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Some people think these are out of focus stars others think they are fish, i dont think they are. Look at the structures & colors all i did was increase or decrease contrast and increase or decrease brightness.


What do you think it is?



Original Video:

I shot this video of an internally illuminated Tic-Tac shaped UFO from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of August 10, 2019. Without a doubt, this is probably the most amazing capture in my entire collection because it is so clear and very nearby. The object is perfectly symmetrical and is obviously illuminated from within. What else is important is that there is some sort of exotic propellant coming up back of the object. It is important to me that I take a moment to dedicate this video to a special friend named Tony Ivey who lives in North Carolina. Back in 2015, Tony insisted that I take not one but two of his night vision monoculars that he has in his night vision camera collection. I have always been uncomfortable with taking donations from anybody but Tony insisted I take them saying that it was very important to document this and that he had more cameras so I didn't have to worry. Tony, I just hope you know that you are a HUGE part of all this and without you, there wouldn't even be a conversation right now so thank you, my friend, and enjoy this video because it's probably the best one I have which is deserving of being the one that is dedicated to you and your generosity.


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Straight line vectors then the single vector straight up at the end

Shows up in image numbers ISS061-E- 27623 to 27669

Photos from November 3 2019

My video screenshots I have captured run fairly quickly, so just pause anywhere to have a look. I do NOT have a LINUX COMPUTER anywhere in my home. But you can plainly see that this device and an unnamed Android device always signing in on my Google Account!

No matter how often I sign these devices out and change my Google password, also using 2-step phone call or text verification, these devices, especially the LINUX, are almost always found signed in to my Google account using Google account security checkup!

The Facebook shots PROVE that Bruce Sees All Swartz looped my Facebook replies/posts to Chris with Mars Anomalies, back to his (Bruce Sees All Swartz) Facebook account! Since removed by him as he knows I discovered this. Of course he knows that was discovered by me because he has hacked me!

Please also notice in a screenshot that Bruce Sees All tells me it is "dangerous" for me to say that he abuses children. I NEVER SAID THAT TO HIM. Furthermore, why would me allegedly saying this be "dangerous?" *Very low key but very much him threatening me with danger.*

Tonia B. seen on this Facebook footage is my name by a now long gone marriage.

*Look how many times Bruce Sees All subscribes to me within one hour, also subscribing to me using his second Youtube channel, the French one. His nickname for me is "potato head."

I certainly have a few nicknames for him!

Notice too his picture I captured and information where at Youtube I captured this, dated back to 2014. Thank you "Darryl."

Archived Since bruce sees all wants this video taken down so bad.

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Bruce Sees All Gary McKinnon

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Threw this together real quick sorry if this isnt centered or fullscreen in parts

72°30’41.04″ S 145°30’29.62″ W

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