: http://healingsoundmovement.com/news

Hoe zit het met de vermeende 'veiligheid en effectiviteit' van vaccinaties? Wat zit er in de spuit en wat zijn de biologische effecten voor zwangere vrouwen en het ongeboren kind? Wat is de geschiedenis van het vaccinatiebeleid en de vaccinindustrie? Wat tonen onafhankelijke wetenschappelijke studies aan? Wat is het verschil tussen immuniseren en sensitiseren? Zijn er ook alternatieven en hoe bouw je op een natuurlijke manier weerstand op? Kunnen wij blindelings vertrouwen op de mening van de autoriteiten?

Om een antwoord te kunnen geven op al deze vragen en meer heeft HealingSoundMovement TV enkele bijzondere gasten weten uit te nodigen voor dit belangrijke vaccinatiedebat. Niemand minder dan Désirée Rӧver (onderzoeksjournalist, radio-host, auteur en vaccinatie-expert), Door Frankema (gezondheidsprofessional en vaccinatie-expert) en dr Hans Moolenburgh (deze 90 jarige arts en auteur heeft de ontwikkelingen van het vaccinatiebeleid vanaf het begin meegemaakt en zorgde er tevens voor dat er geen fluoride in ons drinkwater terecht is gekomen!) zullen bij gespreksleider Drs. John Consemulder (neuropsycholoog, auteur, spreker en Tv-producent) aanschuiven voor een dieptegesprek over dit onderwerp.

Voor meer informatie over onze evenementen en activiteiten en ons Centrum Zonnewijzer (en GezondZijnsHuis te Aalsmeer!) zie http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl (geef je gratis op voor onze nieuwsbrief: http://centrumzonnewijzer.nl/centrum-...)

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HealingSoundMovement is a truly (r)Evolutionary online LiFe TV-program, which is centered about 5 central pillars in the broadest sense. These main themes (and many related subsets and subjects of interest) are:

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